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High Speed Low Drag Endurance Overnighter Solo Long Distance Trip!


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Feeling the need to test myself, and build endurance for this seasons camping trips. I drive north to Algonquin Park.

I travel for 27km by foot and paddle, find a great backcountry campsite, and post up for the night, but not before landing a beauty brook trout, I cook him up over the fire, and stuff my face :)

Before the trip starts, I go over my gear in the hotel room the night before my trip.

I hope you enjoy.

Bug Shelter https://www.bensbackwoods.com/equinox-mantis-sleep-screen-bug-net/

Rynoskin www.rynoskin.com

Instagram https://instagram.com/joerobinetbushcraft/

Twitter https://twitter.com/Robinet_Joe

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Video Transcription

hey guys how you doing good to see you again this is my first video after the 10 day alone series this is this video took place about 8 days after I returned home from that 10-day solo trip I just had the itch to go out and bust my butt hard doing a bunch of poor taja a bunch of Palin I went by myself and did a long-distance endurance kind of overnight thing so yeah it was really cool I'm sure you guys will enjoy the video greatly I had a really really good time there this is a very good surprise at the end of the video so and I was lucky enough to get a sponsor for this video so we're gonna say a big thank you to sponsor war robots for sponsoring this video

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these sponsorships really helped me get out and do these awesome trips so thanks guys for watching here's the video hello folks how you doing my name is Joe did you know I'm up in a hotel in Huntsville muncipal is about six to seven hours north of where I live it's a very close proximity to Algonquin Park episode two of my 10 day series just came out today I left right after I published it about 11:00 in the morning it's 8 o'clock at night now Suns going down on the side I'm getting ready for my next adventure I was home for 8 days and I left again to come and do this this is Pete black by season

excuse me for supper and a few beers on a Dairy Queen ice cream treat myself you know over a days and out again it's gonna get out my last trip was a stay put you know build a shelter all that stuff I've been craving like that beat my butt into the ground portage move move move move move trip tour morning wake up 5:00 in the morning we want to drive to the park get ready for 7:00 get my park permit plant my rope with the person there because I still haven't planned it out at all I want to do about 30 kilometers get into a brook trout lake trout lake I know I did this brook trout / lake trout lake and you know just paddle all day get into that lake at night fish that night if I don't have anything fish them and paddle out the next day in a loop small loop or linear would have my mind on is going canoe Lake getting up to Sunbeam lake this brook and lake trout in there and there's a way back that's about it's a little less than I wanted to do about 25 kilometers in the one day but my pack weighs 15 pounds it's not weigh much at all like I said it is peak black by season I want to show you all the gear I have for this trip it's not much

very very minimalistic for my shelter and I want to just give you a rundown on what I'm doing what is that noise what's that noise this is my fall rate even free loose fifty five backpack it's a 55 liter backpack I like to use it when I can

let's just go through it in the order that I grab things oh I got baby wipes in the top I've got a GoPro tripod pliers which I'm not going to bring for fish so I bought something else at met today and a spot I got a spot beacon finally personally so that's good might not hopefully will never need it but it's good to have that's like a panic got a panic button I like come get me SOS kind of thing on it it's got a I'm ok button all that fun stuff getting into the meat of the pack it's supposed to rain not tomorrow the day I go in is there's a 20% chance of tomorrow being rain but the day I paddle oh it's supposed to rain all day so I wanted to get my stuff as waterproof as possible while still using this type of backpack not a waterproof backpack I'm going to use my aqua quest bags that I got a lot for my last trip to make sure that all my stuff seized stays dry so I figure what's in everything after but this is my 5 liter off request bag with just a little bit of spare clothes in it most of it is that rhino skin bug protection stuff because I Gavin blacklist

so right after that the only thing that's not in a dry bag I think that and my new adventure sworn Scout model will go all through that later on this is a full true convex big wall knife I in all reality I could have brought this or I could have brought this is the transfers Brooks outdoor axe and you guys have seen me use both of these things before this weighs a half half the amount this does I guarantee I'm gonna see them little work with it this thing look at this thing this is a collaboration between adventure sworn and myself the Scout model like I said we'll go into detail with that but that is a bad bad knife full convex boys and girls and the way I like it at all anyways I only brought this to show the comparison I'm not bringing this on the trip I'm not bringing a saw on the trip I'm only bringing this knife and I will do all of my firewood do these my camp chores all the stuff that I would need a blade for so other than that believe everything is in my dry bag inside my backpack

