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Natural Insulation Bed/Wool Blanket Overnight


I spent the night out under the stars on an insulation bed made of grasses and reeds..

I used a wool blanket and fire for warmth.

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Video Transcription

all right guys mean the dog wrote here my usual romping grounds not at the only place I go I walked in to vote for kilometers to the end there's coupons out that way so the reason I'm here is because I want to do an overnighter I'm going to do a natural insulation bed and use a wool blanket for warmth as well as a fire the reason I chose this place I can just show you is because of all the grasses here so I can use as a natural insulation but we don't have pines and spruces and whatnot so I've got a bunch of grasses there and if you look go to 360 or sorry 180 from there there's some Phragmites off in the distance not much but it will help to make the insulation bed

that's coming along wrap my space blanket or my murder some blanket over top of it little burrito there what I do need to do is add some more pop insulation up this part because it's higher in the middle of my head to the slope down

that's not honey comfortable so it is pretty lofty good six inches maybe in the middle but it is a too wide in the middle I gotta even it out something well let's see my setup for tonight I've got my Italian wool blanket down my emergency blanket and a bunch of grasses and reeds in there I think most of its King Ansley's some goldenrod now I'm going without his harp tonight the weatherman said that there's zero chance to rain and you know those guys are always right so hopefully they are this time but it's about 7:30 I think yep 7:40 and all I have left to do is clear the spot for fire in front and cut a bunch of firewood so I should be fun this down - is going to make for some good firewood

let's go keeps stealing my firewood leave it not for you leave it leave it Scout oh that's good so that's back where I'm where I'm camped right there my fires me in front got a nice little Hill there and then behind me get this dead ash which I'm using for firewood and if I walk through this little bit of shrub little shrubbery it's actually a farmer field on the other side surprisingly enough that's all that my county is is farm field and over here there's more Phragmites but what I'm really interested in is grabbing some cattail and cattail is pretty uncommon now that the Phragmites is here it's pretty much taking over taking all over everywhere the cattail is then but over here for some reason is still some so come on the farmer is going to shoot you so there's some tactile you can bet I'm going to harvest some of that for my Clara later on it's really nice out and supposed to get down to about 15 degrees Celsius 15 or 12 okay remember Celsius I don't know what that isn't that crazy American temperature though I like 80 degrees or something and it's perfect it's not wet or anything grab a few of these bad boys and get my car going real good here at the pond I got my little hobo fishing kit see if I can catch myself some dinner

well fishing was a failure and might have been because I didn't use a real worm no stay up here where you going but I'm sorry it just goes to show you this is the same spot I came the other day and I caught a fish in about ten minutes and my hobo fishing kit Scott no no no up up stay up here trying to go in that mucky water no stay up here crazy dog site selection is a big thing I picked this spot because there's a lot of grass and Reed's around so I can use for my insulation bed but the downside is that there's no real firewood around there is some there was that Ash I was looking out over there and I've really collected as much firewood as I can get that's all dead season - there and it's a nice pile but barely any of the sticks are big thick rounds so this is probably the thickest one there and it's only about three inches if I'm lucky across so like I said really tonight it's not going to get down too cold but if it did I might need to be in a different place and it's give and take right yeah I I don't have I don't have the the reeds and the cattails and all that stuff in the woods but then I have the wood so really it's it's kind of difficult I guess you could always make a raised bed just out of logs that would work - not not very comfortable I imagine though well it's just past 9:00 now as you can see we're losing light and sir up the fire and keep it small for a while trying to conserve my fuel so I got it about a step away good step away from my bedroll there and we're Dalby the dry debris out of the way there's still a little bit green vegetation what are you going to do that's not at the biggest deal in the world

I got these there's cattails so I've got three of them cuz they are a flash tinder I try and use just the cat tail I'm laid out a little bit shavings after but see how those uh yeah

keeps going out all right

yeah cattail is not the greatest I guess I kind of knew that I'm surprised well I got planned for the rest of the night he's just relax I brought a book day-by-day Armageddon beyond exile it's the second part of the two part series it's a good book so I'm going to read about zombies well I'm sticking alone in the woods sounds like a good idea got some rice on there I was hoping to have some fish with it but the dog wasn't really cooperating and I couldn't catch a fish on a fake lure so rice it is I got some oatmeal and whatnot to tide me over if I get real hungry too but I had a nice supper before I came out so some big deal mmm rice it was actually pretty good brought some seasoning and and some olive oil and really helped a lot nice fire it's good night it's my birthday tomorrow and I really just wanted to spend a night out with me and the dog so tomorrow I'll do birthday things with the family and whatnot but tonight is for me well it's for Mourning I'm gonna start packing up pretty soon and get out of here

stayed warm didn't stay comfortable I miss my bed hey thanks for watching guys hope you enjoyed it

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