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Building a Permanent Camp-10 Days, 10 Items; Alone on an Island in the Canadian Wilderness. Ep2


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Join me in an adventure of a lifetime.

I spend 10 days alone with 10 items in a backpack, I live/camp on an Island, have a canoe to travel in search of food.

I live on fish and whatever small reserves I had.

I encounter Eagles, loons, and beaver, see sign of Black Bear, Moose, and many other animals

I have epic sunsets, strong camp vibes, and lots of time to think and film.

I build a semi permanent shelter, chair, tripod, carve a spoon, and have endless camp chores.

This is the second video in a mini series, I have a ton of footage.

The next video in the series will be out soon.

I hope you all enjoy 10 Days, 10 Items ; Alone on an Island in the Canadian Wilderness.

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Twitter https://twitter.com/Robinet_Joe

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Video Transcription

you guys oh my goodness is anyone there [Applause]


oh yeah


hey guys I really hope you're liking the miniseries so far we're about to watch episode two I was lucky enough to get a sponsor for this video sponsorships helped me go and do this kind of stuff that I enjoy doing and then you like to watch I'm not asking you guys for money I'm doing sponsorships instead so I think it works out pretty well a sponsor for this video is Vikings

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there she be damn son we're gonna get out of here this plane is kicking up even more

goodbye Island

you were a good one thank you for your wood your resources on to the next one okay we're off island caught a flake right in here yes yes yes oh my goodness okay too much guys can't mess around too much guys all this this thing is coming there's no getting around it I'm not letting this go this fish is knocking away this fish is not getting away you hear me swish is not getting away okay okay yes whoa okay yes yes thank God oh my goodness that's a nice pike I almost did not get that guy in the boat that was sketchy I yes I'm shaking I'm so excited I'm so excited for a pike oh my god thank god this changes the game now like I can eat good today I can eat good today that's that's two meals on that guy I was literally just saying oh I got it on film I was just saying this is where I caught that play cut yesterday or almost caught that Pike had it on who lost it boom he hits right there could have been the same one I really don't care looks about the same size actually this is a decent size fish it's not a monster pike but it's a good eater everything's coming up millhouse I got to continue on to my my next location the next shelter spot I'm extremely content extremely this is money in the bank maybe up there it's not too slanted it's nice and open Rocky [Music]

worth a shot worth looking at anyway very few trees very spindly - so that's not the greatest for shelter building and firewood this lake is so shallow with so many exposed rocks it's pretty marshy in there I don't know how that'll be for bugs when the time comes

that's the thing like I'm trying to think of a bunch of different things for the shelter like all chipmunk wind sawn bugs building materials firewood because I'm gonna be here for the next week gonna be in that location for the next week this is pretty boggy it's all bog right there which leads me to believe that there'd be a lot of mosquitoes so you know what this is pretty flat but look what's there to tie off to or anything all these trees are spindly spindly spindly no I'm not in love with this spot yep decision is made coming up to another spot here that might be suitable I'm gonna hop up on shore and check her out again I like the boat landing so here's another Island spot looks suitable to me you gotta check out the resources all right off the hop I see spruce which will be my bedding it could be my bedding this is all lichen on the ground that's the stuff I was using for fire and underneath that straight rock so I can have my fire up on top of this goes into the bush a bit here this Islands quite a bit bigger than my first island oh look at them all that's a pretty hot spot actually look at that if I take away that middle dead log there's like a nice hot spot it is pretty windy but this is the most sheltered spot I've seen so far I could lay here clear all these trees out of here these little spindly nuffin trees we use those trees for the shelter oh I could tie a ridge pole high in one of those trees string my tarp up make a big tripod over there and then lean some of the trees that I cut down on the ridge pole drape the tarp over that so it has like structure ribs hmm it's super windy it's super windy it's crazy the wind is coming from a few different directions here probably because I'm on the island it's a hard decision guys it really is I think I like this spot it's definitely a possibility I like a lot more than the first one or the first option we stopped at try to make up my mind here on this being home and if not in a few days if it gets real bad I can move but so I have a decent amount of work to do if this is gonna be my shelter squat obviously this is way too crowded in here I got to get rid of a lot of these trees the good thing is though there's not really much soil and I believe that a lot of these trees are just in the top few inches of Duff and moss and lichen so I should be able to just pull some out yeah these small ones I can pull out not gonna take too much effort but bigger ones but I'll have to use my saw on my act I have to clear out this whole area high off there I put a tripod where the camera is I'll be able to have a fire underneath my tarp but in front of it I'll put the bed at the back laying sideways should be pretty good and I'll be able to use all these poles for a shelter building yeah I guess it's not good to pull it out I pull them out I'm pulling up all the moss with me and I don't know how much more I want to get out of here I know I want to move a lot because the fire but I'm not sure where just yet so do that I mean that's a quite a bit of moss I can use that it on my bed too before I put my um my spruce boughs down I can build up a huge pile of moss