let me except a sip pad this is a phantom XS hip pad and that's it my math is on the outside and outside pocket my fishing tackle is in an outside pocket this is all my gear right here this is food this is everything this weighs whoa a little bit less than $15 because everything with it together was weighing 15 so this is a 30 liter dry bag from aqua quest again but I want to show you my sleep system I'm gonna show you exactly what it is right now I don't want to show you how big it is

so my sleep system all together is my shelter all together is this pegs included okay that's pretty small right that but then if you add my sleeping pad and my sleeping bag this is my whole shelter warmth sleep at night system right here you can almost put that in your cargo pocket with the exception of the sleeping bag and I don't need that that one was soon bag is just a smallest one I have there's like a negative 2 it isn't able to phantom spark from remote hardware it's gonna get to 17 degrees tomorrow night Celsius that's pretty warm it's gonna feel like 35 tomorrow Celsius again very warm very very warm but that's my successor so I'll be interested to show you guys where I'm excited to show you guys exactly what it is hope you're interested in that that is very small very minimalistic that's everything it's everything for sleeping this is my food I've got one dehydrated spaghetti meal I've got jerky I've got lunch meat I've got wraps I've got Gorp I've got seven or eight granola bars that's probably it but yeah not much I've got my bush buddy in my titanium pot finally back in the season for that so that's what I'll be using us a twig stove and a titanium cooking pot again I have fishing stuff so if I can grab a brook trout or electro beef before before it gets too dark at night then I'll leave that for supper I've been planning on going hard until they time I do it was a pillow forgot to add this to my sitting fit but I don't need this I can take this away but I'm bringing out under Sun packs down to very very very small this is a boat repair kit it's got Davey Wilson gloves and some duct tape in it mr. Kyle made that how many years ago I've never had to use it and I'm very happy about that what it's always a good thing to bring it I've got my pack boat outside on top of my car I'll finally be able to use that last trip I was able to use in my own boat but we use it not this time my possibles pouch with flashlight bug spray sunscreen compass things like that in their medical kit these are both Fox late coaches can you check those guys out on Instagram it's my medical kit piece of paracord to hang my food up I don't have my or sack I'm just hanging in this got a hat Outdoor Research lightweight hat that I like to use when I'm camping

anyway new to me a GPS system pay big bucks for this one it has all the backcountry routes and everything on it so if I ever get turned around from the back country without just my map and a compass I can use this this is gonna open up a lot of opportunity for Crown land camping and Carla and canoe routes and things like that for me I'll be a lot more confident with something like this again not to rely on this but half this is a backup and yeah I just feel more confident with this and my sports system are the two new things for me this is a garmin montana it's a it's a big big boy we're bringing all that some mounts for my GoPros or may look like GoPros my water filter this is a be free katadyn be free and talking to be free this is why my backpack weighs 15 pounds I don't have to carry water weight I just use this on the go super handy for this strap I'm not bring my DSLR I'm just bringing two different GoPros I'm bringing my GoPro 5 and my session so it'll be a little bit different it's gonna be the norm or anything but this is supposed to be like a high-speed low-drag

like endurance kind of overnight or so that's what it'll be my GoPros in there with extra battery bang for your steel box there's all my clothes so I'm going to be wearing this loose-fitting lightweight button-up all light colors because the black flies are super attracted to black black colors I've got similar pants

we've got deodorant for when I come out so it'll offend people too much and the gas-station got a belt got my IBS pills oh I gotta buff to put it on my neck the dip in the water on my neck stop that Mac on the way here so that'll keep you cool and keep the Sun off my neck and the bugs last but not least I bought a leather man squirt ps4 so it's really tiny

it's got pliers on it and a little knife and stuff like that I can keep that inside of my lifejacket the PFD at all times

remove hooks with it I'm sure we come in handy just to use around I think that said I got a pair sunglasses a little just odds and ends but I think that's the majority of it alright well no I gotta clean up I'm gonna pack my bag get all organized but tomorrow she'll be fun like I said I'm just gonna bust through the hole

