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Overnight Canoe Camp in Strong Winds, Catfish, Gear, and Good Food.


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Video Transcription

hey guys thanks for tuning in you're about to watch one of Joey's trick videos but first we want to give a shout-out to our sponsor this video we were lucky enough to be sponsored by a skill of share for this video skill share is an online learning community with over 17,000 classes and things like design photography you can learn about business how to draw music premium membership gives you unlimited access to high-quality classes from experts working in their fields so you can improve your skills unlock new opportunities and do the work you love seems like almost every day I'm either asked about photo or video editing instead of trying to explain it to people through text or email pointing them towards skill share is a lot easier I edit my photos using Lightroom and I learned how to use that properly with skill share let's go share is also more affordable than most learning platforms out there an annual subscription is less than $10 a month once again you guys are getting hooked up skill share is offering the first thousand people to click the link two months of skill share for $0.99 so again guys just click this link right here check out skills here I'm sure you're really gonna like it there's tons of stuff on there for everyone

thank you very much skill share for sponsoring this video thanks guys for watching onto the video hey guys how you doing thanks for tuning in sorry about the wind I'm outside with my buddy Scott we're in a super cool spot very very windy we're gonna go on a canoe camp we're gonna get in the canoe paddle for about half an hour or set up in a spot in this patch of woods I've never been to before so I'm really looking forward to it we've each got a backpack full of gear I got some good food to cook some brews should be a great trip [Music]

what do you think about this look it's lovely like it seems like a good place to watch back on of course especially just one shoulder you know just sling it over you know what to shoulders to give you so much more time I want to be as unbalanced as possible absolutely that's the key

excited excited to camp we found another deer kill or another coyote kill here I think got some toes got some toes this time oh this is cool it's just pelvis bone I always thought it looked like a mask

I got an owl or something okay I can't rip it apart but look it see what I mean felt like a mask and then here's his toes probably wash my hands and I the shelter from the wind hey Joe we're out here when you can hear it but you don't feel it like you do when you're on the water so yeah like Scott was saying man it's nice and sheltered in here even though the wind is pumping through it's not even a really an issue so maybe we'll find a good spot for a shelter I'm gonna sleep under a tarp tonight yeah I'm fine either way whatever we want to do maybe we should find a communal spot for a fire cuz I'm fine with wherever I sleep it's a nice try yeah actually that's a maybe we should keep this for our sleeping if it's dry yeah yeah well water's great and then probably no starch night but I would be not opposed to that I did bring a bush chair I can make you guys chair to you okay yeah this is pretty decent [Music]

the other day when I was camping if you look around here there's a lot of wet spots like a whole lot of wet spots so let's call it a night walk drown we're able to find this spot here relatively high up relatively dry and pretty close to the water which is great you nice to sit out look at the water no deadfall above pretty open so we're gonna set up our shelters here we reach in a tarp and a tent respectively and I think we'll have our fire just downwind a little bit so that the ashes the embers sparks flying off tonight when the wind aren't gonna burn our our tents or tarps respectively I've brought my my trail 50 liter pack with me on this trip same thing is go light basically Kool Aid is no more so my trail is what it's called great backpack it was the equivalent to the go like jam and this is a 50 later I got a bivy sack with me today which kind of might come in handy considering how wet the ground is and it's snowing right now so that's good got all the necessities today you know all the necessities today I actually do I've got some good food some new gear some some gear that I'll using this for in this video pretty cool pretty cool baby wipes

buh-bam got a IPA from iowa and i ORP a man or not my buddy Shane coffee got something else from them in here too we'll go over that in a minute so here's my pretty lightweight sleep system this is a negative seven degrees Celsius

sleeping bag this is a therm rest and you wear a sleeping pad and this is a still nylon tarp all that together I can be pretty comfortable not very heavy takes up a little bit of space but not much once you get it into a backpack this sleeping bag will go completely sideways in my bag don't take up too much room this kind of forms to whatever holes are in my bag also in here I has stakes and a Ridgeline got these weird like pale styrofoam these snowballs coming down yeah it's just a touch all right


