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Dollar Store Supershelter Overnight With My Dog-10$ Woods Survival Challenge (24 Hours)


My Dog Scout and I head to the woods to camp overnight, using only items from the Dollar Store

The $10 Dollar Store Survival Challenge, or like $11.50...

I make a neck sheath from cottonwood bark, build a supershelter with grass, and items from the kit. and lots more.

This is only part 1, I still have almost a full hour of video for part 2.

coming soon...

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Video Transcription

hey guys

thanks for tuning in Joe here I'm with my buddy scout I got a lot of crap I'm in the woods we're gonna do a dollar store survival challenge overnight or camp out in the woods it just this gear that I have in front of me you have to pardon my little prepubescent voice I'm a bit sick and my voice has gone to whack I'll go over everything I have in detail later on but right now I want to get into the woods because it's really windy over here I'm freezing cold it's been snowing it's negative to right now it's gonna get down to negative five tonight

very cold already but anyways like I said I want to go through all this later but right now I want to make a carrying case so I don't have to carry much this stuff like a pool so I have ten garbage bags in here which open good and I can reuse them as long as they don't get stretched out too bad from this but they say they're heavy-duty so I'm not I have a four liter bottle of water that's not gonna go in there just because I see it going wrong so all my gear now I got to find a stick tied around that and carry it over my shoulder like a hobo and I'm gonna have this on the stick too like a hobo I said hobo now full disclosure I do have some other items Scouts with me he did not ask to come he wants to be here but he did not have to do this survival overnighter so I brought him food I'm not gonna make him go hungry and I'm not gonna share the one piece of food I have with him so I'm gonna bag full of scouts kibble whether or not he eats it that's another story so that's going in the big garbage bag too because I don't want to carry it in my cargo pocket anymore also I have a couple more things I have one big piece of paracord this will not be used for any part of my shelter or anything I'm doing I promise this is purely to tie Scout up at night because of tons of Coyote in the area and deer and he likes to go chase them so this is first Scout to tie up at night on his collar

that's I've done this side I do have one extra battery for my cannon and I have an extra memory card these cannon batteries are lasting a lot longer than my old Nikon batteries so two batteries should be fine for overnight and then the one thing that I do have for me that's not in the in the survival challenge and I don't care is wet wipes and some hand sanitizer from a bum bump the hand sanitizer is not not for my bump on the wet wipes are don't put hand sanitizer on your bum bum it's not a fun time they cut a bunch of locusts along the trail here so this is still green but it was dead or I was cut on the ground I thought I was gonna have to double up a garbage bag for this but I don't it's fine get all the air out of it and do one of these make it super strong where I'm going to attach it to the pole

they should put it on the side that's not all splintery yeah

tie it one more no no it's mine skill what are you doing be good go get your own okay there we go no back up back up that goes over the shoulder like a L hobo oh yeah I can walk like this no problem okay time to get off the trail time we get the blush proper

oh my goodness that was fun that was a lot of fun gonna get wet sweaty at least I'm warm now oh there we go yeah I'm a quarter of the way there guy you got to be careful man he's all cut up see that they'll bloodied up on the top of his nose it's okay you're fine - fine he's running through the woods trying to chase gear run into pickers and brambles and what-have-you

no big stretch okay we're almost in the woods proper right behind me is where I plan on camping I got to check it out I know this spot very well and I know there's natural building materials and stuff but I can use here I'm sorry I'm gonna try to look at the lens people keep telling me stuff looking over here I look in the lens when I'm looking over here I'm looking at my self in the LCD LED in the screen I want to try to do that okay

