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Join us on an epic 4 Day Wilderness Camping Trip.

We set out by canoe into the wilderness of Ontario in Algonquin Park.

We battle storms, strong wind,rain and exhaustion over the course of our grueling route through wilderness.

We see a lot of very cool things, experience trees falling 20ft from us at camp, getting wind bound and having to change course to complete our journey through the Wilderness in 4 Days.

Come along and enjoy the journey.

This is Episode 1 of 4 Day Wilderness Camp The Storm

Doug's Video of the trip https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q2uH6EJFZtA

Instagram https://instagram.com/joerobinetbushcraft/

Twitter https://twitter.com/Robinet_Joe

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Video Transcription


hey guys how you doing just getting back from an awesome canoe trip with Doug which you guys are about to watch right now we canoed we finished with eggs had a good time a few days before we jump into the actual video only give a huge shout-out to my sponsor for this trip epic provisions epic provisions is a brand that makes food using consciously sourced animal products and they just came up with a new epic performance bar at four flavours peanut butter almond butter lemon and peanut butter chocolate the epic performance bar contains simple non GMO ingredients its wild free and fueled by nature it's a gluten free soy free kosher 12 gram protein bar there's made using cage free egg whites and nuts it also has no added sugar and no unspecified natural ingredients you can see here on the packaging that each bar has no more than six ingredients and they're all specified right on the front here so you can know exactly what you're putting into your body the lemon flavor is both paleo and whole 30 compliant definite performance bar worked out great on the trip it's a great snack for athletes anyone who wants to eat food with simple straightforward ingredients keep their energy going there's a benefit of purchasing the epic performance bar through Amazon's to subscribe and save a benefit that you have as an Amazon Prime member you can save 5% when you subscribe and saving up to 15% when you subscribe and see at least five items convenient to order on amazon.com or the Amazon app and with an easy to set delivery date and delivery cadence you can be sure that you're always gonna have your epic performance bars when you need them ready to go having to run to the store okay guys that's it I want to give a huge thank you again to epic performance they reached out with a good product with something that I can actually use on a trip so shout out to them I hope you guys check them out give them some support for supporting me well nothing left to say video so it's always the same thing at the beginning of a bigger trip like I realized this is only a four day trip the world doing legit kilometers like 30 clicks a day type thing maybe 25 one day or whatever so and then on the last day it's the fourth day we're paddling almost all day still unless we'd make up some crazy time but my point is I always start these trips thinking like man how am I gonna do this for that long I've been paddling for two hours not even my arms are shot

feels like my super heavy I'm huffing and puffing that's what happens when you live in such a spot where you can't just get out and do things right and that's that is an excuse I do have the Detroit River I can go paddle on and I can go take on that old dump that they put grass seed on and stuff it's a million degrees and I'm just sick of it so the thing is I'm moving soon moving up north and I'm going to be able to be doing these things every day I have a lake in my backyard literally I have trails to go use and have land to go users would you try to become a healthy to go a healthier Joe but that all said I start out all these trips like this and by the second day third day I'm in like groove second days a bit rushed I have a third day I'm in my groove and everything's good this is not gonna be the last canoe trip of the year either I want to do a legit longer trip maybe up in Killarney once I'm there life gives you rivers paddled them so we're not far along at all yet we've only been going for a little bit short amount of time but I'm hungry it's almost ten o'clock eat supper a few ate breakfast a few hours ago so when I stop and grab a couple snacks on my backpack and put the rest of the food near the top so I can grab them as I'm going we're just heading out of Tim Lake back into the Tim River and we'll be coming up to our first portage shortly it's a short one it's only a hundred twenty meters and that's really most of them for today or like that and few and far between I'm pretty sure that's a good thing and we're going with the current so we can make up some time today supposed to really start pouring down tonight at around 7:00 so get a good day's paddle in set up the tarp and hunker down for the night I did end up finding my tent for those who watched my gear video I went to my storage locker and I found and trust the old Big Agnes let's start to see some fall colors coming in over there nothing too crazy just yet some oranges some rusty looking colors another couple weeks they'll be probably peak September or 20th right now maybe yep what's up our 20th coming up to our first poritosh even though we're on a river and we're going with the current it's a very wide river and it's late in the year so the water down a lot

tons of lily pads Palin right through them actually so we're hoping that once you pass the portage up here it narrows down and speeds up the current speeds off of it I have been down here before probably four times at least little Jo doesn't remember things too great so once I see landmarks things start to come back to me but I can't remember what's up ahead at all so we shall see [Music]