I'm so glad I got that out camera wow that Sun man make the difference when it comes out it's quite warm feels nice feels really nice to have that Sun out this stuff well I can got everything almost set up and just have to tie down this loose chart part one tie out then my tarp is pretty much done for my shelter I just got accept my bed and everything in it so the options are either going down straight like the X or come out of coming out early a little bit more room and the wind isn't coming from this way it's coming more this way so it's not a big deal to just pull it out like this I might even tie it to Scotts tent okay okay we're in probably sleep on a little bit of a diagonal just think of myself as much room as possible but this little stick in the middle have to avoid that but other than that everything's good yeah probably certainly my gear I did bring my bindi like I showed you so yeah you need this town really Oh sir this tarp really the bivi is pretty good but it's nice to get over the wind in here so yep pretty familiar with babies as well aren't it's kind of cool because I don't really need a ground sheet and here there's all sorts of like raspberry pickers and just all sorts of shoots coming up like new shoots for trees and stuff so

instead of going around trying to clear all that over putting a ground sheet down a bivy is a good alternative especially those looking at everything fit inside of it my sleeping pad and my suit bag a pillow all that fun stuff zips up and it's got like a pretty durable bottom on it so let's go ahead screen around the head like a mesh for bugs and I've slept in it into summertime before use it like that bug protection right inside platens there we go it's perfectly you get my negative 7 degrees Celsius sleeping bag in there this is such an old sleeping bag I have videos of me using this 6 years ago so it's lost a lot of down its golf patched up from getting sparkles and it's sleeping next to the fire but she still works good somewhat lightweight and small so that's why I decided to Brandt it is going to get down low a big ol bird it's gonna get down to negative 3 tonight and with the windchill would you say negative 7 or 8 yeah so it's gonna be pushing it but that's okay I don't know how bad the windchill will be tonight either it usually dies down at night so I'm not too concerned to have some extra socks and long johns and stuff I can change so that is all set and realistically in the winter time just sleeping this really don't need a tarp or anything like that it's gonna rain if it snows on you it's not the biggest deal in the world but it is nice to have some kind of shelter someplace to get over the elements so please your bivy sack into yeah pretty happy with the way everything set up it's looking like home nice and comfortable Scott's all squared away too so I think I am going to go make myself a chair I didn't bring a normal chair I brought the hidden woodsman Bush chair just trying to pack a little bit try to get everything into my one backpack so practice and I'm gonna go get three logs or three trees dead ones and then a leg one you guys have seen me do this lots of times

so probably don't really need to explain it to you this doesn't really work for the chair we can use this for firewood it is covered in old poison ivy it seems even though this tree is dead I'm not going to touch it with my hand I'll go get my gloves before I really deal with it too much yeah she'll probably be wearing them anyway so I can't see cold take two you know they're all my belt right that's where I keep them I know that I knew that all along still was really coming down now those little styrofoam balls so you can really hear it hitting the leaves

there's no shortage of firewood that's for sure

yeah this is perfect nice and dead standing pretty tall not too thick around


here's a dead one might look like a tree but it's actually a limb that's fallen off with bigger tree but nice straight pieces on here and use for my chair look at this sighs this shaker Hickory look at the Hickory dark peeling is there some decent slabs guys I've not seen one that big before like that's one big little slab ready to come off this stuff's good for smoking your meats like if you're barbecuing or smoking you soak them in water and then throw them right on the coals it smokes really good Oh Bernie

all right I've collected quite a bit of wood I think I'm gonna do sit down to action in front of me with a lot of limbs just kind of laying off of it I think I'm gonna take my ass and make some quick work of these limbs bring them over build my chair and sit down for a little bit we didn't get over here until noon and it is three o'clock here that the styrofoam balls hitting in the leaves is a nice spot stuff like this very gents okay so this this stuff is very dense nice and seasoned like I said love burning ash all right some solid wood she's uh she's coming down guys it's a little little styrofoam snowy this is awesome this is awesome blizzard e in April well that worked this is my old Sandvik that Mike picks up for me and my axe mask Ron at Copperhead outdoor shadow Ron it's been years it's full Raymond saw pocket or ox ball Cadiz just big enough that I can fit blood of my ax through which really helps when it's time to carry the firewood back because I know I'm gonna get a million questions about what kind of pants these are these are fall or even pants fall rated I have the calves and I also have the veto Pro Hauser's and these are the veto pros so you can see in here I do have some room