they paddle portage pick a road in the morning get to camp hopefully around five six and set up what little I have to set up wait till you see what I have but yeah set up and go fish hopefully grab myself a Laker and breathe really happy with the lake trout even a brook truck I've got spoons I've got floating wraps have got diving wraps have got leaders I've got that's about it to be honest with you so depending on where you go I have no idea if that's the fun part I have a map of funk when the west part of it Park is huge I called and I was like should I even like book a site right now or what they're like nobody's in the park right now so this is midweek this is almost June and peak black flies so I'm gonna have a lot of the park to myself I want to pick wherever I want to go as soon as I get there it's gonna be an adventure I still don't know what's going on and that's that's part of it for me like that country Oh hermit aramet canoe Lake this is a very touristy spot a very touristy part of the highway 60 corridor Algonquin but there's nobody here I was just talking on a girl in there literally no one here so I'm gonna go figure it out when I get to Potters Lake tonight that's 27 kilometres 7:30 so I gotta move on got some big port are just a couple kilometer port Odgers in the middle of there but look at this guy that'd be a great day I'm excited to push myself excited to get to camp try my luck at some fishies


their civilization I need to get out of here

good give you a long paddle one day four times a day all right one more quick thing until I turn off the camera for a little bit it's 7:55 now I can still see everything right behind me I haven't started I haven't got off the lake or anything like that so we're calling this trip we're starting at 8 o'clock in the morning even though we started about 10 minutes before that we'll say 8:00 in the morning we'll see how long it takes me to make the 27 kilometers today now if I see some spots that I think are decent for fishing I'm gonna stop Patrol mess around a bit stop for lunch all that stuff but this is a high-speed low-drag endurance overnight so we're gonna just see we're gonna keep trying the canoes 26 pounds start at 8:00 in the morning go for 27 kilometers it's going to be 35 degrees Celsius today or at least feel that way with with a 20% chance of rain then tomorrow full-blown rain but only 17 kilometers else are 15 kilometers to get out so not so bad hopefully tomorrow morning I'll be able to get up do some fishing as well it's pretty funny I'm paddling up to one of the most popular port Hodges in the park I've done this portage number of times and every time I come it's been in the summer and it's been packed like I'm talking a three lane highway 401 Golf Club

there's nobody here there's literally no one this is May 30th so just goes to show you you do not have to get to the far reaches of Algonquin Park to be alone

you just have to come on crappy times and this isn't even a crappy time it's gonna be buggy oh it's gonna be buggy but it's a beauty day you know I'm gonna paddle all day long I'm not gonna have to worry about the bugs until I get to camp and even then it's just one night and you can bring a bug shelter you can do all sorts of things to mitigate the amount of bug bites okay here's the juncture here's the juncture which way do I go Joe Lake or Potter Creek you know I got to go to Joe Lake last L was on Joe Lake there's Joe Lake Little Joe Lake and lost Joe Lake and Mike and I got lost on lost Joe so I want to go up into lost I'm gonna go up into Joe through a low Joss Joss low Little Joe first day and then come back through Potter's be a loon just went down right there yeah come back through Potter's Creek tomorrow it's hot it's getting very hot already I'm gonna have to I'm gonna be up my first port how soon and put my sunscreen on them bugs haven't been too bad on the water but oh yeah nice and easy poritosh to begin with there's a flat gravel road basically drive a car down it you know what I gotta go back and get my other GoPro I love doing that it's not extra work at all see what I do for video which I I'm getting better at when I was younger I didn't care you know what I mean you don't care at all what I've had a few bad real bad burns and probably just getting along getting a little bit wiser stop put this on every couple hours this son shirt or this bug shirt will help me big-time goes up on my neck and I have that buff to protect my neck too so it's mainly just my face just looking at the map I am enjoy Lake but I'm not going to a little Joey lost Joe going right through Joe to TP Lake it's a little girl lost Toby huffed am i right chief he's dead straight ahead this is a nice Lake shippi you know it's aptly named nice and small rugged good looks some dankey birds hanging on the shore dependable like the pike you like pike not that great but always there [Music]




I know I'm hydrating well does that the piece super bet this is the third time so I see a nice green grassy campsite right in front of me about a couple hundred meters in front of me or yards I'm gonna go over there stop for a minute I have a pee get out a little snacky poo I'm starting to bunk starting to burn out a touch I've been going pretty quick so I'll take you up here on this campsite with me chill out for a minute before we get back in the boat continue on it's best to get my water away from the shore away from the campsite deeper water the better so these are might be free Katmai Canada and be free super easy fill up then the lid has the filter in it and that's ready to drink but we're bringing onto the land with me so I'm gonna have a little snack and food and water at the same time peace so that happened up Wed up to my knees almost only on one foot won't fit my good new entry and exit wasn't as good as I thought

