Bushcraft in the wet snow


First real snowfall of the year, it was very heavy and wet.

Started a fire, hung out.

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Video Transcription

finally got some substantial snow that's some snow the other day and it melted

almost immediately today's almost a white o as you can see looking over the field there but the bad thing with that with this snow came the drop in temperature all this was frozen the other day what are you doing oh there's no snow on the inside of it but sure is soaking wet a couple pieces here that aren't to it but on the bottom the bed the seats all soaked well this should be a challenge on the search for some dead standing Oh Scott looks like he's seen something hey what are you doing come where run away

smells up the cup cup cup but what is it all right then anyways like I said on the look for some dead standing preferably with some bark on it try and keep the water or the moisture out of it as much as possible so something like this would be ideal I'm not going to take because it's a little thick for one of money what I want to use they just don't want to take down that big of a tree pretty tall I'm not going to be over here for too long i'm not going to burn it up and if i take it down then it's just gonna get soaking wet so I'll see it for another time where I'm actually going to use the whole piece all right here's a cluster of maples I want to take this one here it's nice and thin boat a little bit smaller than my wrist it's dead now if in the wintertime you can't tell if something is good or not I just like to give it a little slice with my knife it's not green underneath which is not very game see in the wintertime firewood warms in three ways collecting it cutting it and burning it I believe that to be true opposed to a while back actually a long time ago or using my more knife as a striker and to getting char cloth to catch and there have been a little bit of interest in it recently at a couple private messages and somebody asking me how how I did it so it's definitely not my idea but so I just take my knife my Mora and I hold it the blade point like the tip of the blade pointing up and I'll hold my Flint with my left hand cuz I'm right-handed I'll just place the char cloth as a as if I was using it normal striker hoping this is going to work

there we go this is how I want to try to start my fiery today like I said it's gonna be a challenge

ok now I'm going to leave that in there almost smoldering for a minute take it off shit flamed up on me so I gotta get my fire pit ready I didn't want to put the bark slobs down too early because then it was not wet this is very delicate go go scope and it's hard to do this in film at the same time to do this period but this so wet out here I can't even stress they're going to upset it ten times but is ridiculous

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