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Family Canoe Camping - Algonquin Park.


Our first canoe camping trip as a family, we brought our dog, Scout as well.

Our first night was spent car camping at Rock Lake campground.

The next morning we headed out in the canoe to find a backcountry site where we camped for two nights.

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Video Transcription

hey folks Joe and family here too got Scott with us too we're up in Algonquin Park we just got through the West Gate so this is going to be our first family canoe camping trip which is really cool a will and I have done canoe trips before a bunch of times camping trips but Emeril who has been in canoes and VIN campaign has not combined the two yet so it should be pretty cool we're headed to Rock Lake the first night we're going to do Rock Lake Campground and the next two nights are going to be interior interior Rock Lake and we were hoping to get the same site that will and I got our first Isle golfing trip how long ago is that years ago 78 years ago so it'll be nostalgic it'll be cool it was a great campsite so we're crossing our fingers for that one stick around watch the video I'm sure there will be memorable parts we're here at me we're here in Algonquin oh oh you got screwed out of a picnic table honey somebody took our so we took our campsite and our picnic table so car camping at its finest Emmy what are you doing still choking over here here baby all lift you out okay okay you won't come out good job now let's go oh my goodness you got you good kiddo all right calling you down okay I did okay you go it's like Pride Rock oh no oh do you know Joe jump drop catch football okay that's a big old stump look all right there tree stump what one trying to go China get the sunset let's go let's go let's go let's go let's go Danger Danger all right folks so we left our so he lives there we left our campsite it's a 747 or across highway 60 at the lookout trail it's like a 2.9 kilometers hike and in the middle of it is a big cliff we're trying to get there for sunset which is like half an hour from now not even yeah so try and make time the family's leaving me in the dust but we got to go but we got to go rock climber emerald you're doing really what oh my goodness orders from the boss let's go we want to try make this sunset it was very cool you did a good job here a little climber girl well a climber camper girl eh yeah that big rock on your left stop running look where your feet we're going to go why so not cool why isn't it cool what do you mean going down here thank you you're a wild okay go run catch up with mom

way up there hey come on climber this looks nice come on boy are you laughing huh hey mommy is it recording yeah you're good that's enough that's perfect thank you very much

are you are you military you


throughout our site I'm going to go take a hike there's a trail that comes right off the end of our site what's that box for and pooping yeah don't touch it if you find yourself gonna fall just jump in tootin jump jump oh you all the way to the let's go good well get mama where is that me wow look uh well you did a good job you didn't end up getting hurt yeah I think you're at a dead end here ya go everybody might be super here jump to me just yep you good jump I did I young here let's find a barefoot okay well just I can't watch both you at the same time I'm fine I'm right behind you no oh you're up they were really high man hop down let me try and count all the ways hop they come get me alone don't get me Mom okay look over the camera so I can watch your dad hello no climb into daddy comes down and stop pushing on me so I can hold the camera the dog right there not climbing

I'm not going to help you I'm just hearing

those were your only dry shoes now you're gonna be cold at night come here please

I'm glad to hear it sweetie some feel some fields are good to look at for the fattest fat

you're right any open any good open place is good oh cool huh come on I told you not to go down there good boy come on

okay commercial go go baby ah why honey Giovanni

hey watch all around here are you in a place where you can stand up don't move okay good

wave doing the camera yeah okay I'll see you there you kicked my fingernail that's what that was I'll come help me no you're fine you're fine



are you going hey that's close enough okay I'm trying to focus on you what that's that square dude look yeah gonna back up today's today is a great day cuz we're camping in tomorrow we're going home and I love Cathy we'll come back soon and I really love captain what do you think a book camping oh I think it's great yeah can you back up a bit so you're in focus walk hey is Ella good yeah put your head in cover it something campaign is great nose

tell something here yet camping is like doing blah blah blah I do not say blah blah can you back up so here in focus okay I woke up at me okay okay okay I will like this fire yeah that's good so um

your referee go with the square goes don't touch it because if it falls over then it's all bad scope ready nice put another one in good job all right oh yeah there's fish jumping out there don't go in the water I'm talking to skip I'm talking to scho stay over the water buddy very cool you




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