3 Night Winter Bushcraft Camp.


A buddy and I spent 4 days camping.

We made a super shelter, used our axes a bunch and cooked some great food.

Check out Kyle's video here..


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Video Transcription


we're just making up some tent stakes tarp stakes whatever neither of us brought pegs I actually forgot mine but we're using this alder and it's a super easy to use so got my four stakes there and you know try and set up before it gets too dark me getting some firewood going to so so when I want to attach my paracord to my loops these are for my stakes these are girth hitch it's super easy just take you're running in fold it over make it a little bit of a loop slide it through your tab when you go out through you put the running end and the other side through the loop and you just pull the tail out then it's on there really easy it's not coming off and when you want to take it off it doesn't get cinched on too tight so pretty good nice just a quick shot of what we'll get to look code up that ice that Lake is completely solid we were walking on it's all ace and which is weird because there's no snow on the ground so that's I can't or sorry that's the lake and we are just right up in here obviously you can see it's getting darker up in the woods Wow Kyle singing rap songs open yo there you go

good start to the camp to the got a kick-ass fire going just about dark out there so all we got to do now tonight is cook up some food and drink some Sailor Jerry call it a night

my kind of a Thursday Wow so Kyle's generously helping me with his insanely bright flashlight we got on for dinner tonight to foil packets with what you got potatoes and onions in them yes sir and then that would be pork tenderloin wrapped in bacon cut in hot we're gonna need a pretty good last night wasn't too bad probably God we don't know what the temperature was negative 5 Celsius maybe but I use a down bag with my thermos Neal air mattress inside of an REI bin bag this REI baby bag did not breathe at all I ended up with a puddle in my just sort of sweat in my in my made condensation as well in my baby bag is crazy so I got to try and dry stuff out today a little bit it's not too big a deal because we're gonna get that super shelter goal it's gonna be dry and warm in there but uh

we got food on right now calls making some scrambled eggs and just hang out for a little bit before we pack up and hike across the lake now I got some pepper jack cheese to hell it's phenomenal if you could only smell this here comes the fun part it's not to have bad actually I was about perfect telling me he thought the singer mutters Gooden yeah dude this oh my god is also good no mule and a packet for me movin on up in the world we've relocated across the lake here to the other side I think we're going to drop our bags leave them here at this campsite and go off off trail open to the woods over there and we're going to set up our permanent semi-permanent shelter for two nights there it's real overcast today yeah crazy we're just hoping the rain doesn't come in because that would suck more snow over on this side nice and flat how far you think you should go 16 feet yeah okay I think we've decided upon a site so basically what we've been looking for is level ish ground a good space between our two main trees we've got about 15 16 feet between these trees we're gonna run a ridge pole which is going to be this tree here and you should be pretty good we'll keep you long as we build it I think we're also far enough away from the lake where there's not going to be any wind in here and this is a good mixture of soft and hard wood so there's plenty of plenty firewood yeah and we're far away from the lake we're not get wind but we're not too far we can't walk to get water and not be intrusive to other people who might be here all right give her hell buddy there you go and how high is it chin height yeah nice you're almost done with our little wall that's going to be at the back of our shelter it's just some pretty dense oak takes a little bit of a sawing effort to get through it there's good piece to majorette it should be long enough faster go faster gets it down here what's that Wow head up peanut wood yeah it is now but I call for pound in it before after yeah you want to put that in on that side or no because there's two big guns on this side it's up to you go student look at us huh do you work let's go yeah my fall pounds we look bigger staying other steak in here for chef Oh everyone's in the doublemeat grubby not just come in right now well we're coming along on our shelter here we've got a big wall on the back there's three logs probably how thick do you think those are twelve inches three 12-inch logs leaned up on the back on top of each other the Mylar blanket I've also got bushcraft USA ten by ten tarp over top of that but we made a framework as well there's these poles going down and a middle Ridge pole going across top Ridge pole another bridge pole or another pole on the side it's gonna be pretty cool it's a Scylla can sit in this chair and still have head head height we're going to make a super shelter out of this so it's bigger than we needed but it's not like we're trying to stay too warm here it's just trying to we're just trying to play and have some fun we neither of us have done a super shelter before so it's the purpose of this we finish our hobo village here does it look as cool as we thought it was gonna look I'm sure it'll work just fine though so basically three mil plastic on the front it's held on the bottom by a log we rolled it on the log we've got some duct tape some paracord some buttons two tarps yeah so it is what it is we like it it's big inside roomy we're gonna actually grill up some burgers in there for lunch so we're gonna see who that died from carbon monoxide well I was planning an open then no no I leave it all it's fun oh it's fine okay so yeah that's that now take you on inside for a little view the shangri-la oh it is warmer in here for sure yeah oh and I forgot to mention we have mylar on the top two mylar blankets so our plan is obviously have the fire in front of the plastic it's going to reflect the heat into or start it's gonna what is the word greenhouse effect the heated great yeah look at me so the long-wave radiation will pass through the tar pit the mylar the bounce-back hopefully wow you just blew my line out okay so yeah I got lots of room this is pretty cool

