Show Me Your STEAK!


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Cooking a fat, juicy ribeye steak over open fire in the forest with my dog.

I was tagged by Haze Outdoors, The show us your steak challenge is meant to bring awareness to mens mental health.

I tag Doug Outside


Shawn from My Self Reliance

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Bellow is a link to CALM - Campaign Against Living Miserably. They have loads of helpful information about mens mental health so if you or someone close to you is suffering then pop over and have a look.



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Video Transcription

this video is meant to accompany a series of videos posted by the outdoor community on YouTube this show us your steak challenge was brought on by Hayes outdoors an awesome outdoor youtuber it was meant to bring awareness to men's mental health more on that later [Music]


well this looks like a great spot a nice big open area surrounded by thick thick plush this is where I'm gonna post up for a few hours hook up supper with the dog music

it's no

okay now that I'm here we're gonna do a few things to get this place ready it's kind of windy so I want to set up a tarp just to stay over the wind and have my fire burn better so I think I'm gonna do that right now okay not too shabby got the wind coming from my back I'll build the fire right in front here just gonna have to dig up a lot of this Duff and get it away I might collect some rocks - we'll see but uh yeah I'm really hungry I'm getting uh getting to be time to eat working up a sweat here alrighty I haven't looked to see what the substrate is on the ground really underneath all this find off so it looks pretty wet pretty good let's start digging and see let's get it's pretty money it's actual mud perfect okay I don't have to worry about it at all I'm just gonna clear the top layer off and then that's good to go nice that's a relief but not for you nope that's not awkward at all scope so we got a big sheet of birch bark we're gonna use a big blade and also a big old fire steel this fire still was sent to me from Nick HF survival school on on YouTube she's a really cool guy he's from the country Georgia this is a really big fire steel and it works really well

either burger

oh yes oh-ho-ho-ho she's going a little colored too which is good nice an aged back up back up back up it's not for you homie no yeah you got to cook it how much better with this one look instead of the paper just pretend I didn't use the butcher paper pretend it was like that boom time okay [Applause]

oh she's smoking me right out but this is the good angle this is where it looks good I got some butter here we're gonna melt it slowly until go along with that slab of butter I have a clove of garlic this is a local clove so I want to just kind of take off pick up the stem take off all the flaky bits as much as possible I don't want to wrap it gonna wrap it in some tinfoil and then at the end I'll be able to mix it with the butter and have a nice garlic butter spread for the top of my steak okay I'm just gonna continue to take off these fluffy things you don't need to see that you know what that looks like all right fluffy things okay well I've got most this loose skin off I'm gonna press it after so it'll be totally fine he's this side of my blade to press it with all that garlic in there

perhaps Eames ups and we'll just place it next to the fire now I don't want to burn this butter at all I want a slow melt so that's not bad that height there I will put the lid on because I'd rather the least amount of lichen Moss action dirt in my butter as possible although it's not a deal breaker I swear wind is kicking up man switching around a bit like see the rounds on there now you need some good coals these big rounds will give me a decent coals for sure even though it's cedar wish to prop it all up on there now I did take the butter off I had it on there for a little while

ended up getting too hot I'll just wait till this is coals I'll put that down a little bit closer and do it that way but this is all my firewood here and this will be enough to make my cook my snake I have us oh I'll show you well I have a special guest today some of you if you've been following me for a long time well know what this is back in the bushcraft USA days there was a dude named donk his user name was Duncan his one-legged Josh's dad and he's a blacksmith and he would make these grills they were called donkey grills and I had one for a long time a lot of people got them because of my videos I'm sure a lot of people about them because the forum - not just my videos but I lost this on a trip with Kyle and Ken maybe like six years ago or something like that we went to puzzle lake we did a winter trip and I tonight and I thought that on the way out I dropped this out of my sled I could just never find it well I went back to that spot last year and I found it sitting against the tree I had no idea was even there I saw something sitting against the tree I'm like what the heck and this is like like seven hours away from my host and like four lakes paddled in and like just walking through the woods you know I mean I was trying to find the spot that we did camp at and I found it and I was like last year or early early this year so I've she looks a little rusty she looks a little rusty I hit it with an SOS pad and cleaned up all the top part so this is made of like old campaign signs from the states they folds up and yeah has legs you see a little bit of umph like height off the fire I like it I like it a lot and since I'm not far you know I hadn't didn't have to hike in here for hours to get to this spot it's a little bit heavier but I don't mind carrying it don't grow who remembers that let me know in the comments if you've been around that long if so kudos for sticking up with all of this for that long so haze outdoors good dude I've never met him I just chatted a couple times online with them and I just really enjoy the way his personality is the way he thinks about things and does things his videos are different than any other outdoor youtubers just because of his personality

