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Catching MONSTER Lake Trout and Fly Fishing Grayling - Great Slave Lake-Frontier Fishing Lodge


Thanks to the folks at http://www.frontierfishinglodge.com/


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Come along as I travel to the Northwest Territories Canada for world class fishing. I stay at the frontier fishing lodge, where my guide, Corey put me on to the biggest, and most lake trout I have ever seen or caught, we have a catch and cook shore lunch of lake trout on day two, and I learn how to fly fish!, which has always been a desire of mine, I catch a few arctic grayling on the fly!! This is a bucket list trip.

Thanks to the folks at the frontier fishing lodge.

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Video Transcription


that's the biggest one by far nice as you guys can see I'm taking a little travel up in the Northwest Territories but the Great Slave Lake um vote to go to the frontier fishing lodge to catch him lots of babel fish trophy fish you saw the travel and I did to get here I took three normal Plains statement Yellowknife for two days then I took a little small bush plane with a bunch of people here then this van down the dirt road and now we're taking a boat to the lodge we're far far north guys there's musk ox up here crazy stuff stay tuned to see me an awesome trip [Music]

this place looks pretty cool well I'm headed up to my cabin I'm not cabin number four check out my key hold on all right check out my key I got someone photobombing you too she says this she runs back so I'm at number four this is my cabin for the week well this isn't too bad oh my goodness this is big hello a little master bedroom lock you handle this maybe I should have brought someone with me but they said I could oh man full shower not too shabby guys three bedrooms man livin large in here how am I gonna decide where to sleep how am I gonna decide where to sleep my ears are all plugged up from the plane ride I sound weird to myself okay this is the one this is the room log cabin so this is pretty cool I got this place all to myself there's a maybe 15 people here total I think we all came in on two separate planes smaller planes than a bunch of book shows two back and forth bunch of supplies they're all set up here man this is legit flying fishing lodge so lunch is at noon and that's in seven minutes so I'm gonna head back down to the main hall have some lunch commune with the people figure out what the deal is when we fly fishing we'll be fishing over the boat I'm gonna be camping I don't know what else obviously

what else is in store there's lots of things here to do so I'm pretty pretty excited pretty pumped through my little speech ready kind of run knows how the camp runs the information that's on this paper is also being offered on the wall it's called as a first for me I had a fish chowder soup pretty decent we got our rundown of the do's and don'ts and what's going on when and stuff so I think right now some people are going fishing I want to be in that group so I've got my little rain pants on it's it's a little drizzly outside I'm gonna bring my GoPro we're gonna hop on the on the boat and Trent Gus and catch some fish wish me luck I can't not catch fish here right what's that she feels decent bite just spit up a Cisco little tro yeah oh snap just a little baby guy for a little Joe

nice that's probably very nice let's get going yep it's got a burp there every 30 feet bruise oh my stomach Oh

ah look at that beauty that's the biggest one by far that I've ever caught nice no go ahead it's fine [Music]

this is my third one Cory's saying that this is the main size the average size if here to get an average size of it he's that super orange fins and there's seven six or seven different eco types of lake trout in this lake some have orange fins some of red fins some of yellow bellies some of greenbacks some are silver some are black do you notice the the flesh has a different color too or depends what they're eating yeah so the bug eaters are pretty orange and then the fish that are just feeding solely on Cisco seem to be white white or flesh but nothing really like the Great Lakes where it's really white right mostly later pink very cool as the third fish throat wrote beauty beauty fish having a great time there's only the first afternoon we only go here for our two fish number four on a beauty lake trout very nice let's let this guy go Matt just head first so go what's that just drop him head first so go it off so quick yeah

you down so far nice and slow real when you have to keep him tight then I wanted that hook set on camera but [Music]

well that was really cool that second fish I caught 17 pounds it was definitely the biggest fish ever caught bigger than that Pike a cottonwood the caribou they've rivaled the length of it but is just I was seven or eight fish out there in two hours the rain started coming big time so we came back it's 4:35 right now Supper's at five I believe no suppers at seven Supper's at seven Super's s7 so I got some time to kill

I'm gonna take a nap I'm very exhausted and yeah I want to take a nap I'm gonna do it I'm gonna do it I want by myself I can do what I want I'm gonna take it out I promise I'll bring the DSLR out when it's better like well it looked like it was gonna rain into did rain a brain Oh next time or when it's good weather for sure so tomorrow morning we'll get up and leave and we'll eat in the morning again it's been all do it's me you target some different fish try out some fly fishing Cory the guide he's gonna be with me the whole week working with me showing me stuff and he's the man he knows what's up around here so I'm very lucky to have that and he will teach me how to fly fish which is awesome I'm catching fish I'm catching fishies guys all right I'll catch up with you guys maybe tomorrow morning good night not good night but goodbye for today good morning guys it's just after 7:00 in the morning I did exactly what I said yesterday I passed it'll harden I got up for supper and then came back and slept again so feeling nice and rejuvenated today the plan for today is go down get some breakfast with the group and then me and Cory are gonna head out do some fishing and possibly some fly-fishing today so should be a good day a little bit windy today yeah