I don't really actually have to go on a diagonal to stay all underneath we were paddling in hitting under the water with our


pretty wet underneath this is a knife that I haven't used yet this Legum Lagoon the gold leg bushcraft knife from I belive LT knife works we've got it sent it with my boar real shirt from Leicester River so thank you thank you for that it's crazy that the Sun will come out for five minutes and this all stop and then they just repeats itself we were talking to each other a boat like it's crazy how like it's it's cool to experience this some like even though it's nothing really it's just a little bit of snow and then it stops and then the Sun comes out and then it snow again but imagine the amount of people in the world and probably not you guys but overall in general the people who won't be able to never experience not even be able to but will for ever experience anything like this right just being out in the wolf in the wild Oh to nature while well he'll weather changes luxury then a lot of people are going to to get to know get to experience he's got to go outside being laid up for those three or so weeks there my health issues really gave me an appreciation rekindled my appreciation I love being able to go inside to be helped first hi I know where the park is one lake my daughter hi cousin snow my wife know super happy just to even do that doing wraps and fraps going on the inside I'm wrapping loves this way and then this way against the cordage [Music]


all right not too shabby oh man check out scott's chair you'll understand why i keep calling them styrofoam balls

we at you don't like we delivery [Music]

boys cheer you guys from the hidden Woodsman my buddy Malcolm makes them he lives in New England so all this stuff is made by hand in the States pretty cool as is this phantom axis here max same thing in the states not sure we're in the states he lives I don't think in New England so I've got draw strength already tied on the top I'm going to leave that there always I'm probably going to try to just hook this around it's a bit straight up so I'm gonna tilt it back something but they want to tie these this cross piece on first what's good because it's so windy there's a lot of convection can something whippin the warmth away from up behind I'm gonna put that Phantom exit pad underneath there have I told you guys before I really don't know I told you before how much I enjoy some flower seeds how much I enjoy eating like a handful of sunflower seeds cracking them in my mouth spitting out the show and eating the seeds I'm serious so it's a it's a pastime for me all right so I'm gonna cut two lengths about two feet two and a half feet to tie up my leg pull my leg pull on the chair I want to wrap this back up into a Hank so it stays nice and meet normally I organize my paracord all I'll cut them free free cut them into lengths that I need

I'll make I need to go later to burn the ends of this but I make a ridge line like maybe a 25 foot piece a bunch of four-foot pieces and then some like odds and ends some small pieces that gets bow drill size need but bigger than this and all normally daisy-chained I'm gonna keep them together I learned it from Iowa woods me and surprise surprise but I just got this not too long ago I needed some paracord but I threw it in the bag the Jo way okay I need a later I'll burn these ends up I don't wanna waste this cord whenever I don't end up burning the paracord ends goes to waste protip when you're doing this might as well do two sides at the same time just don't hold them too close or I'll stay with more notes together also wind puts flames out it's going the shelter okey doke

protip put your melting knees and still won is coming in here don't let this drip on you it's not a fun time just once around and overhand not sufficient Oh buddy nothing wrong with this I set it up good this time okay good very good a little fire in front Scott will be next cool I'm sitting here getting a little chilled so Scott whip the Jetboil it's a great idea I'm gonna make up some tea real quick know how our fire going yet or anything so it's nice to have that option for sure so again I have a very awesome subscribers and fans and friends from the internet so I got a couple things I brought on this trip the first being these stuff sacks I got a few different stuff sacks from a company called Fox linked I'll link that in the description thank you very much guys it's a husband and wife I believe it's the wife's company I can't remember you guys named Ralph tell my head I'm very sorry about that quality quality stuff here I got probably five or six different stuff sacks all zipper pouches like I like senators at poaches silk summer steel nylon summer rip stop sort of rubberized inside they're really cool this one it was I think my favorite it was like probably because of the shape of it good oddball kind of shape I like it a lot I have my very minimalistic this is what multicam I think still nylon I have a very minimalistic safety kit slash first aid kit in here I do have things like floss ticks and a space blanket other than Owen T other than my first-aid kit that's why I'm calling it safety kit slash force take the inside is blaze orange which I always like I ended up tying a little handle on it will lanyard on the on the tab but they also have a little lanyard on their this one is my Possible's poach for this trip this orange one it's God things like my compass my headlamp a later fat rope stick lens cleaner and then last but not least I have another multicam one with food and my coffee spits we're gonna go in detail about this coffee spit here in a second you don't end up having about one-quarter full canisters everywhere so at some point I need to start actually emptying a moat and so I figured this is a good trip with my coffee spit came this stomach ease teeth from my buddy Shane I appreciate it I'm gonna try some now one of those stomach problems will note your so he swears by this stuff well I'm waiting for my tea to steep I'll show you guys the coffee spit it has nothing to do with a cup of coffee so the guy's name is Shane coffee and that's why it's dubbed the coffee spit so this is pretty cool this is for cooking chicken whatever you want to cook over the fire like a sauna spit you know like a spit so there's this piece with a loop this piece with a little you and to the best of my knowledge we're placing them distance apart we're going to slide the one skewer through through the hole and then sit the end of this other end of the screw is squared off so it's gonna sit in this u and then near the fire or over the fire