another few minutes walk and then hopefully we'll be where we're gonna set up for tonight there we are just on cue as the train blows it's foolhardy this is the exact spot I was imagining coming - I knew this tree had fallen a couple years ago and it's on that kind of diagonal fall that's gonna be my shelter it's very good very good to have a grasp of what you want to do before you get out normally when I go camping and stuff I'm not around my host a lot of the times it's a new area our new spot in an area I've been I don't have time to scout it out but this general area was different it's near my house I've been here a hundred times and know what to expect to know where the building materials are for this kind of situation for this kind of exercise you definitely want that so yeah the plan is to make this into my shelter I just want to make sure it's yeah that's pretty solid

very solid we're only doing one night here so it's not gonna be anything permanent I'm gonna tear it down when we're done let's dive into what I brought and why I need to lose his jacket first I'm it's cold it's cold outside no dope but I've been working up a sweat and I got on layers right that's the night to me cold I don't have any kind of sleeping bags and we've had nothing like that it's all natural so I do have long-sleeve shirt beater sweater coat wool socks long johns fall Raven cabs I got my gloves and I got a - my boots yeah anyways okay let's dive into this stuff the bag held up very well actually I'm having a hard time untying it but dollar-store garbage bags for the win apparently there we go it's first up probably one of the most important things is water I got this 4 liters of water from the dollar store it was either this or a leader or four small water bottles for all the same price but I opted for this because this was the most amount of water need this for scout as well he does have there's some ditches and and and stuff you can drink from but he tends to not go too far from me and at night I'm not finding my way out to the ditch it's far from here to the creek the ditch wherever you want to call it so at night you can drink out of this and the daytime will walk down to the ditch yeah the bag bag is no worse for wear and I know like a lot of you guys probably a big deal to bag but out here doing this kind of stuff every single little piece of thing matters it's all very important well look at that not as durable as I thought the bottom did get ripped up a bit still usable for what I want to do but good duly noted okay so I'm not sure if you guys have heard of the challenge scope can you please go over there so you're not the camera but thank you lay down put wringer laid out with this lay down good puppy dogs there's a challenge it's probably super old now a couple years old by Wrangler star I believe who originally came up with it the rules are arbitrary in my opinion but whatever if you look on YouTube there's not a lot of people who have actually done the challenge and and spent the night out there's a lot of people who went to the store and bought the things that said what they were going to do Malcolm the hidden woodsman is one of them and then there's some like popular one that they're not even the camping and they did it so anyways I'm gonna do it my way I'm going to show how I feel that you can utilize certain things from the dollar store for a very good benefit to make you very comfortable out here the rule was ten dollars I bought eight items there's probably eleven bucks if I'm being honest with tax and everything but I didn't know how to allow us to do it so you need to eat one of the rules was you need to cook food I think they wanted you to cook two meals I'm not doing that the exact rules to meals and have like a waterproof container and some other things my rules for me around ten bucks come out here make it as a comfortable shelter as you can and eat some food I don't care anyways my food Oh super lucky this is one of my favorite soups ever a primo rough sticky beef barley soup and it has a pop top so I was going to do Uncle Ben's rice because they had that there as well but this is much easier and it has a pop top the only reason I was gonna do the rice is because I know a can opener don't have the money the ten dollars to buy the can opener doesn't come in - it's not a good purchase for this anyways soup and cook it in it's this bull metal bowl now a lot of you are probably thinking why don't you just cook the soup in the can well there's a good reason because it's lined with plastic and it's not bpa-free and as soon as you melt that plastic into your food is super bad for you that's why I like that dented cans are really not good for you and stuff like that back in the day I think it was okay to do that just you know throw your can of beans on your fire it's just not it's not okay now I'm not gonna do it you guys do whatever you want I highly discourage you from doing that that's why I went to the extra trouble and and spent the money on buying the bull so soup goes in the bowl one meal and that's not gonna be till tonight about five o'clock I've got my garbage bags that you already saw I used one I have nine in here and one extra here I took oh I'm gonna totally pay for my dog food my paracord and my camera stuff a separate I've got a knife a cutting tool he's gonna help me building my shelter quite a bit so this is a full tank I was surprised that I was able to get a full tang I looked hard there's a couple that I looked at longer ones and stuff and the tank stopped like a quarter of an inch down the handle and that would have broke in a second so yeah I kind of like the way this one has the handle on this one we'll see how it goes it's a three and three and a quarter inch blade I got some jute twine I've got three rolls of jute twine and it's the real stuff it's not the poly stuff so it can help with the fire I don't know why the focus is not focusing on that three rolls of jute twine 118 feet total I got four boxes and matches my fire is not going to be an issue and my last thing the thing that is going to be the savior of the trip plastic drop sheet look at how big that is where does it say eight-by-twelve all the other ones I could find were 7 by 7 or 7 by 8 by 12 but it's only it's very very very thin I don't know where it says it's very thin so I think I'm gonna have to double it up my plan is gonna be to make a super shelter and line it with grass and all that stuff and that way I will be warm I'll be comfortable but this needs to not melt next to the fire so I'll probably have to have the fire a little bit farther back and double this up in the front okay that's all my gear like I said 11 bucks maybe but I'm car so let's get to it


