How to Set up a Group Tarp Shelter


In this video, we set up a double adirondack tarp shelter, bushcraft ourselves up a spit and cook a pork roast over the fire.

All while beingsnowed, and rained on.




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Video Transcription

hello folks let's promise mr. Mike is here again

and we've built a tarp shanty village a hobo village like we like to do peasant style I stick along we're gonna spend all day over here spend the night cook up a pork roast some potatoes lifting the scope cry times I think we're good fefe job Michael so it's April 10th today and we are having a snowstorm it's very cold it's snowing constantly so we're lucky to have coats all covered in snow you can see them we're lucky to have this tough shelter set up we got out here maybe an hour ago it took us an hour to do this find us walking final squad selfie shelter so we're doing all right got good blockage from the wind we're doing a double Adirondack shelter configuration again but this time we're leaving

it opened like a V last time we had them face to face and butt it up against each other this time it's open like a beat the back behind me is closed off the front is very wide open the tarp above as you saw and we'll have the fire out there we're going to need a player for a lot of things today stay warm dry and click our food so just laying out my ground tripping ground tarp Scott's going to sleep on this side with me Mike's over here so I'm gonna get everything set up right now get all my gear out and kind of make it like home yeah that's not too bad it's a little chilly leave my Arc'teryx hard shell alone scout

coin bell see very far move well some weird weather today we came over here and it was a windy and snowing and now I don't know what it's doing is it raining yet

freezing rain right now and you can probably hear it hitting the top here but it's warming up so it's going to turn into rain there's a big mud pit in front of us now so I'm going to sit in here we've been collecting would go on but I'm walking around collecting a bunch of firewood because go on bud because we need to slow roast our pork roast

so I'm just going to sit in here now and make some feathers because that's what I want to do make some quick feathers I let Mike use my new battle horse knife and I'm using my Charlie Gasconade hey Joe a fancy we've got a good base for our firewood will probably have to end up getting a little bit more but we got in there red oak Scout elm and ash nice piece of ash before before

so it's almost 3 o'clock we're going to start the fire we want to get a good bed of coals going for supper and God would like you enough firewood to keep it going for a bit so once go so I'm going to start it like every every time with a fire steel and wood shavings we not we're going to start it this is my first day Mike's going to start to fire oh can you teach me how to do that love the love the plane you just didn't have the right knife that's the problem there's moving our firewood on inside because it is raining now testing testing

so to go with our amazing pork roast that Mike brought we're going to do some red potatoes with shallot a lot of shallot with it but we're also going to because last my last video and I ate the leeks and I ended up throwing away the leek leaves and everybody said that I should have eaten them so that sounds good I just did anything about it and I will do that we caught all my leek leaves up with my ball my little bit of bulbs and put those in my potatoes as well

did you bring salt or pepper no I have more mud it's a little muddy today boys and girls all wet too so that's my greens and then we'll go into my potatoes good thing we got this because Mike Mike didn't bring the salt and pepper so what are you gonna do guys what are you to do oh so much smoke whatever hotels gonna get diluted whoo we're just making a spit for our pork roast

I'm cleaning up all the bark off of it to make it as sanitary as possible and we're going to actually the pork roast is big enough where we can actually skewer it right through and not have to sandwich it in so this is going to get carved to a point and stuck through the pig how we doing it's like let's pick a straight

dinya is yes it is mr. pritter okay feel it yeah I got him out nice look at that boys and girls I was gonna be slow smoked roasted it should be good and tight on it and the reason I did it cause it's strung this way right radially perfect I think it won't think there's any issue we're crawling no and if there is well fix up what we're doing to something to just put more logs on because it's like nothing's ever good enough

a little smokey little swagger the wind keep switching direction on us it's a touch touch smokey in the sauna here now we had to put skewer going through sideways on the fork to keep it from rolling the pork would conceive roll on this on a spit so put one skewer on the top of it and it held it in place right now I have to do something a little bit later when it gets more cooked and see how it goes with the fat starting to drip off little juiciness going on and yeah looks really good looking forward to her and when to kick up and get when that's what I was looking for so we have a dilemma big one it sets 508 and how many beers did we have to have each three we have three beers each and they're good beers one is what nine percent yep

so the tallboys and the last us but there's only three of it it's five o'clock we have nothing to do we're waiting for watching our pork drip juices on the fire and just salivating sitting here so as I'm sure Scout is you know I think I'm gonna do it I think I make a difficult decision and drink a beer like I said and the savior of the day Michael Michael says we should split one smart to a half each not to there you go Matt the episodes come on I step on one right how's that rain shield gear feel cold vodka

hey where's a random bug there's a little bug in the dear old beer bug selective arts ransack the universe say 6.8 strong beer IPA mm-hmm the only kind hemisphere oh I'm not sure that it smells good they're just hops from the northern and southern hemisphere I don't know how to gauge more

building on me Oh is ain't user bud that's really good that's really good tart little well fruity and tart citrusy yeah thanks for tuning in to joe's beer tastings galaxies and mosaic hops Washington and Australia I really don't want to say that porks been on it for about two hours now she's almost done we got our oil dinners they're behind my feet I'm just trying to warm my feet up because I am pretty chilled right now just being wet all day and temperature dropping and sitting here not doing too much almost time for food

she looked done done ah she's gone man Hey

oh there's a smoke-ring 1% dude where is the camera

- he done man whispers he's done beautifully

thank you

phenomenal I'll be out of yep that's ridiculous so we always get steak and we want to do something different this pork roast was a great idea slow-cooked two hours got a smoke ring on it there's more than we can handle for what nine bucks you said you pay for it so scout is going to get quite a big hunk of pork hey bud mom am well we've eaten and we have another predicament the Scout was starting to shiver he's soaked he's full of mud and water and he doesn't have a student bag so who knows who knows if he'll be dry or not we're trying to decide whether or not we're going to stay here or go sleep with my house tonight

Mike came from his place a couple hours away with the intention to camp am I in focus just in focus we in focus here and it's your face that's just perfect so what we're gonna do where we doing well still raining hard tonsil stop I I don't hate the idea of going home to be honest with you now I can go either way but my house is dry and not full of mud we have two more beers and now you're laying in the mud let me show you what Scout looks like here real quick you know just to grasp the reality of situation so so there's the scooter waiting for more meat he's been getting a lot of it already but you look this is no longer just mud its water and he's laying right in her stead so he's a little little muddy and wet Mike and son is that he's gonna be too cold tonight maybe I'm just using that as a little bit of an excuse to go home as well but what do you think call it a sleeping pad part give everything I was telling to Joe that my only regret is blowing up my sleeping pad a huge one but I wouldn't mind staying if it was gonna stop but it's literally supposed to pour right through till the morning so we have to leave in the morning in the rain in yeah there's no shame in calling and sometimes I have zero shape no sir oh shit no how do you come pick us up my conscience is clear hey buddy you happy with our decision like absolutely with me sir I will sleep tonight yeah go home have some have some beers maybe watch Star Wars kick it back yeah not too shabby there's a good day out good day yeah great day I imagine the rain would have made the creeks rise because it's been raining all day

I'm just hoping it doesn't go over my boots not too bad good to go just a mad dash

the stub two for two just in case you thought I was exaggerating about the temperature that's an icicle on that branch

this isn't not the beginning of April anymore

man down

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