you have these two skewers that your food can be stabbed upon I'm gonna use sausages today I've got some Italian sausages but I've seen him use chicken breasts and other things I think fish pretty cool looking forward to using it thanks Shane coffee well it's he is it helping up that much we're still a little chilly yes it's been nice to sit here and drink our tea and wall up a bit but I think we're both pretty chilled yeah so plan is we're gonna get a fire going Scott's gonna start the fire I'm gonna go collect some more firewood and that way we'll both be putting ourselves to use warming each other nope you can't do that you can say that so I think that we're gonna split up duties and Scott's gonna stay here and get the fire going I'm gonna head over back into the woods and collect some more firewood because we don't have enough to hold us over all night especially if we start it now it sound like a plan it sounds like a good plan because it's only early I think it's late for 4:30 - yeah so it's only 4:30 now it doesn't get dark till it's 7 right it's true yeah so which is great we're gonna have there's plenty of woods who have a nice fire going and but we want to want it to get through the night right so I'm gonna cook on it have a couple beers brought some beers I don't know if Joe did I know I brought you [Music]

so this season is almost coming to an end this type of camping video you're not gonna see for too much longer maybe a few more and then it's going to be into canoe tripping and backpacking and actually a wilderness living I'm gonna do a big wilderness living trip extended long long trip by myself I'm gonna have lots more info on that coming up soon I'm gonna do a couple of videos leading up to it your videos and explaining just what I'm doing but it will be epic mark my words bro check out this old gnarly tree looks like a little animal den down in here nobody answers it's a welcome sight yes our plan worked I got firewood let's cut pay to fire it's funny how things like that work so now I think that that's all squared away I think I'm going to look for some worm so we lift up some logs search on foot somewhere music try get a hook in the water



well lots of signs of mouse yeah you can tell with the acorns they've got like only small little holes chewed in them as opposed to where the squirrels Oh wormy damn son right off the hop first worm Jim up in this piece I still got my rod rigged up wormy and pulled up on a worm harness oh all right got my secret here it's really only gonna be carp or catfish and not gonna be eating either of those but this is just kind of for fun water was considerably shallow on the way in like a foot to six inches to a foot deep on the sides or a paddling so I'm gonna have to try to hook it into the middle as much as I can line up back up here maybe we'll see let's see how she goes okay you're gonna make it hold it so it's recording yeah there you go all right it was only in there for how long 10 minutes not yeah got a nice Bowl head I believe it's a brown bullhead maybe yellow yellow bull hoods are a thing pretty decent pretty decent or watch the bar arbitrate

I'm gonna have to grab some pliers to get this thing on here you just be pretty good yeah I know it's it I know it's a bull head it's not a channel cat for sure I just am NOT a hundred percent on if there are yellow bull heads or if it's just a variation of a brown yeah you can bite those all you want not gonna hurt that not like my finger I like my finger look here there there we go

all right beautiful fish really there's a nice color it's almost 6 o'clock who's talking about supper the sausages that I brought are not precooked so they'll take a little bit to cook it's about time we start cooking some food pretty hungry both of us so I'm gonna get this fire ready for cooking as you can see we got a decent amount of holes still some fire or some wood on there to burn up but we do need to make it thinner and it more narrow so we can fit that the girl across

