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Video Transcription

this is a look at the Big Agnes Fly Creek ul1 I have a pretty good backpacking trip coming up with my buddy Kyle we're gonna do about 80 kilometers in four days up north in Ontario in Killarney Provincial Park we're going to do the silhouette trail be sorry the Lacoste silhouette trail and I'm gonna bring my big agnes tent so I thought I'd go over it and show specs on it and showing how to set it up and all that stuff as opposed to when I'm out there because battery and memory card time is very valuable so we'll do it here couple specs I have big egg this is the tent itself plus the footprint and then I have holes and the pegs in here the whole thing weighs 2 pounds I don't know if I will be bringing the footprint or the screen met the screen body of the tent probably the screen body of the tent but we'll see the footprint is here it comes with it with it's a different stuff sack I had to buy it separately the footprint alone is $50 I got an REI the tent itself is like 350 bucks or something like that but I got hooked up my buddy Dustin who I met at West when we were filming that show we became really good friends and we've camped since then and he hooked me up with a steel on this thing so again thanks buddy so without without the the footprint in there I like to keep the poles strapped to the outside of my backpack because I don't care if they get wet and the and then it makes you think he can go inside it or whatever but it makes this tent rigid when when it's in your pack if you have the poles outside of the outside of the pack you can squish this down do whatever fold it around things you can go without the stuff second at all I will probably bring it but so there is the fly and sorry there is the fly and there's a screen I will show the whole process of setting it up the black flies are supposed to be out so I imagine I'll bring my screen part of it it's just I don't know it's only another pound not even pound half a pound if I don't bring the footprint but we'll see so in the in the bag with the pegs you get this repair tube for your poles it is very light and out of safety out of thinking ahead I will bring this just in case but the pole is pretty pretty interesting it's a one pole design it's all connected by this centerpiece and they are light very light lightweight but durable I've had this thing in super heavy winds I've camped in a probably six or seven nights I've had in really high winds and the poles held up just fine I have no fear of them breaking so you can set it up two ways with the 50 foot print without and we'll do it without first and I'll take it apart and show you how how it is with a footprint so it's pretty setting up this pretty straightforward bring it intuitive as well it's got these grommets you just put the pole right in the grommet there's three of them so that's the basic tent so you can see it is the central part where all of the the polska motive so like I said one pole that turns into kind of three and that's the shell right there easy easy peasy next there's this middle-class slider in and then there's all these met sorry plastic clips you just clip it right on okay well there's two one more here and here one of the things I really like about this hen is that it's a free standing tent which means I can do things like this where it's not necessary but it's nice to clean out and move it around after it's set up if you want to next I just put the top of the pegs in in ideal weather this would be great fully screen protection from bugs but that doesn't happen right now putting the rain fly on is super easy as well unless you put it on upside down inside out like I just did it's kind of line up the door so you can have a rough idea where it goes and then there's clips to clip it together these little clips clip right in and there's three of them nice and tight now all we have to do is tie out the tights so you can use the stakes that were already used for the mesh part staking out the vestibule is super easy just pull it taut there to the side has this pretty cool attachment so you can give it makes the inside bigger so you basically has this little loop on the inside the screen part and it has this clip on the show you just clip it on and then that when you pull this side oh it pulls the inside out as well I don't like these little Thai talk Thai things whatever they called I'd rather just use a taut line hitch but so there's two Toyotas one for the screen one for the bottom I started both for both for the Michelle but once on the bottom once in the middle is just to give you a little bit more protection cinch it down a little better but they can both go to the same peg it has these two other tie ups in the front I think it's just for islands I never used them and I'll show you what I do with it with the cord what do you got Arlene what kind of leaf a big leaf it's a maple leaf I have a makeup make believe me believe I'll brief interlude oh my goodness so I just Hank it up like a piece of paracord or whatever and let it hang there so it doesn't get tangled I don't want to take them off in case I do need it but nine times out of ten I don't know she is all set up get a little bit of a vestibule in the front not much to be honest with yet careful guys

you can put your pack there tighten this up a bit but you can put your pack in the front here not much else man it's not not too much room maybe your shoes or whatever but you can see I can sit up inside it one person strictly there's no way I could fit two people or me in the dog at all the bottom is very very lightweight silk from soft still nylon it is recommended to use the footprint with it but I always end up just putting my piece of reflectix underneath it and calling it good because I'm not bringing the footprint and the bodies with tents and as you would expect like all tents it has the place to keep it tied out there a little tie out and then you could do the same with the screen it's got one for that as well and then I wouldn't I wouldn't do this up unless it was raining I would keep this completely open I keep my screen shot because it does get condensate II in there there is mesh at the other end but it's not adequate just a quick walk around the tent to get the grasp of it so that's how long the vestibule is definitely can fit your pack there 100% I'll stake down it's a good tent I really like it so I'm going to set it up again with the footprint and show you the deal with that so for when bugs aren't an issue or you want to go super lightweight the footprint is the way to go because it takes the place of the screen part all you do is you lay it out pick it down it's got three tayo T's two in the front one I'm sorry actually two in the front two in the back or three actually

there's got one on this this buckle as well

pull it tight and then all you do the same thing it's got grommets in it and you stick the poles through the grommet and that's going to be the framework it snapped again

well it is a bit of a chore setting up even in this little bit of a wind because it's so lightweight the wind takes it but it's a small price to pay so it's got the buckles again the popper has the buckles and buckle them in it's basically done now he's got to pick it out what's wrong at me Abbi okay we'll just leave him alone he won't hurt you

and again just use the tiles that you used for the footprint if you have to address dude no big deal I don't know what she's doing over there Hey all that's left to do is ties to peggle at the vestibule well good about even more room now without the screen on have more room on the sides I could fit a pack on the side here I have put my pack inside it with the screen on - it's a little tight but this is a good tent I've used it like I said six or seven nights excuse me we're doing five nights on this upcoming trip one of the nights it's just kind of a walk in and camp before we start so I'll have a little bit of miles with it it's a great tent good for a medium kind of ultralight thing so a tarp would be lighter 100% but a tarp isn't gonna give me as much ease of setup room and and protection maybe room but protection mainly I do like a tent makes me sleep a little bit better so that's it for the video let me know if you have any questions I hope you enjoyed it hope you learn something and see you again so just one last thing as I'm packing up I've got the the rain fly to shell in the stuff sack already and this is the footprint so without the poles and the stakes on the inside this is how big it packs down to that is absolutely phenomenal I'm super pumped about that that said I think I have decided I am going to bring the screen body of the ten on this trip specifically but for the future trips when there's no bugs this is going to be ideal the weight isn't really the issue the weight that this adds nothing it's a half a pound compared to the footprint but it's the volume I like to have less things in my pack the weights not an issue because I have everything down now for spring summer fall right around 22 pounds with two liters of water depending on how long I'm going and the only thing that would change would be food but pretty cool Big Agnes flight Creek ul1 checkered Road

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