Not what we Planned for!


The family and I head north for a winter camping trip in a canvas tent.

Unfortunately, the weather was not on our side, instead, we ended up staying at a buddies cottage, with 75 acres of forest to explore and a nice warm cottage to come back to, we ended up having a great time.

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Knife used is a Mora Garberg



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Video Transcription

I think it's hard just blow on it and have a smaller hand I ready gone were you wearing ha what are you wearing I don't know hold on there is Lumia what [Music]

come on I'm already you sir you like your snowshoes

hey guys thanks for tuning in with the family here we're out of cottage a friend's place or I spend a few days here we will planned on winter camping but a winter thunder storm is rolling in soon it's going to rain and thunder storm for two days so we're not going to camp we're going to be in this cottage we've already been here one night probably going to see another two maybe another than one we're not sure yet just out on a snowshoe hike and we are going to what we're going to do we're going to make it snow no we're gonna make hot chocolate hot chocolate what's going before us water yeah yeah alright nice smells okay and look my friend has a tracker in the forest this one thank you we'll do that works work we gathered earlier Wow so watch this and put it down on the thing I got a moral gar burg I've been playing with lately

pretty cool knife what I really like about it is the exposed tank for a fire striking and you can actually even use it inside the sheet so there's no problems

but the sparks that this thing throws is pretty ridiculous okay so it's on fire I need the twigs please come closer if I thank you now this fucking that scares me with spreading everywhere I was spreading everywhere all the sparks Wow like this okay good call you want put these on just right on top okay just put it right back up Oh perfect put them on a little bit more alright little bit some water okay thank you bye you're setting it's like going beggin ya bear you got there will you lovely man purse what is it alright so we got our hidden woodsman haversack and i'll pull out a canteen go get some water add me water in the canteen right now yes I need taking my flowers laughs - yours are super miss notion I think [Music]

all right I got the water yep hot chocolate chocolate

one right you use three for one cup right the normal hot chocolate not Starbucks no go ahead drop one use yeah one in another cup sure okay I'll get it it's just a little snow put it there there you go I only live right over there the hot chocolate

oh yeah there are all of it's just a little bit these aren't big cups at all that one can be yours at house the least amount I think I just blew on it and have a small set have a sip no nice piece came in like not hot at all any more ready we're sitting in the self huh so they were sitting in the slowly cooled oh no it's just that steam what those reality in the airplane my fellow yep hurry ice you forget or heard it can you tell where we had a fire can can you still see it not too bad though right you're right

he's like vanilla whipped cream yeah yum yum yum in my tum tum tummy I liked everything dad did here yeah good night use nice of them to let us stay here right hey yeah we should say thank you can you say thank you thanks for letting us stay here forever I do not so happy and you play a little bit and what else know anything you can say whatever you want about anything that's not to be good okay say that can I can't mix with you I want my hair all the way God to my feet my close friends o Bashar Bashar and longer than me on the movie I love there we go Rapunzel I don't know their names to me tingle tingle dosage ah nicely a stranger out they kept Demio to school for a couple days this week she's just didn't just in junior kindergarten but we think that spending time away from home and together might warrant a few days off the school a yes what we can't another time but this was our camping time together really mommy got time off of work and you took time off

we came up here to do it but look at how what we wouldn't be able to be up there right now you take what you need we would we would have been outside for 10 minutes got soaking wet come back inside dry off in the hot tent you know what I mean

snow pants on and off which is always fun mittens and snow shoes and boots and all that stuff so this is easier we can stay in here go out for like our two hour long hikes come back dry off at the wood spills downstairs and we can went into town a couple times cook supper in here it's much nicer it's better memories I think then being hectic outside in the rain are you trying to block my face anyways make sense to me I'm had I'm happy we did this are you happy we're here yes we're doing this Wow okay well that's all that matters laughing doing giggles hey hey Joe hey here's a giggle dance for value set around me one sec anyone get our gate go pick up baby you can pick up tickets buy me out giggle oh yeah they get Gouveia it's just that you can't go that that's not a giggle dance up here and get the short track I can't face your attack I can say shortcut shortcut very good

okay here's that matter giggled it can't reach yeah music one two three here we go oh that's all right two three here we go

what do you feel it there I see trees in the woods and the lake I feel and I can see where you send a picnic table because you huh I like a suit all right glasses on so tiny because I grew beautiful thank you your third a scullery maid daddy called me a scullery oh god okay sound sure without me any bad I'm doing here hey she was like that okay the road shot me in the eye ya know

enjoy use it especially and I call it this one

just keeping it going one or two logs at a time we're going to watch a movie say outside

where does that monster go he didn't return dinner

I didn't look under the pillows want to find out monster there's your turns out you can only watch Puss in Boots so many times before I get sold so we're gonna go draw drive the Walmart and get a couple movies I think yeah don't forget about Sophia Grace & Rose we've watched that multiple volumes Audrey can dance in the day peach yes very dad's Lord of ring all three all three four seven bucks and Night at the Museum all three choose four Juvia there you go Daddy pop I got two that I haven't tried before one is called clutch redline brujos American pale ale and side launched American pale ale Collinwood and Barry we're going downstairs to watch movies I'm not as good as an actor he is this isn't money heated room oh it's nice and cozy basically it's been a few days away from work is Joey nice a museum because emeralds not even going to pay attention to it after all that and I don't want to watch the chains in the China Peach we were it's me she has oh thanks well my movie wasn't as good as I remember it being was one of the longest hoagies of all time after was done we went out Friday got caught in the rain again got drenched all our stuff is hanging up drying by the UH by the wood stove there we supper on soon we're going to do spaghetti and garlic bread tonight for supper that should be good baby looking pretty good have you tried it down it makes us spider cheese I was supper delicious no I am kidding are you kidding I can't jump English me are you joking with me money I see hand side to job I did maybe for tonight how can I calculate egg yep all right okay did you get what you get can you outfit it once there I just have to drink something I don't know it's a rig daddy let's look at the hand that has a ring on it's a ring thank you three this one can I show the camera hello okay let me see this thing put together oh it's a ring why aren't you safe now yeah don't like it you can look look door what I already knew you didn't yes so he caused a ruckus downstairs oh thank you for me know that yeah it sounds like mommy already started moving still bare so yeah alright let's go oh my gosh Will's gonna have a glass of red wine to watch into the Giant Peach I get my red line clutch American Pierre oh it's all very good yeah that's a good beer the right amount of the right amount of what is it dad why from your dolls thank you yeah oh my goodness take action good morning hey did you have a good sleep you have to go home now time to get up any breakfast and leave my mom you're going to miss this place [Music]

yeah well not too high up alright guys we're in the car now we got about a five six hour drive home so we're going to end the video now we had a lot of fun you guys have fun yeah you want to say thank you want to say thank you for everybody to everybody for watching and thank you to our buddies for letting us stay in this cottage it was awesome thank you very much thank you have a good day okay see you guys in the next one

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