then put the boughs down I'll have a nice comfortable bed wanna cut these as close to the ground as possible that way I don't have a bunch of roofs hanging out everywhere stumps at me this is where my bed's gonna be I've got to get rid on this log that's awesome I'll lay like this oh yeah not too shabby

area is pretty clear now looking good I do need to find a ridgepole a long straight sturdy Ridge pull I'm gonna come back into the forest on the island here try and get one look at the moss back in here man this is awesome look at this this is wild I'm Way back here away from the shore run a little clamshell that's cool I haven't seen any animals man I've only seen birds no bear no wolves howling no moose no caribou I've seen loons an eagle and a bunch of different kinds of birds

there's grouse poop right here it's a bunch of it okay the tree I need is right here I'm gonna try and take it down back in this tangled mess of trees and snags

that's good firewood holy okay the first part of that's done I gotta haul it out of this bush that could be challenging

okay not almost done I'll play along ah I have to keep these glasses on getting scratched up like crazy and okay here's the top of it and I clean these branches off and pull her out bam shine and now I've got all these limbs eyebrows so I can use for a bed I don't know if it'll show up in the video but there's a sundog a rainbow all the way around the Sun a complete circle it's the second time I've seen this I've got to really spend my time and clean off the pokies on this ridgepole I don't want to poke a hole through my tarp obviously so take some time and do this properly


and put it up that high and then try a tripod over here but still tie that one there tripod there that's a bit high actually I might have to come down it's a bit high okay good to know wow it's windy man I gotta tie up my tripod now for my other end of the shelter I'm just gonna use this random piece of rope that was in my life jacket about that long so I tie it connected to one I'm gonna do some wraps and fraps I want to make this pretty sturdy right so I've got a big heavy log on top of it and these are kind of spindly at the top I'm gonna go inside and wrap the cord on itself and those are called fraps it's like a lash almost should it will be very sturdy I'm super hungry but I just keep working because I don't want to eat any of my reserves and I want to eat that plague I'm gonna have that plate for lunch so I believe that's what I'm gonna do at least I'm just gonna keep working until I feel like I can't work anymore I'm going slow and methodical it's uh I know I need to do that so that I don't burn myself oh and so that I don't make a mistake because I'm very hungry and dehydrated too you can feel it and see it in my pee okay okay tall got to come closer actually yep that'll work that will work tying the song with the Canadian Jam not I really want this secured so I'm going to wrap it a few times after I tie it on I was stupid I was really dumb man that sucked up a huge headache now dammit dammit

okay that was my first big mistake out here ah stupid okay

now to tie it on we want to tie the support stick in there too even though it's a super good piece of firewood I cut it for firewood you know I think I almost need a support stick here so I'm just going to tie all three things together using the Canadian Jam I'm happy I brought the big tarp now that might not work stick a little beaver chewed stick up through a tab there we go this thing I cleaned up all the pokies

that's not what I need yeah that's gonna be sweet that's about perfect I gotta get something tied down so this doesn't fly off but whoo bunny that Sun just came out - oh that's a tarp

this is just roughly done right now just kind of tied on nothing's in place I still have to get some ribs two or three on either side to hold this tarp up from going in from the wind

I have to tie it down better but look at the size of this thing I can legit have a fire right in front sleep sideways I'll have lots of room for stuff will do the hang stuff up this is cool I got a little tree inside my shelter very cool so you can see it's all saggy very saggy but that'll get fixed and that's my view BAM okay I'm calling this done for today it's a shelter at least the shelter part of it I still have lots more that I can improve upon but more ribs tied crosspieces lock up a little gap on the bottom there but for today I'm fine this is totally cool this is way better than what I had in past two nights so what a one I do now is clear the space in front of me we're gonna get a fire pit ready and click off my lunch and be very very exhausted how exhausted very very hungry and thirsty too [Applause]

can I get my stuff over the Sun I want my fire pit right at the edge of the tarp here but a little bit on the inside so that in case it's raining in case it rains I can sit in here and still have a fire I'm gonna get all this Moss out of here

