Spring Bushcraft Camp


Come along on a relaxing overnighter.

I backpack in for a few hours, and find a nice spot to camp near a river.

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Video Transcription


this looks like a good spot to camp how you doing guys thanks for tuning in again I'm back up north I wanted to do an overnight bushcraft camp something a little different than my last couple videos so I'm up at this awesome property it's a nice River down there there's some red pine nothing behind me and there is hardwoods down to the left of me I've been walking around for a few hours this morning a woodpecker we walk around for a little bit this morning just getting a lay of the land I've seen so far some fiddleheads that are edible I've seen some Trillium I've been told you guys hear that woodpecker I've been told there is leaks while leaks available too so it looks like we're going to do a little bit of rain around 11 o'clock it's just past 9:00 not right now so what I think I want to do is get my tarp setup not worry about camp too much get my tarp set up and go around and pick up some of these wild edibles I can find yeah and then just set up here at the top of this river have a grand old time spend the night just relaxing mosquitoes are starting to come up pretty bad but that's okay once the the fire gets going it should help so I think I want to set up in this pine this red pine stand behind me but let me show you why I'm not going to set up right here on the edge I love to I'd love to set up a how to run back style shelter right here on the edge and be able to look out and just kind of have the river below me but there's this large aspen that has fallen I'm just kind of hung up there and that's right over top of where I would set up my shoulder here it's just not safe so I'm just going to tuck back in a little bit it's nice and flat back in there anyways and I'll only have 10 feet to walk to get to the to the cliff here let's do it there's a few things I want to look for before I decide to have my camp here safety was number one with that big aspen tree falling over bring it back here but one of the other things is having a fire and obviously in this pine forest there's a concern of just duff on the ground which would be needles and roots excuse me in just leaf matter which is going to ignite and char and smolder and possibly burn the roots and have a forest fire which is something I'm not going to be doing so let's just dig down a little bit and see what kind of soil or earth we're working with okay that's awesome

so you can see we have pine needles all the way down then we start to get into the Duff which is this organic matter which is like decomposing pine needles and stuff but then right underneath it straights and nothing could be better for a substrate for the ground so this is going to be totally fine I'll dig down to sand and yeah stand is perfect I'm going to be using my steel nylon tarps my 9 by 9 I use this is the same one I used in Algonquin on my last big trip video my five-day solo thing I've got a lot of questions about it this is the same type I've been using for years I have two main one this is the one that Kyle made so this is still nylon again 9x9

launched at i/o points great color cannot cannot buy these this is a one-off like years ago but we are in the process of getting a bunch of these manufacturer to probably do a run of them it might take a few months might take even a half a year but we're in the process of doing it same title points same material same everything same dimensions so I think today what I'm going to do is do a high a high set that way I have a lot of room to work underneath and out my fire run right underneath just kind of hang out if the rains do come and even if not I don't feel like I need a lot of wind protection today just something to keep maybe the smoke underneath my tarp to keep the bugs away so I'm gonna go above my head and set it up maybe from here this one I've already I've already left you head above and there's no deadfall so this cordage is what I use always to set this tarp up there's a reason why it's got these toggles they're an old see the bugs they're an old arrow shaft cut down and grind it down to make not hard to make not sharp and then on press six which can slide which allows me to tension my chart very easily so and it's also on this chord I believe it's called night eyes this old reflective cord which is smaller lighter and easier to more compactable I guess than paracord and strong very strong so I've already come around the tree I want to pinch my two ends together I take my tail it's going to go in the inside the loop once again inside point and then I want to take it on the outside and put it through once and now what that does it allows me punching it loosen it over and over very easily let's say I never taught you nothing because this is not that big of a distance probably right around nine feet across my tarp is going to be close to the tree and it's going to be close to these um old branches that are sharp so I just want to go knock them down as much as possible to avoid any potential holes in my tarp why I like the toggle so well it's super easy to connect get on they're not running around trying to cut toggles and all that fun stuff I think I want to tie this live corner a touch lower than the other words and the other corners and that way if it does rain the rain will have somewhere to drip off of it as opposed to pooling on the top and finding its own way down or whatever spilling on my head so keep this corner cut short again taut line hitch just so I can adjust there you go but I am well by him oh yeah just like home I do want to clear away the sticks and stuff from my where I want to sleep but I don't want to clear away all this duck all these needles is going to make for a softer bed which is ok but the main reason is I don't want sand everywhere I don't want sand in my sleeping gear and on me and stuff like that it's a pain in the butt obviously lots of Sandy but so I want to just pick out the pokies I don't have a ground sheet this my student pad is gonna go right on the ground so I'll just take couple minutes here like I said pick up the sticks leave the dove and then where I want to have my fire will clear the whole thing away to the sand this this spot here is the spot I'm going to sleep it's the flattest on this side of the tarp and I'll have the flower on that side of this heart Oh got a mask you break right right in the old dome little third eye these bugs are nuts already so this is probably well for sure pushing it for no bug netting this is the last trip of when I do of the season without without a proper screen I'll probably start using my tent from now on but that's why I wanted to bring just a tarp and the the wool blanket because I haven't done a wool blanket spring thing yet but yeah this is pushing it she's a she's a bit buggy I see black flies and mosquitos they're all over my microphone out of my face oh man she's lumping up pretty good bud can you see out of it all right the cow Wow who's your cow folks you know what I might be able to do even I like be able to leave this on the ground and just kind of wrap it over my body that way like student but my student Pat is getting a little bit more protection I don't think it really needs it but I don't really need all that extra will blanket either I don't need to double it up or anything maybe this way it will yeah this way it will protect my student bag from the sparks or the fire as well everybody vpad I mean that can just watch them on there get wrapped over top of me we're good to go that's not bad okay cool oh nice and flat