I'm going to put up a gear rack I think gear rack so we're spending a couple days here using our tools a lot axes saws whatnot it's just nice to have a spot to get them up off the ground it's not losing them or kicking them you know and if these pieces of paracord are long enough I'm just going to Canadian Jam this sucker on yep they are before I get it all tight everything just gonna leave that one side hang in there like that and do the other side and kind of help hold it up for me or helps helps it hold up for me Kyle is in the shelter cooking up some hamburgers seconds I can smell them from out here so it's about one o'clock I'm getting hungry hungry for some lunch okay your rack

just eaten pizza combos bitch combos ma'am so we're sitting here and I'm just kind of relaxing I thought I'd take a minute to uh go over a little bit of winter camping tips that me and Kyle have adapted over a couple years we've been doing this before you go to bed fill up your water with hot water we water bottle with hot water and put it in the bottom of your sleeping bag now this does two things it keeps you warm let's take a hot water bottle obviously keeps your feet warm at night but it stops your water from freezing which is not fun in the morning we're trying to take a drink Kyle last year brought two metal ones thinking that would be all right just to throw it on the on the fire and how long did that tactical wild even takes 45 minutes to an hour - bit - frozen song with him I was ready to go because I had it in my Sigma bag so that's a good tip also but wait we like to use baby wipes if you don't carry baby wipes in your pocket in the winter time all day they freeze and if you don't bring them into bed with you at night they freeze so another thing to bring into bed with you and usually make baby wipes and as soon as you get up put these things in your pocket Rose you're not gonna have a very fun time I'm sure bring a big American Indian can you shut my camera off so it stops wasting batteries please the other thing you forgot to say she also likes to bring a big fuck we have the American food bags probably approximately 12 pounds of food to start and then we have the Canadian what what's wrong with that or oatmeal and five raisins that's it raisins are sustaining so we're all fed and getting a little chilly we need to go get some water and the way that we're going to procure water for this trip is we have to chop through ice and get lake water and then we're going to use what is you what are they tabs are uh aqua mere drops okay and as well as boiling it so you know see if we can chop through this ice five inches oh cool yeah that is nice so we gathered a bunch of grass just right on the shore ten feet away and we're going to stuff this in the hole and that's going to do two things that's going to show us where our hole is so when we need to come and get more water and it's gonna stop it from freezing solid it'll still freeze but this will help it from freezing solid doing away with chopping it'll open again and I'm actually gonna get a little bit more because that's not enough what you can see that look like anything around that's exactly for our hole is that softwood Kyle X I was an expert expert moment yeah it's super dense oak we have a couple swings oh you man okay look sexy yeah see what I mean it's like hitting concrete man there you go get some dinner plates authors even actually dug a lot lately like that you just did beaten the thing it's dimension well we missed it I was trying to warm my battery up in like in my pocket but Kyle fell the tree he felt it very well it fell down with no hangups

and now we have to process this wood this big old oak that's going to be the start of our firewood pile let the fun begin

there you go time to go axe so pound it all our steaks in there and we're just lining up our fire reflector maximize the warmth in that piece our goal is to be in t-shirts in that thing so that with this log our fire reflector comes to completion so it's a nice size you know by high size our fire is gonna be right here probably about this wide here we have a nice big step to our plastic we're all good this is gonna feel right a clay P be a pretty warm shelter look at those curls yeah Pierce stay one everywhere one heck of a notch there well that's a wasted shot we're getting hungry we just finished eating our supper we're all fed up now I'm feeling good it's definitely warmer in this shelter we've got the fire going out there big long fire and the light coming in here is pretty good too I've also got a candle lantern lit up there but it's pretty good man it's warm in here loving life right now it's hot it's legit hot here like it's hot where I'm sitting Kyle's priming up his uh what is it a Primus stove

yeah Primus omni light yeah they are primary light up we're gonna make up some hot chocolates balling out of control