so nothing catches fire yeah might be a little bit more difficult than I thought you gotta get down to rock down to rock bro

yep there's rock right underneath see how these trees grow hey just barely any taproot her no tap root I'll just spiderwebs out because the soil is not deep at all that's why they can be blown over easily with the wind there's all my firewood my kindling my bigger piece is my biggest I'll light up this fire

no one sticking it on right away fish meets my Betty so I already cleaned that Pike I didn't want to leave it sitting in the Sun I cleaned it right when I got here actually didn't want to leave it sitting in the Sun and yeah didn't want to leave it you know intact either because I want to spoil the meat so I'll show you what I did I ended up sacrificing one of my camera battery bags Oh a ziplock and I put the meat in there and then I sunk it in the water with a rock to keep it cool to get brushed you were ready to go I need a piece of it right now for lunch hey I'm meat I'm only gonna take one piece I'll take the back strap I did the five filet method oh no that's the that's the filet where's the back doesn't matter I got five filets in there a good amount of meat I'm gonna eat this one right now for lunch by itself not with rice and then I'll put these with rice tonight it'll be good will be good doesn't that look cozy what a nice home loss carb fire I'm working a spore really I'm gonna cook my fish on the stick my spirit through stick it near the fire no lard no seasoning the lemon just eat this fish nice and natural just fire your smoke you know on a fresh pine quick to just the best kind of wood for this right all right that's a good hunk of meat guys super stoked on that move my fish prop it up on the log hold it down with the raw put it right in front of the flames as the wind was blowing it the flames the wrong way for it to cook the fish so now it's all squared away is working really good flip her over oh yeah

boiling fish is probably done - all right folks moment of truth here man do a great job of getting the Y bones out but that's okay too hahaha

I'll show you guys like have like I said why bones make a dip a little to clean it not difficult just different it's okay I'm picking it out instead of two filets off a pike you get five just pretty decent oh man this is much needed this is much needed way better than a sucker we tell you that yeah I did a really horrible job leaving his Y bones in Oh

never viably so happy to eat pike this is a good amount of meat right now and they still have probably the equivalent to what I just cooked now over there I messed up on the other flee this is the best fillet I made the other ones weren't that great again I'm using my built knife so it's hard but I'll cook the rest tonight with with with a bit of rice so only a little tiny bit of rice cuz it over did the rice last night but everything's working out everything evening out I'm soaked on this ready for a cup of hot water mmm

oh look at this meat ah don't touch the ground broke I gotta show you this first here are the Y bones and I was talking about you can see it look like wise you can see they look like wise hence the Y bone garbage but anyways look at me bro look at that meat I'm gonna have meat more why balloons look at my bone boy don't try to swallow why bones doesn't turn out well I hear a bush plane I hear a little plane you guys hear it I don't see it you can definitely hear it it's a cool feeling cool feeling knowing I'm here alone it's very cool all right I mean you thrust my pike pretty much wind in here I could get out and paddle around but it'd be a heck of a time in fact I just been laying in bed reading in bed laying on the moss reading I haven't even made a bed yet it's close to four o'clock III have been really good wrote in my journal last night that I needed to make today productive I needed to move camps I needed to catch a pike and eat it and all of that happened that was my to-do list to myself from yesterday man the wind is webbing through that way for airflow for breeze for smoke to come out I do have a little bit of wind coming in there but it's okay the temperature is not cold it's actually really comfortable when I get to my sleeping bag nice and warm and the wind dies down at night it has every night so far and I remember that from the last time I was here in any as a general rule that's how it she goes so I'm not too concerned about it if it does become an issue I'll make like a brush wind blog on the back and on the one side we're still gonna add on to the shelter stuff throughout the next couple days but like I said today I'm done I do have to make a bed I need a bed to sleep on very content very comfortable sun's out the wind's blowing I got my hood on sitting in the Sun it's just there's no bugs there's no bugs at all I might change but for now there's no bugs Plus even if there was with this win there's no black flies are gonna be here last night add a few mosquitoes buzzing and stuff but is it crazy that I'm thinking about my next trip already I'll get home from school I'm thinking about her and the wife of that when I get up and around this time because that's the time she's going to school and coming home having supper they're probably having a lot of fun without me my wife is very pregnant very pregnant now and I told her I'd come home with a name it's a girl we know that some of you will know that too from watching my gender reveal video so it's hard it's hard finding a picking a name with emerald I knew right away I wanted her name to be emerald I love the name Emmy I love the fact that it's my birthstone it's kind of Irish II she's uh she's my little jewel