that spot it's flatter than all my spots of my last trip combined now it's time to clear away a spot for the fire it shouldn't be too difficult yeah there's the sand perfect it's all wet perfect I don't need a big fire lay I'm not going to be using the fire for warmth

tonight it's wool blanket will do the trick but I do want to have my fire here to keep down the bugs like I was saying and just for extra fun camping style you know what's camping without a fire next year where I'd say that this is big enough I don't even need to line it with rocks and the Duff piled on the back and the sand is going to act like some sort of a wind block and have the truck smoke travel up it so yeah good stuff I think what we're going to do now is go search around for some wild leeks for some fiddleheads giving any crayfish I did bring a small fishing rod it's called the M rod it's a packable rod and take this take it apart somewhat there we go but the thing is this river does have trout steelhead running through it actually I just missed it missed it by a couple weeks the water is very shallow as you saw before and there's no trout in it at all but I'm hoping I can find some crayfish or maybe some just Greg lures or something well let's go down there explore a bit I imagine we'll be down there for a couple hours looking for food so bring a bag to put my stuff in and yeah wish me luck

before I go down there I'm going to spray a little bit with bug spray I'm just getting eaten here we'll see you around my neck my face they're doing the only thing that's exposed I guess okay let's play a game you all know how obsessed I am with with poops let's play name that scat what type of scat is this tightly coiled with a hair at the end a long hair at the end lots of hair in it wispy stuff at the end almost completely made of hair and if you look here the same thing wispy and curly end almost with hair tons of hair name that's cat sweet I'm on the right track I found some Trillium there's one here there's a bunch all under this pine Trillium can be edible the problem is it's Ontario's wild flower and I believe it's illegal to pick it I was doing some research and from what I can find you shouldn't be picking them so we're not going to pick any of these it's cool to find them I'm glad that I found them tells me that the information about the leeks and the fiddleheads should be correct so good very pretty flower Ontario Trillium so we have a normal trillion here a white one and then a purple one here and I believe that has to do with the year this first year or second year gets purple somebody who knows for sure why they get the purple coloration if it's the first year or second one's even if it's not that let me know in the comments please I'm sure somebody knows it's open there be a crayfish on direct well not looking very promising on the crayfish front or as you can see the fish front just too late you can see right through it see how clear it is super shallow very no steelhead running through here right now and doesn't look like it's any kind of pan fish or any kind of bass or anything like that that frequent it not anything bass is legally it it's not side open yeah whoa buddy so I guess I'm going to be doing wild edibles sir better start finding some get some fiddleheads all around here a little bit too far gone but there's some better small still well pick still got the good curl on the head so get a bunch of these for anyone who's wondering what fiddleheads are they end up growing into ferns not all federal heads are good to go but these ones are try and look for the small thin ones they smell a bit like a cucumber like the deepest part of the river I can see right through and there's no fish at all too little too late go too little too late

