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8 Days in the Wild - Boreal Forest Floatplane in Adventure Pt2


Shawn James and I spend 8 days in the Boreal Wilderness of Woodland Caribou Provincial Park In Northern Ontario Canada. We travel in by floatplane, and after being dropped off, we travel by canoe and foot, catching our food as we go, seeing abundant wildlife, and facing storm after storm, we become more and more in tune with our surroundings, taking hardships in stride, and being rewarded with amazing fishing, scenery, and still nights.

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I'm real happy with that I wasn't really expecting fall Joe's got a bigger one damn it

that hit heard that was a big spoon yah-tchi man super sketchy we cannot find anything we're just going to have to camp on the Goulburn here not what we wanted to do but it can't be on the water anymore at all that real bad I don't know about this man look at it there's nowhere to put a tent or anything this is ridiculous no we're on a bronze site the best we can do nuts that up here in a little exposed rock area do this the brain coming down right now glad I'm familiar with setting my concept do it quickly

hunker down we're just going to be a sleepier kind of thing cuz nothing we know can flare you're not going to be no hanging out


tents all set up I'm sitting over here on this exposed rock cooking up my chili that one storm missed us but there's like just ridiculous black clouds everywhere we did have to get off the water no joke but this is really cool we're almost burn we got our tent set up just like in the middle of nowhere scrambled on the side of a of a hill exposed rocks we couldn't find anywhere to camp there was no open space we would had to hack our way into the bush it was so thick everywhere else so we had no choice but to come to flat ish rock or you can see cutting over again but it's actually pretty cool I've never camped on a burn before it was exciting it was dangerous getting here we had to we had to paddle here but we're here now everything's ok I'm gonna have to prop up my backpack or something on my one side of my tent I'll show you will bring you on inside there when I when I go but it's actually really cool the panic part is over everything's all good we're safe so the things change here at woodland caribou very quickly is very unexpected weather and it can change from good to bad back to good real quick and everything between it and it's happening right now so it's actually I'm actually roasting out here but can't be fooled it's going to turn again we know that so oh yeah oh my goodness do you think all this shun crazy crazy you know please don't get this in our everyday life like this yeah I love it now I'll see if we motherfucker

well it might be less than five because she's kick it up quick but this is what we do for fun we love this Shaun just chuckles over there

it's uh it's a little dark there's a little little storm brewing up you can see the rain coming down over there the walls of rain actually started eat my chili the wolf that thing down I've never experienced any kind of storm like this oh it's coming in I tree fall over we're trying to get it out of the way of anything that's going to fall right now oh man not it's not it's still due to damage in little night we didn't have an option we had to set up what we did there's a random like two or three trees around that might go we literally watch the tree fall two seconds ago still got to eat super hungry what an experience honestly what an experience really glad I'm not alone crazy Chili's really good though hitting a spot I've been saving the jelly this seems like a suitable occasion like look at me look at around me there's no this is burn all the fresh green growth fuzz ball the berm can you got light you got me lightning rods that's the scary one and that's everyone we're not just well not directly under them by any means but who knows what way they're going to fall in if they're gonna fall but the fact that we just saw one fall really puts it in perspective Berry is he's okay you didn't get crushed his shots played vegan tonight we don't hide from storms what are we doing storms - rainbows in one trip when does that happen Wow separate double rainbows we should say the word rainbow one more time rainbow not the trophy well guys this is the calm after the storm maybe between storms yeah but everything's good right now

it's all died down rain stopped and it's a beauty night we're it's hard to describe the mix of emotions and just stuff we went through today I thought today was going to be one of the most boring days and we get here and all this stuff's happening I'm racing to get to camp them so I felt felt filled that sense of urgency big time to get here and now we're here dealt with all that and now we get to get it out watch the sunset so come believable really yeah it is coming out it's also the blood vein River Canadian Heritage River right so here we are we're actually camped on it which we did not intense so to be sitting here and have gone through something so so epic just so fitting like a and just them in all mosquitoes came out too bored what is that bug spray oh there we go beat all up you guys honestly no joke you got to come here like if you're into canoeing if you're into this stuff this is this place is not like any other place I've ever been I know I've said it I probably sound like a broken record but it's true it's the truth well it's about 10:30 now we're just sitting here no fire we just saw the biggest bat fly by I've never seen a bat so big very cool completely silent flying up and down like a bat does really cool yeah no fire in the bugs are out bugs are in full force and the Steel's are bad you can see how much light there's left still at 10:30 but the clouds are very menacing probably get some rain in the morning tonight maybe tomorrow but I think I'm going to head to bed we got to change up our road again made a couple little decisions look to try to end up on a lake trail late at the end of the trip so we're far away from a lake trout lake now it'd be nice to end the trip on the lake trout lake and the nice sight kitchen Lakers so yeah safer tomorrow I think we get up early to go fish and get on our way we slept in today that that wind really kept this down but time to go in my tent blow up my sleeping pad and try not to roll downhill I got a prop myself up on one like a 45 and wish me luck see you guys in the morning