and even kind of have our fire over here I guess that's what we'll do we'll keep our fire going over here and have our calls in here and be able to break in or out as we need that's a little smoky though let's start messing with it whoo okay girl can go across there pretty decent so we are gonna cook some on the grill and sell on the spit she's got and I are both eating these for dinner so not gonna all fit on the girl kind of thing and I'll be cool see how that spit works the old Joe Robinette girl these are sweet Italian sweet Italian sausage not spice sticking away from the spicy for right now three on here I'll try to do two on the coffee spin that's not for coffee you dope so we're gonna go do you on the well let's put it sideways to it that makes me a lot more sense we'll put it right next to it using the old noggin Joe all right so get the dirt off this would be helpful you want extra dirt on your sausages yeah all right so I'll leave it on the one for this I will actually because it's got the two on it I don't think there's a need to weave it in that's helpful having those two those two prongs very helpful almost like you knew what he was doing when he made it hey crazy is that okay see how that goes we ripped apart the casing a little bit but I think it'll be okay so that goes in there and then that sits well BAM that works hey yeah we have to put a little bit closer touch closer well she's hot but she's hot cool uh Amburg fool my hand the trip

oh wow those are cooking quick damn son these are almost done these guys are getting there at least that they've been on

yeah direct Heat see you compared to that so well we're waiting for the sausages to cook just got to make it up his side dish which is some rice and I thought for this trip I'd go old school huh got a can of beans when's the last time you saw somebody eating beans while camping so I don't have a can opener a standard can opener but I do have my Swiss Army farmer you know on this there's very useful tools actually this is probably one of the more useful Swiss Army knives knife all saw can opener bottle opener

we're gonna use you guessed it all right so just to show you guys how to do this if you're not familiar with it it's a useful thing to know see how I'm doing that so the inside this rounded quarter round needs to go on the inside and this bottom part needs to go on the outside of kind of a 45 a little bit of angle at least and just push down and then you're gonna work your way cutting with this round oh sorry this rounded top part in and down pushing forward each time it's not that hard takes a minute or so but instead of bringing a can opener for the woods where that's only gonna have one purpose and it's kind of bulky maybe a bit cumbersome and benedict cumberbatch or you could bring this where it's got multiple uses stops working halfway around the can that was joking multiple uses and yeah it's cool it's cool to use anyways I'm not gonna go continuous I'm not gonna continue to go around because it just beans and I can pour them out like that it's a life hack don't do a full job when you don't have to it's a hack the beans this is my super Billy can this is my 12-centimeter one I've had this probably longer than most pieces of gear I have this in my small wetterling's ax okay sausages will go good with that I might even put them right in there I don't have any mustard wowie mustard say you want to leave when you say you would a mustard yeah that's like that's like the equivalent to why don't you just come here for 11 instead of 10 yo pop event oh yeah sure we go in there doesn't matter oh man that's good guys go check out my spork I got I got sent this spork from subscriber and a couple a subscriber and his wife or a subscriber and her husband however you want to look at it a couple though very cool

they're from the UK cannot remember their names off the top of my head I'm sorry I put an Instagram post thanking I'm already a few days ago but check this out

spork with Scouts logo on it Scouts face on the spoon isn't that super cool I was so stoked on that when I when I felt it through the package I knew it was a spark I was excited also awesome I can use it in the woods or whatever when I pulled it out and I saw that on there I was just beside myself very very very cool thank you so much alright sorry Joe make it drink bad influence that I am oh this is a this is one from Quebec as well yeah yeah this is my jam double fruit punch IPA I've not tried it I don't know why I said it's my jam but it sounds like it is this is from my French Canadian friends whoop a lot of pulp a lot of pulp is that what that means dual French no all right perfect two cans right if I don't know it I did it you know one to my beer again cheers buddy

Oh cheers guys wow wow that is super good around the pool in the summer time I wouldn't enjoy this but what would you go for around the pool in the summertime yeah you were like Coronas in the summertime yeah can't let but alright see this cold beans pulled these lukewarm beans and put these right in there check on these sausages I'm happy with this coffee spit man took maybe five minutes longer than the than the grill and the grill was right on top of the poles so pretty good good supper was good


we're just talking about our setups our tents and our chairs right and how there's pros and cons to each we both got here at the same time Scot was finished setting his tent up and I want to say ten minutes not even five minutes I probably messed her out with my tarp for about 20-25 minutes and then the chairs is the same thing Scott was able just unfold his and good to get ready to go I didn't cut my poles tie it up she did he tie these adjusted get everything ready the benefit of Scott's is obvious it's you roll up and you're good to go the benefit of mine it was a little more hidden it's lighter and it's smaller right that's not to say his tent and his chair are heavy by ants they're all ultralight like backpacking style stuff but what size backpack did you bring