20 people we really took our time at the beginning messing around taking plan with their cameras bust through this thing and try and lose those guys that's the busy weekend so I think I'll show you guys my setup for portaging what I do when I come to a portage everything I really need to do just to show you how convenient it is how efficient and easy it is so here's my yoke

we keep the yoke just loosen the in the from the boat what we're gonna do is look for the tape on either side just pop it on I usually I definitely need two hands for this then I'll just squeeze the boat together and it pops on and that thing's solid my yoke pad makes life easy I'll normally tuck my my GoPro down does not banging around inside my boat whatever is loose inside my boat this time it's my water bottle my sunglasses and piece of paper so I will empty my water bottle by drinking it or pouring it out put these away my fishing pole gets tucked up in the front underneath and then rest back here on this thwart a little weird word a forked warped you got these small gear ties I just kind of wrap them on I only need one I just have this extra one for extra so my sunglasses in my water bottle fine like that and I've got my map as well loose metal in my other pocket and where my fall reven Vita pro trials is had these things for quite some years now okay so all that's left is my paddle and my backpack I sit my life jackets attached my backpack and that's fine to stay there I used to put my seat down they used to put my seed out eyes don't anymore because I don't need to the backpack doesn't hit it I always used to think of it right on it but it's fine so that's all good I'll carry my my Pole I'll hold the rope and then we're golden so what I normally do is put my camera away carrying your camera your tripod a paddle from the portage but people are coming we're hunting away so anyways that you saw how he did it it's pretty easy

I took longer because I was showing you guys cuz I'm out of practice and it was the first port OSH I'm done in a couple months so I think you'll get smoother that pack will get later life will find a way

alright I will meet up with you guys on the other side well we're on the other side now we're getting exactly what we wanted a nice tight narrow stream Creek River that's it River the river hmm she's a drop and it's a long trip I am NOT trying to just surf down it sketchpad McGee hello despite what it might have sounded like by my incessant whining but he did actually not get wet they stayed dry and I'm wearing those new sullivan boots that I bought and wore maybe on the last trip a dog actually I had him on I told you I'd tell you what I thought about doing so they're doing good so far so far so good last time we were full muck we got out here from following the the dank you remember that that dankey muddy water but yeah good what's that what yeah we think we've lost the people know for good the they were taking their time on the port ours one guy accidentally took a little tumble so he's all right but we are fine to continue on and we are probably not going to see many people I would assume now from all from now on but yeah man this is my favorite time here to be out it's cool in the air overcast no rain a huge thing no bugs can handle this handle this boy when I plan on flying around you you muck

he's broke

so nice it is out here oh it does stink that's the way we came from that's the way we go a jump Russian thing I think with my camera too huh I don't know I know but this did it isn't that a nice-looking tree

I believe it's a Tamara so soft the bristles what are they called needles needles soft needles we're in like a Tamarack Grove these they're all very pretty Oh Doug saying it's getting narrower and shallower over there we might be pulling these canoes before the days through we got some real low water here I'm talking like a foot a foot it's a good thing that our boats are small okay throw it now but very narrow very shallow you can see on the banks [Music]

it's a yellow birch betula Allegan insists

oh well we've stopped for lunch it's almost one o'clock I'm really hungry I'm gonna use this Kevlar bag for my food lately again go over it in my like year video it's better more convenient don't have to try to find a branch to hang it over a lot of the times depending where you are trees grow like this in a conical shape in a cone there's not really far outstretched branches and for a bear bag normally you you look for a no stretch branch you hang it over that down a bit from it so the bear can't Carla onto the branch and get it or get it from the ground these couple are bags they can't get into them so I just tie it to the bottom of tree and call it good never had a problem so for food I've got pretty good staple I think I've got all homemade meals my wife my wife makes whenever she makes spaghetti or chili or whatever like stuff like that we don't have leftovers I take the leftovers and I dehydrate them no leftovers for them so I've got spaghetti chili and surprise surprise another super yeah spaghetti so those are all decent meals for supper half the amounts in each but for lunches I've got sandwiches this is what I normally bring on canoe trips is just convenient my stomach dough is alright with it and it stays pretty decent in the heat so I've got a flatbread I brought four of them just

on our last day our fourth day might be a longer day we're not staying here a fourth night but we might here be here for most of the day I like to get dry salami like a German salami or a Hungarian genoise and I rash you know four or five pieces for each sandwich before I leave home I don't just throw a bunch in there so I know this one I did five normally I do four but they're thin right

then I also got some cheese and because it's this time of year it's not so but not such a big deal it's not so hot I don't mind bringing cheese I got some Swiss well of course just you know rip the bag right open this no big deal you don't need to you don't need to put it back in there okay now normally and if you watch my videos you will know this

