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Wet Wood, Knee High Flames, Knife Only.


This is for a challenge on Bushcraftusa. The reuirements were to get knee high flames in 1min or less, can only use a handful of shavings, splitwood prep and the clock stars when you first strike the firesteel.

I decided to use wet wood, and only a knife as my tools.

Although I did not meet the time requirements, I am happy with what I did.

Hope you guys like it.

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Video Transcription

okay guys this is a challenge put up on my buddy is Turley it's knee high flames less than a minute after you make the first strike your fire steel today it's it's real wet outside it rained last night all night arraigned all this morning and for me personally I want to test myself today I want to see how how quick I can do it with wet wood now this this log has been laying on the ground there's been to have been a bunch of blow down here this is soaking wet not like I left it in a bucket water overnight or anything but it's wet so I'm going to use this one I never suggest using it off off the ground foot off the ground for fire it's a common thing don't do it but for today I'm going to do it so I'm grabbing this piece of wood we're going to go up into the woods there I grab this piece of bark on the way in it's a little bit damp on the other side I'm going to shave this stuff off try get to the dryness use for my platform and I it's drizzling a little bit right now so i might have to use to protect my shavings while I'm doing my fire prep maybe right before I start just to show how kind of wet this stuff is okay it's it's real wet but I think in the inside of should be all right for me I'm not using a any tools except for my knife my bushcraft us a forum night be by adventurous porn real good piece of kit so that's the only thing no sir nothing I want to break it in between trees and stuff

well okay these three pieces are the tree that broke that I broke soaking wet on the outside at least its kind of slimy I need to break it down farther I figure I'm gonna live my knife a bit so it's a scandi knife miss Gandy edge I've seen it abuse before a couple good woodsman did it so I'm sure it'll help it'll hold up wats go go scout I'm just going to break it down like that into manageable pieces go ahead and batten it down now the insides pretty good little damp but should be good no Scout drop it all right don't want to continue to break it down like this I'll come back to you in a little bit all right got all my prep split down I've got to split it down a bunch more so I'm going to take it over to the hogs are making some shavings and that's a LED thickness

now I've usually got a a bandana on this side here where the bark is to catch the shavings but I wanted to do it all at a natural stuff so the key here has lots of little but to keep in with the rules of the challenge I'm only allowed to use a handful of shavings so that means well normally I would have two or three times at like a hat full of shavings but since I'm only allowed a handful that means I'm going to make the rest of my prep pencil let or you may even pencil size thickness but it's gonna be lots of little that's one of the best lessons I've learned from that forum and Terry Barney in particular lots of little get a fire going every time all right i got my shavings done through over there under the bark because it's starting to drizzle a little bit harder not rain by any means but it's drizzling so now just got to get small pencil size pencil lead size prep done which i'm going to need a lot of in order to get any high flames in them hopefully less than a minute this wood splits all right it's not the best I'm not my usual spot couldn't go that far today what I think it'll work good trying to make the pieces as long as possible that one kind of broke out this will be good here wats go

alright got my hand full of shavings it's actually raining now so let's get a move on here's my prep here's my brace a minute from the first strike so go on scope I don't know how to do these fancy countdown things on the on the camera so you'll have to check it out for yourself all right I don't know what the time is open that I want to make it just moving that so it's in frame yeah they're coming up so hopefully that was a minute if not I'm sure it was damn close yeah they're up way past mini so that's my entry goes to show you with the right prep right woods even in the in the soaking wet conditions you can get a fire though jacking around too much

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