It's been about a month since I've filmed a camping video.

The last video you saw from me was pt 2 of Doug and I on our fun 2 day canoe trip.

I have a very good reason for my time off :)

I am not done with camping, I just have to wait a little while longer.

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Video Transcription

hey guys how you doing it's been a little while and I indeed done camping for a bit and this is why this is miss autumn she's the newest addition to her family she is a weekend two days a week in a day a week in a day old this is the reason I'm not camping right now she was born at around 8:30 at night a week in the day ago she was 5 pounds how many outs is 12 6 pounds 13 ounces thinking that 6 months 13 else is about 20 inches long looking just like your day you guys want to get a little bit of a closer view

isn't she precious scale of Zurich he scoots cookies he put the baby oh good boy good boy okay oh go Dino go ahead oh boy he loves her a lot yeah we brought her home and he greeted us right away very happy old licks and fun I'm trying not to let him kiss her face obviously too much kiss her milk through anything like that but he's a good boy he wants to be involved so right now is a super busy time in my life and all in my family's lives we were in the process of moving we list out a host yesterday and in order to get into our new hose we need to have this sold by the 27th this month so it's all in the contract already everything's all lined up everything's all taken care of squared away except for us selling this house but the market has been crazy and we should solve it within about a week we're gonna have an open house soon so yeah it should be good and then we'll all be north will be north next month if everything works out which it should so then I'll be able to get back to making videos guys I have a lot of plans up there for those who have haven't heard me say this before I am you are moving up near around sue st. Marie there's so much ground and up there there's so many different parks I have access to a hundred acre camp like forest 20 nights away from the new house I have water in my backyard a big old lake so the options Oh ambush in the front my house so I could do like a little base camp to take deal make like a big you know base camp scrim below style right near my house and then still go and do other things obviously all the time going to other thing is going to trips on the crown the interrupts in Lake Superior Park go down to killarney do the coolie river there's there's so many options I think the kind of a river all the way to make it headwater uh from where it starts up into the Lake Superior so yeah lots of options I'll be getting a boat I'll be getting a four-wheeler or snowmobile all that fun stuff

the possibilities will be endless up there so emerald will be going to school up there will be raising autumn up there as well I think it'll just be a better life for us it'll be way more rural almost where we're not in a city by any means a bush like I said water we'll be able to grow vegetables procure food there's a well I'll get solar panels just be way way way more self-sufficient there's a wood stove and also propane eating you know I mean so it's like best of both worlds kind of thing lots of wood I'm excited I'm very excited this is something that we need is a change we needed for our lives and it will make my my working a lot easier right right now a lot of you guys know I travel all the time that's why there's not been any videos it's not like I can go around the corner make a video and then I'm making a video today on my host but this isn't my normal stuff obviously you guys see me camping all the time so I'm constantly driving just for my cell phone I'm constantly driving seven eight ten even more longer hours to get to a place one way and then by the time I get there I have to sleep and they start to camp the next day right because I've driven all day it's played a fuse it's taxing it's very taxing I'd only do it anymore I don't want to be gone for my family all the time I'm to go do one over another like I said I'm driving all day long camping or stand alone East Coast starting the over later the next morning they can all that night and then drive it home so it's a three night thing sorry one two a two night thing sometimes a three night thing but I'm home at the end of the third day so I'm and then I'm editing the video which takes two or three days then I put it up and then have about a day or two before I've the goal ago it's very taxing driving putting tons of kilometres on the car you know away from the family now that we have this it's a little bundle of joy I don't do that you know and I didn't want to do that for a long time and so this move is very important I'll be able to do this stuff right outside my door literally or drive an hour and be there so the options will be astronomical and the content will be way different I'll be good you'll be I expect myself have a new renewed sense of everything being up there I'll be able to make a studio in my basement I'll be able to do some podcasts and things like that so I'm really looking forward to it Emma was very happy to have autumn home she's very big help it's kind of scary sometimes because she bounces around a lot you know a new one we'll be really careful right so but she's very excited very happy to help her and autumns very healthy and very hungry all the kind she a little sleepy she sleeps probably all the time weeks up to get a fan pie every two to three hours Will's breastfeeding and I'm also feeding formula when she is sleeping because we'll never got more than maybe three hours of sleep broken up made five hours to total broken up in the first three days first three full days and nights I don't talk like a half an hour here an hour there and I thought maybe double two succeeded or whatever but still so it's a very motherly instinct I'm sure to want to breastfeed your kid and not want them to have formula and stuff like that but the time comes where it's like a moment you need to go to sleep kind of think so maybe taking turns and it's been working out good she could be very happy baby sometimes she smiles but it's just gas well guys I just really wanted to give you an update it's been this will be the second week I haven't gone on a trip and even the video before this was the second part to it or the Doug so I know I'm slacking but I swear I have a good reason and this is it here just a really really busy time in my life and it's good everything good this is an exciting time we are um we're expanding we're improving everything's really good it's just super hectic but I promise I promise I'm not done I have no desire to be done I want to come back stronger than ever

I want to come back rejuvenated all sorts of new places to go new things to do new toys to play with and I really hope you guys will stay along with me really really appreciate all the support and all the well wishes and everything I've been updating everyone through my Instagram since we've had the baby a little bit before if you guys aren't following me on Instagram it's Joel Robinette bushcraft on into Instagram yeah I post a lot of pictures I'm a lot more frequently active there because it's easier than just shoot video with my phone upload it right away alright guys that's it that's it for the update video

Missy by autumn boy doesn't she look like Emmy she looks a lot like Emma will choose young alright guys again thank you very much for all the support thanks for watching this yeah throw me subscribe I would appreciate it I'll see you soon with a camping video for sure bye guys

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