okay so what I want to do is sleep in there it's gonna be way too hot in there for him I know that so he's gonna have to sleep outside of the shelter next to me I can't I'm up to that big tree too which is cool I want it to be small so it keeps me keep the heat in right there and then write that nodule so I'm gonna stick a rock I mean I'm gonna stick a stick in leave it alone this goes trying to take it so there's my foot marker and then right here what's up buddy okay so I got my five places marked 8 by 12 yeah she's really really thin so I gotta be kissed oh yeah I gotta be so careful with this

I want to make it just to the bottom here in the front so I know how much I have to drop down I'm gonna get a little small log and roll it on the bottom like normal yeah it's coming together and on the back I'll use some garbage bags cut open lined just to keep more warm air in there and then I'll cover I have a plan of covering it with a thermal wall already I'll use logs on the back but before I put the logs on the back I'll put the garbage bags lining the back that way it's gonna trap the heat in there even more so since we are improvising and I am going to be putting batching and logs and stuff on here later on I don't really feel it necessary to tie this on too much but I will kind of tuck it in secure it until I get to that point in these woods there's tons of oak and cottonwood and they shed their limbs quite readily and they're all over the forest floor here so it won't be too too hard to get some fatty material and some logs now obviously I don't have a saw to cut these up so I'm gonna have to break them I'll probably use a tooth tree method where you kind of fry it lamps on making progress few more of these I think it start throwing my grass on watch everything on the inside I'll roll up the the other side of it to be able to fetch make a bed and all that stuff still after but yeah good [Music]