way up there that's what my camp is and those red pine well that's my view from up there pretty sweet eye you'd be able to actually see my camp and I set it right up on the hill there but I can see the winds starting to roll up there too actually trees are starting to move back and forth leeks and crayfish or what I need no I didn't bring any meat I only have some rice and some like two pieces of jerky or something like that but regardless wild foods it is looking under these logs for some crazy reality check Joe this is a healthy River I thought for sure they'd be crayfish oh that when she's kicking up bud not looking too promising guys I'm giving up on the trope for sure and the crayfish I don't know man I keep lifting up rocks and logs and everything and I'm only only ever find in like dragonfly larvae stuff like that so huh might be doing a vegan day today unwillingly I do have rice no I guess I do have those few pieces of jerky that I can put inside my rice which is okay I'm not too worried about it

I brought little amount of food on on this trip on purpose I will supplement I will find I did find those fiddleheads and I hope to find leaks I know what leeks look like I deal with leeks all the time around my area it's just that I'm not in my area I don't know the lay of the land here so we can continue looking rain seems to have been holding off so that's good it was supposed to have rained already noon go go up and fry up some of my fiddleheads for lunch anyway make our way back up to the camp I cannot find any leaks for the life of me so when I cook some dandelion leaves is going to add with my fiddleheads not half as tasty as leeks mind you still edible and not back I don't mind a little bit bitter touch on the bitter side

PACA camp and my head is cut at a friend's oh it's definitely warming up i'm skeeters and take off my sweater but I'd eaten a lot even more so so no leaks as I said can't find him I don't know I looked everywhere I looked up in the pine which I didn't think was going to be I looked in the hardwood forest to look down by the river I looked in the meadow or to the field and a van down by the river I yeah I can't find any so that's ok I got a healthy portion of dandelion leaves like you saw and fiddleheads so this would be my lunch and that's pretty cool I've got this new to me

titanium heavy cover frypan super lightweight but it is a little bit more durable than you can see by Snow Peak or something like that a little bit more heavy thicker but that doesn't affect the weight really it's pretty lightweight fit right in the top of my backpack I'm gonna fry these up with some butter I did bring some a little bit of butter as one of my foodstuffs as well as you know it's a staple and when I'm peanuts super primitive this trip I mean I'm having a mmm primitive peanuts anyways the trick with these everybody says like oh you're going to burn everything you just got to do a little heat so what I'm going to do is I want to get a fire going just with sticks probably pine twigs because that's what I have right around me so even though I'm gonna be using pine twigs to start my fire or to have fuel for my fire I think when I walk out to the field and try and grab some old reads like some old grasses or maybe some old Mullen stalks something like that anyway the fields right here so here we go dirt getting old you know okay lots of stuff to pick from here these little grasses will be perfect we pick the ones that are still standing nice and dry these old milkweed stocks gonna be perfect it's got thin at the top sticker near the bottom so I've got my grasses milkweed I might not even need to use my my birch I collected to start the fire with this is perfect is all disturbed soil here that's where this stuff grows good that's different wow you hear that be super yellow fungus okay oh that's super easy man just walks around picked up a bunch of sticks like everyone's like this to go on the ground on the bottom and then I was able to just grab a bunch of red pine twigs for kindling and then I can go around and grab some more fuel pieces as it's going they'll have some time so again the reason we're putting this down is just to give it a buffer from the ground I've got my all my little starter pieces this is my grass in here probably the most fibrous part which I'll use to light it I'm not going to use my birch bark then I will take the tops of the old milkweed Kelly on top then the bottoms to go next and then my twigs so really I do have a few different sizes of kindling already off of here to light that fire I have paper matches this time there are a right way and wrong way your light a match winds picking up right ISM but to do this so you don't want to do that you really want to just protect the head with your finger Rainier stuff she's going

let's just go away okay and that will go for a minute here I make a mad dash to go grab some bigger pieces it's not really a mad dash that's going to be good for a minute and be picking up bigger pieces as a matter of running around looking on the ground I'm taking out pieces that aren't soaking wet which I just did here takes a matter of a second

just like got the bugs are gone gotta love it not going to make a rip-roaring player I'm not even put anything on more than just twigs so that I can cook on the ash and the coals again this is just my lunchtime fire I don't need this to stay all day or anything for my knife on this trip I only brought my Swiss Army bushcrafter so I got it alone woodsman EDC sheath

