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How to Cook Bacon and Eggs Outdoors with no Metal Cooking Implements


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In this video I show how to go about cooking a delicious meal with no metal cooking tools.

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Video Transcription

I went to the butcher and got some peameal bacon to fit cut ones for me and one normal one for scope let's cook it up without the use of metal cooking tools I've already heard everything I need so one of the things I need is a green stick preferably straight this one's okay it's a little curved but it'll work so I'm going to put a split in it and to do that first of all I'm just going to pound my knife into her okay

got a nice split there and I want to be careful with it I don't want the split running off the side because I need it to stick my PML bacon so we're gonna try and split it down the middle that's probably far enough and we'll slide our two pieces of peameal bacon in here because I'm just going to throw scouts right on the coals I'm sure he's not going to mind too much as you can see I have a fire here that's died down its coals and ashes so that's what I want to cook on because I don't want to burn I've got a fork stick here that has a point on it pound it into the ground it's good enough leave my stick over top of it then I have another fork stick that I can push into the ground it's going to hold it in place there this fork stick has another use for after two but that's good right there and I should hold my hand about there for three seconds and it's not too hot so that's a good cooking temperature now onto the eggs I brought two eggs from home in a little Tupperware container and all you do is you want to put a little tiny hole in the top of one or both of them sorry choose your knife and slowly grind away you want to crack it that's about a perfect hole there do it to both of them the next thing you want to do is just kind of separate the cooler ashes and coals from the hotter stuff and we're gonna cook our eggs right in that that way they don't cook too quickly explode on us that's that's why we're poking a hole into so they don't explode what you set it in there and you can see it's going to start to ooze out the top that's no big deal I was fortunate and was able to find some leaks earlier so I'm going to throw those on the fire as well

scouts peameal bacon is done when I throw right on the coals cook the heck of a lot clicker and really you can do this for yourself too sit

good boy

all right stops went on for about 20 minutes let's take it off and see how it goes I made myself up a little plate yeah believe they're done and the eggs I had to move a little bit but I believe whoa toasty I believe those are done - that was hot so the eggs done look perfectly actually it's not too burnt at all all she's hot but we'll give that set a second and look at her peameal bacon the dirt and she's cooked real good it's not for me alone around the sides and it tastes so good especially crispy from the fire alright let's take a look at this egg oh dude there you have it a little bit of cooked leeks - just peel the DANC off the outside mmm they're a little small right now I don't weigh them till they grow a bit bigger but they're fabulous man that egg looks good Oh so there you have it eggs and peameal bacon cooked over a fire outdoors without ending the use of any cooking implements you excuse me while I eat my food thanks for watching hope you learned something until next time guys

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