I am a mustard man but mustard packets are few and far between these days so no moutarde no Muhtar on there I almost squirted some into a bag and brought it that way but it always just gets so messy and it's like a one-time-use tape thing so cheers happy birthday art from the yellow birch canteen


well that sandwich was good hit the spot I'm still really hungry I'm gonna try one of these epic performance bars that I brought this one is the peanut butter chocolate so you guys heard me do the whole spiel earlier on in the video trunks trunks too bad they caught back up to us we thought we lost them

we gotta get out of here man we got to finish up our foods and get out of here they're all camping on that we were we were in the park office with them and we know that they're camping on this this lake here so this will be the last time we see them but it's just it's just funny it's not even a big deal we've just been laughing I'm joking about the whole time but Doug's cooking up well Mountain host Elio and I'm all done mine so

oh that bar was good I licked up or a lot I got a bar for you a lemon bar for you to try Doug you like lemon perfect because I don't as you can see it is patrolling in get a fish - no big deal Fedora supposed to storm it might be just a good day to get distance done and then the day after that we'll be on the pedal Iowa River and the Petawawa River is the river that Doug and I took last fall right around this time actually across I'll gone from park to the way it was a good seven eight nine day trip we can't remember getting read by yay

check it over just paddling bar and there's this upturned tree or there's all its roots there and it's ripped out some rocks out of the ground it's actually pretty common to find them nobody comes this way or else I see the first one in front blackboard art means they run maintain and again these are the big chain of them that I did on my solo trip maybe two three two Springs ago I know these these ones that we're doing today there's like five more more four of them whatever a fine [Music]

just coming up to our first poritosh here and we grab myself a little snacky boom hungry already Little Joe didn't bring enough food he's realizing the hit this is okay morning one afternoon one oh look at this Doug do it that way this is such an or unorganized trip for me I'm not having all my stuff at home kind of thing but I'll survive I'll be all right oh hello halfway through the first one this is only like a 250 or something my backpack is heavy I put that camera in there the tripod it really really made it heavier okay this is not good I'm having this much trouble on this one this is nothing absolutely the rain has found us all right the rain is here I've already got my big camera away for this last port our thing we're just gonna leave it away until we get to camp 300 it was only 300 bog pond two longbow we came longboard a bug pond and I can actually see the next port hush right Chia across well we just did a 700 what was marked as 700 and I look on my map and it says it's actually a 560 that's just signed seven hurt and it was long you know it's one of those ones works like this isn't 700 meters but it really was only 560 backpack is very heavy I moved around some stuff so I have my tripod just at the top laying it flat like this across I moved around some stuff I stuck it down on the side the long ways it seems to have distributed the weight better put the cameras down lower and so soon it's still super heavy and it's gonna suck tomorrow but it is what it is even if I have to do a little bit of a double carry for some part of it alright so we're just looking for our next four times we're on these little tiny puddle lakes a like very very small there's two campsites on this one but we're gonna get over to divine there's some brook trout in there it's nice it'd be nice to camp on one of these small little lakes I'll have it completely secluded nobody comes back in here nobody does these blackboard ah just to get back into these black campsites so actually probably would be a good idea to even try and troll through here I'm not really in a rush it's the four o'clock now I'll be up camp by 5:00 any time it is raining still it's just spitting though it's not a big deal so I got a egb lure on it's a decent size I'm just gonna pile slow to the portage and troll it they say there are brook trout in here go ahead he's going in yeah

isn't that what he does clap with one hand what does he do oh this what does he do Casey nice tat or that's like the high thing but we're not gonna do that okay last portage she's rainin it's no more no longer spitting UPN its rainin he's peeing

