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Preparing for a 5 Day Winter Bushcraft Camp.


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In this video, I show my gear for an extended cold winter camp, I show preparing my gear and myself.

Some gear choices and why I chose them.

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Video Transcription

hey guys tomorrow and be leaving for a six-day five-night winter camp in North Eastern Ontario it's gonna be temperatures we're going to looking to be around negative 25 Celsius at night and around negative 10 ish in the daytime so not too bad we're actually looking for - it's not too much snow either so we'll see what happens on my snow over there but I thought I'd might make this video about how I prepare before I camp like that and gear that I'll use what I do to my gear before I go and just mentally getting prepared so basically I'll go through some of my gear some of it quick some will talk about it and if you have any questions just let me know so let's start off start off small I guess this little pack this little pouch I want to keep everything come from compartmentalised as much as possible so in here I'm gonna have things like a fire steel this Purell hand sanitizer my toothbrush some floss ticks and toothpaste headlamp sharpening kit a fuel sharpening kit and some extra batteries for my head there so that's gonna stay all together because those things are small and they can get lost in the big tax that I'm using I have a first-aid kit my food so this is my food for six days probably weighs I don't know 15 pounds or so we've got things like Clif bars Lipton soups for lunch pop-tarts in there I have some teas oatmeal rice the Uncle Ben's rice peanuts and M&Ms in here sausages baby Bell cheese pepperonis trail mix it's a little bit candies then after suppers I have my foil dinners and a steak so the steak I'm going to eat the first night and then I'll have the foil dinners and the sauce

just for the rest of the nights I'm gonna Brandon grill and I already season my steaks I'll have to bring it with me or whatever I'll just throw my grill right on the on the coals and cook my steak that way no foil dinners are gonna be frozen all this off a free solid I'll just have to be thought slowly beforehand nobody go so that's my food pile can't make fun of you this time I actually brought food oh and a little bottle of 40 Creek Dole barrel and I have 26 or of 40 creeks another kind they make I brought whiskey this time is my wrong folks water another water bottle trouble easier bucks up it's a smaller version of the to my wetterling's 26 inch axe it's equivalent to the grants for Scandinavian forest axe this is an old axe that's a old wetterling's it's a really really good access to well taken care of I didn't do it somebody else fix it up it's it's a nice axe what winter axe my adventure sworn


that's the grill I was talking about that's a dog grill I have my zebra it's a 12-7 your zebra and then I have a folder Cup inside it it's a Swedish fold Cup with as well as I have the insert in there oh these are called yak tracks last time we land we're walking across ice we're walking across like multiple lakes where we're going the last time there was no snow on lakes who just spray ice so the friction was was none this let's pull behind us like easy but in the same respect we couldn't walk in a slide a feet so these little yak tracks will do the job they'll just slide out on top of my boot and go for TP paracord a bunch of it this is my only backpack I'm bringing this is a mathematician what rolie polie extreme so that turns into a backpack it's lightweight and when I do day trips from our static site I'll be able to carry this and everything I need for the day in that just some extra gloves these are small fleece gloves these will be like the night the gloves over 90% of time sunglasses

one of these Dickey things you slip on over your head it's just like a polyester one wool toque big surplus wool mitts for when it gets real cold sitting by the fire at night my reflectix my blue foam pad which I'm sitting on right now my snow shoes my snow shoes I'm going to use our smaller of the of the two pairs I have I'm not anticipating too much snow and these pack on some better on my pack so I'm gonna use these ones they're old favors my snow pants I will wear my snow pants all the time my sleep my layering system goes underwear long johns snow pants these snow pants are lying in fleece and they're good to go this is all I've ever worn in winter camping these are called Oh a pro I got them at Costco like 12 years ago and they still fit and they're going strong so why change it Mike rim loft as a mid layer my wind shell / if it gets like rainy wet snow it's a wind rain jacket heavy duty and also yeah yeah a good barrier and then this is my wall Omnitech one from Columbia they'll be my main heat source clothing I don't bring much clothes it's all like that's basically I'll wear that every day but extras I bring I have a cotton tank top a merino wool beanie I usually just wear cotton underwear I've been wearing these Under Armour underwear for a while now I got like four pairs these are awesome never were cotton underwear yeah these are the way to do it so I brought like three pairs of those plus the ones I wear in soc's soc's soc's soc's soc's soc's long-johns long-johns so I'll wear one pair of long johns in a day time and then I go to bed at night I'll switch out to another pair long Jones vice versa every night all those clothes are gonna go in this Outdoor Research waterproof stuff side okay so my sleek system this is a sleeping bag this is a negative seven Celsius down sleeping bag it's a six hundred filled Mountain Hardwear it's 20 Fahrenheit bang so that's gonna go inside my lover student bed which I'll show you in a second so that's one Seaton bag packs down really really small in this compression sack I got this compression sack this is the first time I'm using it it I kid this is half the size that this bag normally is it's well worth it it's 30 bucks it's a quarter of sea2summit that's the brand my max efficient thermal wrap or something max edition my third whereas in you air that's my soup add this is my one tarp it's nine by nine square tarpon island tarp this is a 10 by 10 bushcraft USA niland turn these together are gonna be my shelter I also have a baby bag a pillow

