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POV White Water Kayaking Raw Footage (Humbling Experience)


My first time white water kayaking.

We rented inflatable, sit on top kayaks, or "Duckies"

The river we paddled was the American River in Auburn California.

Kyle and I had a blast, learning the ropes on the tame section of the river, then we switched to the fun part :)

I bailed once near the end and it shook me up a bit, it was a real eye opener in cold water immersion.

There is some raw, undedited footage starting right before I get tossed out of my boat, I wanted to leasve it raw to really show the timing, and my real reactions.

Hope you guys enjoy this video, it was shot on my trip to visit Kyle in California this past July.


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Video Transcription

I picked up our gear paddles inflatable kayaks in the back this guy driving so we might get there gonna have some fun today man we just watched this little briefing video kayaking about in the white water which is very amusing how excited I can't wait I'm gonna do this oh my gosh is warm yeah yeah bleep oh man they're responsive dude you freaking turn on a dime but it's just like your paragraph top feels oh man that's pretty cool man cold butt yeah I followed you yeah yeah I was able to like turn around and spin around in the middle of it that's pretty cool man that was class two then tops low class two story of my life okay from Oh Kyle told me this is supposed to be the gnarliest part of it not really in California so I can say gnarly whoo

that's all right Kyle's saying that the water is down quite a bit from last time it said that big rock I just went by was only about two inches over the water last time but yeah such a summer Hey this is pretty cool I'm having a lot of fun it's very cool I'm all steaming up all foggy this is cool

oh my god oh my gosh scared he's so scared he's such a scaredy here we go hit this one hard here we go that's alright [Music]

oh it's pretty funny I was probably best one yet we learned how to correct ourselves tip almost the point where you gonna go in what I can't hear a damn thing he's saying I think this is our last big run he said and the longest but then we're gonna go try to gonna try to go to a different portion of the river drive or door a different section of the river and do some class threes because this is fun but class threes would be that much more fun like when he's like my knobby knees you got kaltaka tumbly whoa

he's good he's got his paddle in his raft

I got a hang-up and we hear form I think I can't really stop actually I'm doing this on purpose spinning around

oh man this is fun this is legit good wholesome fun what happened I said what happened

I know I got it all I fell and I think so I was filming you might have been a little far away but dude I was spinning around in these Rapids on purpose at the end here it's very fun I was trying to just surf at first but I realized I couldn't do that that was fun huh

there's another good one I guess we weren't at the end yeah let's say a good one Kyle's getting some some height here we go do you have buddy okay well those little baby Rapids were real cool but we got to step it up a notch Chicka exactly burdens bones that's my pain cool right I saw you gets me this time around yeah all right so we yeah so we're driving right now to another put in at a different part of the same river is called American over it's the American River so looking forward yeah I get a bite to eat and turn some waters because it is a very very hot outside today what's a tough 999 it's only 99 across several hundred one point to go to another minute it's 12 o'clock all right looking for all in that's Tahoe over there you said it's snow on the mountains and I'm boiling snow and it's very cool all righty oh man that's fun no it's good that was a good one look at that view look at that view look at that view just part of the rivers way more wild very scenic some Hills very pretty

can you can't belong anywhere I wonder thanks buddy thank you all right they keep arms and legs in the boat [Music]








thank you lost my paddle did you you guys are awesome thank you breathe yeah that's my first time going in oh thanks guys did you see I caught myself back there just slip back in easy to do it come on you ready we'll bring it up to you and probably good where's jack oh yeah can you get over here

he's time yeah yeah thank you oh man take your breath away good balance both yeah thanks man ah


thank you I'll let you guys go sorry

thanks guys oh that was something else yeah I only went in once and it was up like the worst pot spot I had some kayakers come save my life it was a shocking experience never won in like that before so boy yeah very humbling I was a gunshot after it even shaky and stuff never really felt like I was gonna die or anything I just didn't have control and I didn't like that at all good awesome time right very very fun very fun

he's got we for our shuttle now while we relive our adventure

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