Bushclass Tarp Set-up


Setting up my new 5x7 nylon tarp for the first time.

They sell them at Bushcraft Outfitters.

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Video Transcription

alright this is going to be my car are set up for the bush class this is one of the new blankets or groundsheet home from bushcraft Outfitters believe this is a coyote one it doesn't come with a bag which I'm actually happy about because it's hard for me to go them back in the bag comes with this little band just roll her up put her on this is actually the first time I've open mine watched Terry's video this morning decided to use this one for my tarp shelter set up so it's five by seven and you guys probably already know I'm going to just do like I lean to set up with it between these two trees get it all set up and I'll be right back alright so there she is all set up scout underneath emphasizes about 80 pounds and I used I'll show you just getting used to using this tripod so bear with me I used 554 the ridgeline and using the trick that I'll woodsman copy with the toggles that's how the paracord the ridgeline is actually attached to the tarp is not through the loops but it's what is through the loop so with the toggles on it so taut line hitch same on the other side three toggles and on the back got two pegs and i'm using the taut line hitch to keep it straight on there too I'm actually happy with the way this is set up i usually get wrinkles in my my tarp and have to readjust it but this is maybe it's because it's smaller i don't know but i got it nice and tight the first time I really like this type I haven't been able to use it for any specific purpose yet except for just showing it set up but it seems it could be a nice thing for giving in your day pack obviously I always been touched all those bases thing is going to make another video we set about using it for shelter I like it wanted to say thanks chef al for hooking me up with that and I would definitely recommend it all right guys

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