Canoe Camp, Eastern Ontario


A buddy and I went canoe camping on some Crown Land, did some fishing.

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Oh be pretty fish Oh Joe really Oh what is where's my bowl that's crazy Brian I can't see I can't see anything dude not with these glasses on oh there's the one link and poor Tosh up all this mess can't really get it as the height in the camera but I'm panting I'm huffing and puffing and then all this this wasn't a long portage it was dangerous we're stepping on these crazy boulders are everywhere you can see the kinuha straight ahead that's into puzzle lake now our second for Tosh coming up and it looks like it's gonna be a hell of a lot easier than first one think of how deep is the water next to you put your paddle into it that's crazy walking on water all right we paddled to barely are we paddled through this poor tires and walked over to bear lake and found that there was almost no spot to put in we could probably do it probably do it tomorrow but the energy that level that we have right now is pretty low just because uh paddling and driving all day so we came back to loose lake very clear water in it and a premade campsite actually so we're going to spend spend the night here probably the whole weekend here but we always have the option of going back it's just after ten we've got three nice size one nice-sized smallmouth bass into other rock and a small mouth now we're going to eat so we're going to fry them up on the fire that's the big small a we got here's the second day which is the first morning I didn't put my tarp up on my hammock last night because there was no chance of rain that's pretty cool so first time I've been able to do that so my hammock set up and my 10 pay with the six hits flax Brian's time well shot of the campsite we're lucky enough to have a little table there that's six thirty in the morning

and it's a beautiful morning and do some fishnet

Yatim bring one over that's at number 55 for bass one this is a smaller one smaller to average of the size we keep catching and this is only on the way to the lake that we thought was going to be the fishing hole so nice largemouth there and let that guy go because we got a stringer full this is great fishing stringer so walk in the in the woods here by our camp and found a birch tree oh I'm sure everybody knows about birth in their paper bark that's very flammable so that's cool you can use that for fire but then there's a piece of chalk all right here and chocolate is also known as tinder fungus so to harvest it I tried it with my left hand because I got the camera am i right you just pop your knife in there give her a little pry

mm-hm and I get to get first spark with it so the part of the chaga you use for fire in 40 is the inside here it's very quirky but you got to dry up for first I've never found Chauke that's dried already so it looks like burnt pile of mess on the outside and second golden Corky texture on the inside alright this is the biggest one yet it's a small mouth and he broke my lower so he's ball back I took it over first well this is the third day in the second warning you weather's a little bit different today first two days were really sunny and hot today's kind of breezy and overcast I still have them put the tarp over top of my hammock which is back in there it's been nice but I think today I will have to do that obviously don't want all my stuff getting soaked okay we got this site and was already used already built up this you can't you can't prefer here but people obviously have come here over the years to camp this sound fire pit was here when we got here obviously this thing is huge but a good thing about it is flipper made it or improved on it put this tall rock here so you can use this part here like a like a stove or oven it's actually pretty functional for the size of it well we we decided to pack up camp and get ready to go because there's a pretty bad storm warning I just wanted to show my hammock with the snakeskin on so that's the snakeskin there and all you do is you take this roll-up snakeskin push it along like that I've got to use two hands to get the rest in but that's the gist of it and it packs pretty good as a bag of can use this this loop not that k GD taught me it's a tension not looks really good

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