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It's been a while since I have been back to my hangout spot in the woods, today was the nicest day in a long time (temp wise), so I had to get out.

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Video Transcription

hey guys it's been quite a while since I've been able to come out to the justjust spot in the woods here where I have my setup here and make a video it's just been too hot you know and I felt really bad about it I haven't been going outdoors doing my outdoor Zee thing and it's really actually put it taking a toll I miss it like crazy but the fact the matter is I hate the summer I hate the fact that it's too hot to breathe the dog can't handle it as coats too long

spider webs and the sceetos I know spider webs don't sound like a big deal but over here it's like every second you're getting a spider on you it's just not fun fall is my ideal time to be in the woods it's my favorite time of year I'm sure a lot of you guys it's the same way so moving forward I'm planning on coming over here a lot more maybe making a couple more videos taking a bunch of pictures right now it smells musty in here the the leaf cover is really strong here so so the Sun doesn't get through gets all the dank and musty I'll have to clean house again like I did last year but it's nice today it's not too hot mosquitoes aren't around lots of spider webs and spider still but I can deal with that so yeah this is just gonna be one of my own Ranger Joe videos I'm gonna make bacon and eggs and hang on the head to a dog where I have my shelter back in there it's really really heavily treed heavily a lot of leaves no light gets through and the Sun keeps going behind clouds so when that happens it gets way too dark to fill them in there so came out there's a little bit of clearing here and not much but it's a little bit brighter so I'm gonna be working out here hanging out here today I got I dragged over that log there to work on top of and I got this dead maple now using action quite a while looking forward to it actually no good

off to find more wood not some steak spice I want to put on my eggs first time I'm trying it I think it'll work well steak spice it has to work

oh don't grill Old Faithful I said earlier that I had bacon and eggs that forgot I brought a sausage instead of bacon we had some sausages for dinner the other night so I just brought one to reheat getting pretty hungry so probably this guy first heated up on there just wait for my finish cooking up there I thought I'd like to show you guys the knife in using today it's a BK 14 I believe the next night my buddy Josh olj on the forums gave it to me haven't used it a lot I used it maybe once or twice last year and I think I lost it I thought I lost it the lake found it anyway so I figured I'd be able to try the day it's nice knife handy it doesn't take the place of a belt away from my opinion that's for sure like go out and go on a camping trip with just this definitely not but I figured I'm bringing my axe today so I have a bigger splitting pool and even if I didn't like this I could make my my pencil shavings my shape shavings my pencil size all that with the axe but it looks all right I'm gonna try to convex it a little bit more first time I've ever really liked Becker hate me if you will but that's the case it's all right Nick there's something to be said about a nickname that's for sure all right let's check these eggs out see if they're done oh yeah not runny at all cool no day in the woods is complete without some chocolate pudding I'm gonna finish this off and probably head home just want to say thanks for watching the video we got a couple camping trips plan early October Scott and I are gonna go back back into Michigan for a night budget we 101 the overnighter and maybe do about 20 kilometers or so I'll probably make a video about that and the wife and I are gonna head up canoe camping

later on this month so you guys are interested look out for those take care

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Joe is a very talented bushcrafter. He has a "straight" approach to bushcraft life-style. His videos reach a very high quality, both for the shootings and for the content. He took part on the History Channel show "Alone"

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