she's pretty sweet I talk a little bit show a little bit more on my gear video but there's a brand new company anyways I can keep the lanyard attached to the bottom let's still use it this is a bushcrafter a Swiss Bianco bushcrafter it's got the saw our sorry the knife blade the all and the saw and that's all so this is my knife for this trip along with my 19 inch wetterling's at my old school one all I'm going to do cut up my fiddleheads a little bit cut some of the stock off not too much I'll keep some some stock on but this is a cool knife I've used this knife on canoe trips for soli best in conjunction with the hatchet or something probably even eat these stems I'll just cut them up a little bit into pieces the dandelion leaves are pretty straightforward I'll put a link in the in the description to where you can get one of these lone woodsman EDC sheets if you're interested in it it's coming up with a few more leather products things that I have not seen from other people sent me a few so I'm pretty interested in it I know the owner we go back to the old bushcraft USA days met him up in Ohio a couple times the lone woodsman what a good name I don't know how that was still available either so this is going to be very green a very veggie lunch for old Joe which is okay that rain seems to be gone it didn't rain but the the threat of it seems to be gone little head you know what I was planning on putting wild leeks and but considering I can't find any for the life of me I did bring a little chunk of garlic so I'm going to throw that in with the fiddleheads and I have some butter and salt which I'll throw in as well

look a garlic I'll just cut up a little bit and then maybe I'll try and still find some after some leeks but who knows guten doo-doo Baron and you guys sick of me singing it early key okay so that's there I will add some butthead as well keep everything lubed up you know keep it flowing your honor good no I do have salts as well so I'll throw some salt on this make this unhealthy as possible Joe stuff and these coals are almost ready it's just going to die down a little bit more

I didn't bring my spork on purpose so I want to make up a little stir stick slash eating utensil I'm going to saw off this pine branch when I saw it so it doesn't break out of on a jagged angle a lot of them are really crappy and rotten but this one excuse you holding on pretty good so I don't want to break it off and I saw it with my with my Swiss Army twist after these saws are actually not bad

there are some resin in this I can see it through the saw dust coming out already so it may not be a good candidate we'll see yeah there's resin all in but maybe I can shave it down yeah you know what it's only at the very end you can see it's completely done one two it's a little too hot still see see especially that one's flaming up move the flaming stuff over try to click just on a she coals not even on real poles just actually kind of cool one two three

oh yeah it's not bad so we'll keep moving it away from the heat to when you really need this butter to melt though coat everything

I'm happy to see that the handle is pretty sturdy it's not flopping anywhere it has this some cinch so you can't so the way it closes obviously as you squeeze it it goes down so we could have put this lock on you can't squeeze it so it won't accidentally fall on you that's a really good well as a piece of what am i I think that's a really good addition to it garlic's browning up nice nothing's burning we're going all right they look a lot smaller once you start cooking on that and hungry oh snap garlic really imparted into the the go ahead that's not at all not bad at all all right boys and girls she's done she is been excited look it didn't stick it didn't burn anything you know the secret is oil grease butter or oil grease or butter oh there's my plane following me around Ontario and low heat obviously you saw what I cooked on very low heat so my eating utensil didn't really turn out as an eating utensil I guess it's more of a stir stick but maybe now we'll see some garlic on there and a fiddlehead

that's really good tide fiddleheads before it's never put the garlic in with them I was hoping to do the leeks which would have been a wild garlic the onion kind of thing which have been in theory a lot better this case really good but it would have just been cooler cooler but anyways the dandelion leaves I got one on there too they're shriveled up completely show you a little tot don't put on your lap don't put on your lap little dandelion leaf all bitter bitter as the day is long oh my goodness people put them in their salads and stuff a dandelion leaves what yeah really good this would be really really good with some trout in here or some crayfish even little little bits of crepe eating but in there like popcorn shrimp I go over really well but that's okay this goes to show you man wild foods

well foods are not easy to come by a lot of times this is good these fiddleheads are amazing so I imagine for supper I will do my three pieces of jerky thank you Chris by the way three pieces of Turkey left this is the best work I've ever had in my life and my rice I'll do that together I'll probably end up throwing some leeks in my rice or sorry some little head to my rice I do have this tiny piece of garlic left as well but that'll be okay I'm not worried about it I don't need to need to eat a steak every time I go camping right okay I'm going to put a link up to where you can get these titanium cookware like this pot or my canteen which I brought as well it's all heavy cover put a link in the description well I'm all done it's out here and ate this whole thing talking