we got a 410 to get into from Ranger Lake Ranger Joe Lake in the diviner lastly divine divine lake feeling very divine feeling pretty beat with you my hips are taking the brunt of it on the those poor charges to pack the weight of the pack is just wearing me down I'm not good shape I guess more always daunting if I'm being honest and concerned about tomorrow I'm gonna have to double carry the rains coming down now as you can see I'm not even put on any kind of rain jacket or anything just trying to get the camp it actually did call them down a little bit from what was a minute ago too so when I look at the weather before we left it set at 7:00 it was gonna start up real bad tonight and start thundering storm thunder storming all night kind of thing and it's just after 5:00 now so we'll be at camp shortly then 20 minutes and not even and yeah get with you that good eats up I gotta eat something got a headache I'm not doing it it'll be fine I just got to get back into the swing of things it's like this every time from earlier today when I talked to guys while paddling and how I was like I don't know how when I do it my arms are dead and I feel that way every time my refine I can power forever now Porto it's not like we have an option to choose from looks pretty hilly birthday birthday hilly so mean to us boat so you're so mean to your boat

Oh fancy Oh some would like that Oh bond yeah lots of flat area place to hang a tarp we're good actually it's nice and dry under here

Lucas Chad you to get this tarp up there's a decent spot here I'll show you between that tree on that one over there then we can sit have our fire protected have that bench protected so we got to do dug ladies and gentlemen Doug oh my goodness

higher up

go up throw it up in a bit we're just tying a taut line hitch to on the inside one on the outside just look at the shirts shirts on this side I'm just gonna get the line stretcher and make it bigger doesn't fit and you go that one that's not so protected though no no I don't think that we should do it to that one okay you need some slack I don't care just get her on but all right cool so we do have it up onto the perfect trees there to there and then mm-hmm yeah bunny goes around the tree down his hole mm-hmm good job any we toggle over there yeah short we can slide it down slider down a bit oh you don't want the fire under it a little bit yeah yeah for sure he's out there yeah like that perfect alrighty some paracord up in here up in here oh alright look at some all right I figured it out so this is handy to have got this little para cord wrapped around here to go to as much as you figure you need I need about maybe five or six feet for the one spot a little bit longer just in case I should be safe and then it's got this little cutter Deeley on the outside someone sent this to me a long time ago Oh would you look at it oh speaking of that to ed Bassmaster I've seen some new stuff from advanced master the old well what you look at it look at that car watch out Joe watch your just walk at that guy oh man I'm off on a tangent new videos from ed Bassmaster comedy gold we got our car nice and easy way to attach it to a tarp Toyota will be looping it putting it through and then running both the ends through that loop and then that bites on there really easy and easy to come out or starting to come on undone and you don't have to tie it so there she is you know the name of that Doug she know it's not sheet Bend okay there should be a lot she pens all right so that one's rigged up when they say rigged up I really do mean it it's just like wrapped it's just like wrapped around this tree a million times you got that covered over there yeah showed up to watching for injuries okay shut it they're not saying shout out anymore

oh I see you're getting back to your roots that's pretty slick is pretty a pretty slick but where does that go if only there was a way to attach it oh my god little Tucker's looping there okay I'm gonna stop filming that Doug's transform fancy will toggle Delia oh look at you pretty fancy no way already it's like 25 years old oh that's brand-new well that's new to me whoo what you Richard Kyle kudani neeterb

I figure like the et it's a log it's like a like a wormy wormy [Laughter]



Leary Bogdan what song is that even I'm a believer by the monkeys oh yeah Shrek Shrek hey Shrek no not Shrek your child wreck its hey Shrek Princess Fiona Shrek don't tell me I know these things


all right panties thong yeah stop super here this camps ain't for some time setting up it's actually really nice when you see a black port or a black triangle on the on the on the map oh it usually means it's not a good son kept its it's not maintained or whatever but this site is awesome it's literally raining out there on the lake I can hear it hitting the tops of the trees it's not coming down we're protected by like I see a big white pine I see a yellow birch you see a bunch of white pine