straight man this is super warm I have no socks or shoes on obviously feet up all log by the fire and my feet are toasty it's like to the point where I need to move them I'm so hot like Kyle's in shorts and a t-shirt so mission accomplished I guess fully accomplished math I'm starting to sweat I might have to go to the ground it's too hot in this chair we survived the night stayed nice and warm in there we had some pancakes for breakfast which was awesome the cow made up some pancakes and our fire reflector is completely gone here we had a rip-roaring fire last night like we're burning logs huge logs and so the front half of the poles of the reflector and all the reflector is gone but that's okay we just use pine it didn't matter today after we go for our hike we're probably gonna probably gonna hike for about 10 10 miles today around the loop and after we get back we'll make another reflector and hang out by the fire but that should take most of the day that hikes should be pretty cool we're gonna go down and get some water beforehand and pull it out there Kyle see oh dude look at it it's like I knew what I was talking about what for once why is it yeah what you want to do is get all the grass in your body yeah that part of the technique and pass its extra fiber man it's okay all good oh yeah okay so what are you doing huh I am using the Aqua mirror drops we got bond into capacity of six liters here this is riveting television it's really saying lots more snow over on this side of the trophy we've been hiking for three miles so far we did three miles in about an hour and a half I'm putting some some miles on our feet that's for sure we came back to a juncture over there and it was either continue on the trail we're going on or cut up this old logging road and we decided to cut up the old logging road we're still gonna do about a six-mile hike as opposed to a 10-mile hike but we'd like to get back and do a couple things around camp beforehand before it gets too dark so that's what we're gonna do we're just gonna stop here for lunch and relax Kyle brought this little Arc'teryx bag it's like a shoulder bag and that's what we're using we're just flipping switching off back and forth from each other carrying it and got this platypus two-liter bag that we got our water in just rides a little bit easier than analogy in our couple knowledge eens actually there we go that way everyone else here stick right here great should come up and that lick should be right up there yep a few inches five five inches thick how you feeling Co whole tired give me about seven a half eight miles for someone man

yeah I'm frigging exhausted - it's good thing we opted for the shorter trail Hills go 21 we got a piece of balsam fir we're going to try and do a bow drill out of see if it works if we get some energy yes sir dense cherry yeah watch out kickback yep choose a little hung up which is going to fix it here all right now we've got a pretty busy day today we did that like eight mile hike came back and started doing some wood processing like crazy we got this fire reflector built up again of like logs off the ground because our fire reflector from yesterday went up in an inferno is amazing and we got tree trunks over here like telephone-pole-sized wood to use for our fire tonight

I'm just splitting up some small stuff right now because that stuff ain't gonna burn by itself on the agenda for the rest of the day just hang out cook some pizza for supper and finish up the cap the Sailor Jerry tonight heading over here tomorrow probably around 10:00 no more or whatever looks good yeah nice so I got my we're using balsam fir here and I got a tinder bundle made of birch bark this thing looks like it's gonna peter out on me he's done yeah I drove right through it cry uni

no I'm going to go I've lost interest in this I tried every now and then but I'm just mean like right now oh it's closed you go again nah yeah I hear you all right no puncture Pizza it up bro Pizza it up so this is what you do when you fruit your can opener and you need to open your peaches Huss van get another one over here

oh that's smells so good nope just one that works pour it over there so we got going on there Karl that's the pizza go going you got mozzarella cheese and pepperoni and joe is so kind to just open up some pizza sauce and we're going to cook it and spam supper was fabulous we're stuff now just relaxing got my feet up and the heats actually coming through that really good now we got a big log on there burnin it's not even late now can't be eat o'clock at night I'm drunk I need some food and all we have is combos cheddar cheese combos not pizza combos right now cheddar cheese combos you I'm melting absolutely melting I've been I've been colder in August heavy this is insane what about may I I don't even and October like I feel like him imitating bitch or what September yeah anywhere yeah there are on the last morning of our trip slept real good last night it was super hot in that shelters crazy today's the warmest day it's been so far we were just packing up now whatnot I got a little bit somewhat of a new Sisto so I thought I'd go over just really quick before I tear it down so I got a bivy bag I never had use of booty before they're pretty cool um this is an REI minimalist movie it was in a hundred dollars at REI it's it's good it wasn't that breathable the first night I had it zipped up all the way and I got a lot of condensation and sweat in there so the next two nights I left it zipped down halfway like this and it was much better for summertime it's got this little bit of a screen mesh for your face which is cool so the bugs don't get you I wish it would have had like something that I can oh it does actually look at that I can hang it up so it stays off my face I found it right there good yeah anyways so and then at my sleeping bag is the Mountain Hardwear it's a 600 fill down rated to 20 degrees or negative 7 I believe in Celsius so that's a good bag doesn't weigh too much inside I got my pillow like always excuse me same therm-a-rest and my reflectix underneath kind of keeps another barrier so sticks and stuff don't poke my my pad and it I would wager City adds a little bit warmth we're somewhat packed up I just wanted to show that fire reflector back what we used didn't use it as a fire reflector obviously but used as a wall for our shelter worked out pretty well this area had abundant resources we got to capitalize on them pretty good so we're just breaking down gotta clean up everything we still got a ton of firewood left we'll stack that up for the next time we come here and call it good you can see how much warmer actually got the ice now looks like water it's real dodgy I wouldn't be caught dead out there back of the truck now you see I change into my blue jeans one thing we've been doing is bring change of clean change of clothes and leaving in the car so when you get to the car you can change out for the ride home normally when I draw it when I go anywhere I have to drive at least four or five hours that's the ride at home today is about five hour drive so it's nice to have clean underwear socks clothes you know this was a really cool trip I had a great time did some new stuff that super shelter was new for both of us is really cool I hope you guys learned something I hope you enjoyed the video and stay tuned I will be making a lot more videos I know I haven't had a few of any out in a long time but they're coming thanks

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