well this isn't a bad campsite people were nice enough to leave some actual decent wood there there's a flat very very flat spot over here to put a tent and kind of get away from the Sun because the Sun is coming from that away look at this bathrooms back there you seem bad this is on the Ox little ox tongue River less than two hours to get here only one portage fire pits real nice to lots of seats big old grassy knoll to play catch or badminton or anything frisbee I like this I like this whole cloud action

so one thing that this place probably doesn't have is a lot of firewood just because I assume it's been used a lot but who knows there's a big old forest behind me can't have gotten all of the firewood over there a little bench or a little chair here made of an old stump this is not a bad spot guys not at all not from being honest bugs aren't bad either what is up with that now there is a campsite right across I can see the orange marker telling me there is one so if you're trying to get solitude or secluded maybe this isn't the best campsite but who knows maybe nobody will be here like right now yellow spots he'll butterfly right here


so anyways how the same there's yellow swallowtail butterfly

I just looked at the map and I know exactly where I am and I'm glad I changed my I wrote because I would be already almost where I need to be for the night if I didn't change it so what I did

let's check out on the map show you exactly where I've been where I'm going where I'm gonna camp where I am right now and what my other route might have been just come a time I need this Turkey this is nothing compared to buddy next jerky that he sent me for my other trip got spoiled you know spoiled on the jerky this is highway 60 the highway that runs through the southern West Valley it's just the southern part of the park took that up got to the new lake got my permanent you lake I paddled through canoe port ionised here through Joe truTV now I'm on this site on the ox tongue River right here I'm a little lost on River there are snow fleas or triggers or ticks no fleas they're jumping there's snow fleas everywhere anyways I'm on this site on a little ox tongue River my original route would have taken me up little ox tongue into little doe up into Tom Thompson through these small three little Portage's into Sunbeam and that would be my night for the night that's trout brook trout lake trouble instead I'm going still from the Hoxton river a little ox tongue opened a little dough into Tom Thompson and then I either have a 14 75 meter portage going this way and then up into Brule sorry Potter's I came to have Potter's right I was originally gonna camp at bull so I either have from Tom Thompson this portage right into Potter's and stay there

I can go up hit this to hunt 2392 portage into ink into McIntosh then poritosh 655 one 1175 to getting into Brule and that's my destination for tonight going this way up and around that's 27 clicks I did not figure this part of if I just went left and then up into Potter's it might be much easier actually if I do that but the whole point is I want to spend time out here I want to take my time and put in some distance and stuff so we'll see how I'm feeling once I get there I do have two options both leaving to the same spot and I'm looking at Potter's there's only two campsites on Potter's lake and it's not really that easy to get to I guess if you do want the Tom Thompson portage over it's not too bad but there was nobody camped on Potter's when I checked there is looks like brook trout lake trout and bass huggers so yeah that's the plan we'll see how she goes but yeah we'll make the decision once we get to that portal surrounded by trees I'm in the shade waterways pretty tight pretty narrow starting to look pretty wild along the shore which is really nice this is a really nice paddle this is my favorite part of the trip so far I know it's just starting but very cool I'm not my first Beaver Dam crossing up it over this and into we're getting into the lake here proper Tom Thompson I need to decide what I want to do I don't want to get out onto the lake and paddle the wrong way or anything because the two different directions I can go our different ways so I'm gonna pilots the first campsite icy-pop Oh make a lunch and yeah decide decide what I'm gonna do I ain't get a bit tired but again I just need some food I think and I can keep going it's only eleven o'clock I don't want to cut this day short I think I want to be doing the long road but I want to get my bearings set up on an island for a minute or on a campsite for a minute and figure it all out screw it I'm here in a paddle I'm here at Porto's there's no wimping out there's no taking the easy road it's too early to fresh I drove so far to get here there's no way I'm went to note on this one so I'm not even gonna stop at a campsite on Tom Thompson here I'm just gonna go right to the poor cars or at least to a campsite next to the port hush whip up my lunch the wolf's fur down and get on that over - along with reportage that leaves me into a bunch of small lakes that leads me into a bunch of more poor Tasha's that loops me back around to island or to the camp - Lake rather that I could have just cut across and it will feel better tonight it will feel good tonight once I've done all that it's a type - fun it's not an instant gratification type fun it's more of a type - I'm got a poop eating grin on myself right now it's how it is i I welcome and welcome to work get off of my boob mister ant Oh eat you up okay for lunch we've got a flatbread with some cool free Genoa salami and I stopped and grabbed mustard packets on the way up bawling following with that musty no one want to leave cuz I got that's a mustard who gets that reference calling out to many people probably not too many people okay

