ThruNite TH10 Real World Abuse


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Video Transcription

hey folks Joe here again this is our third video on the through nine th-10 flashlight this will be the extreme torture test video as you can see guys going strong so what what real world applications can you do to torture this this flashlight this headlamp well i can assume that sometimes you're going to be outside in the rain we're going to be wet sometimes you might be able to freezing rain sometimes my building snow sometimes you'll drop it I don't think you're ever going to hit this live with your ax or run over it with your car I'm not going to do those things but let's throw it in the air let's get it soaking wet let's freeze this thing let's we'll leave it on and freeze it in a block of water turn to ice and it happens we'll turn her on done she's still on she's still on that's pretty good I threw 25 feet in the air twice pretty hard I think that's settles that part of it so she's on I'll just soak her Oh Cho scope trying to get in all the little cracks or anywhere where it could possibly go wrong she's still shining good no worries there crazy dog so we've thrown it we soaked it now let's submerge it well it's on and let's freeze it so that's in there you can see it's on and we're going to leave that on freeze it see what happens alright she's going in the freezer alright folks I'll see in a couple hours it's only been about half an hour so I just came to look at it but I figured maybe I should try and change it while it's underwater there's a con and cycle through only just by holding it down she's going fine underwater I wanted to leave it on fire flight mode that way I know the last as long as it needs to all right no no she is it's been going for about eight hours now take her outside and smasher open cuz we're gonna see how it works after we on freedom is that flashlight on so you guys can see that flash lights still on and this is a solid block of ice I still going good okay sure yeah throw it on their heart okay let's smash it smash they're open yeah let's see if it's frozen shut can't push the button right now go to wait till opens a little bit more but we still got that part on there let's smash that too hey watch out guys

one minute babe so it's still going strong smashed it twice out once with a piece of wood and then once throwing it still got all that on the on the band but the flashlight is oh I'm sorry one more time let's smash it one more time just for good measure yeah well that's just on the on the band it's no big deal there you have it folks I can't turn it up right now because the button itself is frozen shut maybe I'll run some hot water on that's what we'll do we'll run some hot water on her spray that afraid to have my foot so it probably doesn't need to be warm water this uh this hose water will probably do it do enough to to melt it there we go all good in the neighborhood

she found a stick good job well there you have it that took some real world abuse I think I don't think even that much whatever happened to your head lamp but now you know that if it gets frozen you can smash the ice off of it it'll work fine you can get it wet you can throw it it's all good it's going to handle some some real world abuse yeah I hope you guys liked it i hope you learn something Oh could give you a little bit info maybe you were looking at them if you hadn't even heard of them but it's a good good option to my book it's a bomb-proof light for a reasonable price and it'll take whatever you can throw it and I'm sure as you can see so if you if you guys want a chance to win it I've said this before oh it's mosquitoes oh you need to comment on all three of the videos that I put out so this one and the two previous if you haven't seen the previous ones go watch some comment on them and pick a name that's comments on all three videos and I'm gonna give it away in one week from today so be looking for that video as well because you might win a headlamp thanks for watching guys sticker

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