good morning it's not very sunny it looks like we might get some rain and stuff so I think it's up and out of here this site isn't very hospitable though bill it is this morning [Music]

day five just make up some breakfast set some stage t going got some oatmeal already made up my best buddy plate stove we woke up to a another cloudy rainy day as I started writing it but tell them look of other clouds it seems like well but it's not such a big deal I don't feel so worried about it it's just another thing that's going to happen so looking forward to today take it easy today we've been camping on big lakes pretty much the whole trip so tomorrow or tonight sorry our route takes us along some smaller Lakes some more intimate Lakes hopefully the fishing will be alright on them but if not we're going to be ending up some real good trout lakes that's where I wrote is taking us so everything is good just going with the flow of things now really really really cool part of this place now

yeah that's a good feeling about three more days it's hard to believe those gold buy this quick it's hard to believe we're past the middle part of the trip I have I have mixed feelings about it this is the kind of place that you can spend two weeks at just going at your own pace you don't have to travel every day you don't even have to go far or anywhere every day if you find a hot fishing spot you can hole up so it's really appealing about this place tonight but yeah having a great time as whole meals going down like a champ - through a couple M&M peanuts in there you know Joe it up a little bit but Joe it oh yeah if I going to get going pretty soon just eat me oatmeal and pack up and leave Thomas and we're going to trawl up and down Lake here on our destiny on their way to our destination fortunately itself yep we've seen a handful it goes man there's another one right there not too much wildlife yesterday but yeah it was a was the least productive fishing day as well that's okay we will little catch more fish almost finished packing up camp the rains starting to come down so big cameras going away at least for a little while I catch you guys on the GoPro on the water that was one of the coolest camping spots ever been I don't call it a campsite okay little far-fetched but just a pic imagine that's not going to happen two more times

off we go trolling down the lake we grab a couple wall I have some shore lunch here she goes love to look at ominous at best that's a good day in the woodland caribou the woodland career move we got to go right into the window a very entering though you know that huh how I feel it a little bit I'm running low on food to shore lunch should be great yeah fish lunch for fish lunch for lunch on Sora aka Soylent really glad I didn't eat that before with investment there's no way we're having fire kind of look is like the way John BP submarine is have trail nips I are very quickly boiled up some water and rehydrate combine my chili and walk that down my belly ain't no that humming bitch like that well we hit a little low spot here came to our poor taja cuddled against the wind strong wind or at least two hours to get to here on the same lake we camped at and this is supposed to our port ours but it's been a burn burned in 2011 and there's no it's all just growth and no no no poor Tosh really it's like literally stuff like this all grown up there's no trail at all we tried to put we pushed in there quite a ways without any of our gear it's hard hard walking without here so the idea of doing a 5 25 meter portage

triple carrying double carrying however much ever it is it through all that stuff is very daunting it doesn't seem like we can do it and then after it's a succession of small small lakes and big Portage's that way big report houses and we don't know regardless of we don't know if it's going to be the same you know I mean the whole - the whole way if it is burned in regrowth six years regrowth it's going to take us days literally two or three days to get down somewhere it should take us a day these are our last days here so we don't want to do that but we're also stuck our options are paddling backwards that's where we came or switching off our road and going into the biggest lake in the park against the wind and it's just all very daunting so we're on the satphone right now a Sat phone just in case and we're going to call up the Harlem from Red Lake Outfitters and figure out what we should do find out whether or not it's worth it either all to these poor colleges or not we got to wait to talk to them on the set can't get through right now a cloud cover so we're standing here getting chilled with the rain we're going to start a fire on the beach here don't really have any more options

well an adventure that's for sure and so on so just unexpected and unplanned all part of it all part of it we can I go fire going right on the beach right by the water it's all super wet I'm not not concerned about having a fire here at all so we're going to man up for additional bust through we're going to we're going to do this poor college there's no way we're going backtracking it's just state the better option of the two so I'm just eat up some food dry up a little bit and start hauling butt right through the woods here we go and be like a wet but Jesus doing the funky you all I stink they stink nine years I came to my tent with me okay okay let's just stay far away I think bad enough real talk


I was wrong on my assumption of woodland caribou it's not flat you hear it's for real

and he think of like a spruce swamp boggy kind of stuff I look it all around we're going quite going uphill quite a bit right now there's deciduous trees like willow birch Aspen seeing some Mountain maple lots more variety than and I had assumed see the ground is all scorched burned trees everywhere Rose is popping up very very lush here that's because of the burn like I said that was six years ago now you can see everything starting to come back and the animals come to feed on this and animals it heat the animals if you don't follow them here it's a circle of life and it moves as air I'm done I think we're off trail but it's better than actual trail walking kind of making our own way getting up to where we need to be this is a 575 meter portage but who knows that's the port ours this may be some longer hopefully shorter we'll see careful as bendy almost done that for Tosh and I'd like to be excited about seeing the lake in front of me let me show you what I see yeah Wendy Rainy Lake right in our face perfect it's exactly what I was hoping for wasn't a wake up the bomb weather of that