seventy-five liter backpack and I had a 50 liter back there I physically can't carry as much as a lot of people because of mice my small stature so I'm really used to putting things in a 50 liter backpack 55 liter backpack and in order to do that I can't be putting a tab tent or a chair in it my alternative is obvious it's the tarp and the bush chair small lightweight easy enough to set up but take some new one take some some tweaking and stuff and for a trip like this I'm fine with that but when it comes to like a backpacking trip especially there's no way that that's gonna happen iMovie carrying my Big Agnes Fly Creek ul1 and if I do carry a chair it's gonna be definitely this kind here that's for more of a canoe trip for me as the chair but the backpacking definitely the tent so two different two different methods and we both have both flee and I mean we both do both things it's just what you feel like doing when you feel like doing it so it has a pretty big canoe trip coming up in early May yeah with his son yeah how many people or oh I'm total so he's kind of testing out his gear good and things ready for that trip yeah he's got a really nice camera so nice oh that he's testing a note to write just just kind of understanding how it works to tweakin and everything out here well you can go home and edit it and find out what worked and what didn't work instead of going on that what like week-long Algonquin trap and screwing up footage and coming home and being being bummed out about it well let's go check this out I was uh my eyes are burning from the smoke I found this earlier when I was walking around trying to look for firewood maybe Turkey

pretty decent-sized bone here nice seldom does that work that well normally at the pound on it a couple times and it flies out but our fruit a port a well BAM

this is ash another straight grained wood I really like to burn ash we're losing light as you can see - just trying to get all of our wood organized and ready for tonight so we don't have to be doing what I'm doing now in the dark well you just let me split that log with was my 19-inch Sandvik axe what is this the wall do you remember if this is the wildlife model wildlife hatch it right so then wild I believe this is the wildlife action because the smallest will be the mini hatchet so this is Scott's wildlife hatchet I believe you can see the size difference I think it's what 15 inches this is 19 that looks about right okay anyways the head smaller let's try to split this one with this and see the difference now this is a smaller piece of ash then I just split because we're working our way down the tree or down the limb but just like the other one I think if I turn it around or just do that BAM so exactly like the other one actually even less effort than the other one is very cool smaller preschooler that's it but the goes to show you man in a small little high-rise super handy to have what's this to carry not much before we lose any more late probably be a good idea to get my headlamp out afterwards put in the pocket till later still got residual light it's 15 how good was that 8:15 on the spot he didn't use a calculator

my feet are pretty damp from walking around all babies love boots they're great for keeping your feet dry I was walking in all sorts of you know muck as it were I find myself funny so so I'm just trying to dry them off they're getting Pig on chilled now because I'm not walking around anymore are them being damp and then the cold air you're pretty pretty chilling so fire always helps that I do have an extra pair of socks to change into before I go to bed I have 100% we'll be doing that it's pretty important to have that if you can especially this time of year even the winter you know spring wet summer so I guess we just get wet in general but in the summertime it doesn't really matter as much I've never really been on in a actual real camping trip now the thing about gore-tex - right so though lower tax will keep your feet wet from the oats are sorry drive from the outside but they you don't breathe very well just like these things these things don't breathe at all this is the meal treatment Robert but yeah that's why a lot of the times I'll opt for hiking shoes on backpacking trips and canoe trips because I know my feet are gonna get wet and they're gonna get wet if I wear cortex boots - it just takes longer for the vortex to dry or if it dries at all

it's after 10:00 they've had enough we're talking about how much we like to lay down and go to sleep so we talked ourselves into going to bed good night buddy and winds died down completely which is awesome takes the stress out of sleeping you know I'll leave my baby open tonight so I don't get all condensate e condensate is the word have used it before all right guys you have a good night

