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I shot this video about a month ago, I was just able to upload now.

I show a new shelter I made, talk about my channel and my dog.

Also make up some bacon and use my tomahawk quite a bit.

You can find a lot of HD pics on my instagram. http://instagram.com/joerobinetbushcraft/

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Video Transcription

hello guys it's a beautiful day today it's probably around negative five great time to be out not too cold it's a nice sunny day so I thought I'd grab the dog we haven't been out together in a while but I grab him and head out here I haven't had a mote in a while because I had to scare a little while back he had a growth on his back a big lump and we took him to the vet and the vet wasn't very hopeful they took it out cost you $300 they said they need another $300 to send it away to find it was cancerous or not and in my mind I'm not giving scope chemo pills

- I'm sick until he dies so I didn't send it away and I just watched them turns out they didn't grow back it's been about two months now and everything seems fine so I got him up with me again they shaved a big patch on his back - probably can't you won't sit still long enough for me to show you but everything as well and I'm thankful for that because I had a scare if he if he goes and I'm pretty bummed out man I got a woods buddy and he's a good dog you can see he takes it here is the patch where they shaved this big square there it's growing in now it like I said it's gonna call a month or so a couple ones but he's doing good hey bud good so like I said it decided to come out here because it was a nice day and I'd like to shoot two YouTube videos for my channel I'm let us try to start putting a lot of work into my YouTube channel I um I know there's money to be made in it I do make a little bit of money off youtube right now I'm not gonna lie less than two hundred dollars a month and that's not much I'd be lucky if I was able to make enough money off youtube to just get camera gear and pay for my camping trip it's not like I'm getting rich off it at all but I do want to start making it bigger I want to start making some money off of it and if I can do that hell I ain't ashamed to say so that's for sure so we're gonna have a fire hangout shoot a couple videos this is a new shelter I'm making in to make in the making I have the framework completely done it's all on there solid and I just I keep a brown tarp over here that I wrap over the top and down for when it's bad weather but right now since it's so sunny I don't even need to top on I don't have a hat on like you can see it's not that cold out so we're going to leave it off the tonight but I'm sure in the future you'll see it over I'll probably do an overnighter out here we're off to go get some firewood using my tow hook today I brought my little silky saw too but we'll see what see if I need to use it or not I have really depleted this area a good straight Greenwood so I'm going to walk over a little bit off the trail that layer off off my normal spot that way and see if I can find some good good dry woods this is a good tree there's a dead ash I want to use this for my firewood today stop so he cries a lot when I'm about to chop down a tree because he likes to play with sticks I wish I would have never taught him that in the beginning when he was a puppy next I'll make that mistake anyways this needs to come down safely so with just a tomahawk you need to get rid of this get this down and be safe about it so these things need to go stop there you go let's go go okay how's it going you just watch the top you want to shake a bunch see if anything Falls go gone now I'm not going to sit here trying to chop this with two hands like an axe it's just ridiculous I'm going to chop it a little bit on one side chop it on the other push it over so I'm cutting this piece of wood up to use as firewood and use as ground protection from the snow for my for my fire so I cut about three pieces off off the bottom and then I get to this part where it goes oops down and gets all gnarly here now it would make no sense whatsoever for me to cut this here and use this piece to process to split up to try and get fine fine wood for kindling or starting the fire because it's all gnarled and it's not gonna split well they're just not a point to do it so what I will do is I'll cut here keep this piece but not touch it until my fire is well established and then I can just throw this on for fuel as opposed to trying to split it down with my hat with my tomahawk or my knife when it's all gnarled and everything so the good grain in this in this twist is going to split all crazy-like if you don't know the way wood works inside and trying to split it it won't be straight grinding like chunk out and that could be a problem I can't help myself I cut myself easily before because the wood chunking up it's just not fun to do so we'll cut it there and leave it until the fire is done right until the fire is ready to accept a big piece of wood that was real time saw action time on a piece of two and a half inch diameter season - that's a silky silky pocket boy saw very good saw better than the laplander in my opinion it out cuts the Laplander you might have a different opinion whatever but the Laplander is more durable this thing i've already bent over and had to bend it twice back I'm surprised I haven't split I've broken it yet you just have to be careful with these silky sauce there they're more aggressive teeth the fin the blade is thinner which is good thing for science with wood but also not as durable so I've got the bottom piece of that ash and I want to split it so that I can use it for a base for my fire so that the ground doesn't suck the heat oh the snow doesn't put the flame over so we have this relatively on three three inch diameter piece of ash relatively hardwood and normally in your in the woods you don't really have a stump to sit it on like that to split like you would at home there's a couple different things you can do with awning with your knife or a different way of splitting which is leaning built the log diagonally on a sturdy log that you're working that you're going to work on top of and just kind of splitting it that way you want to go I just put on either side and because this is a tomahawk I went up to use one hand well I don't have to but I think I'm better with one hand I got her that's it so we got two pieces now we're going to lay down for our base and then there are times where you can find a log to stand it up on or we can do the rate mirror special there we go see the Tomahawks a little bit different for splitting because it gets from such a thin profile to this big round part where the where the handle goes in but it does the job as you can see if you're short on time or not very good at feather sticks I guess these wouldn't really be called feather sticks more like shavings but there's a quick and easy way to do it this is a round piece of wood not even split down yet and I'm just really quickly barely hitting it with the scandi edge and just makes these nice curls my buddy Doug showed me this for the first time a while back and it's just a really good way to make a la curls fast you just have to make sure you have a big enough whatever you're catching with your curls with make sure it's big enough to catch them cuz when you're doing this to kind of flying all over the place then like maybe so maybe these wouldn't be small enough to catch spark by a fire steel but then you can take your time at the end and do a two or two or three minutes of like good curls not even a couple minute up good curls and be able to get it off that I'm just using a lighter today I've dropped my fire still at home which is no big deal you use the lighter so I don't have to get back thin and if I do feel like this is working out very well for me I can split it down and start working the edges like like Oh normally do but I think this is worth enough good enough to show on on a video anyway so something I normally do but didn't do this time take my wedding ring off when you're using an ax hatch to the tomahawk anything like that and it really digs in your hand