a straight house take a little bit of a break I'm paddling look around guys this is over we're surrounded by the great cloudy day just keep spinning already


hold on okay fishy today dark Thursday I'm getting to be about done for this honker sit down Peter XML file and somatic warm-up for children I might keep trawl and see if I get anything back with I get anything a little bigger model keep speed that would have been nothing I'll meet at all we did another burn for size 450 400 or something like that Shawn to come with this news right now I'd really and behind me really soon still all barns we've been through like three or four lakes it's dull burn we're trying to get out of us you can can't I don't only I'm not sure that we'll be able we've got another couple leaks to go in the make a decision whether or not we stay on our rope for time still do the same road we go off our road when I can see

no sir all big nose drip not that cold with a combination of wind and rain I literally was bored land hypothermic do this completing these courthouses are insane

burn whore typing in code slow down no there's no music you can't tell where the trail is so anyways I had to do that one a 550 or something like that parts a 5-2 actually warm myself up but it was like almost trying to run go too fast I can't lift my legs as high as I could and I warmed right up so I don't not shivering anymore which is fantastic the rain has stopped for now it's on and off all day but that helps too so and I went great in this lake here the wind isn't so bad

so like I said go to dry out find a place to camp all right well we all level ground we can find and six o'clock I win kicking up again as it's been all day we're boys camping today luckily there's all this nice link in the moss on the ground level it out a little bit more level ground last night a little bit more area to this island time I got here Shawn the other flash spot rain coming down pretty good now actually yeah I gotta put my camera away again all right guys [Music]


home let's go find Sean so he to her his mansion

sick back in here man very thick buggy hey feel nice excellent actually things like bent over and I could face like dehydrated spaghetti which have any no holy gravy and go back so bad yeah a nice view oh yeah we're wiped out today on the search for a spot to have a fire make a little fire pit talk about our suppers there's not very many places on this island that one's like fifty fifty square feet oh this yeah I think over here is good man yep yeah perfect actually so this is what we're looking for no yeah you can put your canoe over here for sure yep okay exclude things you look it up yeah gamblin man yeah this is what we're looking for just a bare rock so no no chance of fire and obviously we can't have it that deep woods but here it's actually really it's actually really protected from the wind here yeah so no wind or little wind yeah this is this is perfect this is our hangout spot for tonight for sure this actually cut it or up there [Laughter]


we're just doing dehydrated meals tonight the was really exhausted been going all day just get a smoked out right now holy yeah just tired today was probably the least productive day and the most tiring we you saw those four colleges we did just took a lot out of us but Co everything seems to get better and everything will be better and everything we get tomorrow tomorrow we're going to get back on to long long flakes we're really remote range of like super remote literally a little tiny island that doesn't burn yeah so still haven't seen anybody and imagine we won't but yeah you hydrated food for tonight probably an early bedtime you got to put some models in torch we decided to finally actually do have to put some miles in so that'll be in tomorrow of be a moving day so that we can end up where we want to end up for our takeout point the plane to pick us up

yeah the one thing hurlan said to is that we do have to be in a big way to get picked up yeah Lisa I can't wait d well feel so much better now after eating it's actually stopped raining still uh still dark over there but it's not looking silly where we are right now we've got a nice big fire in front of us drying everything out shoes are steaming a cup of tea on everything's right in the world

my hands are jacked up I got like slices everywhere I'll effectively this is a black fly bite one black fly bite did that to it but yeah just completely infected and cut all up from the fish portaging fishing line some sorts of stuff

soft hands for Jill no more fire keeps getting me

she's a toasty one everything is drying out now it's good I think this is going to happen tonight it all seems like every night's been good everything it's okay you know I mean the days are the first few days were awesome these past two or three days a little bit a little bit challenging and dragging on and kind of stuff but you get to camp everything clears up and yeah it's nice it's good I really hope tomorrow is a calm day I would like all right in mind when I don't even I don't even mind rain but it's been so windy so super windy it's just altered our course completely and then made us fall behind more and more we were saying today we got up and paddled two hours into a strong strong strong headwind

so I didn't go to the gym we were just talking about this you get to go to the gym and you just do two hours of super strong rowing but then after that like that's exhausting in itself and after that do like a Stairmaster with something on your back and keep taking that thing on your butt on your back off your back on your back off your back on your leg off the coal that with extreme wind and rain borderline hypothermic shoot super hungry not enough calories that's a workout you guys won't lose weight go to the Porto's challenge you know Porto's challenge i love it do it again I will do it again looking forward for tomorrow

we got tonight and two more nights so two four more days and then the eighth day we have the cap a day or something like that before you get picked up we have to make it to a big lake so that the plane can get a section same so we do have to have a destination I think if I do this trip again I focus on some really good fishing lakes walleye lake trout and stick around on that area instead of trying to travel distance which it's not necessary really if your main focus is fishing and stuff but I'm definitely coming back here this places this places the nicest place I've ever been for sure it's wild it's actually wild the feel remote now we were saying we didn't know how remote we felt the past couple days but we feel remote that we're up here man we're up far north far far north like what sixteen six hours to Thunder Bay so I'm like that driving north to that six hours north better way