I'll see you in the morning well good morning guys

so it's 7:30 it's up pretty good all I can hear is birds chirping so that's kind of nice not too cold must have snowed some more because I see it all upon my my turf here we're gonna get up make some breakfast and here's Scott rustling over there - so time to get up so not only did it snow last night so Scott's been going through some of his gear in his video so if you guys want to check out his video have a lot more information about his type of gear what he's testing really out for his spring algonquin shrub it's kind of interesting he used quite a bit different gear than I did this trip and different sleeping bag as well much lower rating so go on check his channel out his channel is called adrenalin outdoors and I'll link it oh yeah just another version of this trip and another idea on some gear I'm just walking here trying to warm my feet up a little bit my boots were kind of frozen this morning it says it feels like negative 8 right now I can't really see my breath can't be that bad I'm gonna grab some twigs from this fallen tree here and get a fire going Fila woodpecker I'm not gonna gathering anything thick because they don't really want the player to last for hours cook and hang up warm get warm before we get out of here so just gathering maybe thumb sized pieces at the detective wider [Music]

that's know um I see that snow one you'll see I'm going to make some shavings really quick just put them right on my seat pad now just to get the fire going I haven't used this no punch yeah well I've been out here but what I have use is pretty decent especially wearing gloves this big handle really fills your hand alright with hope gloves on it feels a bit wide for my hand but I do have girly hands overly small hands so yeah it's nice to have firestarter man I don't want to always want to like screw around

alright so just shaving off some of this fat rope super handy for things like this and I don't want to screw around too much I only made a few shavings and collected those twigs he saw me collect so this is actual rope soaked in in like oh she came apart because this at the end of it but soaked in like like a flammable epoxy kind of thing so then all the fibers just pop open and it's very very very flammable that's the part pieces I shaved up we've seen it catching it go real quick I am gonna also use this piece just for demonstrative purposes I have a bunch of it at home too so I'm not concerned yeah not that thick rope perp will burn for a long time so even if you have marginal tinder like obviously don't throw huge pieces I got on if you don't need to but if you don't anything but marginal tender something like that I could literally throw these twigs right on on this side these twigs a thumb-sized on this side they're thin I'll throw the thick side down first just to prove my point didn't even use my shavings blasphemy looking to be like a beauty day you can't really see it behind me well mr. Sun has shown his face the wind is not bad at all so yeah I'm really liking it this morning it's nice to be able to hang out in the morning normally I'm in such a rush to get out have such a long drive or have to be picked up or whatever so it's really nice to have some camp life in the morning just can relax yeah Wednesday Scott's just Scott's checking out the bush chair so it's obviously is lower because I'm shorter but you can make it taller and then you can remember the length of the the logs you need like you can measure it with your steps or whatever probably seven or eight for you yeah tie it up maybe a foot higher yeah it's no I like it like when you took it oh it's just this little sheet of fabric right mm-hmm yeah it fits in your cargo pocket yes pretty handy yep I like it I'm sure Milken will be happy to me that if you haven't seen me do this and if you haven't done this this is an awesome way to do a dish free breakfast because you're just boiling water in your uh-huh and your pot right that's not dirty at all but once you start putting this kind of stuff and it gets a little soupy that's not an issue either super easy to clean out but for quick easy morning routine especially on a canoe trip although I did get sick of it last year after the end of the year but this works this works in a pinch and what I have found is adding something like even sky hurt Scott talking to his camera last night about that's a little pepperoni in the morning with this or some bacon or something really goes well it feels like you get what you need with the meat and this cuz this alone it's a bit lacking I think for for a energy spending day of paddling or hiking or whatever would you say that's a fair statement there we go validation oatmeal's all done I really like to pour some hot water on my hands in the morning feels super good it's not scalding by any means residually hot still but it feels very nice my hands all beat up [Music]

well we're just packing up here and I found something else pretty cool so we both think it's a catfish skull it's really shaped that way like a shovel very flat and broad pretty sure that's what it is that's the size of it compared to my hand so decent size the underneath of it wears eyes would have been I don't know I think that's what it is pretty nifty I've never seen a catfish skull before it looks like it's been gnawed on by some rodents it's got these two little pieces it looks like they've come off maybe that's where his whiskers came motive pretty cool pretty cool so that's three pieces of skeleton from three different animals we found just in this one location in these woods see do you remember what kind of other animals we found yesterday was the turkey and a deer deer doesn't strike me as odd or not even none of it strikes me as odd but just haven't seen the other ones before all right guys I think I'm gonna wrap it up here had a lot of fun thanks for coming with me Scott you're welcome thanks for having me buddy you know what it's good getting out with you it was exciting getting the canoe in early April right through the earliest I've gone in the overnight canoe trip so part was nice yeah having like-minded friends close by is a good thing that is a huge thing for sure thanks guys for watching I'll see you on the next one thanks Joann oh we got another one in the books thanks for watching

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