BAM mustard

don't worry I'm gonna clean all this up not leaving it here no cheese and trying to do the lactose free kind of thing I still have a little bit of chocolate at my Gorp and stuff but sans cheese this time my big portage into the next Lake and just right behind me I actually forget what lakelyn even portaging into Port Hodge loaded two ink late two thousand three hundred ninety meters sign 2320 I passed through a small little lake called dry lake why doesn't any water in anymore into ink Lake want something to ink Lake there is a creek that runs into Macintosh and from Mackintosh I turn left into Berkeley and straight shore and rosswood into Brule down into potters this is a perfect day there's a breeze so there's absolutely no bugs at all like when I called there like nobody's in the park it's black by season so I came prepared it's like the third trip and prepared for black flies at non-cognitive hallelujah all right this is a really decent sight nice and open pretty good access to water yeah flat grassy good spot to have a lunch too the wind is kicking up considerably going in my favor Stowe which is great I'm gonna get back in the boat make my short way to that portage literally two minutes away


off the rocks off the rocks pot can't paddle off spot I think my next trip has to be with people all right just started a big long one bunch people here hey good how are you guys

I don't care about getting muddy I do care about losing my shoe like my fall trip with Doug talking to this thing talking to you guys and people are coming down the poritosh trail like what's this dude dude either

hey boys how you doing that's it says he got about 20 more minutes on a good day on a good day it's always funny what people say to each other on the porch huh

half the people want to encourage the other people after people wanna nut discourage them but give them like a oh it's another three three hours uphill the whole way I take both with a grain of salt you know just what other people are doing is the same as what I'm doing I can take longer I can go quicker I can take breaks oh you keep talking to my camera huffing a puffin I see more canoes headed down the trail towards me right now just what I was talking about that group of people said oh you got a long trek buddy the guy right before that was saying 20 minutes 20 minutes seen a long truck for me I'm sure that's handy it's quite long and it covers oh there's a little stream it goes by but it covers a lot of marsh which is super helpful you don't see this in more remote parts of the park or remote more remote parks you'd be wading through this or trying to get your feet unstuck as you try to wade through this probably about a quarter of the way down the trail so far haven't stopped but I really got a piece so I imagine I'm going to oh great complete uphill that's what I wanted oh that makes a big difference going up like that big difference okay good the thing about having that be free water system is I can fill it up and bring it in the pop pocket in my backpack but normally I empty it before I get to a port tires by drinking it that way I don't have any water weight to carry

but maybe I'll nice two and a half kilometer pour Tosh I should have brought some water maybe dry lake will have some in the middle [Music]

it's been over half an hour since that guy told me 20 minutes and I had already started on my poor Tosh for about five or ten minutes before that say five before that I'm getting tired I did put everything down once so I could pee oh this is sketchy walking on log walking all by mosquitos okay anyways I did put everything down once I could go pee so that was quite some time ago still single carryin keep seeing tiny tiny baby frog toads little spring toads not spring peepers they don't have the X on their back and they're not elusive like the spring peeper seen a bunch of those experiencing a bunch of ups and downs I haven't seen any more people after that last group they were all the same group had just broken up I felt last few set of people I heard their victory yell when they got to the end where I started but again that was 15 minutes ago or so so I'm really hoping the end is nigh the end is near so I'm ready to take a drink of water and sit down at my boat again it's getting quite warm in this shirt even though it's white and light and Breezie is feeling very constricting and sweaty sweaty right now my shoelace has come untied I just need the end to be here I just need the end where's that blue show me the blue my boy blue I'm not second-guessing my choice to come the long way and do them many more kilometers of portaging to get to the same spot I'm not regretting my choice to do that I'm happy that I'm doing oh here's a big hill oh I think that I think the lakes right on the other side oh I see sky anyways there's a bagel

sandy incline sandy sandy oh yeah that's the lake for sure body oh there's my blue there's my baby oh i wonder if isn't anybody here listening to me talk oh this is legit okay so it's just under 2.5 kilometres I'll put the conversion on the screen I'm sure oh yeah oh yeah this Lake looks so very inviting Oh stairs stairs

I am that here on the land cuz I gotta sit for a second it's all sandy here so I just want to be careful I don't want to put a bunch of sand in my water filter

I think this is I think Mike and myself have been here I think we've seen a few German people kids they're on a camp from one was here and they were using like these old cedar wax cedar box canvass news with like Oak food boxes and just super hardcore like heavy stuff