no bugs we're sitting here in the t-shirt no bugs at all 11 minute Raina scuffed everything's good maybe time for a little drinky-poo I'd be banned II what do you think bull we wanted to bring some nifty camped stuff on this trip I got this reflector oven once you've won some model to reflect on all of the vanna vanna from a Canadian Doric event it's called a swan T breeding it's from what font they free them from Switzerland maybe Finland Sweden Sweden Sweden that's why I said Sweden the first time I'll see screams nice our room yeah but it's a reflector oven and you may have seen this before or maybe a dubs video or my previous video with Doug last year we went to French River we're going to bake cake actually mark we're going to make it like a cake so got a choc chip muffin mix it takes a half a cup of water all you do is mix half a cup of water with this with it mixed we're going to put it in my heavy cover kit no POC canteen heavy coat or frying pan put it in there it's got a little grill and it's a reflector up and it bakes it so like 20 minutes in there and external fire we're going to have this awesome chocolate chip muffin cake muffin cakes get some screens to wash it down so screech to wash it down exactly so we're going to lard up the pan first and have enough lard in your life the titanium does tend to stick if you don't really grease it up less it will do and yeah hopefully it turns out all right I'm excited to use this I've never used it one before yeah that's what we're going to do we'll take a look at least matter okay don't do stuff like this normally on trips with wanted to have a very campy experience with more campus since they can shop at it muffin face on the player that's gonna be thin weekend oh no I wonder if put it this damn is it too late

might be too late oh come on over the bed we obtained all right my pay would see white obviously for me Sean poured the lard in and Sean ruined it by melting this toxic sugar fire back home not to criticize what happens exactly head out just cannot tell why it's so easy

oh look at thanks right creamy creamy okay

there's nothing wrong with green launch me okay it will last all right you guys can see that reflection already in this reflector oven this wife's called that as Olga yes because of the little toasty yeah did your little hand here so ha alright so that'll probably be like 20 minutes maybe no idea no I'm telling all the goal oh yeah anybody want to answer that let me know in the comments it'll be twenty support a little screech something maybe no but I can put little two chocolate M&M peanuts I can I can all big time yeah it's pretty smooth even four or always four and will be a waste well I'll sacrifice for

why that's on an angle is very profitably here that's too big Oh lovely lovely you see it rose up quite a bit we're going to distictive oh it's off its off this the Dickens we're gonna stick some M&M peanuts in that piece a lot Doug I hope the viewers have been keeping track of the time gives me sir - yeah how long has it been yours 20 minutes oh look at that one what is all this I got M&M block oh no you knew though that I'm fired and I was like that yeah everything I do good go carefully

no smoking some lines you know what happened the traffic Oh total data read a level I think maybe elevated more what's happening guys help us hears anything oh yeah she's up in the back we're like needing the calories okay we can't wait this one I'm excited for this looks like it we think Shawn home was longer hit point minute I'll ask you getting 40 minutes alright well maybe it might have taken a little bit longer than 20 minutes but she's done so we're gonna give you this bad boy up and have some dessert

we'll get it one of these a delicate operation I can't see it going off he'll take all the mmm peanuts bro I get the blue one oh oh nice so did that consistency okay look yeah let's look so surprised you can go wrong with a water only recipe from a package just expired two years ago from Walmart to begin with those dollars are not dollars to the right I do all my organic check them hmm that's all right mm-hmm I liked it damn son it's a little alcohol like it's fermented like you poured sweet on it no it's possible this is my squeeze cup mmm very cool so we're often once again this is from Canadia door equipment it folds down flat so sponte freedom from Sweden sponte Sweden are you gonna get the extra zone yeah okay this is pretty cool I in all honesty I won't bring this on any trip on every trip but for something like this is really cool it's a little old fancy dessert kind of thing

yeah impress people or if you just want to eat good I hope to do a lake trout in there like a broiler I still have like a quarter of an actual lemon actual lemon not a faithlyn and Sean's got some salt and pepper and stuff so if we hook into a walleye or lake trout on the rest of trip I really want to do it in there my favorite way to cook fish at home is broiling it I usually buy Croton broil it under the under the broiler as it were but yeah so hopefully that happens really what happen it will happen Shawn game set so I know we said we were going to go to bed early it's after 11:00 it seems like every night not till 11:00 or 12:00 we good a bit it's crazy how your mood can change after you get to camp we've got everything set up and everything's good so by the fire all night talked and had it really great night actually think that Breck made a desert so excited for tomorrow I think tomorrow's we call and end up being calm night after right around like nine or tenant turn calm so hoping for a calm day tomorrow lots of mileage and some good scenery I feel very blessed to be on this trip good company in a good place and a very very good trip the only thing that could make this any better some like chart at the end and that's going to happen so you guys have a good night and I'll get back with you in the morning and yeah we'll have some more fun night sweet dreams so you know one I may have had a couple adult beverages six o'clock in line look at my face so swollen my hands are too I rained all night and this morning it's windy and there's blue in this guy that's a good thing so got to go up gotta get up an item up and out then make some breakfast and get on out of here we got to put some models down today for sure here we go oh oh the bones in the joint you're sure I left my chair last night I haven't done that at all lately there this trip look she's all wet got a wet chair I don't want to be wet anymore I don't want a wet butt this is almost the same sky we went today with a little disappointing fucked that we did for a bit calmer day today there's a little bit of light in this guy so not so bad I guess your finger just getting ready to take off she's raining again big time I got to put the big camera away I really didn't want to do that today I've got a lot of GoPro footage yesterday but obviously can't leave it out in the rain so it's going away and as soon as I can take it I will hopefully that's later on today well removed

