Giant puffball mushroom find!


Crazy big puffball I found in the woods today

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Video Transcription

all right so I'm just exploring the woods today and I'm walking along when I see something crazy I'll show you what it is in a second see that white thing there let's go leave it leave it yes for those who don't know is a giant puffball mushroom this thing is huge like my hand is way smaller than it now I hope anybody who's watching this will let me know how to prepare it I know it's edible and I found one last year I wasn't quite this size but I didn't cook it very well it didn't I need I need some tips on how to cook it so anybody has any had we'd greatly appreciate it so that's my totally Gasconade on top of it just for size like this thing is a monster like I said uproot it now and take it home with me leave its go oh my god get hit a beast this all came from this one little stalk I guess so yeah so I'd share that with you guys just think get this thing is the size of a human head or bigger actually way better so yeah open to suggestions guys thanks a lot

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