I bought this pillow at Mac for $20 at any seat it has grip on the back I haven't used it yet this is new it has grip on the back it's inflatable and it's bigger than my other one you don't even have to really blow into it forward to to get as big as you need it to but if you want to blow in it that's all it takes and then it's super super comfy I actually really just use it like that I've used it a home and it's great so this is the first camp trip I'll bring on the stickiness is gonna be good is not gonna slide around it's easy my main sleeping bag negative-20 shit up bag it's all it's probably not worth the rain correctly it's just a good big old bag that I put my other bag inside I'll be good Kyle has like a $700 feather friends sleeping bag and last year I used this suit bag in conjunction with a warmer one than this and I did just as well in that that set up that cost me probably three or four hundred dollars his cost him seven grand his is nicer later just one piece as opposed to a system it's tell me better but just goes to show you you could do this cheaper as far as what I will be wearing in the daytime like on my upper I didn't I'm not gonna pack that because I'm I'm gonna bring it in a separate bag in the car and changing to it as soon as I get there it's like an eight-hour Drive there or whatever so as soon as I get there I'll change into it so basically I've got smart wool wool socks I've got oh yeah the Under Armour Under Armour that'll be wearing underneath then long johns I do wear a cotton under undershirt I'll change it overnight if it is wet I'll change I'll make regardless but I do wear one I don't know I've never had a problem I have a merino wool t-shirt that would wear over top of that and then I have a merino wool thick long long long sleeve shirt little wear on top of that and then either a sweater or this polyester sweater I'm wearing and then it'll be my prim loft and then regardless are started depending on how cold it is it'll be my wool and then my win/win coat or or not depending I'm gonna get this all packed up and see show you guys how how compact I can get it in in my sled I forgot to show you guys my boots I got the new boots for Christmas here these are bath ins they are called Baffin endurance I believe and they are crazy I've had my last pair of Athens for about seven years whoa and like crappy hundred-dollar Balcon set seven years I use of this the first year I've had something new so I imagine these elastic quite a while let's go anyways so those of the boots I'm gonna be using I haven't worn yet they're supposed to be rated to negative hunger but that doesn't mean that I can just wear these outside a negative hundred be fine I'm sure if I stop walking around negative forty not even a good for NATO 20s any cold but that's that's the rating that you that's why it my gear all packed up I have the two yellow bags on my sled I have my snowshoes attached on and just paracord back and forth I'm using just again this little rope or whatever yeah this little rope it's not that Kyle just got here he's gonna spend the day here too so I put my grill this is my dog girl huh I'll show you it's seasoned quite well oh that looks gross man anyways so that's my girl and I lined up putting that underneath the yellow pads are sorry the yellow bags underneath the thumb in the sled because I don't want to put this in my bag in case the bag rips it's super greasy so I bring a lot of things in the car with me so I can change you into them when we get to the site it want to say it's like an eight-hour drive will always want to go camping so just really quickly go over what I bring in the bag with me in the car to have so I wouldn't number one have my wallet sunglasses will have cotton clean cotton comfortable socks comfortable jogging pants cotton underwear cotton in the beater and then I'll have like a sweater that I was wearing as I was camping all this stuff that I showed you earlier that I was going to wear as I'm camping goes in as well because I changed when I get there I don't want to wear it the whole way there my knife goes in there my belt goes in there with the knife my tube goes in there my criminal off goes in there gets Michelly and my neck gaiter my gloves so that bag as well as the sled comes in with me and here I'll have good things oh sorry my camera will go in there as well and then my tripod will go we're gonna slot next to my bags on the slide I'll have the things they need in the car with me there and then the things that almost I'll be in the in the truck or in the truck bed so again another thing I'd like to do before I leave is to just strop my knife I don't really find it necessary to sharpen my knife too many times if I keep it strapped you can see I have a nice patina up on the flats and now here's a little bit dirty it's dropping not too long ago but it's cleaner than on the flats so we'll just drop it and it'll it'll be para para shaving sure I got this polishing compound stuff just color up my strop with it I did it before it earlier today so don't need much tire store alright so what I do is I just keep it on the bevel pull back along the length of the blade and I just continuously do that I'm not putting too much pressure on it just holding it steady right on the bevel see it already starts to shine it up sometimes I hold my thumb on the bevel at first just to get it started I'm not pushing any weight on I'm just setting it there and then using that as my guide I do the same with my index finger on this side all right guys that's it for this video I hope you learn something if you have any questions let me know take care

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