I believe this is a spot Mike and I are sitting there and the kid came down all thirsty had no water left the Mike gave him his water I think going to Inc Lake so it's 12 38 I did that in 40 minutes 45 minutes I'm really starting to understand what I like in a trip and I like different things for different reasons but I'm having a really good time on this one only a few hours in really started at about what eight almost five hours okay and when I sit here collect myself and start paddling two thousand three hundred and twenty meters Inc Lake from Tom Thompson well Byam those boots what's up with those boots

they say that already mr. canoe head all right this is what I'm talking about this is coming out of Bank Lake going towards McIntosh I believe and look at this just like nice bog sprue see this is looking like a more real even I love it old Tamarack on the side it made an executive decision been making good time and this place looked real fishy so I threw him I Williams wobbler cast it a couple times got a bite watch a fish follow it to the boat looks like a small trout small brook ii would have very well been a fall fish or a chub whatever but i won't put on this little MEPs egg we have number three I believe probably my favorite lure ever other than they all went Hopson let's see if I can you luck with it seems as though the Williams was too big that fish hopes and I'm not even in a hole or like a pocket or a bend or anything so let's hope this works I might switch it up for my floating rap there's a little guy chasing a little bluegill chasing I think okay I don't think these are true man these mosquitoes are nuts bug spray for sure see the blue of the lake always a good sign it's a nice-looking like


baby tones this is last year's baby toe [Music]

so that winds kicking up pretty good I had to go that way if you look on here you can see I've come through McIntosh done the 655 there and I'm at the end of this red portage here and I have this this is called straight shore lake just boom straight shot across that's the one thousand one hundred one thousand 15 meter portage and just a little paddle another little one and a Brule this is the lake I also considered sleeping on or it can't be on but I'm gonna do the push down the next so 725 beat of portage in to potters and Potter's has one two campsites tops this one might not even consider be considered in Potter's but I think it is so I'm not far you know what I mean I'm I'm here no I'm here and I gotta go here and today I've already gone - there so what's another little are these mosquitoes being able to bite through the Rhino skin I feel that one I definitely feel that one through I'm gonna I have two options for a campsite obviously at Potter's and I'm going to pick the one with the windiest point to get rid of the bugs all right losing energy guys it's getting to be that time of the day so we get on the water drink a bunch of water and get to my next house very happy about this first cost I can't eat it though little bass I got to the end here of my 700 meter walk on a old road and threw it in at these little Rapids got a decent bass can't keep them throwing them back gonna try for some more trout gonna try for a trope as soon as he had I thought 100% it was a trout but no ago there are brook cho and lake trout in this lake supposed to be supposed to be brook shortly children sleep honey hard to talk come on I almost got it don't make me go get my pliers there we go there you go area go there he goes he's alright

they box

little baby bass dark both on we're pretty dark throw him back that equal ether bite my finger and then when they said he'd freakin balance truth okay we threw out a couple finish nothing good for eatin because it's not legal I didn't get skunked and we have all night it's only 437 got a paddle around look at both those campsites see which one's better and yeah we can fish this lake has brook trout lake throw at bats almost done for the day coming into Potter's lake welcome back Potter there we go I should I am going to go find campsite there's one up on this point according to my map right in front of me and then there's one down a little bit super nice campsite or the nicest up to been a good day man it's been a very good day I'm anxious to eat my supper

I'd be happy to eat a little tro d with it but that might happen out who knows right the first camp set on the lake let's go on up and take a look see if it's suitable

it's different oh wow wood I don't know that it's ready to be burned maybe maybe it's dead look at that that's not that there's a whole lot of trails which isn't too normal I'm guessing this one goes to the bathroom a little privy this is different it's not bad fire pit fire wood grill kindling a decent flat spot actually I'm pretty good pretty good view over here too I believe yeah I don't hate that I don't hate that at all shouldn't that be alright for swimming too I am gonna go down and check out the other site just because there's only two and I can see it from here it's not too far if it's better I'll stay there if it's not as good I'll come back here guys something I was big it's big and I got something in the middle [Music]

it's a beauty oh oh what a good end to the day boy am I happy I decided to paddle over to the second spot that's when I caught the trout check the size of her oh that ain't too bad as a pretty nice speck that's a decent brooked rope decent speck look at the colors on that thing man where'd my hands for size comparison that's gonna be a good meal super-happy I paddled over here to this second campsite that's when I got the brook trout in the middle of the lake on the way over so very cool got with that little Clio I'm gonna check this campsite out and see if this one's better than the other one but regardless I got row for dinner okay I didn't bother showing you guys the site it's not half as good as that one there's no firewood and no flat spots either so nothing really going for it what I did do