so some broadleaf trees and a big white pine with lots and lots of needles on it so just sit here no rain under here which is great and then we will be owning here by the time we start to de does start to drip through hopefully by tomorrow or or if that thunderstorm comes tonight maybe not but all we got to do now is just kind of get some firewood tents are all set up I'm just finishing up this and every time for supper at 6 o'clock now so yeah it's definitely time for supper let's tell them Doug I'm really glad I checked in a sleeping bag compression sack before I came I had my summer bag in there this one's a negative two I think that one was a plus two so I'm a cold little boy I need the extra extra comfort it's right when I went to the storage locker to get my tent out grab this guy - no pillow though it's a peasant kind of trip pillow you get a pillow I never bring a pillow oh yeah if you're not used to using it anyway use it my clothes bag what are these little camp wood for the fire and I have my adventure swarm scoped so that's all the processing tools I brought put this on my belt real quick and I'll head out as well try and gather some more wood did have a little bit here left for us which is very helpful from the previous person off we go No oh I see a piece of wood perfect good thing about these back away sites here is that not very populated lot or often I guess so firewood is abundant right off the hop there's this big hardwood it's probably maple it isn't maple so we'll get that with the adventure horn scout see how she does on that please please no bogies and just break it off I had hoped it could break rows chopping all right that's a good decent size but I'm not gonna just get that I'm gonna get as much as I can from here carry it all back to the camp together perfect they still take this one too now oh that Hut's not good that's not dead that part okay oops alright so we got these two at least I'll go bring these back and try to find some more okay there's a starter [Music]





oh it smells so nice bushcraft

fire camp 1 oh you can't see me you can't see me every day go okay 10:00 to 7:00 I've already filled up about 2/3 this with water just from the lake and untreated water or anything like that I'm gonna boil it up and drop in some spaghetti and then let it simmer so I just threw a bunch of wood on as you saw I think I might be able to Nestle this end pretty pretty securely

yikes not securely at all not securely at all Joe there we go not secure right that stick won't burn so I only lost a little bit of my water I'll be okay my lids a little bit dented I hit it with a piece of wood less time on accident I was trying to I was trying to split a piece of wood and came down on the lid whomped it up you know wampa see Wapiti Wampus office womp womp i might have drank a liter of wine man got to cut down that weight though right a port argent wait I need a haircut and this needs to go this is too much this is too much much sash what stuff you want moustache move on to my stache having fun she's boiling only spilled a little bit more perfect check this out super good homemade spaghetti thank you we'll do the mushrooms Oh Charlotte scramble though ba-bam son I just got to go back on I think actually that amount of water is fine so I actually meant to spill that water that I'm spilled earlier because I knew this was an weed [Music]

all right guys check this masterpiece out legit leftover spaghetti style I have a red flashing battery the rest of my batteries are on my backpack I really want to eat this so I'm just gonna eat this up and I'll get with you guys in a little bit well you know I thought I'd change it up just switch it up for a little bit and blame it on the battery you know so I think part of the reason that my bag is so heavy because I brought a little bit extra clothes I brought extra camera just a couple different things but I did bring a little bit extra closed I brought two pairs of socks big thick ones which I want to change into right now one of them one of the pairs I brought a couple shirt big long undershirts nylon pants another shirt and buff underwear a towel and my fleece hoodie no pounds I'm always the person to say don't bring too many clothes camping I was concerned this time with with the the rain and the temperature the time of year was so I could have probably got away with without the extra pants I mean only one of the extra shirts but that's what it is so I want to take advantage of it now I'm gonna change it to my fleece pants and one of my new shirts and just throw my puffy jacket on new socks and my camp shoes I'm all changed now nice and dry and very warm I can probably lose this to actually my puffy on new shirt on a fleece pantaloons yeah my dry shoes so not only did I bring I brought extra shoes which I normally never do I brought on like an actual distance canoe trip I brought a tarp and a tent which I normally don't do I brought a GPS in a spot these are all new things to me all right I bought I brought what else extra clothes like I said not too much food at all but my Babcock is definitely heavier and I'm concerned yes papa all right what you got going there does epic performance bar and the flavor of lemon Nemo have you tried one before no non-gmo dates almonds Kate's free egg whites sea salt lemon oil the ingredients are pretty legit six ingredients or so I'm a fan 11 but but hey I smell your boots I think I may be wrong but it's not something going in what's the texture what is the texture this mmm chewy gummy gummy I don't know what I would compare it

how's it taste he's great I like the lemon I can really taste lemon well guys I think it's about that time it's just after 9:00