well breakfast was pretty good we have bacon and eggs orange juice toast muffins but they also pack me a little lunch Oh

snack at least it's pretty cold out there today it's like it's summer guys it's it would be like a hundred degrees at home but it's like hot and freaking - a sweater and coat weather out there I'm gonna double up on my pants but my long johns on and everything so they've got me a thermos full of tea could have had hot chocolate coffee whatever I wanted I chose tea and I got something on the chocolate uh muffins so that's pretty decent

that'll hold me over until lunch where we have a shore lunch of freshly cut lake trout yeah so I'm just gonna open my clothes on I got to go to half an hour before I have to get over there to the dock supposed to be up there at 8 o'clock so I'm gonna get dressed and get up there should be an exciting day I'll bring my big camera today even if I put it away when it rains all I'll still have it out there I'm tied for first place with the heaviest fish so far seventeen pounds two of us two guys got a 17-pound lake trout yesterday and it's up on the board they have this like contest whoever wins the biggest whoever catches the biggest fish wins a trip back here for free which is insane but yeah very cool okay I'm ready I got my toque in this buckle sunglasses in this pocket my t-shirt sweater puffy rain jacket pants pajama pants because I didn't bring up long johns because it's summer and rain pants oh I need grab another pair socks two pairs of socks backpack full of gear bring the DSLR would be an all-day thing I'll see you guys on the water take two I'll see you guys on the water zip up in good fashion you guys have really got things dialed in man they know what they're doing it's not like I've been to places like this a bunch of times or anything to compare it but like the guides are all down at the boats getting them ready at like 7:00 in the morning ready for the guests to go up for the day like there's like I don't know how many boats and how many guides how many cooks servers they employ a lot of people this is this is old legit Lodge guys son are the winds died down a little bit that's pretty good I didn't have to bring a Fisher out or anything I'm lucky I'm lucky because if I did I wouldn't had something strong enough to catch those trout yesterday I was really really setting that hook me and I hit my fishing pole snapped it to all the guides behind me all the fishing boots will be a good day I'm glad it's not hot I can deal with the cool weather look at how clear this water is

good morning

look at this place man doors won't after here

yeah that's what we'll use for bait never seemed to love that yesterday [Music]

he's a feisty one though there he goes spinning look at them roll feisty little guy colors on them so just a powder on the face they're very nice you throw Beckett more reasonable Kyle is it alright guys are the risks they're all right you know let you know tonight my stomach's got a bruise on it roll




little orange fans beautiful fish beautiful nice thrown back he's got hit up on the top ones over the top yeah it's a nice to see them with battle scars and how big the one that would well as I was saying yeah they come and eat me hit the the B fish the side of their head water or time stun them and then come back and hit a heart that's exactly what that guy just did I felt the tap Corey grabbed the camera because we knew was gonna happen in boom very cool

lots of fish out here that's a big fish out here this is like two seconds after I was just doing that last clip no joke quick all right so it's 11:30 we're both pretty hungry

you got that lake trout we caught earlier so we're gonna go find a spot on the shore gather some wood and have a nation shore lunch [Music]


nice and easy try and stay above the ribs that's just a little bit of belly fat on this that the weight that's ribs oh that is there okay that's that flesh man that's such nice fish all right well Cory is so graciously cleaning up that fish doing a much better job than I would oh I'm gonna go around and get some part of it so we can have a little lunch sure lunch we'll catch a couple extra you know smashing late autumn in Eastern with a Great Slave Lake oh we got our friends coming in hello so the good firewood I'm told around here is older we have basically alder and black spruce maybe a couple poplars a birch here and there but the good cooking what is older if we could find any good this terrain guys look at this place

I found one birch that's pretty dead on the inside normally they come across as like rotten after you find them but I was able to get some good birch bark off of it and I'll be able to burn that too so we're gonna start this fire so later and some birch bark this birch bark is way more dense than what I'm used to so normally it's pretty dry up here but he's probably saying it this year it's actually quite wet which is very surprising considering the rest of Ontario is almost on fire but up here they seem to be getting all the water the size of those bad boys so what do you make it up no big deal old buddy oh man if you're looking good you guys mean business card has a really high point to pull it off

one fish Haley let me go makeshift plate you got gold and goodness [Music]

Cory's informed me that we do actually have plates this is just for presentation

alright let's check into this first bite oh man it smells like KFC I'm not exaggerating not in the least funny thank you no thank you look at this no peasant life oh here boys and girls somebody's probably give me hack for putting ketchup on these I don't know people like to give you problems for whatever whatever reason little lemon juice on this fish just Pearson points where the point is that big rise it's the same like the same contour so you can see there's musk ox here guys musk ox Google what a musk ox looks like if you don't know what it does and Google where I'm at the Northwest Territories the east armed with the Great Slave Lake look at that on Google Maps the CEO for that is from where I am we're up here we're a far west a far north so Corey's been a guide here at the frontier fishing lodge for quite some time how long have you been working here eight years now eight years what makes you want to continue so you're you're here in the summertime yep that's the summertime here it really is different it has a different feel to it I can appreciate that for sure gets in your blood sure so where Corey's from is where I'm about to move to and that's what I've lived before so we're kind of familiar over the same place we're nowhere near Ontario right now and that's where we're from yeah 20 minutes yeah so you've been guiding here what is your job here you guide you take people out yeah I'm a guide full-time guide in the summer and then I do most of the marketing so guiding for this place just typically entails what fishing guide right taking people out on the water showing them the lake