okay guys I've got my rough ribs down my rough back wall I want to fix up the plastic a bit tie it off and make it taut because that's not very much room right in there as it is so I want to pull the plastic oh it a bit even tie it down here I think make some buttons and tie it down and then start the fatch get my grasses my patching material it's coming along actually having a lot of fun doing this I've had the idea to do this for quite some time now but just never happened so actually probably about a year do that that's gonna work out just fine okay so my knife time to get my knife up back up about half time if I have time I plan on making a cheap like a disposable sheets for it back up a man actually is pretty good ergonomics see if she shaves let's see if she shaves you need to see my arm hair do I even have arm hair do I even have arm hair I hope she shaves no it's hard to see my little boy arm hairs yeah cool you get this silly twist tie thing off of it but yeah man pretty groovy feels good in the hand no hot spots you know it's like a warren cliff or like a sheepsfoot blade - it's not like this like that alright my obsession over this cheap knife is done I gotta get some twine out of here let's go how does like does that smell like food - you know I didn't actually okay so we're gonna make some buttons on the plastic and we're gonna tie it off to the shelter just gonna make some pre-tied small little pieces of rope that way I'm not wasting or trying to cut as I'm going I need three of them I need three pieces make the third one a lot bigger because I have to go around the big thing up there I am gonna tie it down just so that I have more room so just like in my last video we're gonna make a button using some duct or earth from the earthen material I'm gonna stick in there there we go so again just a couple double over hands will work for you or close it there we go and all I want to do is tie this I want I just want to peg this down right like I just I just don't want it flapping around so even if I have to just loop it around this and tie it off of itself that's not actually pretty good that's what I'm gonna do this twine is very very thin sometimes you can get pretty substantial twine but again this is dollar store dollar store action here's what I mean I already got a whole gotta be careful it's in a good spot it's done by the foot it's no big deal but I got to be careful with this crawling here the room had grass on the floor a dry long grass on the floor the ground even to make a mattress I got plenty of room get over there plenty of room I could even put a stick kind of holding that up from me a little bit all right cool plenty of room head height - nice this is turning out pretty decent put a decent turn all this work I haven't cracked my water yet you gotta stay hydrated right watch out big girl get you something a minute here he's obviously thirsty and I don't want to walk down to the ditch right now so I'm gonna let him drink go to my my cooking bowl there we go what's this big guy get your get your dog drool back up over here get your dog drool all on my bowl can't really see the blood on his nose he's killing that kill it it big guy there's more where that came from don't worry it's time to get my thatching materials I have to hike out to the field and cut a bunch of dead grass I'm really worried about using this knife without a sheath like I'm out there I'm cutting the grass I need to grab it I either put this knife down I put it in my pocket or you know I mean I lose it I get cut it's just not a good situation either way so I think I think before I do anything else I'm gonna try to make a Cottonwood bark sheath for this so let's go hey there's a dead cottonwood over there let's go hike over to that and try and pry up some bark and try to make a crude sheath out of that oh yeah okay there's me a perfect Keith look at that got a whole big long piece I can definitely use this this is definitely a good piece to use nice see what I'm eating here I brought it over here to measure and now what I have to carry it just carry it by itself with this there's not not see it's not good not a good practice not a good idea let's go try and flip up a sheet today and sit on the ground in the woods and make something we're making a sheep get over here buddy go on let's go seriously thank you so the idea is I just make a hollow spot in between two pieces of bark pick it up for my knife blade and a little bit of the knife itself which isn't much and then I wrap it with twine and then make a little like a lanyard I can wear it around my neck so that will be very helpful for today everything I'm doing there's been a bunch of times where I've reached for my pocket my pocket knife or sorry reached for my belt life and it just wasn't there so I don't need to use this for like batoning and stuff that's not the intended purpose like I said there's tons of wood dead wood on the ground and I'll have to really rely on just foraging and scrounging my wood because no saw no knife right no no decently so if I put it in like that much I can use this whole piece of bark for both pieces so I want to cut this directly in half both they're just gonna score it a few times on either side and I should be able to break it pretty cleanly that's the idea anyway I don't want to break it and not be able to use one of the pieces because this is both really really solid like this this one piece of bark is very solid it would go well together so there we go nice and clean clean break so we'll use that like that sandwich together it'll be big don't get me wrong it's gonna be huge and clunky but that's okay go on I can take it off when I'm not using it whatever Scout man kill anybody you're killing me this coat it's a new coat for me it's super warm it's called a triple fat goose coat I'll put a link in the description where I got it I'm really loving it I love the color and I can wear it around town it's not too too outdoorsy but it's very very durable so walking through the brambles and stuff it's it holds up really good yeah I want to mark it norm you'd use like charcoal for this I want to get it in past the first finger groove but I'm just gonna use dirt we're up so I know where I need to be careful on this side know where I need to cut or even hollow out I guess I'm just flipping around so don't cut my finger when this is just rough obviously but okay I'm kind of seed outline of the knife

