Last years failed solo overnight.


I bailed around 3am, the dog was soaked and shivering,

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I'm doing my first solo camp I've ever done and I'm just staying overnight but it is snowing really bad I wasn't picks it up in there but I had to make like this crazy almost ugly looking thing on my shelter I plan on coming up just using the lean-to but everything is soaking wet so I had to try to stop the wet snow from getting down so I got a tarp over my fire and kind of blocking where I'm going to be laying tonight I got a long fire going starting I came out here about two hours ago tops and had to do all this crap and get it going it's gonna get dark soon ah but I just wanted to videotape it considering it's my first ever solo night figure if I can yeah there's the ugly back on the tutelage tarp I hadn't planned on doing that but like there's no way I would have been able to stay dry tonight so yeah plan on taking a little bit of footage and hopefully I survive it schools going to accompany me I got a couple new things new up uses a gear got these surplus Mets off they're Canadian our American but at the snot rag attached to the back I'll have to give thee a good washing before I use that but they're warm as hell nice and big

I got wool sweater I think it's American usgi I got a new pack in there and a wool blanket everyone for a long time so an exceeding bag actually so we'll see that's why I want to test all this stuff out tonight so far the gloves are doing really well and the sweater is - alright what's about 6:30 now and the Sun is completely gone I got my long player here in front of me my pants are steaming off you can see it my pants are steaming it's nice and toasty under here school doesn't really know what's going on a scope hears things in the woods I guess but I want to take this this minute to enter skug knives test contest anyways I'm predicting that your baby is going to be born at 7:31 a.m. and congrats on that man and whatever obviously whatever time it's born is a is the perfect time I hope he's a nice healthy boy and yeah thanks for doing this I got my supper on and I Billy can there me and Scot just went for a walk to get some Phragmites

so let's go can lay that on that for a bed I don't think he's going to but see you can hear the snowplows in the background because it's like non-stop snow right now it's been it's a it's a good day to do my first solo camp I guess if I can handle this I can handle anything so I'm happy I'm Oh

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