mostly fishing people are here to fish and experience the place have a good shore lunch as you can see from yesterday and today like I've already caught way more truck that I've ever caught in my life bigger truck than I've ever seen in my life 17 pounder yesterday I'm tied for first place time for first place in 17 pounds I've already said that like six times to make sure yeah right a bit of wind here so we haven't been able to get too far but yeah he's even saying we're gonna go later on and try to catch some great are the arctic grayling arctic grayling so those would be really cool I've never seen one in person I know they're pretty colorful yeah yeah so that's another thing you goatee people fly-fishing yeah yeah I have no idea how to do that obviously along with many other things so you're owning a boat for like eight hours a day say you break for lunch come up just like we did now have a shore lunch yeah people are really into that that's very cool it seems like so the big three are gonna be true hiking really there are white fish but there's white fish if you can catch right yeah there's schools schools them out there so how do people get here if they want to come here is this like can you drive here how do you operate you'd have to drive or fly to Yellowknife and then take our charter right yeah that was like an hour long those a nice little plane who's it's awesome to see the land change to colonize the city and then you go into like just the rock and this puddles and everything you just it seems like it goes on forever and then all of a sudden the Great Slave Lake appears and you just see water for as far as you can see legit thought this was like like this is it's the size of like what 300 miles long and then you say something with the deepest deepest lake in North America almost 2200 feet that's crazy there's been some 100-pound Lakers caught over here yeah and the rough what we've what we've been told is the rough estimate as they grow a half a pound a year yeah that's something that we've been that's been drilled into our heads here it's barbless hooks yeah being respectful of the fish live releasing everything we kept one fish it wasn't a big one you know you don't want to eat the big ones anyways so you throw those guys back with them breed well very cool so we're gonna get back in that boat a little bit

head down and do some fly fishing you know you know I'm gonna yeah it's clearing up it's a nice day Suns coming out

picking my fly box here find one that looks like it we want to find one that looks kind of like the catus that are landing on the water here and mimic what the grayling are feeding on if you're fishing for trout or something back home I want it to be very close these grayling generally aren't too too selective but they can be very selective especially later in the season once I've seen a lot of flies and bugs they get pretty particular are using a special knot but though I just seven are out something like that six yeah their special announcement but useful that's not necessary don't fly fishing for the first time sit running

make sure they're not all in here well this is different I had one bite and I didn't get it in this is a lot more finesse way more finesse I'm used to but I have high hopes we're seeing a jump so I think we'll get one yeah this is uh this is very fun it's I'm learning a whole lot I've never I've only tried one time and this is already I knew yeah yep okay I was so cool that was so cool first time really fly fishing and maybe out here for now or not even got that one

very nice choice that was hard to get 120 inches

well I proved them wrong and I just keep all that orange oh one sign madam I can move them down we can take pictures down out laughter right here hot real kind of quick get him on the line yeah there you whoa enjoy that fly rod and the colors are just starting on this thing but still beautiful Oh lots of places that wouldn't be considered a baby and the easiest way to grab him is you're all your fingers under the belly and your thumb one tall yeah just like that then squeeze down just a little bit yeah it's crazy every time you let a fish go it splashes away and swims away like a torpedo and he's grilling his quarry took orders tell me they like to hang out where he's still there that is nice man you could probably pet it pick it up yeah I could definitely Wow very cool man very cool let it go let it go okay that's good and you're getting better drifts every time that's three in a row shows 1,000 so caught a few on the fly I was losing them a little bit so switch up to a spinning reel second cast nail once I'm very cool

what's grilling in here how does it feel nice one big colorful almost flows like hair they're nuts purple on the end of it to either fool and blue very cool just amazing fish you heard it here first pretty normal in the stark river but it's amazing every time you get to see them o gonna fed different colors over the water to very very nice so you said record trophies over well trophies over 16 inches that ones around 20 20 inches finesse of a fly rod and just the normalcy of this like it takes so much more you're here connected to it more fly-fishing for sure effort concentration just the skill it's just a new skill new skill set like if I'm going after food I'm using one of these but sometimes when the fish are biting on flies they're not biting on the roots all right so yeah still still hanging out with us mr. Kofi gray well last time I saw you we were just leaving the fly fishing for grayling came back ate supper now it's 8:05 I'm probably gonna be just in my cabin for the rest night listen to a couple of podcasts online a crash early well guys I'm headed out today to go on a solo camp I'm gonna go overnight by myself should be a lot of fun so this video is done here thanks guys that frontier fishing lodge for having me I highly recommend come and check out this place check it online check out the reviews and you wouldn't be disappointed catch me on the next video when I'm camping in the Northwest Territories alone there's musk ox there's bear there's barely any trees it's a whole different world for me this is an alien environment for me so should be fun alright guys thanks for watching

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