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The Bushcraft Campout: Multicam Poncho Tarp Shelter on Raised Bed.


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This is the 3rd of 7 short videos I shot while doing an overnighter. There will be a new video posted every Mon. and Wed. until the series is complete.

Hope you guys enjoy!

Poncho MEST http://www.bushcraftoutfitters.com/MEST-Ponchos_c39.htm

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Video Transcription

hey guys John here I wanted to use and show you guys tonight a brand new piece of gear that I got called a bushcraft Outfitters poncho messed this is made by bushcraft USA sold on the forum bushcraft outfitters is the store on the forum there's a really cool piece of kit this multicam huge poncho it's 5 by 7 weights just right around 1 1 pound urethane coating flame retardant all that good stuff so let me show you how this bad boy works as a poncho and then visiting my shelter for tonight so as you can see it comes really small I showed in a previous video that it fits right in my Maxpedition pouch it'll also fit in like BDU pocket pants if you roll it up it'll fit inside a Nalgene it's nice and small but there's the plain again Oh

here she is multicam I think I might have to wait until that plane goes by okay well that was really loud now that the plane is gone I can show you the poncho there she is a nice hood on it nice drawstring and quite big so I never really use Poncho's before but when I got this one I tried it on and the way it drapes it seems like it might cover me better than my rain gear and the fact of the matter is it's smaller than my rain gear weighs less than my ring like meringue gear being my rain pants on my ring shirt and it weighs less and I can use it for two things this is rain protection and it's also going to be a tarp now I don't match I have woodland pants on and and multicam poncho so you're gonna have to bear with me but yeah it covers like I'm there's a smaller size and a larger size this is a smaller obviously if I got the larger probably be draping on the ground so you can see lots of coverage pretty cool and then

the really cool thing is it just pops open like a normal poncho tarp would like an army one each of these snaps is reinforced with another piece of material the tabs are folded back and attacked on each other really really done well I don't have any issues about it coming off with that as a big ol spider on me Wow get rid of that guy so we're going to get ready to use this as our tarp we want to cinch the hood down as much as it'll go

okay then we're going to tie it off as well so that there's no chance of the rain getting through so now it's a tarp you just got to string it up so this is the same way that I would string of my normal tarps just a loop or sorry I bite and goes through the tab you put your toggle on and she's secured go to the other side just tying a taut line hitch on everything basically on my tarp and on the pegs that way I can adjust it as need be like so there she is all squared away it's got her in a pup tent style this time but you can use it in a a lean-to a couple other configurations but this will be good for me tonight when I actually be nice and protected under there with my baby and my little poncho messed so she we pretty good see I got complete coverage under here I'm gonna put a hat a foot above my head not about six inches beneath my feet where it's still extra space that's covered and there's no way rains gonna get me this low so pretty cool so my Bibby itself has this little tab on it and I got some little bit of shock cord so I'm going to do tie an overhand knot around my shot around my loop or my toggle sorry and I'm going to tie shock cord to the paracord right above it and that way it's going to keep it off my face a little bit so that mosquitoes can't just buzz right in on my face and bite me up and it'll give it a little bit breathability and just non claustrophobic feeling this is the first real time I'm going to be using this bushcraft Outfitters poncho tarp so I'll let you guys know how it works out after it's supposed to rain a little bit tonight but nothing crazy I do actually have a really cool trip planned a pretty hardcore trip planned with my buddy Kyle we're going to do like eight days canoe trip in Algonquin Park in September so I I do believe I'm going to bring this as opposed to my rain gear for the facts that I said earlier it's lighter than my rain gear it's smaller than my rain gear and it has a double purpose my rain gear I can't set up like I can't set up my rain pants on my rain jacket to do this right and ice packs down tiny so I think it's a win in my book we're going to see but first impressions are really good that's it for this video guys

I'm going to put a link in the description where you can get one of these awesome tarp poncho deities if that's your thing thanks for watching this video please like comment subscribe and share and I will see you on the next one

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