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Bushcraft Gear Giveaway - The Hidden Woodsmen


Giveaway time!

The Hidden Woodsmen FB https://www.facebook.com/thehiddenwoodsmen/?fref=ts

The Hidden Woodsmen Youtube https://www.youtube.com/user/1982mal

The Hidden Woodsmen Website http://thehiddenwoodsmen.com/

Instagram https://instagram.com/joerobinetbushcraft/

Twitter https://twitter.com/Robinet_Joe

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Video Transcription

well hello people's how you guys doing today I hope well I'm doing pretty well I got to get out to the woods with my buddy scope today that's good I got a very cool giveaway to do today so maybe a year ago Milka morning to some even more than I don't want to send me some gear and I politely refused I just I had what I had and I thought it was okay and then after a while I saw some trip reports and saw some pictures some guys using this de rock I'm like man that's that sweet pack so I had message to us okay I'm down so I did a few videos for him for his gear and all that stuff and I love that de rock you sent me and I use it all the time I'm not getting rid of that thing but the French trade bag I had to sling about bag they're just not my style I just don't ever use sling one sling bags one thing kind of ride on them on the side there just how much style I've never been into him and I'm not still but I had one he sent me one with all the gear that he sent me so it's been about a year like I said and I messaged him the other day I said Malcolm would you mind terribly don't want to offend them would you mind if I did a giveaway and will give that French trade bag away he said Joe you do whatever you want with that stuff it's yours I said cool when I do that and then he wrote me back and said wait a minute I don't even offer that pack anymore that baggie more so let me send you what I do offer let me send you an updated version a whole big thing and you can do giveaway with that oh we don't have to do that but whatever what I got in the mail was much more than I expected let's get to the goods first up a dry bag this is a durable I'm gonna say waterproof water-resistant at the least nice brown coyote color dry bag the old roll-top right and click close you can use this for things I have one actually milk made me want a long time ago I use this for my camera bag sometimes I'm in a canoe I can put my camera in there I strap that to the fort these are for foodstuffs for putting your zebra Billy pod in so it doesn't gets it fall over anything that a million-in-one uses right durable durable stuff too I don't know what this is I have not looked at this yet I imagine this is a sick panel yep so that's gonna be a sick days signal pet panel you can use it for a bunch of different stuff has four attachments it's very cool little drawstring with it we got here oh nice zipper pouch blaze orange and inside it's got that durable feel again I don't know if it's just the inside of the Cordura or what oh sweet he's got these sweet camp life patches look at the size these patches I'm sorry I'm keeping one of these I'm not giving one away I'll give one away but I'm keeping that one you got a decent size the hidden woodsman patch as well and these are all velcro back all right so this one is as well there's a sick patch man really cool camp life in the wood in the wilderness that's a big detailed touch you got a business card some other stickers some straps and you get to the main the main deal here right so this is going to be another sling play bag like I said with clips to close it and yeah you did put on this sweet exterior and this is just a small after you can put a bigger ax in there for sure but look at that rides against your body or you flip it around let's put this thing on and see how it looks so you got a big strap big wide webbing strap on here so it doesn't dig in your collarbone where you have it hung over like that cinch it up bring her back down obviously you got your your absolutely go saying this thing that's brand new is the first time I put it on you have a ton of gear in there man swing it around putting it when you need something

he's got offset he's got a bright yellow inside help you see things there's a pocket in there maybe even for signaling and then a nice water resistant zipper in the front for a secondary pocket Oh a third pocket yeah the one pocket second pocket the big pocket a pocket inside that you got a Velcro patch here or a place for a Velcro patch there well thought out design man if I had something in it I'd be holding its virginity a little bit better - pretty cool pretty cool nothing left to do now but the rules about the giveaway I don't need anything from you for me this is not a boat meet I don't want I don't need you to like this video I don't need you to follow me on Facebook follow me on Twitter or Instagram anything like that this is all about Malcolm and his company the hidden woodsman let's show him some love okay when I asked him if he had any parameters for this giveaway I'll read you his words exactly he messaged me he says you have complete control on the giveaway details if you can send people to my YouTube and Facebook that would help that's it guys if I can send you to use YouTube and Facebook that would help it's not at a small task or it's not sorry it's not a big task it's a very small thing to do especially if considering the amount of gear you're gonna get I don't know the price of this stuff are you well over a hundred dollars I would imagine American yeah so maybe this is what I'm asking you to do you just don't necessarily even have to do it because I have no way of knowing but if you're if you're an honest person then you're gonna do it go give him a subscribe on YouTube right go like his page on on Facebook the hidden woodsman again on YouTube is the hidden woodsman and go come a fall on Instagram he's not asking for this stuff and I'm not gonna double-check that you get it I'm just asking you to do it and then come back to this video or do it before you leave the video just say I'm in say I've done the requirements I'm in then I'm gonna go through hell let it go for two weeks today is the 17th I'll post this today or tomorrow I'll let it go for two weeks and then I'll go through the arduous process I'm going through the comments and selecting a random number selecting a number and go to the random number generator and give it away so I'm gonna let leave this open for the whole world I'll ship it anywhere in the world there's no reason why why people my UK followers can't get in on this anybody so yeah that's it gonna be up Malcolm awake hidden woodsman I'll put the links all the links in the description tell them thanks for doing this giveaway because he didn't have to do this I was gonna gonna give away one bag and he went above and beyond this bag is way better than the bag I was gonna give this bag I got from him laughs that's Tommy discontinued doesn't make anymore so hope you guys enjoyed the video ok having a good day I'll see you guys soon take care

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Joe is a very talented bushcrafter. He has a "straight" approach to bushcraft life-style. His videos reach a very high quality, both for the shootings and for the content. He took part on the History Channel show "Alone"

You can find all his videos on his YouTube channel.

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