I'm gonna try little height you love it I love it it's very smoky it's very good all right hike over the fire that's good nice Chuck stop

Blake crow this is a great little break we took we'll be in to warm up relax we're almost at our destination anyway it's like 2 or 3 o'clock so everything's good we'll get to where we wanted to be end up on the liquid want to end up and have a shore lunch what what what cook them Pike up on the rock every camp trip we have I have a song I'm ahead and the first day we were here we were fishing off the dock with Harlan in Red Lake the town and like was it yesterday or the day before so that like five days had passed our childhoods New York started gone but had that Kid Rock and I'm like no wait because that catching walleye off the dock watch invisible you know what he's singing Sweet Home Alabama all summer long that one we can't I can't hold the tune but to me we hadn't heard the song both how to in her heads from just doing

fishing exactly big sets right so now we're cooking a cup on the rock you have to be here oh yeah you had to get all kinds C 2 and what building a kid walk to or Kid Rock Airlines and then come out of a solely a never-ending session is just like rid of like bits and pieces I don't you think the sentences right that's the one phrase huh but then we get the point oh we get the point is well cracker is it okay I got this I've been saving this I've been meaning to put it on film I don't need Tony Chauncey's I mean to put this hunk film and I have I've just been busy every day what I'm eating it I've been starving I've been paddling so thank you very much thank you very much for sending me this Romney's Kendal mint cake if you guys there haven't had any of these you got a charm I believe they're from the UK so it came went up with the first Everest expedition or whatever somebody else sent me them and I have a 10 of them at home and I appreciate thank you very much I just didn't bring them I brought this one because I had one I never tried it before I didn't know hosing like it I'm absolutely in love with this Ken Romney's Kendal mint cake Sean's been begging me for it the whole time I keep telling no I got this one little piece I've been savoring it it's so good guys honestly it's like the ingredients sugar glucose syrup water peppermint flavor you can't go wrong thanks milk the ever handy plus it gets the pleco to your teeth where you just can't reach I think we're done I'm going to pack up here take this fire into the water and head on down to our final destination squat for today start to rain again soon put the camera away subtractive fry well we made it to an actual site I'm camped back in the woods here a bit Sean's over on the edge here the water I show you my I set up my dig so got stuff drying up a little bit there my pants I'm Big Agnes tent I'm so like in my backpack my axe it's all like soft mossy like an area it's actually pretty flat and pretty big so I'm happy with this let's go see what shawne's up to it's after seven five seven thirty and go on since around eight almost a 12-hour day today we haven't seen any other canoeist this whole trip

pretty cool we've heard flow planes and seen float planes that's about it so helicopters to actually today I'm beat man I'm wiped rated surprise got me so you're set up here by the water and your boat smooth granules I'm way in the woods with the Bears and I know this bear path it is a better path for sure I think I peed all over it size five

it's bears are afraid of pee mine yellow would be

a lot of this stuff is really resinous what the pine resin it so close up real quick real hot burns real hot good supper is Uncle Ben's rice with wait for it wait for it one pepperoni cut up into bite-size manageable pieces and the piece lures us off a baby Bell covered in dirt from my hands the diam gourmet guarantee nobody else is eating this tonight in the world in the whole world my concoction is going down well chicks good

today was a is the most exhausted been on this trip like I said almost a 12-hour okay but times we put our work in today for sure to get here it's worth it go fishing after supper save 45 already Italy yeah he 45 it's crazy absolutely crazy winds actually kicking up a little bit but there's this time never see 90 days so we have to still talk to Harlan and see what's up about the weather which is charging the satphone right now I'll put some stay don't want to go yet we haven't done everything we wanted to do we haven't caught electro so you know I'm not even sure if this is lake trout lake wrong it's big enough and deep enough that it could be if not there's a reason to come back part 2 in search of the Lakers return to woodland Kerry Wood this is a real-deal trip man triple like a bucket list trip always wanted to do a fly interest this is as far north in Ontario as I've been we're actually in a different time zone it's crazy I am fly out slay the fish slay the finish the first few days and still have caught a fish every day yesterday was one or two two small pike maybe four was one big walleye today was one pike all the rest of the days didn't count honestly didn't come from because we were just one after the other we got a couple doubleheaders kitchen while I have to dock stay around yeah thanks okay so we're still on for Sunday at 10 right okay perfect all right well I'll call you tomorrow night for an update just to get her in the plans we'll keep each other warm tonight he said keep each other on 200 so weather has changed you looks like we're going to have this maybe some break ups and sunny pick all not sunny periods with breaks in the clouds so that's stands for tomorrow and for Sunday which means Sunday pick up two of my planes going to work good to say we get to stay thanks you say anything about Lake folk yeah lake trout Pike in here let's go fish okay oh you heard them that's awesome we get to stay for our final plans and there's lake trout and hiking this week that we're on right now so we're going it's nighttime it's getting dark but we still got probably a couple hours of residual light and I run it I'm wanting to go fishing one catch a Laker going to make her a Laker by a major Laker by what's up