I'm ready for bed what do you say daddy I can't sleep you sleep enough of this all right

try not to snore too loud and chomp the air and I'll see you in the morning all right

it's thundering out there like crazy like hands under 345 in the worid it's gonna rain all night get back to bed and if you guys hear that rain out there is coming down like crazy I literally just heard the loudest thunder the lone dissenter that ever heard by far in your life started one spark part of the sky and traveled throughout the rest of the sky it was crazy

lightning tons of rain I really really really hope that it calms down when we get out quite small the fact was it supposed to understand all day so that not to uh about to go for that so we got just after for now I've been laying here awake probably a few minutes I want to go back to bed until about 7:00 I went to bed about 9:30 and crash cart almost for a mini gift to go peace that's really good wish me luck

hello guys it's just after 7:00 in the morning the rain seems to have died down a little bit I can hear dugout they're talking a little foggy in here so we're gonna get out there see the damage and get ready for the day I'm gonna make some breakfast so the rain has calmed down for right now but like it's only very white sky out there I can see there's lots of fog it's gonna rain again for sure but but it's stopped right now so in the woods here it's um it's dripping off the trees like crazy so it's still coming down but we got a little window so stupidly last night we didn't put any wood underneath the tarp and got all wet and that's okay we can slip them down and burn it I got my little I gotta get breakfast going right so I got my twig stove nice Bush buddy I'm gonna do some oatmeal granola mix but in order to get the fire going because we didn't keep any dry wood I'm gonna use my wax wood stick you guys see me use a couple times before just from production hangar 51 he might have changed his name on Instagram but I think you still find him on there and yeah it's actually wood I can shave it down it lights very easily and I can even split it down but on it into little pieces of fuel if I wanted to that'll definitely get any kind of little split down pieces going are you doing I'm just about Drive the fire last night put them under the tarp here and I might as well stored of it in the lake overnight five pounds just help whip that heat right away from us well it's gonna be a warm day so yeah but not with rain and 30 kilometer an hour winds warm is not warm at that tell you would you like one for your twig so let's save this for tomorrow yep there's plenty here Doug so it split off a small piece of maybe pine or spruce mmm smells resin II got my little pieces this will be more than enough to boil my water Lorraine hey nice curb yeah you see that lights up I'll just sit on the edge of the turn [Music]

already got my my water just left my pot opened last night all right so for my look not lunch the other meal breakfast normally you'll see me Joe it up with the instant meals and just pour the the the water right in there and that works but for this trip I wanted something a little bit more so I got granola and put it with my oatmeal it's got chunks of almonds and chunks of cranberries and stuff like that so I put a decent oil probably one extra portion that I would normally eat so three as opposed to two and then this is just going to go right into the water because into the pot because I don't have the packages obviously forks to eat a dodo so it's a little bit more messy a little more time-consuming but that's okay I need some food in my belly someone left someone laughs its comedy oh look I got boil ha ha comedy how to tag mm-hmm definitely having a good hair day you know Michael Landon would be proud I still put look at look at this is soup that is not acceptable oh no I want to drink that perfect not still water yeah put this away my bush buddy flips inside itself like that just drop right in the part it goes on let's got this pretty sweet carrying case this one's at Oakes pot 1100 maybe 900 maybe 1100 it's bigger than my steel people under 900 it's 1100 I'm gonna go with 1100 what's that yeah no I had the 900 foot originally with oh okay great like that's the Snow Peak one I got with it Oh with the crazy lid yeah I think yeah this stupid horrible private I think that was the intro circa one know maybe someone someone made that one famous anyway they made that specifically for that so but that's good little cook kit and very lightweight that's all that's all my Cole cook so much more water weight in my backpack for my tarp my tent that I think it's gonna be a lot of double carrying today on that big one which is gonna kill some time eat up some time but we're talking trees left and right over here is it it's not even the one we thought one came down but it's like two or three over there and then we heard like he while we're looking at the two or three that came down behind that the coldest happen it's just kicking up again and the key is so before you say don't put your tent here did did the widow-makers those are all live green trees every single one everyone they're coming down green literally we saw the the fulcrum point where it broke or whatever was way over a foot big a foot round on a live tree so it's like and I swear this isn't even the windiest it's been today by far yeah so bye

because I don't think I can lay in my tent any sleep what like I don't even want to go that way you know I don't like it over there anymore we were sitting here right here at the campfire we ran you ran because these trees came down wait what is it 30 feet no - yeah 30 feet away full 12-inch trees came down

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