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Bushcraft Backpacking - New Pack and Gear Loadout


Link to pack on kickstarter http://kck.st/28LZ295

I travel to the Wildlands non-operating Park to do a bushcraft backpacking solo overnight with my new bushcraft backpack. Designed for me by the Canadian company YNOT.

I hike in for about 5 hours, while testing the new pack, I find a secluded lake, set up camp, cut firewood, explore, cook supper, and spend a very enjoyable night alone in the woods.

Link to YNOT http://www.ynotmade.com/?r=EgGE

Link to the field pouch


Link to the magnetica in multicam


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Video Transcription

hey folks thanks for tuning in it's Joe here I'm on a bushcraft backpacking trip I've walked about ten ten kilometers today I found a spot where I'm going to set up I would like to show you my new backpack and my backpacking gear that I brought on a bushcraft backpack overnighter

this is my new bushcraft backpack designed for me by the company why not the backpack itself is made of 1000 d Cordura and it its capacity is 30 ish leaders I have about 30 litres in it right now including the front pocket but it definitely can pack down cinch down to a 20 liter bag Dave hike bag if you want to so the story behind this backpack is pretty cool like I said why not is the company tony is the owner and he contacted me a while back about joining forces and begin creating a bushcraft backpack they've been that company has been making backpacks for years and other established backpacking company out of Toronto Canada so everything is made in Canada everything's sourced in the North America be it Canada United States the buckles are used our military-grade buckles so in Tony called me and asked me if I would give my opinions and and details on a new pack to make a bushcraft pack I was always ecstatic for sure so he sent me the pact that this was modeled after the magnetic ax they made a bunch of a bunch of packs of those and they sell really well and everything so I gave him my thoughts in and ideas on what I want to change to make it into a bushcraft pack and he sent me another one he sent me this pack right that I'm using right now and I was able to use it on one overnight and one day hike and then yesterday I drove up to Toronto to meet him I saw the factory like I was saying I saw their store everything's done right downtown Toronto which is really cool there's no outsourcing or anything like that so while I was there in in Toronto I see there for about five or six hours with the guy and they made more adjustments onto the pack that I had that I had wanted so they're really really really easy to work with really good guys for that and because they're not sending the plans away to get a backpack maybe they do everything in-house everything that's gone like that this bushcraft bag will be available soon probably by the summer Tony's going to do a Kickstarter fund for it and I can't I don't we don't know the exact price right now but I know through the Kickstarter you're going to get a significant discount off of it so when this does become available when I do know the the price point and all that stuff I'll make a specific video for that point you in towards his Kickstarter page if you want to do that one of the first things I told him I wanted change was I wanted straps for a wool blanket or a sleeping bag on the bottom and I wanted clips to clip it on because I don't want to have to wrench it on these clips nice and easy

they're actually a locking clip so the strap can move easily and then when you clip this down it's really hard to move you can move it with very very hard difficult to move and then again down easy

so my sleeping bag there I'll go throw my gear in a second these are fixed on there they don't come off cinch them up and then it's got the little keeper there the velcro where you can roll it down and get the extra strap out of the way very handy the next thing I told him I wanted was ax strap or ax loop to carry my ax so it's on the ground right now that's why it's popped up a bit but that holds it in place right there my got my little logo on the band and the ax will actually slide down behind this water bottle holder so get that out nice and easy that knot does not move around it all in there that's my 19 inch axe like I said he's got my logo on there there's a top strap this is another thing I wanted with compression straps so I got one on the top one on the bottom of both sides

I got my GoPro attached to the outside of that thing trying to dry off another important thing I told him I wanted was a spot for my sit pad that I did not have to open my full backpack before that so they gave me this little pouch in the back with these waterproof zippers or water resistant zippers whatever they are you can see there and I'm able to fit my thumb rest sit pad in there you can also fit whatever else kind of sit patty just as long as it's that same size as that thermal rest or smaller this is huge really really big help these are the side water bottle holders and I hate that my Maxpedition water bottle holder I have to force to get in with if it's nesting in a cup or anything like that so I told my one I'm extra big he went above and beyond and made these awesome so in this site they're removable too with Molly clips so this side pocket I'm able to fit a Nalgene super easy and a second water bottle this is like half the diameter of this a titanium half the diameter of this Nalgene so both those fit in there perfectly fine and then the beauty is when this when it's empty look at how small it talks down to it's nice and flat to the backpack and half the size you can't even tell it's there

