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Making the Best out of a Bad Situation.


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Was supposed to camp, but things changed, check the video for an explanation.

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Video Transcription

my last video I told you guys I was going to be doing something different this week something cool and it wasn't I tell you what it was well it's not going to happen my buddy John Dearing Jonathan during he's an ice maker tearing knives lives over the border of Michigan really close to here and who's going to come over we were going to go camping and I was going to introduce you guys to him and talk a little bit of those about his knives and stuff like that but halfway through the night the daughter woke up with a temperature of 102 and the wife was up with her all night so I can't in good conscience go up for the day in the night today so instead of that today I'm going to do a vlog I'm going to go into my backyard set up my campus tent and hang out there today as much as I can wall in the middle of running in and out taking care of the daughter and the wife so something a little different today hope you guys enjoy it stay tuned please we're on the backyard now and I've got with me my canvas tent my snow trucker tent and I would so I just weighed them both this is 30 pounds with tent poles all that stakes all that stuff and the stove is thirty pounds with the chimney in it and some bricks on the bottom of it I've got on my back my backpack my hidden woodsman D ruck I want to try whoo what a plan to stay on the day out in the backyard as much as I can like I said I have to run in and out hoe taking care of the girls but mostly ever doing eat is gonna be on my back right now just stay on the back yard I know it's nothing it's my backyard but it is what it is I'm making the best of a bad situation you

oh it's all set up now as you can see now it's time to get some wood it's a little unconventional the kind of wood that we're going to be getting but it'll work

so how to bunch this old back porch it's been back here for a long time and I do have some normal wood some action stuff like that but all these are gnarly pieces that I can't really split that's why they're left over I'm going to start the fire with this old cedar or pine what pine I think and then I had the action stuff later stuff will make good kindling though got a huge feather stick here already made just making some real fine ones here gotta love cedar instinct and look at that not too shabby let's go the boy you know start to feel the warmth already Evan throw out here over an hour tinkering around trying to get this up the way I want splitting wood and stuff and they'll run it in and out and the hosting here those guys think I want to cook up a lunch maybe everything bag well toast it up on the top of there some butter on that piece being skoettel hang out here in the day let the sickies be in there so it's warmed up nicely in here I'm getting hungry it's lunchtime they'll make myself in everything bagel toast it right on top of the wood stove I'm gonna hell of a time cut it there we go come on how to cut bagels 101 all right oh yeah she don't work we got all these old pieces the Applewood that my father-in-law took a took down he cut them on these super tiny pieces and at the time I was bummed out why would you cut him so short but now it helps for this and just toss a few small pieces in there and a super dense wood it'll burn real good better than the the old porch I've been perfect oh snap toasting up real nice not so good there but this one's really good not too shabby Oh my bag was toasting I think I'll make myself up some tea with my handy-dandy snow-peak solo cook set I'll make some honey lemon two Morton's tea now from the smoke coming off of my bagels I would say that we're done oh yeah they're nice and done I'm even gonna use my old morale shoebox for a plea five five-star dining up in this piece

alright so my five-star dining it turned into me spreading butter with my hands that's okay though I don't mind this butter is frozen like ice so I keep having a heated up over the over the wood stove and when I try to spread it with my knife just kind of breaks the old hands work pretty good though just painting that butter huh woodstoves got that pretty cool little shelf right next to it and keep things warm without without continuing to cook them I think the wipes gonna go out for a little bit I'm gonna go inside and take care of mo for a bit but I'll bring you on inside with me all right I'm being summoned I guess I don't have time to drink my tea so here we go try and keep her warm in there I guess okay some allowed back out how you feeling okay Emmie

I feel super for respiratory

would you all philosophy on blank yeah okay I'm gonna make you version of sandwich on the issue blanket going put tinea hey you watch movie or baby I was bummed that I couldn't go camping but I just can't justify the can I wouldn't couldn't get it on a good conscience go okay we'll come believe on lunch curtain or minions or yeah name what is it son you said just sweetheart baby daddy will make you peanut butter and jam now what color straw you want she's always very particular about the color of her straws and the fact that she doesn't care today cause because she's hashed it really sick he goes we what