so yeah I got to think of a name gotta think of a good baby name for a girl I am at peace right now a lot of the times I have a song playing through my head while I'm out and just constant just inner noise but just sitting here looking at the lake quiet internally quiet there's something to be said about camping solo there's something to be said about being out in the wilderness by yourself I like what it's good to enjoy which is something that I struggle with normally check out these pine cones don't they look weird

well I've been doing much look at that look how they grow all the way around the scene that's crazy anyways having to do much been laying here reading six o'clock now I'm winded it's just absolutely ridiculously when do it today I'm really hoping it dies down tomorrow there's no getting in the canoe hopefully tonight hopefully tight when it gets dark or about to get dark and go for a nighttime paddle like I like to do but other than that I'm here I'm winded on this island so I'm gonna cook up my dinner rice and fish I made a little bit of improvements to the shelter I put another Ridge rib up there tied it off I put one on the outside too because to hold it all in place this thing is just shaking like crazy it's sturdy it's not going anywhere the tripod sturdy the ridgepole sturdy everything's safe it's just super windy and noisy so tied that off hung a couple pieces of gear up I wasn't got my camera here and everything all up from the boat had to tie the boat up because the wind again Dilli I was happy that I cut that bike a beaten rice dinner again if I didn't okay I got a decent amount of firewood here enough for supper and then some and then after that all wander around the island and gather as much as I can it'll probably stay late till about ten o'clock again tonight [Applause]

not like in man I'm liking it a little upside down fire [Applause]

here we go catch from earlier it's going in Boyle and then I'm going to make rice in that water that's a good amount of meat guys that's a really good amount of meat that's good very very good it's a little windy just a touch windy oh my goodness it's time for the wind to die down now all day it's windy it's just super windy [Applause]

gotta make myself another spoon for scoop eating utensil Deeley I know I said I was gonna keep the last one but I didn't want to put it in the pack and bring it here I thought I'll just make another one so this would be my third one day three third thirds or he'd utensils

yeah yeah idiot oh man there's no like like maple you know like a nice smooth easygoing maple there's old jack pad [Applause]

it looks like it's done to me oh she's falling apart boy yeah that's done okay I'm gonna throw these in here boil up my rice I probably do have to dump some of this water out because I have a ton of it and it'll be too much for my rice but dump all of it out try and keep some of the nutrients in there I was expecting this to take a little bit longer to cook so I thought that the water would have evaporated but no I know

do it for next time okay that's not a bad amount of meat guys that plus a little bit of rice some of those dehydrated vegetables eating like a king tonight like IQ less than yesterday like that's not that much should've brought more rice I do have this this and this is a lot more this isn't minute rice so it's it fluffs up a lot more from the less you use the more you get okay losing my mind guys losing my mind okie Dokes I know I'm probably gonna hear people saying you shouldn't be cooking where you're sleeping dealing with food where you're sleeping and stuff but I'm on an island part of the reason I wanted to be on an island was so that I could do this I know bears can swim with the likelihood of one just smelling me and coming to this island or being on this island already and coming over to me because it smells food is very unlikely and I will chase it off if it does if it does happen but I'm not too concerned about it at all but if you are don't do like I do I'm not an example for everyone I'm just doing things the way I want to do them good app I love this cooks in Seoul of Siberia let's try a little piece of fish it's cold that's good about my bed made just enough for tonight I'll have to redo it tomorrow I got my present I'm always looking at it it's just like kind of propped up so I can see the happy birthday on it can't wait to open that and I put a week got all my camera gear my coat my light my hat acts this place already feels way more home-like than than the last camp just because like I have a big shelter where I can be and have all my stuff in and hang out at I'll have to keep running back from one spot to the other kind of thing although I did like that too but this just feels more home-like

is it homey or homely I was saying homely meaning that and people were said that that's not what that means and I've also heard homely like well that baby looks homely you know that's a homely looking baby said one snuggly baby one snuggly baby sure is one snuggly baby okay this is perfect I pulled it off just in time there's still a little bit of water in the bottom of this throw my fish in now and put it back in that way it'll all heat up together I'm gonna break up that fish not too much I don't want to mushy but look at that guys look at that

that's a meal right there well I gotta be careful both my bones but that's okay all right that's going back on all right she done