let's stay somewhat together okay where are you going okay they see me trollin they've never going to old never going to be old Chamillionaire a millionaire cuz he's like a chameleon and a millionaire your Chamillionaire playing word you know you know about chameleon air too old this place a little bit smaller but like the other ones aerobatic feisty the other one actually flew out of the water like it was not just like you lifted another what do you got on a floater like an excellent IC o---- soaks me decent low pikey Becky goes now if he was a lakeshore I think we'd had a midnight snack I got soaked thank you I think that's it for fishing it's been quite dark Jean got a couple Plake on I got that one so all it was a success when I sit by the fire he wants about fire for a while all right it's a better fire for a while before we go to bed Stoke it up bugs are just non-existent she's unbelievable so it's not not a bad call said low Clara named that Shore life is very cool that was really cool yeah again I forgot we did one yeah it's easy to forget when we do things because there's so many things happening all the time tell them to still do it was actually what was cool about it was dirt off and forest fire burn areas for what three or two hours of leaving that and this is our third day in it mm-hmm and then just halfway across that one leg and just twist yeah I happen to have my camera and I was talking I looked and it's like here's a line like literally happily across the lakes burn and then yeah it wasn't like lake too late the same way yeah so they must have water bomb to it Bourjos high winds push it through their dia but they had a thought that was cool nanos were beautiful Lakeville yeah some gorgeous glorious stuff that I had kind of surreal cuddling through with nice landscape like that with the mist you know bring an exceeding really take away printing yeah the best turned to rain quite often and then off but it's good it never really was never really solid rain like yeah it could've been a lot worse

could then rain all day completely hard rain it would and every day it's been missed rain off without the challenge of Lou talk about staying dry and the guy wasn't wearing green pants today I don't know if it matter because when I was I was just as wet just from sled and water dripping down on everything also see some matter of having that that was what was so nice about pulling over and I'm not sure when she's drawing in fully I know personally I get super cold really quick I have like no meat on my bones so I had my long johns like normal clue pants on ones you have then my my rain pants on and I know because yesterday I didn't have my long johns on and I got shivery like a super cold cold yesterday and borderline but today was a lot better so I know that I have to do that and then the long johns get wet and they stay wet but they still keep me warmer but the downside is that I have to drive the long johns and they don't drive easily as the nylon pants yeah these nylon pants were super friend body heat exactly exertion yeah you're sitting down to right here you don't get like I'm up and down octane job positions clean canoe and except from kneeling to sitting there leaning so I'm always moving my legs to ya know it might get really cold because of that I can move the pedals and or I sometimes I cross my legs off but that I haven't used all my arms yeah well like that's what you're doing this yeah yeah it's not bad when I'm the only now I stick my nails into the sides of the boat so that gives me that leverage ya know it's a great day look at the end litters like I can't believe every campsites been like this an o-ring what we're sitting in the planner yeah we haven't had to set up the tarp at all we set up one night didn't sit under it rain and wind all day long and then every single night it's just perfect mm-hmm and relatively bug free almost completely totally free I don't hear oh hear a mosquito right now so the service man this can't even who would have thought the Canadian North boreal forest don't bother with your bug spray I brought him bug I brought a bug jacket I bought benadryl I brought um bug spray I've got four different kinds of bugs pretty standard everywhere throughout my gear and I had met in my floor bag for a Ledge emergency graphic yeah I got what am I talking for the first few days it's a little wobbly then it's like full bug jacket and it's almost brought me I am the original functions well they're just pretty good oh man yeah unbelievable as we went through some crazy Portage's today like super old growth Jackpine with like big thick yellow moss and lichen everywhere we think we saw baby caribou dropping yeah ninety percent sure it's what it was so they'll be really cool to see one very elusive I would imagine though mm-hmm well think there's five hundred apparently in the whole park and their dig going out to stick to the waterways and we have to stick to five hundred people come to the park the whole year exactly yeah man wild place wouldn't care of all right guys had separately turned out to be a really nice minute again tomorrow is going to be a good day tomorrow I'm gonna go over one leg and fish really true have a good night see them on good morning b7 a7 is here about very very wet shoes and it's a chilly one probably the Chili's it's been so far oh yeah there she is so today is our last full day we get picked up tomorrow around noon it's like 6:00 in the morning so I can want to get up and try to fish a little bit maybe moving on let me go sit by the fire it is cold foot let's see I want to get up and eat some breakfast first make my decision good Birds really good morning okay look at the spark [Music]