good I was really good federal head support with and garlic for the win not hungry not wrong all right well the hike down to the river we're in some I rinse my pot o or my pan out uh maybe take a little nap I'll nappy-poo that won't be such a bad idea this this trip I want to relax it's just an overnight a little bushcraft overnight I want to relax I don't want to be going 12 hours it's my last trip so you can understand that right let's go get some water I got to refill my water bottle anyway we'll get it boiled up clean up my pan and then let it's nap time I think yeah old man Joe hey Doug it's good for cleaning out your pots and very good for cleaning a note actually I usually use grass but when I can get fan on pulling he'll clean that look lots of all mosquitoes down here all right bring that up click boil we're good what's really cool about this bottom camp that is that you can actually see my red pine forest right there where I'm camped in am i right I'm on this on this Ridge and to my right it's all into the hard with like the ash maple birch oak cherry Elm so pretty good diverse area I'll be getting all my firewood from that area you can see tons of dead oak tree oak twigs ready for the taking I guess twigs is a small firm branch oak branches but even right here like this that's easy super hard dead wood this is maple I wanna bring this back with me now pick


so what I am going to do is just pour a little bit of water in my pan and it since it's so deep pan it can act almost like a pot you boil water in it I'm just doing that to clean up my pan my next use just going to boil the water right on top of there or put put the pan right on top of there boil the water like that I'm going to put this right next to the coals as well I'll put it in there after this is the first time I've actually used this for boiling I always in I always use the cup it's no big deal though I don't care if I can sit on it like cup I just clean I scrub this with a SOS pad brillo pad and that's as clean as I could get it I actually like that it's a badge of honor to me I don't care if it sounds silly I like the amount of soot I literally couldn't scrub that off guys usage and this titanium heats up super quick give me boiling no time hello stranger


I'm going to pour that right back into my canteen now my pot is my pan is completely clean and my canteen has started to get warm water at hot water because of that so we will push it a little bit closer there not a boil up no problem let's go find some firewood I think I want to do that before I take that that little nap my my water's boil in anyway so we'll spend some time getting some firewood a little bit energy up those fiddleheads surprisingly enough it filled me up too completely I'm not hungry at all so firewood hardwood excitement okay so these are all oak they don't look the most dense the most rot resistant but they are they're actually very dense wood still it's leaning a little bit up off the ground so this is all really good wood for fire I'm just going to collect a bunch of pieces like this I'll show you off there one thing back to camp how I can tell that it's oak even though it's dead but super dense dry dry enough where as it'll get good Colby and I'll be able to burn marginal wood I don't need like I said fire to keep you one tonight's just like a long beyond thing they can dry too nobody dry ash got a boil audible we've got a pretty good haul of firewood here with minimal effort I've only chopped a few you saw me chopping that ash down - so I told you I'd go through how I can tell that some of this is oak it's hard okay on this one itself here you can tell because of the grain it has sometimes these cross markings but it has a ton of lateral lenticels and marking so the grain is running this way you can really see the grain on okay and see how dented it and it's easy the long running lenticels if that's what they're called I'm calling the lenticels they might be something else that's one way super-dense you get a feel for it after right so that said yet the long line sometimes going across there's just certain formation you can see in the grain but then you get this which is also the same kind of oak but it's farther gone right you can see powder coming off of it you can still tell that it's oak it still has those long grains and stuff and then also it looks like it'll be crap so I just grabbed my knife the quality of the wood looks like it'll be cropped because of how much stuff came off of it how rotten it looks but really it's not true once you get down past that stuff is solid solid oak and you can see that they're like oh my knife because it's on lanyard look at a lanyard it'll do for you hey woo anyway so you can still see I can't even dent that with my thumbnail a little bit but dance dance dance so no worry about just being too rotten I've been looking forward to this a little snooze time a little lay down action the songs out as you can see behind me it's actually a beauty day right now Beauty time for in half then I'll check back in with you guys in a couple hours

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Joe is a very talented bushcrafter. He has a "straight" approach to bushcraft life-style. His videos reach a very high quality, both for the shootings and for the content. He took part on the History Channel show "Alone"

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