I'm gonna treat myself put a little kink spice in this piece mmm flavortown this has been a good day it's been a very good day it's not choke on Y bones and call it a great day there we go cheers guys whoo that's okay that's okay stoked on that man this is good this is so good this is gonna be filling I'm very happy

I was worried guys I was worried there for a bit on the fishing so if I remember correctly it's supposed to be wooden you like this for two or three days so that means a good number early tomorrow super early go paddle around fish and try and get probably one or two fish if I can if I can grab two that'd be great no I'll just grab the one one worked out fine for me today I haven't been overly hungry at all that lunch held me over and then this is like icing on the cake for sure but I'd have to get fish and I have to get resources I want to get firewood I know there's a lot of firewood around the shore and stuff I want to paddle the circumference of my island just to get a fuel for it so I do want it and I like to paddle I want to be in the water go get up early early in the morning do that I may enjoy my supper I'll be back with you guys this is so good I can't hold you I'll get back to you after I'm done this is really really really good this is what I want to have on my birthday dinner I need to make that happen this is so good well supper was really really good sitting well it filled me up like the best so far so that's great I'm content I'm feeling pretty good getting chilly I was gonna go paddle around it seemed to calm down for a little bit but it's back now windy 7:30 so maybe that's not gonna happen think but I got to go down to the water clean up my stuff and boil up some water proof for drinking I'll probably make a spruce tea or something like that I haven't seen any Labrador tea on this island

yeah it's windy bigboy i toughed i talked so i messed up and didn't bring a ton of memory cards and my 64 gig memory card that I brought that usually lasts like days must have been half full or three-quarters of a full because it ran out the first day and I just filled up as my second in memory card which was my 32 gig I had this 16 and then I have whatever is in Harlan's two cameras I'll take out and I'll using this and then I have my Nikon with the SD card in it so I think I'll be okay and I have my GoPros and stuff but I just I messed up by not formatting the the 64 gig and probably I should have had two or three 64 gigs on top of everything else but that's okay

I think everything will be fine hope it ended up coming down quite a bit from what it was so I got over on the boat piled around a little bit enjoyed a nice sunset just catching the tail end of it right now a little bit of pink left in the sky there's a little bit more color it's beauty oh now guys absolutely awesome I could stay over here till it gets completely dark I think I will that's what I'm doing day three was really good that's my island it's like ten times bigger than my last one that part there that little almost disconnect apart probably the size my last one it's all connected it's quite big what a sight for sore eyes all right so this kind of sucks I'm just sitting here thinking what if they put any kind of food in that present for me and I just had to look real quick like I didn't want to like look at anything in particular but I look in the first thing I see is a chocolate bar and all this now this is like stuff to make s'mores and then hot chocolate that's really nice of them but I can't have this in here you know my foods way over there away from my on my shelter so I didn't look at like the important things what they s they wrote me something and there's pictures I just looked away real quick so I didn't see but I can't I can't have this here sleeping with this that's just that's just asking for trouble so thank you hon ease I appreciate it but this is dangerous this is night three so I'm gonna go put this with my food I'm very happy to have it I had no idea it was here yeah that's really cool and it would've been even cooler on the last night but I guess I wouldn't have eaten it all on the last night anyway that have been too much already got the sick got my food all the way down here by the water my earth sack you can see it back in there there you go so I got tied on the inside of a few trees that weight makes it super difficult if anything tries to get at it and they can't get inside it anyways or can't take it away but it seems to be a really good way to do it you know I had to do it I couldn't just put it away once I saw it I knew I was doing it a little smaller

you got to roast the marshmallow just so it slightly crows crow stood lately brown crispy and roasted as well as trying to say got the chocolate up here melting away yeah you buddy i melted the chocolate and over time oh my so much sugar Wow I mean all these graham crackers are already crushed in there eh as soon as I put them in that bag man that's good Thank You family I should have known better I should have told them make sure there's no food in it well good luck that's pretty cool just laying here whole shelters lit up listening to loons very cool very serene good morning I'm up with the Sun the winds already kicking up and waters moving pretty good I'm gonna get up and have some breakfast and then get out and try to fish this was the worst sleep I had and I still had a pretty good sleep I have to adjust adjust my bed I was on a slant and I didn't put enough boughs and stuff but that's okay I'll make a proper bed and stuff time for some oats I'm first them both of my belly

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Joe is a very talented bushcrafter. He has a "straight" approach to bushcraft life-style. His videos reach a very high quality, both for the shootings and for the content. He took part on the History Channel show "Alone"

You can find all his videos on his YouTube channel.

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