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Cool Weather Clothes for Bushcraft, Camping, Outdoor Pursuits.


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In this video I go over my cool weather clothes for bushcraft, outdoors, camping.

Fjallraven pants

MEC primloft uplink

Under Armor


Merino Wool

Salomon Boots

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Video Transcription

hey guys it's joe here today we're out the woods just hanging out I thought we'd take a look at some cool weather clothing so the best cool weather clothing is having a scout with you a lot of the comments I've been getting lately on my channel has been questions and I'm in an effort to answer those questions I'm trying to put out some videos so that I don't just have a text answer so I can actually explain in detail what I mean and to be totally honest with you I'm putting on content I'm putting on more videos which helps me in which I hope that you guys enjoy as well so that's what this video is this is about my clothing my cool weather clothing so right now it's December almost Christmas and I would normally be doing a winter clothing video right now but it's like 10 degrees right now so it just doesn't make sense to do that I will do a winter clothing video maybe in February if there's an interest for it so we'll just start off first off my toque and this is a just an Outdoor Research polyester toque I got this this year because I couldn't find my merino wool one I did find it but it's a little bit thinner than this so I kind of like this one I'm not sold on the color right so I got like green sweater you know black green pants and it's bright blue Chuck but color really isn't isn't anything in the in the long run so Outdoor Research took any again name brands of this don't really matter but that's what that one is polyester to this a lot of questions I get a lot of questions about this this is my prim loft up link for Mac so the real name of this is the uplink jacket now there's an uplink to that has a hood in pockets here which I really like and I would have got but it didn't come out till this year so then I got this from MEC which I said which stands for Mountain Equipment co-op if you're in the States Mountain Equipment co-op is the Canadian equivalent to REI so they're good like that you can be a member with them they have cheap gear and then they make their own stuff which is even cheaper now you can see I've burned holes in this left and right but I patch them up with just some nylon tape it doesn't matter I've had this jacket for four years I took this on Vancouver Island with me to go on the show and I've used it in every single season that I've needed and for those four years so it really is an invaluable piece of kit in my opinion if breaks down to nothing it can actually fold up it like into a pillow if you stuff it into its pocket here so it just fold it all in then it's got a zipper shuts it up and you can use that as your pillow for when you're sleeping so that's a double purpose what I usually do at night with this is I leave it unzipped I put it down in my sleeping bag by my feet so it's just an extra layer of warmth but it's it's prim lock so it's a synthetic it's not down goodgoodgood piece of kit if I could if I had to buy this again I would I actually might buy the up link to that has the the hood and and the pockets it's just I can't justify right now when this thing is still good to go next up is my sweater and I like a sweater with a hood especially because that up link doesn't have a hood on it right excuse me I have my toque which is fine but when it's cold and I have all that on I still have my neck exposed so I can actually put my hood over top of my toque and then then my my jacket on and I have it all protected so it's pretty good system for that this system is going to be good for me till around zero degrees Celsius so it's pretty fancy yeah this is a it's a UK version sweater but again it's just a poly sweater fits tight I like it stuff like this brands really don't matter this is a mid layer I have on and it's not against my skin or anything like that I'm not really too worried about any kind of sweater would do I do like the fact that it's poly and I do like the fact that it is tight it fits tight to me it's a good fit so next I have my merino wool from MEC again so this is Mountain Equipment co-op brand merino wool it's called a t3 it's pretty thick so there goes T 1 2 2 3 3 T 3 I had a t1 t-shirt garbage straight garbage it um it got holes in it within a couple months excusing a couple months garbage Mex brand of stuff none Equipment co-op is good I don't like the merino wool all that much to be totally honest with you even this one it's frame light that might just be a merino wool thing but I'm paying 150 bucks for the shirt you know what I mean it should last a little bit longer it doesn't have any holes in it or anything as of yet I can see that it's starting to fray and stuff so we'll see I think come from merino wool you have to really spend the good money if you want to keep your clothes for a long time but whatever it's a good good shirt it has a halfway up there you can see so I can vent I have a turtleneck too so that helps with the cold on the neck like I was saying that's a good shirt man so under this I have one more so this is like my I have my first shirt my second my sweater and then my prim loft I would wear so this is my base layer for fall or cool whether it's in the daytime at least it's just a poly shirt again it's a mech Mountain Equipment co-op shirt I really like this shirt it's a it's soft it's it's cool it weighs nothing so it's a good good shirt for the outdoors I've had this for half a year so I like to talk my shirt in feels a little bit better that way that I don't get any draft up from underneath or when I'm reaching down for stuff if my shirt if my jacket in the back pulls up my skin is not exposed and it also it's block if you see a common theme I've got a lot of black clothes it it helps absorb the Sun and it's a good thing but it's also bad thing in the summer but I'm not wearing those things in the summer this shirts and all goodness super that's for sure super hot so my pants alright lots and lots of questions about these awesome pants these are fall Raven Vita pro towel they are pricey no getting around it all fall or even stuff is but I would buy another pair of these in a second if I needed to they're great pants they fit awesome they're in the European sizing so I had to get like size 42 I believe which is like around a thirty to forty six maybe as a 32 anyways they have the the converter on the site but great pants tough they've got these neat neat reinforced knees that you can actually slide pads up into it if you want knee pads I don't need that but lots of good options so they got us an organizer in here there's a little mesh organizer I got my sharpening kit right in there fits in perfect then you got your full cargo pocket