this his blade has no tip on no curve on it obviously because it's that one cliff style it goes the other way so it's kind of hard to do these cuts I got to go work against a log or something I can't work like this on my legs wish the blade had a sweep to it swoop to it a good thing is I don't have to take a lot of material away from the the Cottonwood bark for the blade just for the handle and as it's going I'm not making much progress but the handles down near the end here so it's easier work anyway which is good this Cottonwood bark you can use it for a lot of different things I've used it plenty of times for a bow drill socket like a bearing block I've seen people use it for spoons it's because it's super easy to carve if you're learning how to carve this is a great thing to use what else bobbers for fishing just tons of stuff life sheaths I've seen this used by teri Barney and is Turley for impromptu knife sheaths that's where I got the idea from I believe morsken has he has it in his book to bushcraft with that's without the knife sticking out of that blade going in at all I wonder let me grab the other piece and see if that will work better that way cuz if that's the case I can always cut off the excess right if it only goes in there I can cut it off here and I'll lose a bunch of weight and I can even trim up the sides and stuff too either way but no it just doesn't have the grab it'll just fall right out so I do have to get the I have to get the handle in there a little bit and I should start actually doing it on this one too so it's in both cut cut down a little of both as opposed to just one yep okay I'm gonna do that I'll get back with you so we're getting there you can see them half way through the bark and I want to go too too far or else it'll compromise the integrity of its strength I'm gonna go more on this one now hard in the bark go hard in the bow what I've been doing is making these like cut lines these guide lines on either side and then that way when I'm gutting it out it's kind of stopping there which is prune ooh pretty helpful that's really gonna concentrate on the top okay I'm pretty happy with it so you see the fit there it's pretty decent I wrapped it yet right I wrapped it with 20 out but I can get it back in and it has pretty good retention so I think I want to call it there it's hot kind of hard to get back in but anyways I'm gonna call it there I'm gonna tie it up with jute twine and hopefully we'll see how she goes I think it'll be good gonna be good I stuck it in there when I was putting in kind of stuck in the top there so maybe I'll hollow that out a little bit more before I fart I doc get a nice long piece of twine make a little neck knife

well neck carry as it were just wrap it tight as tight as I can at first I tried to cut like I cut one end off you can see that I thought I could just cut it clean and snap it off like I did before I couldn't had to shave it all down I was too afraid of breaking the bark it wouldn't break it wouldn't snap off easy and I started like hitting it off the log I just could imagine it freaking shattering after I doing all that work making the sheath so I stopped and I carved it although it took me a very long time way too long so we'll worry about that other piece laughter I didn't care about it but if we're sitting around the fire tonight and I've got nothing to do all shave it down that's pretty pretty decent and then I am going to tie like I said neck knife on it so what I'll do to do that is all I'll tie the Sun the sun's coming out I'll tie twine to this side of the twine go around to the side of twine just have and I won't have to worry about it choking me because the freakin twine will break if any kind of pressure know her hey there she is man I just gotta tie the neck Pete piece on but pretty solid dude pretty a pretty solid I'm gonna worry about it coming out all just putting it back in is a little difficult but I can handle that okay sort of to tie my neck piece on my neck carry part on I'm gonna do this so I want to take just how I tell my tarps my tiles for my terms really so I got my am i running out of my twine I'm gonna fold it excuse me I'm gonna send the loop through underneath and try and pull it out I guess I'll do this try and pull it out relatively close to the top because I don't want it to start swinging like hanging upside down or sideways or whatever you put it at the top you have a better chance of it hanging straight so pull it all through and here's my running end still right I just kind of pull it tight and as she's on there you know I mean I don't have to even tie it or anything I can't do this with that's with this side because I need the full end to pull through but I can tie it off and it'll be just fine alright pretty happy with it well BAM Sun pretty it up later on but there we go all right let's go gara grass I'm gonna use the gloves too because the grass will cut your hands up real good oh did you happen to see my sweet neck knife I got oh yeah I just just whipped it up in the woods you know no big deal I'm still looking in the screen still looking in the viewfinder go into the field of grass I've used this stuff estatua material in the past it works great it keeps you warm it's relatively easy to gather to take some time but the effort is not very very much we are the grasslands part of the reason I picked the location where I did - you know I can't have my shelter out here in this grass field or and have a big long fire all night long just dangerous but in the woods there see my shelter it's close close proximity to the this grass best of both worlds I'm tucked away in the woods away from the wind have the building materials there haven't building materials here baby I am buh-bam son scope found fresh fresh deer poop glossy it's so fresh shimmer and shine poop Devine anybody that's where my garbage bags are gonna come into play one of the one of the ways those garbage bags are probably one of the better pieces a kit the knife is about perfect for the grass yeah I got my first bundle done bring this so back over to the woods a little bit of grass right there only need about realistically not exaggerating maybe four more of those should be enough I think that's not so bad I can do that this knife this knife is sheath combo it's working out phenomenally this knife is really good for cutting that it's pretty good I'm happy because it's not good for cutting much of anything else at the blade shape but I always thought they look cool too worn clip the sheep's foot style blade shapes but I'm glad I never bought a real like bushcraft knife that has one maybe some people like them but obviously not for me it's not working out a knife with a swoop like a belly it is just ideal okay off to get more

