ThruNite TH10 Vs Fenix HL50


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Video Transcription

hey guys Joe here so this is going to be the comparison video i just finished up shooting the last video i did you guys probably watched it about a week ago that was where i unbox it through nine th-10 and i talked a little bit about what what i want to be doing with it this video I want to just run down some specs and comparisons right now with with these two headlamps of Phoenix and the through night and then I'm going to take it out tonight and I'll go to the woods and will will actually test it out and see which one's brighter see which one has a better color and all that stuff but right now I just wanted to give my my initial comparison thoughts so basically just off uplifting both them up the Phoenix is about half the weight of the throw night it might not be specific exactly half the weight but it's very close I like the fact that the Phoenix pops off easily and you can put it wherever else but the three night does that as well it just have to take the rubber gaskets off or the rubber body off the Phoenix actually came with a separate body basically where you can use a double a battery with it instead of a cr123 so so basically the Phoenix i'm using one cr123 battery in a short body and i'm using to in through night probably why i can get 750 over the through name the specific name for the Phoenix is the HL 50 and the specific name for the through night is the th 10 the through night from amazon costs 39 bucks American and the Phoenix costs 49 American so the right around the same price but you are saving 10 bucks with the through night they're both all-weather headlamps with the unit with the three night being actually all made of all metal the curry xm-l to LED on the through night will last 20 years the cree xm-l t6 will last 50,000 hours they both have an aircraft grade aluminum body which is really durable and better than the old petals that i'm used to use and for sure the weight is a significant difference the through night is 132 grams whereas the Phoenix is like 57 grams so let's give or take neither is way too heavy to carry at all if I was back

I might pick the Phoenix if I'm doing any other kind of bushcraft normal camping I'll probably take the through night to be honest with you just for the stability of it in the brightness having that extra little the lumens on here is like 350 I believe on the Phoenix and then 750 on that through night so it's a big difference when you need that extra boost what do you need to light the trees on fire with your head down the beam distance is pretty significant as well there's 148 meters you get with it tonight and about seventy seven meters you get with the Phoenix so that's a huge throat produce distance as well I don't know it all depends with these things matter to you both flashlights are waterproof once you put the seal in the gasket it comes with them on each home they don't come installed but there's just a little over in that you put on super simple and just take off where the battery we connect slide it on and then screw that battery thing back down no problem the memory function on the through night is pretty cool if you keep it off for between two and ten seconds it'll pick up where you left off so that's a good a good idea to have in case you're in the woods you just want to have it on fire fly mode you don't want to scare anything away or whatever so that's it for just talking about the specifics and the difference is about them I can't really show you in detail how difference the brightness is in the daytime so that's why tonight I want to cut away and we are going to test these bad boys out in the woods our guys just out walking scout tonight or a park near my house when I test out the flashlight so first up the Phoenix and we'll start at the lowest so you can't see there's there's it right on the ground in front of us you can see it but that clump of trees that you can see in the pet in the distance there I'm going to try and eliminate that and it won't eliminate with this so then go up to medium cscope there still nothing on the trees with the grounds a little better and bright nothing on the trees in the grounds lot better so then this is the burst the highest it can go and you're going to start to season some detail on the trees but not much so then we'll switch over to the through night so there it is on the ground and firmly that's the Firefly mode and then nothing on the trees ADM high slow medium I so now on high you can see the trees pretty good but when i hit the burst the 750 look at that in that crazy and then the SOS

you can see the difference for yourself with the Phoenix I couldn't even really see the trees on the highest it can go and on the through night I could see it on the highest setting hand on the burst so pretty good both of them pretty good and I guess it's just boils down to what you prefer I did notice the Phoenix had a little bit more of a white light than 39 through night kind of has like a yellow incandescent light shine to it no big deal but it is a difference so I hope you guys learned something hope you enjoyed it and don't forget to comment if you want to chance at winning this through night flashlight take care guys and look for a video in a week

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