we got the laser Molly on the back my condor or my Maxpedition water water water bottle pouches they're gonna be bulky and hang off there regardless you'd have to take them off if you don't want the the bulge on that with this packs right down cinches down to nothing super impressed with that and in the other side it's even cooler so same size water bottle pouch right what I am able to get in there blew me away I've got I fold a cup on top my butter but that doesn't really matter this is the main thing I've got my Snow Peak 900 and my wood stove my twig stove inside in the side pocket it fits in so easy I don't have to try to force it in or anything like that fits in cinches down and it's good to go out of the way doesn't swing I don't swing around there on there really tight with these Molly clips I am very happy about that super super well-thought-out pouch by Tony very cool and again cinches down to nothing now there's other features of this backpack that I didn't design that are still really cool but I'm not going to go over that in this video because there's going to be a full video about this backpack soon so let's get to my bushcraft backpacking camping gear I'm going to start off with the gear that I already took up off of the pack when I was showing it to this is my sleeping bag it is a negative 7 Mountain Hardwear down synthetic mix I believe so got to get down to negative 3 tonight Celsius is a negative 7 bag I'll be nice and toasty 20 inch Sandvik acts on a grants first handle with a copperhead outdoors Kydex sheath on it looking forward to using that big guy gathering some wood on my titanium water bottle my Nalgene and those are the two I filled these and brought these out both so I'll have to get some water down to down to half an Al Jean my solo pot my 900 Titanium's by Snow Peak and that was in the side pocket like I showed you and inside of this I have my twig stove my bush buddy twig stove which I'm going to cook my supper on because it's not going to get dark till about 8:00 or 9:00 tonight and I'm not going to start the fire until it gets dark so that will be my my cooking and boiling water and all that fun stuff so on the side here and again very secure not moving around at all I just secured it on the on the side with the straps I've got my Big Agnes tent poles and pegs I've got my silky gone boy saw so I forgot to mention one thing behind these water bottle holders or actual pockets big pockets where you can get your full I can get my full hand in there I can put an analogy and in there a couple other things pretty useful yeah so I'll just open her up right off the hop I've got my prim loft jacket in there so we actually we added sorry another thing we added this closure at the top that's what I wanted this buckle closure and then these wings as well so you're super super protective from the from the elements this being a bushcraft backpacking trip I pack my bag a lot heavier than I normally would especially for a bushcraft style backpack this weighs 24 pounds and that's not heavy by any means but for a small capacity bushcraft backpack it's it's it's right at the but the most you want to pack it 20 to 30 pounds would be a very very top so 24 pounds I brought things like this slipstream hoodie from MEC nothing I brought is merino wool or super lightweight or anything like that I brought more bulky stuff on purpose again anyways so hoody next up I've got my two centers at poaches just to compartmentalize my backpack a little bit these are also made by why not they're made of 400 ripstop I'm not mistaken anyways I've got a large and a medium-sized and in here's my food and here's my toiletries headlamp batteries all that fun stuff so they're a little bit heavier duty I have the still nylon ones I use all the time but for this I wanted a heavier Duty heavier stronger kind of more bushcraft II style more rugged this is my chair this is my SIL nylon parachute chair cocks down nothing I'll make that up later on I'm gonna have a video for this trip and I'll link it you'll have it be able to watch the trip video as well got my Smaug it's invaluable I got my therm-a-rest NeoAir really great pad you guys have heard me talk about a lot a little oh sorry I did bring a merino wool thing one merino wool toque socks to change into at night one pair of socks that I'm wearing now to hiking all day one pair of socks are changing to what before I go to bed these are my long johns this is my undershirt and a pair of boxers just in case just in case I get a little scared I got a down pillow and my Big Agnes Fly Creek ul one tent with the bug screen part of it because I do not know about the ticks up here I found a bunch on myself and Scout down down south and Windsor about 7 hours north of here north of there now and I didn't know so I brought it all I brought the the screen with it and everything so we'll see and paracord that's it that's this whole bag oh wait wait wait wait you got this front pocket I got a pair of work gloves some snacks and some garbage and that's it so I was keeping my food in this front little pack on the hike so I didn't have to go into the pack proper okay that's it let's see my rundown on my bushcraft backpacking gear my new backpack we still have to find out a name for the backpack we have to name it we have to find out a price point all that fun stuff but it will be happening very soon I promise you I've already gone through two packs now he sent me testing and stuff so things are happening quickly and like like I said earlier he wants to have it out by the summer so keep a lookout for that if you're interested in it if not no big deal yeah check out the trip video for this video this video we posted first and then maybe in three or four days I'll post that trip video so thanks for coming along guys I hope you watch the trip video I'm having a blood I so here I still got lots of time lots of stuff to film so I will catch up with you guys on the next one take care right

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Joe is a very talented bushcrafter. He has a "straight" approach to bushcraft life-style. His videos reach a very high quality, both for the shootings and for the content. He took part on the History Channel show "Alone"

You can find all his videos on his YouTube channel.

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