oh that's what I thought of the other thing that you're supposed to have in the arbitrary rules for the the $10 dollar store overnight challenge was you're supposed to have a way of lighting like illuminating illumination device flashlights something like that I don't

it just wasn't important to me to get that

so we'll be relying on tonight for fight for filming and for lighting and everything is fired and because I'm in the city ambient light which there's a lot of so I'm not too concerned about that rules I'm a rebel you know born to break them rules arbitrary all right second haul here ticks are another thing you gotta be concerned about doing this it's why I've waited so long in the year really one of the reasons but as I found out on my last trip which was earlier this month and farther up north ticks are still around for the year so gotta be careful lots of tick checks for me and the dog you want to get home but the good thing about it here is I've never seen anything other than a deer tick so not too big a concern really I mean sorry a dog check not a deer tick a dog tick which aren't the bad ones I was told my last video they were deer tag good haul good haul Joe I'm huffing and puffing guys I got three so far a two there one there I'm going to take a break from collecting it and start flashing because I think three will do the back maybe four but I think five total including my bedding and everything so I have three I think you can do the back with that I keep poking at ways so yeah so let's do that

not about killing ants yeah so anyways I just I drop this here it's not like I wanted this is how it's gonna fetch it by any means lots of grass already though pretty pleased with that this grass is hollow it's a very good insulator