what the board of the Lakers look at that try to say we was fighting this oh yeah dude that's beauty that's a nice liquor - sir would you catch on that's a puffs yep that's a big fish yeah okay I'm switching to a spoon screw this rap to a stick bait nonsense come back to the old lens humps and I think catch a monster oh man

guys big that decent size for a Laker or how

I'm electro virgin all right Len Thompson on all those bills oh honey oh I'm excited I was just telling Sean how angry I was oh I think it's the same it's a Laker it's a Laker it's a Laker I made her a Laker go on the boat all in the boat I'm so excited right now oh my goodness

I made her a Laker I'm so I'm so happy back-to-back lake trout boy you're okay you're okay

yogi ah I'm not ah yeah I don't care not at all okay we got them you guys are ready for this oh I'm so stoked first this is the first this is by far my favorite fish I've ever caught right here

stop shut up Oh buddy that's awesome yeah I'm still going

thank you oh okay together we're gonna eat this guy for sure or we got to eat charlie mackanolly

and trout each for dinner for lunch okay I need to give me a bunch of pictures oh man look at this guy I'm super stoked right now look at look at him coats here's a bit bigger of course he says but seems far like screwing up is probably a couple over there I'm so happy right now can we have a meal look at that one each yeah I'm uh I'm gonna put on my broiler yeah yeah I'm at least half of it and then half maybe just I don't know eat it raw pretty well this is darker but yeah you might just not listen I'm so so happy so happy we're going to try for a couple more go a teeth on this mug nobody no no no no

trip of a lifetime woodland caribou what can tell them happy exuberant even so biggest fun handle one biggest plate to the trip biggest bike ever caught because while I ever caught can only lake trout every time but this guy man this guy takes the cake legit legit oh snap oh snap yeah always a fighter you're a fighter I am son in the ball in the boat in the boat oh oh I want to say we eatin good today boy ooh oh you're not getting it oh stop it Shawn got one on - oh wait just just a play we would have been really happy with that lovely oh man I can't wait to show Clint he's going to be pumped Clint's the Clint's the trout dude for sure oh man do that some pretty fish real pretty

let me show you again just one more time there's one more time you hold them far out so you look monsters aah these guys are both dispatched already and we are for any DS for sure 100% going to eat all this fish so happy if you guys know me you'll understand so you haven't really been out we haven't really been on a lake trout lake prior to this this is a culmination of the trip getting down to these Lakes or delete rows are and this is the first one we have to still portage into the second one where we we're going to camp for tonight but man this is on the way there and I grab these feel like so stoked right now just unbelievable I'm not very happy very hungry too many people you guys have one for lunch and one for dinner I didn't want to eat rice again I don't eat right together for dinner you know we're running out of food

boy alright last portage of the trip heading into roy lake which is our pick up Lake plane is going to come to get us tomorrow off to find a campsite pick up the throat there give these lake trout Lots Porto's buddy it's perfect nice flat ground the water is right all around me I'm on the peninsula be great great camp spot for our last night here [Applause]

look at those fish cooked [Laughter]


I'm going to be using my reflector oven for this fish we'll switch it up the next fish we cook but right now I've been dying to boil throat the whole trip in my reflector oven want to throw my grill in there just so it doesn't glow if it was nice and flat and I've got some lard and lemon and I think I want to steal some ASEAN's Montreal States place throw that on there a little bit too should be good take a hunk of that throw it right on the fish SADS dripping off already she's cooking up nicely sweep a little Ellen oh oh yeah oh yeah we've been waiting seven days so that finally happened catching catching fishing off the chain play some walleyes lots and lots of them but lake trout something special I cannot wait to eat this for lunch well that's cooking I'm going to cut up this other piece and put it in my breading and I'm going to have little a little deep-fried bite will leave the skin off because it stroke I liked ropes again today's our last day so I don't mind putting it in the breading bag because I will be catching I won't be eating any more fish after tonight just going to make little bite-sized pieces as my lemon holes into the grass she's almost done so just going to squeeze the lemon oat all the lemon feels good in like multiple cuts in my hand that's for sure fill the back off for a couple more minutes she's just not done in the center oh my feet I just came down to the water to wash my hands and you can see a dragonfly here it just came out of its exoskeleton and there's one down here that's even more emerging more new newer I guess would be the word is there you haven't have a wings folio yet and then there's exoskeleton is right behind them pretty cool we've been seeing a little Michele's exoskeleton casings this whole trip but I haven't seen them hatching pretty cool what are you going to a shop stuffing this leg here with some stuffing that I made it home breading and seasoning some dried vegetables and I'm just going to stuff up the cavity deboned it already and I'll put that in the reflector oven doors I did make some tinfoil I could do that as well but since we have the reflector out when I might as well use it at that right and let it roast or maybe half an hour well you'd eat it tasty eight inch balls are done popped up the backbone instead the stroke moment of truth seven days in the making no joke [Music]

