A Great Fall Day


Scout and I went out to our favorite spot today...

Made a fire, had lunch and tea.

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Video Transcription

this used to be a blue beech tree all right next to its the same glue beach or muscle would like as you can see just like with birch the wood itself rots faster than the bark so actually like this is the old wood it's down to a quarter of the size it was and it's left all this extra bar left over so the blue beach bar will work similar to birch bark in the fact that it has oils in it and it will take a strike from a fire steel so to be able to find even one piece this big is this is a grapevine in the hardwoods but I got this whole big tree full of it I have decided to post up underneath this big tree it it's either a maple on Oak probably an oak back to us oh I could check out the leaves on the ground and see yeah I believe it's a red oak but anyways here it's like the ground is up higher probably because the roots of the tree but I want to hang out here for a while and they make fire whatnot see you here's my gear for the day gotta maxpedition Condor got my tripod for my camera there on the right and trailhawk water bottle on the left it's a good little pack

so obviously first off I'm about to make a player like all you guys know you got to clear the spots off take out the debris things and what huh the ground is really wet right now so what I want is a platform and I know you guys already knows just telling you anyway I like to use ash Park if I can find it makes a cash bar if you're not I'll use like a layer of six I just break from the bottle go so another couple pieces of kit that I carry is one of these blue foam pads to neo on to sit on especially right now the ground soap and wet so really comes in handy so I have that and also bandana catch my shavings in the other side of the log bear where I'm working

so that's kind of what I'm looking for there lots of curls lots of air in between some of these bigger ones aren't so great but you get the gist so I stored that Beach Park in my pocket got a little banged up but that's all right of the work actually need to shorts him up first to make it a little bit smaller set the fire you're still hot will accept it easier lovely sirens in the background for good audio there it goes I don't know if you can hear it or see it but it's sizzling and it's got black smoke coming off of it so like I said in the hardwoods environment that's both this in Oak Park pin oak park is about the best are going to come to having something like birch bark and it's definitely not even necessary just fun to play around with once in a while so that's still just the bark burning that's an established fire from just bark it's pretty cool I think so at least we don't hear about that as much even you don't hear anything about blue beach one thing I do know about blue Beach is you're not supposed to cup with the wood like burning the wood and use it for cooking fire this has got some kind of toxins in it you don't really want to use it but I'm gonna cook on this and that's just the bark that will be long burned up by the time I cook on it

so I don't know for anybody who doesn't know what I'm doing just marking an X my knife patong it out only hitting it a couple times this is soft wood I don't go all the way through it then I'm carving everything out except for the top beat almost and that gives me a good little hook

I don't know later rest on the support stick so I got this great back maybe about a month ago I'm used it about five six times now it's one of the most useful pieces of kit I have and the best part but it was my coat my buddies need for me so thanks a lot guys what I'm doing is cooking my bacon I've seen people hang it over the fire on a stick and stuff and I think that's really cool but I think I tried to do it one time and they did not work out for me at all I think it takes that thinks a little bit of patience and I don't have that too much when it comes to food there she goes

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