no back pocket though no wallet pocket which whatever I do not wear my wallet in my in the bush anyways it's no big deal really this side got the one big one got the second normal size one and then my favorite pocket of all is the saw or axe pocket right so you've got an opening from the bottom an opening from the top right so if you have your saw walking around the woods cut some wood you want to carry it back with your wood you

right in there it's not coming out anywhere right or if you have your axe you can undo the bottom button okay and open it up now this might take a second because it's not it's a little bit big for it but it works and I've done it well at well I was collecting wood on a camping trip a couple times it my hands were full so I just pop it in there alright and then you keep when you walk it kind of follows with you or whatever it's not too bad man like I don't you don't really trip over it all kind of flops around a little bit but my favorite thing about these pants is the cuff this is what sold me more than anything right so that's how it is normal and that's not even bad like that but I cannot stand outdoor pants that are big at the bottom I have a pair of North Face pants and they're like bell-bottoms almost in there cement for outdoors and all you do when you walk you collect do and then it rubs up against each other and all the way up your leg so with these you can do anything you can go all the way to the back if you want and then that way if you're crossing a creek or something those pants stay up there like that not bad I have used them like that in the past I normally keep them on the third button they're snap and they just kind of fall right to my to my boots what another cool thing is you can do is just put it loose maybe on the second one and there's this Gator clip right on the pants so you can actually clip it onto your your lace and then it comes down and it blocks any kind of debris from getting into your boots or anything like that which is pretty cool but honestly like I said I don't really find that necessary I just put it on the third one and call it good great great pants so that leads me to the boots these are Salomon quest they're good boots of them for a few years but I do have issues with them this is coming off completely can you see it yeah you can see it there the sole is completely coming off and I've shoe gewd that probably four or five times and I voided the warranty by shoeing it which is really stupid I don't see why that would void the warranty but I guess it does so these boots are garbage almost not gonna last too much longer and it's happening on both of them I'm not a hundred percent sure if that's normal or not for these boots they're like $350 boots and tell us only three years kind of sucks but I am pretty hard on my gear we'll see anybody knows me knows that watch my video knows that I don't wear these boots on camping trips on backpacking trips or on canoe trips real back backcountry trips because their gore-tex and when gore-tex gets wet it doesn't dry and gore-tex doesn't get wet right that's garbage gore-tex will get wet in the first day of a backpacking trip my food my feet get soaked and they won't they won't dry again if I were a gore-tex boots so where our trail runners have minimus trail runners that I wear and those dry up pretty well so as for socks I'm wearing smart wool mid layer hikers good good socks I like them a lot they're a little bit too thick for anything any time other than the cool weather though and I'll spare you guys but the underwear I'm wearing our Under Armour not cotton super synthetic they dry quick they're lightweight they constrict our good good underwear I'm not wearing long johns either right now but I do wear Stanfield's polar therms even in this weather I'll bring them with me like I didn't bring them today because I knew I was only staying out for the day for for a few hours but I'll bring if I was going out for an overnighter in this in this weather I would wear all the same clothes that I showed you except for I would bring stanfield polar therm long johns I'll bring a Long John shirt and I'll bring one extra pair of socks I'll bring a thin cotton pair of socks to change into when I go to sleep because my sleeping bag is more than sufficient for this type of weather and I don't need to stay warm by my socks I'm just wearing them for comfort so that's my thoughts on my cool other gear I hope that you guys learn something I hope it was informative for you I hope that this is the kind of video that you were you like if you have any questions that I didn't answer whether it be about clothing or anything else just throw them in the comment section and if I don't reply I'll make a better reply in text I'll make a video for you so you can't really go wrong either way if you guys are enjoying what I'm doing then I would please ask you to comment subscribe like and share it really helps me out I'm trying to make a go with this so we'll see you guys soon on the next one and thank you for watching bye holy crow I get out here go for walk all right

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