clean my trout got them gutted and I am going to throw them over top of a fire tonight

probably not gonna be able to eat for a couple hours because they need to host it to grow or at least good flames get some firewood and all that stuff so I have a lot just a lot of stuff to do it's 5:40 I gotta get back over to that campsite and start setting up and I'll make my fire first so that it can cook while I'm setting up fire pits tell me this isn't the most beautiful fish you've ever seen honestly that's probably one of the bigger rookies that I've caught definitely not the biggest but far from the smallest it's a decent-sized brook trout pletely cleaned out I'll roast them over the fire should go pretty good take two of course the wind wind kicks up there we go got my trout all splayed open and I'll throw it over top of the fire cook it like I mentioned it's gonna take them in a while that's alright we're gonna get something to prop this up with that's a bit close I'm gonna have to mess around with it but yeah starter off good

oh you smoked that trout like I said in the hotel I didn't have a saw or an axe I brought my baby this big old knife this is the Scout model for adventure storm this is a brand new model that him and I have worked on together this is a whole convex night pull convex no crappy like flat and then compacts at the end this is full convex shaving sharp look at the can't on the handle do that to be a sick knife available I don't know when somewhat soon

my stomach is growling crazy bro hey like more on this knife leader to be all sorts of details put some shots at the DSLR but so far I'm loving this thing it's a big will handle big ol blade very useful big little sheath that winds kicking up but I don't care I got my throat it's getting there - this is the meat of my backpack right here was basically everything so they actually show you my shelter now this is the first part of my kit this is a half bug net from Ben's backwoods stakes piece of cordage my rain gear slash shelter sill nylon poncho from my trail that's my shelter system it's gonna be lightweight something hanging from the truth it's my shelter system it's gonna be lightweight and compact easy to set up but maybe not the most comfortable strap backpack strap hanging from a tree well I'll take that out of here I've already strung my line across and I am setting this up in a lean-to configuration I've got pre-tied toggles on prusik s' makin things easy now fish is almost done I can smell it over here oh she smells good too just smells got Bart okay that's about perfect height I'll pull that back get under their color good let's go check on the food I think I need to go eat before I finish this to cook the back of it I end up putting on it on a grill I'm one of the girls that were laying here actually got pretty good use of it even though I was making fun of it all bloody check this yeah yeah I'd say she's done it's no pike there's no pike but it'll do oh that's trow D that's super Trouty I'm gonna get some water sit here and devour this bad boy a couple people were like why aren't you eating the whole Pike on my last trip we need to eat the skin that's where all the fat have you eaten pike

have you eaten pike the people who are saying this Pike has mucus not just slime but the straight mucus and it's skin I'm not eating Pike skin it has scales - even if I scaled it yeah anyways I'm eatin this guy I mean this whole thing I bet on that friggin trout these no pike he said no pike yeah boy get that flesh Oh

I taste so Trudy I love Algonquin Park I really do it's not the most remote place but you can feel remote it's got a good mixture of trees world-class brook trout fishing that's mainly on the rivers but I caught three fish today that's ok two bass and this guy pretty pleased with that Algonquin is more like home than woodland caribou or Crown land or wherever it's more like home there's a good amount of meat on that fish man like a really good ammonia Donna I picked it clean I ate most of it all Felix the Cat action I ate most of it like literally most of it and look at what's left so all those pieces were from the back that weren't actually really cooked for very long they are they're almost done so I threw some more wood on I picked them off there I'm just gonna throw it all back on for like a minute just to singe it cook it a bit more warming back up and when I finish eating that then I'll go work on my shelter some more all right this is my bug protection elbow right here knock on ground bugs aren't even bad one of the portals was black flies and mosquitoes to no end most of the day just mosquitoes okay watch how we do this so I'm just gonna loop it through itself so it's nice and easy take this and put it around the ridgeline I'm gonna bunch this netting up and just slide it through itself I don't know if that's the way you're supposed to do it but I set it up in my backyard once so I'm a pro all right got that set up now I need two pegs and a peg out four corners on here

