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I show some different fire starting tools and methods.

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today I'd like to talk a little bit about fire and fire starting I got some stuff in front of me here you have natural materials that I collected today and I have some fire starting equipment tools most of our fire steels I also have Flint steel matches and a lighter now nothing against matches or later I think that they're very useful and very quick and they do do a very good job well I honestly wouldn't go camping without some waterproof matches or matches in a waterproof container not being said you can only carry so many matches especially your backpacking you know try to save weight save space waterproof containers are awesome except for when they're not waterproof anymore you know like you're trying to get a match out Falls anything moisture can even get inside so that's a downside lighter all it takes is you drop in the snow and it doesn't work for half an hour or so it's obviously disadvantage there like I said though very very useful so we're just going to go through a couple things here I want to show you my thoughts on fire starting and first starting program so made some feather sticks their curls actually some are really fine and some are not do that on purpose the next I have some grass and so my tools and then on that side I have Phragmites and some oak leaves that I found still on the tree so first up I got this new fire steel magnesium block combo from a member hemlock on the bush bushcraft USA forums so thanks a lot man that's really cool of you to do he gift it to me so it's on this pot wood I'm not sure how to say it but it's it's a softer wood that you can actually scrape off and use that as a tender if you need to so what it does is the one side if you didn't know has magnesium and you scrape the magnesium off then you spark it and the magnesium really ignites pretty good on there so that's a new one to me I use the only playing around at my basic not sure how I like it or going to test out today this is the same thing just a small one that will go on my keychain I like the idea of this it's very small in these uh woodsman did a little quick review on them these aren't the normal hacks up like he was saying they're actually throw the sparks a lot better so that's kind of cool he's got this little one to slow crappy one light my fire I won this one I used for a couple years it was originally this size these are my favorite these are the fire steel calm ones they send out gobs of sparks they're nice I got something steel kit so put steel in my opinion is a novelty flint and steel is cool it's a nice thing to show your friends I would never ever rely on flint and steel a few reasons you have to have char cloth I've never found dry chaga I know sometimes you can use ovum of milkweed but good luck finding that most times here dry so really a lot of things have to come into play to make the flint and steel work and I don't ever rely on it it is fun so first up I think I want to start it with the magnesium fire steel combo so you're supposed to just shave some magnesium like a dome bar shaves pretty easy I'm just using all my Swiss Army knife normally I would do this on top of the tinder that I'm using it with but I'm just using this grass right off first and the grass of go up play the first steel by itself so I'm going to light that and try and stick the grass on top of it so you flip it around and it's got the first deal on it throw a spark in there and there it goes just the grass with a normal fire steel this should go up no problem just as good so that's good I think that the magnesium is better when you have a little bit like well let's try it so here are some curls all right let me give you an example these curls are the curls that I would like to use like with a firesteel these I did on purpose they have their barely touch and have so much space in between them they're not very good at all but maybe if we get some magnesium on there let go up and again I'm just going to do it there and strike it right onto that and add my tinder afterwards as opposed to trying to put for magnesium on this which wouldn't say at all

there you go I want to use these nice curls now with just a normal fire steel that goes

so the key a big part of this is having a good base I have this big piece of bark here and I wouldn't be able to push down on it like I am like I'm really forcing these down with a marginal base you need to either split a log and lay it down or have something like this bark I'm going to show you here that matches are no quicker than a firesteel when you have the right tinder this is another one of those good feather sticks got my all strike with anywhere matches and that one up real well too but like I said no much more effort with a fire steel than the matches I think this is going to work out really well I have this oak leaf one of those oak leaves that I found and I'm scraping the magnesium right on top of it keeping it on top to Oakley if I want to start the fire throw this work right on top and it should catch the oak leaf I actually worked out really well it was up up in a flash but let's see if the oak leaves will work just a fire skill there we go those leaves are no good they just die rate out I was going huh not bad these Phragmites make a good flash tender I'll use this this little light my fire one instead this is a Swedish style yeah just a little flash tender but enough to get a fire going with that if you had the right kindling actually just throw some one right there yeah I would work so I have a good curls here nice and thin ones and I have this late my fire one a little small one with this kind of striker on I'd like to see if this will ignite these I like a big fire steel and I like the other style better but I don't know this should work we shall see oh yeah yeah not too bad so I think I realized while doing this so here all these fire skills are very viable I know what I like personally and it's the fire still calm style one that throws gobs I like the bigger ones but all of them worked along did fine I think that the magnesium one is a good one for people start now or just to have in your pack in case you have some not great tinder it's definitely not and not a stepping stone you still have to prep your prep very good but it's another another tool in the kit to have even the small light my fire one which I never got it gave any thought to because it's so small and it's got this stupid little striker that I don't like on it it works just as well pretty much as my other fire steel on the shavings and the shavings are the hardest ones to light like the the Phragmites and that stuff the grass that goes up goes up with nothing but I was surprised I want to kind of like that so well we're out here maybe I'll just do a fire with a flint steel look just for fun because I brought it out so like I said flint and steel to me it's a novelty the thing of the past imagine imagine the people who used to use footing steel showing them a lighter or matches I'm sure that they would have chose that the lighter of the match is over top Flint steel every time but it's fun it's a it's an old-timey kind of thing

I prepped out my fire before I started doing this so I'm not running around like a crazy man trying to get twigs off branches and whatnot the wind is blowing that way so I'm sticking it this way so I don't get smoke all in my face so maybe this helped you a little bit but I hope so but if not that's okay too thanks for watching and I'll see you again

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