hey okay daddy's gonna feed you okay you can see there I'll be back to you guys in a few hours all right I'm back outside the wife is home with the kiddo laying down on the couch so crank this wood stove it's still pumping up some heat so I'm gonna split up some wood so I brought my laptop out here got a yeah extension cord running from the house I haven't had to plug it in but I'll do that and I'm listening to whole Kirtley he has a podcast it's pretty interesting you guys don't know who Paul Curley is I would HIGHLY advise check him out yeah he knows his stuff that's for sure so he's a guy from the UK good wilderness instructor for a long time very smart guy lots of good stuff to say so whenever I'm doing the dishes or got some time by myself which doesn't happen too often throw that on listen to it get some ideas intelligent conversation I have no idea if you can see this on there not but hold the dummy try to baton through a nail not not anything hot bad I just tapped my hand on the blade a little bit but got a little roll on it I'm not happy with that so really sucks is I haven't had to even touch this on a sharpening stone at all yet I've just been chopping it since I got it it's not the bag look this is not going to impede anything it was just a flawless edge before now I got the stupid thing in there being a dummy all right well it's not too bad I can still see a little tiny din but it's like it's minute it's microscopic and now I just gotta I want to drop my knife because I do like a smooth edge I'm like this convex and I've on any knife it's not like an axe I'd still strop an axe with I'm gonna strop this one up pretty good pretty sharp when I'm done see it's all clean there now I'm a very edge oh I gotta move away from the stove all right you can see my edge is all polished now and we should be good I'll test it on some hair and I'll egg yeah that's pretty sure all right I think we're all right there a little bit of hair it's almost as good as new now and sharpening time after time will eventually bring it good as new so I'm not too worried about it dumb mistake though oh my goodness there's a wild rat it's a wild animal

this is emerald rot she saved up her allowance and bought a wrap but everything comes with it with her own money and named it many men he's a good girl

emerald likes to be a little bit rough with me so animal doesn't really get to play with Minnie too much she's a good girl right Minnie yep that's the camera I got those two steaks that was supposed to cook up with my buddy when we were camping tonight so I want to cook him on fire tonight just here on the fire pit but I have Lego saying earlier only crappy wood left so I have to break out the big axe and split down some gnarly pieces chopping block all right I'm gonna start the fire using fatwood cuz it's nice and easy and it'll go quick so I got all my shavings and then feather stick the fat wood and a bunch of little splinters so that'll go up really easily I just got to make some kindling this stump is just it's so sketchy it's like a donut before one side being actually sound it's okay for splitting up the bigger pieces but anyways just an excuse to use my knife - this is ole - I got from Doug Doug outside he's always hooking me up with stuff someone was up there he loaded the trunk up with all this wood he gets it from his uh most father's bush lot all the ash are dead now from the borer shame too because it's a nice fire wood and the wood doesn't stay good for that long like the Explorer turns and kind of fun

got kids and pets on this street cooler driving up and down like that anyways ash borer turns at punky it's not the greatest part of wood after it sits for a while

Tsing angel-hair

I love the convex knives for hardwood and the sirens and beeping noises in the background

lovely lovely

well that burns down to coals we're going to go inside and prepare the steaks you're going to get my video your everything you say now is even my video Kay okay do the steak call me buddy so instead of putting these on a fire in the woods he's got a flare at home okay here I got New York's get cuz now I can't even concentrate go away oh not her not talking to her dog to you she walked in the room to the wife doesn't like that on Perrier's and I do want to trim any off on but show up the waves beforehand it was chunk of fat and meat to old scooter patiently waiting good way for your foo we're gonna fix that fire


let's say that sizzle Oh too shabby throw this top on smoke her up a little bit good to go I'll even though this day was a bust it wasn't so bad to spend most of the outside the rest of it slept with my daughter mending it at least the day drinking a nice IPA having a good steak over the fire and spent some time with the girls tonight to wave usually works a lot so maybe we'll have a family movie night I want to apologize again to my buddy John last-minute fatal sort of that next time we'll have to do it again and we'll make a video courtesy is not soon they're really nice nice Dearing knives but I'll probably end this one now I'm going to go and have supper like I said just relax spend some time together

so thanks a lot for watching guys this is something just totally different who knows maybe we'll do again I kind of liked it how do we do all right it'd be cruel not to show you the stakes flipping at least once oh yeah they're nice and softened up on the ball and we're sliding around but the meat will let you know when it's time to turn the meat oh so what it's sticking don't turn it wait till she's she's nice and nice and loose for it all right that's it

good night

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