so we're gonna start at the bottom work our way up like normal you can weave this into bats and all sorts of stuff but I find if you just pile enough on you're more than fine this stuff is great pine boughs I mean sorry spruce boughs and like balsam and conifer and all stuff like that all conifers you can use evergreen are great but it involves either chopping a bunch of limbs off of trees or chopping a bunch of trees down and it's not always easy or allowed or even it's pretty frowned upon it beyond it so there's a grass there's a good alternative it's already dead very very renewable and it does a good job this is come along pretty well very well we're happy with it actually I don't have to worry about any rain any rain would be snow at this point so we'll be just fine so I'm pretty much done that batching I used all of that straw every little last piece on the back so you don't forget a couple more hey armloads but let's take you around check it out free impress pretty happy pretty annoyed with that train in the background here we have our lounge mutt protector of the garbage heap yeah garbage heap Israel it's really covered can't see any plastic from the back maybe a tiny bit down here the foot but see what I mean it's a nice grass pile with lots of coverage all man that train non-stop Hey so I want to have to pull that back and get to working on the inside there's one thing I do want to get it all the graphs the thoughts hanging over this thend here like stragglers up and over the way - I don't want to catch any spark and have it travel all the way up some a huge tinder bundle I'm gonna be sleeping in safety he's number one like this up here this is they called curly cue dry dry dry grass three times dry ok this will be my pole that I need to keep to keep the plastic down so I'm gonna put this over there so I don't confuse it and burn it or break it up before wood or whatever now normally in this time of year I'd leave whatever was on the ground already down there leaves and whatnot so that I can get extra warmth or buffer from the ground but because I'm gonna have so much grass it's it's not a big deal I'm just gonna clear everything else because I want to get like I said a whole clear area again so I can have my big fire I'm gonna have to have a long fire in front of me they'll have to go all night long to keep me warm enough inside my super shelter that's how the super shelter works right yeah it gathers in clay the heat passes through the plastic and it gets trapped in there I don't have the luxury of a space blanket so that's why again I've already got this this plastic down in the back is covering literally three-quarters of the back of it I only really have to put up a black garbage bag over here we'll see how it goes I might end up cutting one open and lining the whole thing because it's black and hopefully hoping that the black color will retain the heat I don't know but it's it's worth a shot and I have an extra garbage bag or two to do that with so let's get to it love these woods the ground is nothing but soil is just just straight soil stuff you would even buy topsoil so having a fire right on the top overnight big lots of coals and lots of woods there's no issue I like pile these up yeah yeah that's not a bad idea I might make us go to bed for tonight that's what I'll do I don't know if I'll use these because there's all sorts of sticks and stuff they'll poke through but I am gonna make him a bed so he can lay on stay up off the wet ground always thinking Joe it'd be good you'd be good Rock watch this oh [Music]

he's off he's officer he stops right away whenever I say out whenever he's biting me

I will keep all these leaves in a pile just in case I need to use them for thatching or bedding or anything survive raking leaves at home won't we do we just did the other day we'll have to do it again because the trees not still empty but we have skeleton emerald out in the front doing a book jumping in the leaves so much that it's actually like counterproductive but it's very fun good memories very good memories for me for all of us well I warmed up as you could probably tell stripping down some layers although the wind is kicking up now too which is counterproductive I'm getting hungry I'm getting very hungry I think Scott is too so I'm gonna give him this kibble I'm gonna use my bowl again let's rinse it over really good okay what's up see he doesn't even want you want that look good boy here this is same stuff in here won't it man didn't care he's all about he's sniffing all right move some stuff over there he's sniffing all around like crazy trying to get at it and give it to me doesn't care this is why I don't bring him kibble you guys watch these pounded down how many of you watch these pounded out if you have and you liked it I may have a good new have good news for you all the way may be late with that too there's a new show a newer show there's a show called Vice Principals and Dan McBride's in it and he produced it and created all this stuff and he's in it with I don't know the name of the other guy well they're two guys vice principal of a school there's two seasons anyways it just added very very good show I liked it a lot yep public service announcement number one their biggest one

it's nice to be out here with scooty Magoo's

I don't even dare try and make enough room for him there is actually at the head there's enough room for him to come in here if you wanted to but it's gonna be way too hot man his double coat there's no way they'd be much hotter in there than it'll be over here I'm going to make like I'm gonna make my bed and then I'm gonna make something where I can crawl into if I need it like like a thin layer of grass inside a couple garbage bags and I can put on top and we come bury myself into if I need to just for extra warmth I'm hoping not to need it because I'm sure it won't be very comfortable but I'm gonna do it anyway and that'll make a little pillow and all that stuff so got lots of stuff to do still with grass and building and I have to collect a bunch of firewood with no saw so that's literally walking around oh my goodness clothes on walking around and picking up wood off the ground but like I said I have four packs of matches getting a fire going he's not going to be an issue a dead grass type line I have twigs I have everything I need I don't even need to use my knife at all for that

I could use some earplugs though you

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Joe is a very talented bushcrafter. He has a "straight" approach to bushcraft life-style. His videos reach a very high quality, both for the shootings and for the content. He took part on the History Channel show "Alone"

You can find all his videos on his YouTube channel.

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