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My New Logo Explained. JoeRobinetBushcraft


I've got a new logo for the JoeRobinetBushcraft Channel.

In this video I explain the reasoning behind it.


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Video Transcription

hey guys scout and Joe here in the woods thanks for tuning in a lot of you probably realized and recognized I changed my logo recently there's a few reasons why if you didn't notice the logo is now scout scout is my dog he's been with me from the get-go and my logo is him so I was watching my video some previous videos a couple days ago when I watched my first video ever and he's in it that's five years old that's five years ago and he's been in ninety percent of my videos finger but ninety percent of my videos since then the only time I really don't take him is when I'm going on a trip or I can't just make it to the woods with them but he's helped me a lot in my in my life he's eight years now he's eight years old now and hey leave the camera and the fact of the matter is he's not gonna be around forever it sucks to think about it really does but his hips are going and if I get a couple more years out of them it'll be good so I want to honor him I want to keep his legacy by making him part of my channel more of my channel so he a lot of people doing care about me or my channel they just want to see scalp which is totally cool with me I don't even care you know what I mean he's a good dog he's really cool I'm gonna keep them as my logo from now on just to remember them more you know to me in the future and again to pay homage to them I love the dog so this logo is going to be a standalone logo I don't want any Joe Robinette bushcraft words or any kind of abbreviations or anything with it for the simple fact that I want to be standalone logo and I think it can be because if you scale because of how recognizable he is as well I want to get patches in shirts and stickers made and I don't want to have my name Joe Robinette bushcraft on these things that's so pretentious Who am I you know I don't want to ask people to wear my stuff with my name on it I'm not ray mears you know to me so that's another reason for this um just a straight up scout face logo that you see on my channel now i think is more than than fair to where I think it's a cool logo I think it the color scheme is awesome people are gonna like it I got sensitive so I've been talking with stony from from black I outdoors Stoney's a guy behind the camera kirkus guy in front of the camera and we've come pretty good friends an email back and forth and stuff like that and got to talking and asked him if you'd be able to help me out with a logo and he said he would so I threw him a couple ideas we play back and forth it out a little bit nothing really worked and he came back with something and then we both tweaked it or whatever and came up with a logo that you see now the color scheme that you see now i really like it i want to say thank you to him you did a really good job on it yeah so i hope you guys understand where i'm coming from I hope you like the new logo it's here to stay so thanks for watching guys I hope you enjoyed it if you like this please comment subscribe like and share I'll see ya real soon for another video fine that a good stick yeah he doesn't care good boy I love you bud

About the Author



Joe is a very talented bushcrafter. He has a "straight" approach to bushcraft life-style. His videos reach a very high quality, both for the shootings and for the content. He took part on the History Channel show "Alone"

You can find all his videos on his YouTube channel.

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