oh bloody Cheers [Music]

phone Apple tea oh man it's good oh it's so good oh man just good man really good yeah the best catching they need in grid for sure Joe gasps Joe goofy grin I'm a happy boy I have a son look at that all done that was so good knocking the skin on this one but the next piece I do I'm going to eat the skin very very hasty loving that reflect rub that's not such a shabby spot we got a loon singing out their home behalf music Shawn cooking up his stuff trophy with some tin foil inside the reflector oven I believe I'm going to no not I believe I am going to I'm going to believe in myself I'm going to fry up my next filet and you already saw me read it and everything so I'm going to put lots of our kind of deep fried as much as I can in there super pumped on that we are done look at that greasy as ever the rice is done folks and get ready try it looks good I mentioned I was a happy boy I filled up a filled up I got off my water on the Gulf gotta wait like half an hour till it's ready I have just enough if done jumped on a bus on the phone

pink lemonade powder and put that in there have a grand old feast here ma'am was my favorite day my favorite day of the trip so far this is a very good combination to ourself nature of EJ Trump

hey so now that wrote was really good all done I went down and clean up the rest of the truck we have a bag of meat bigoted wrote meat so we're getting good time the winds come in the rains coming in right now so go my ring you're on I'm going to go back and cut some wood so if you keep the fire going to stay out here regardless along it doesn't start blue illness

so twisted the wood out around here is super tough just um two twists in it green


we had to come up for another petal go to fishing gear with this too obviously so last night here so really nice night calm birds are singing it's very peaceful and Shaun get the fish wah-wah I would like to see my family been gone for a long time but yeah I feel like we really got into the groove really needed to do what we did didn't even need to do these seagulls are laughing at us constantly

ah ha ha ha ha ha ha duty I know maybe dive-bombing like a new though always may use this other bird all sorts of things going on up there

Oh double whammy [Music]

some supper on a psyche to focus on like the new rice and trope last meal contra the raging boil yeah oh this is a mess it is a hot resident fire [Music]

so hard so hard all right we got dinner on the last of the line clicking dinner in a row and rice for me with flatbread Achon just a nice large circular I had almost all this lard left because of festive ways larding it all up most deep fried up some homemade uh first person saw me throw your bill it's our last night here for some women this time it is don't give those yourself not liking it with it I don't really want it but before the shared effort the way the lemon beautiful toys heard slow down the facts how the accident continues 7l just talked you up in seven pounds and tour bus all bad sad to go also happy to go home see our families

family logs and memories look at the film

yeah look at the footage end of the video laid the pictures excited with come a long time good grub bucket list reprimand for sure everything happen that I wanted to happen hooked it all the fish fly ambition good weather great sunset great moon rising horrible weather near-death experience on the waves trees fold over yeah on film John got a tree fall over on film best man we were tucked up with those trees doing the right standing there

never are never does not got just a crazy trust have kept of trust tired ready to go home and capsule vo with at the end of the week coded as an extra knowest how it goes now until ten o'clock now rains coming down pretty hard

you're standing here getting soaked anyway so just clean up before bed there last night going to bed I'm going to make a call to the the airway make sure they're going to pick us up in the morning with this weather with other than that I'm tired too I'm going to bed good night

just in my time now you can see how late it is Oh still it's after 10:00 I have no light on in here at all it's coming like this just got off the Sat phone with the old fitters looks like they will most likely be able to give us tomorrow so that's pretty cool be here around 9:45 in the morning I just switch up times a little bit it's hard to believe that this is the last night it's been probably the best trip a little bit on lots of things happen lots of first for me and just just an epic triple around brand new place super far north awesome spot here so we're going to pick a color tonight and dreamboat kind of a see you guys in the morning

morning guys here we are day finally just laying in bed it's probably five xxx a 540 just thinking about this trip thinking about all the things that happens so many things happen in these eight days so I could better sweet kind of feeling right now thanks used to go home and anxious to eat and get out of here to be able to call ahead and make sure everything's okay but just feeling feeling that one with this place for the peaceful feeling in the moment this whole trip I felt in the moment I haven't really thought about too much else other than what's going on right now normally I'm thinking about what's going on at home yes just immersion immersion after seven full days days eight a great trip I think I want to get up now make some breakfast and just hang around the fire do a little bit of a fire get you picked up at 9:45 I believe so got a couple hours to sit around with a crazy trip little incurable

okay guys that's it we're just waiting for the plane to come get us and she'll be here within the hour had a great trip lots of awesome stuff happened at a great time yep had a great time too see you then

down on one hand and on the other hand sad - especially yeah so if you ever plan on doing the trip like this man just jump into it into it like it's it's a once-in-a-lifetime kind of thing a bucket list kind of trip just thanks to everybody who's involved thanks to Sean thanks to Harlan the Red Lake Outfitters I had a great time so getting excited to get home and get the footage edited hopefully you guys will enjoy the video thank you very much for watching see you in the next one

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