well just like I said that just as I said that mosquitoes roll up I take it back I didn't say anything about the bugs nothing at all okay you can see the gist of this right see where it's going all right lay in here my face and the top of my body small little death trap yeah like this then I have my sleeping bag hanging out I cinch this as tight as I can around my sleeping bag and I sleep like this just bug net around my face a sleeping bag to protect the rest of my body the horrible thing is it's not even remotely cold enough to use my sleeping bag it's so hot right now so we'll see how that goes but I do need to cinch this down and keep it pretty tight so the mosquitoes don't all congregate in there but it's lightweight ah ish oh my shelter looks pretty sweet in the Sun I'll stay dry we'll see this isn't meant to be comfortable you know I mean this isn't meant to be like I'm setting up a permanent camp or I'm staying here for more than one night or I'm only laying down what I need to go to bed type thing I'll let you know guys know how it works out I'm sure it'll be fine I got to keep eating that I'm gonna keep eating that TRO and get some firewood get all this settled squared away and tonight it's always seven o'clock but tonight I'm gonna go out fishing again I'm not gonna keep anything just for fun I want to see if I go to Lake trope what trillium trillium I was telling you guys about them earlier how pretty they are very pretty flower it has a little purple on it normally they're white sometimes they're pink or purple I believe it has to do with the year that they are there one year or the one after two years there are another I got a big little smoldery log sitting on the fire here keep the smoke going keep the ashes going on embers going there's a good Sun set up behind me still about half an hour before it down past the trees but I'm gonna go to on the water experience the nighttime on the water probably do it there until 10:00 it's eat now just after 8:00 five after 8:00 I'll stay out there as long as I can or as long as I want to that's what I'll do stay out there as long as my spaghetti or whatever there there was so much meat on that truck so much more than on the pike very very good tasting very good flesh you know there was a lot of fat in and I feel energized I think I might be becoming a little bit better of a canoe trip er then I've been previous years have a lot more confidence doing solo trips now fish really really enjoying the solo stuff like I film better when I'm by myself I know that it's been I think I don't want to say I have a better experience when I would put it by myself because I've had really fun sounding good to tasted a probe do you guys hear that I think it's a wood thrush or a green herring or Woodcock it's a bird anyway hurting up in Killarney for the first time talk to Sean about it he knew exactly what I was talking about told me the bird but I can't remember what it is Green Heron maybe maybe

check this out is kind of cool this birch is growing out of the stump of an old tree old dead probably spruce and pine let me see that this is actually pretty common the roots just go all the way down from the birch I mean nice and alive oh no something dead so sorry that ate roughly eight I knew that five roughly five that's nine hours right make sure nine hours that's a decent day for 27 clicks with a few not so bad pretty happy with that and really this is my first canoe trip of the year like I did one little one to my shelter before I went to the ten-day then when I was on that 10-day like really I only paddled in the morning at night or when I was trying to find a spot wasn't any trouble I don't this is my setup you can't see anything I got my backpack here next to my we'll get up to lean against cuz the drums sloping I got my pull my paddle stuck into the hood part of the ancho and then braced with a rock to give myself a little bit more room she's uh she's a tape fit boys and girls let me tell ya I'm in here think it'll be okay I just had to kill about 100 mosquitoes that got him here with me by doing this with my light off and - not attractive it was kind of hurt so yeah this is me for tonight I'm pretty warming my sleeping bag pretty really warm and there's a root in my back but I'm sure sleep fine all right guys wish me luck and I will see you tomorrow morning can you hear the mosquitoes that's what what the only thing I can hear that yeah this thing works a bit like when the sleeping bag is stopping the thing from having holes it works but I move around now with this light in here it's not good

anyways thing is there's mosquitoes in here I've been hearing this he was all my I got about four hours cops asleep I feel okay it's like well that's long look this fourth or just play five in the morning now I'm gonna get up pack up beat some bars and get out of here put some distance down I got my backs my ears and everything got just annihilated last things he does that's the only thing I can hear and I don't want to hear it anymore so getting up and getting out of here let's stream for some of it there we go just enough to get my feet wet perfect boy she's tight okay I can see it moves okay

I'm back in the car not a minute too soon it rained a bunch I got changed everything I've been here for an hour taking care of myself and getting some food and all that but just at the port I store here yeah rained in and now it's starting to rain again so good timing very good trip took me about three and a half hours to get out now it's 948 but like I said I've been hanging out here for a while I had to make the long haul back home now so that was a really good truck had a lot of fun I did 27 clicks yesterday 13.5 today total of 40 climbers exactly what I wanted to do everything went off without a hitch the very end could have been a bit easier paddle but now that it's done it doesn't matter at all so thanks for watching guys I hope you enjoyed this one I'll be back with another adventure soon take care

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