we're not once it's off now I'm in the woods I'm scared to lose it good idea is to take it off before you come out before I attempt to start my fire I want to make sure that I have everything laid out properly I know where things are I'm not running around half-ass trying to get it done while it's going so everything laid out right here my platform for my it for my fire huge deal I have my blue foam pad that I'm kneeling on so I'm not getting my knees wet and sore in the snow and the dirt and then I have my bushcraft USA messed this is five by seven nylon tarp it's for like an emergency or whatever it takes up no room I could fit it in the cargo shorts sorry the cargo pocket pocket of my BTUs very very lightweight small but it comes in handy as many many different uses this time today I use it just as a collection thing for my shaving to put my dry wood on so got my shavings within my thicker went thickness to my fuels over there still some still ready to be split you've seen me do this a thousand times with a fire steel same thing with a lighter okay same exact thing you want to get the bottom lit get get the flame to come up onto the top whether that takes lighting it in a couple different spots or turning your bundle over to over top of yourself upside down sorry whatever it takes I'm also going to use a brace so that my sticks don't smother my flame so that's it just going to light it up should take off relatively easy like I said I want it to all catch not just one spot so I'm going to put some more shavings on top of the flame that's already going and there we go the winds start to take it I can add all my small stuff at once and crisscross my larger stuff so that way it's making like a latticework almost an air and the flames have plenty of places to reach the the new wood

and before it gets low control or before it gets going too much I'll place the rest of the wood on that way I'm not scrambling trying to throw bigger pieces on after this has died down a bit it's going good now I got to cook up some bacon soon getting hungry was it walking around the woods and I came back to my fire dying down it's another really good use for this phone pad this blue foam pad takes like two seconds and you get your fire Ripper arm back to life I'll tell you these blue foam pets of the jam I thought I'd show you quick how I made this thing so I got a big tripod here boom coming down to the ground and I got a big ridge Pole go into that tree and that Ridge pole is tied to the tree then I have side log coming down this way and then the same on the other side and two over there and then in the middle we have going across for support on the other side and then on that side there's a stick in the middle to keep the tarp out away from the cubit from bowing in and then this is that stick on this I just pushed it over for now on this side I decided to make a wall I tore down my other shelter so I was able to use a lot of the logs they're so lean for quick work and some bark on there and stuff when the tarp is up it looks pretty cool I went to the butcher and got some good bacon this time I hate that thin stuff should be good I like to cook my my bacon where there's no flame at all I don't like the way it makes it too salty when the flame hits it hits it alright guys this this is all for all you guys are super worried about we're not feeding money to hug scope but I'm over here has hat as if it's even a concern but I get so many comments saying that I'm horrible and the worst pet owner in the world because I never feed my dog which is just not true he won't eat on route here but you guys know best for sure this is a marrow bone is a raw beef bone tons of fat marrow all inside this thing weighs 5 pounds it's all you buddy here you go there you go haters gonna hate scout going I'll never fails he stopped moving around he started getting cold I keep reading it and it is negative five or so today so my Bacon's cooking up just layer up a bit you got this prim loft you've seen me wear a lot it's durable man for how thin it is it's durable and warm I like it it's a good piece of kit I got it at MEC Mountain Equipment co-op in Canada for a cheap price I'm sure REI has the same thing in the states are similar now these are good and done but these here too cool and they will do so fast on this cold piece of wood oh man

it's perfect it's like perfectly cooked bacon real slowly cooked on um medium heat

I'd say smokey nice very very good it's worth going the butcher all these little tiny ones can get the fire going with just those they're super helpful to find stuff like that way you don't have to make your own by splitting wood down and on dry bresca winter day like today there's no moisture in any of it which is great so you got to grab a bunch more of that that's what just sticks with small sticks I can get the flame a couple seconds and that fire husband died out for almost an hour and wasn't a big fire start with either so the coals were not very big

just to show you a little bit of wind really helps things out so I got just snicks this time just walked around and grabbed dead twigs which I love doing it's super easy good love a good twig fire

that's it for the video guys hope you learn something I hope you enjoyed it until next time

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Joe is a very talented bushcrafter. He has a "straight" approach to bushcraft life-style. His videos reach a very high quality, both for the shootings and for the content. He took part on the History Channel show "Alone"

You can find all his videos on his YouTube channel.

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