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alright so I'm all set to get my fire going I've got the burst or earth the birch bark the oak park in here and this piece o on this piece of bark slab you got all my prep about my shavings a small kindling my bigger kindling and then my actual firewood I'm not going to make scrapings i'm actually going to strike the bar with the firesteel to ticket the flame initially now I want to leave like a couple big pieces like this intact but I'm going to crunch up a bit of the dough park so it's smaller and it'll actually catch the spark from the fire still a bit easier and this will actually burn with black smoke I'm going to try and get a picture of it as it's going we'll see the camera hooked it up just go right into a pile you guys see that they're my all my fire still there we go hear it sizzling that's the oils in it wanna see how long this goes for before I have to put my shaving is on it if you can see the smoke was burning ferociously there's the black smoke see it oh she's still going smells really nice to go ahead and put the shavings on transport it to my fire pit turn it around so as you can see the fire still caught the bark with pretty much no effort only took a few stripe strikes it burned quite hot and for a long time now that's the whole substitute thing the birch bark substitute part of it the oak wood itself splits great burns long gives you great amount of coals I think you can see I'm throwing all my firewood on right now I'm throwing even the big pieces on cuz it's pretty good flames already I'm not really worried about it going out at all like this is a pretty established player already my big hats now throwing quarters on there now these are the half pieces so yeah that's the reason I like the the Oakwood the pin oak because of the bar and because of the bigger little smoke here because of the bark burns ferociously and because of how easy it is to split and how good of a wood is to burn I'm not doing the the whole edible thing I saw a couple post without nuts really cool it's just not my thing let's not my experience my experience is fire and I know it works good in my area and that's the pin oak for fire well thanks for giving us this opportunity is and good luck to have

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