you watch them I'm doing Scott your paws on my steak homie back back back he literally stuck his nail into my steak oh my gosh buddy that's going a little far anyways he took his platform and wanted to speak about something that meant something to him and he tagged me in it and he tagged ta outdoors and he tagged Carlyle 195 and both those guys already were able to do their videos and kudos to them too for doing it so quickly I was moving I was in the middle of moving and had a lot of things to do here so I couldn't so apologies to everyone involved especially Hayes we're not getting this done sooner this is as soon as I could do it so I personally have two people two men in my life used to have three two men in my life that suffer from mental illness a lot of the people are saying like you know it's okay to talk like if you have something wrong with you if you're feeling depressed won't do something or whatever it's okay to talk about it you know what I mean there's a stigma behind this male machismo I'm fine type thing in the head and that's I agree with that it is fine to talk about it and and that stigma doesn't need to be anymore but in the other hand also if you're not the person with the problem or the problem if you know someone who is dealing with mental illness or depression then just like they're allowed to talk about it and ask for help you are allowed to ask them if they're okay and make sure that everything's going well with them now I try to I try to practice this myself with the two men in my life that I know suffer from that and sometimes it's difficult sometimes you feel like you're intruding sometimes you just don't feel like asking either but whenever I have a policy whenever some somebody's in my head for a long time and I just keep thinking about that I tend to reach out and see how they're doing anyways I don't want to be too preachy about anything you know I mean God knows I'm not the authority on anything but this is a good cause and I think this this this month especially Movember is a good time to talk about it too so

I'm gonna link in the below in the description to links or resources that I know are legit and they're gonna be the ones that haze linked heizo doors linked in his because I don't wanna give you guys any kind of broken links or fake legs or scam artist links or anything like that so yeah I'm gonna link the same two organizations that he's did in the bottom and I want you guys to go check out his channel Hayes outdoors I want you to go check out his video show us your steak challenge go check out ta oh doors and ghosts show us your steak challenge Carlyle one-nine-five Kent survival there's a couple more I'm sure I'm very sorry that I'm missing them I just don't know them off the top of my my head so yeah I hope that's okay to say guys you know what I mean like this is and I don't I tend not to preach much but this is a pretty pretty cool pretty important topic and especially in our genre I know we have a lot of women followers and a lot of women bush crafters and youtubers and just write along with us in the game but yeah this is a platform for that so thanks for listening to me and thank you Hayes I like you I like you a lot buddy I'm supposed to tag to other youtubers to do the steak challenge and I will do that at the end of this video all that garlic is smelling mighty fine hoho buddy oh my goodness she's looking good boys she's looking good garlic's all roasted I believe she's pretty mushy too so what we're gonna do I don't even need to smush it anymore I thought I was gonna have to smush it with this side of my blade or something so I think I can just go yep one of those oh yeah in there now I want to cut scouts Pete I'm gonna obviously give scone a piece of mistake but before I do that I was sorry before I put the garlic on it I'm gonna give it to him I was hard for me to say obviously garlic's not good for dogs in any form doesn't matter if it's mushed up or not with garlic in there my butter in there I'm gonna throw that back on steaks done I'm gonna drop this down right on top to kind of just give it a good heating and I got some more balsam fir boughs some clean ones to put my steak on got my beer my one beer with me this is a zodiac excited to have it but before that let's cut Scout his piece so I want to give Scott a nice big piece I don't want to have and have all the fat look there that's pretty healthy for a dog that's that's my size just a little bit bigger that his and I'll cut his into manageable pieces and give it to him a little bit slower than I'm eating mine she's cooked pretty good oh yeah wrote a pretty good I love the fat on a ribeye ribeye is my most favorite my most my very most favorite steak it's my favorite cut all right I was gonna try and be fancy and baste it on with a balsam fir twig but that's not gonna work you know I'm just gonna pour it on because that's

that's more of the Jo style anyway all right very buttery very garlicky but I'm sure it'll be good oh so much butter so much butter how I think I messed up on that well look at the garlic look at the garlic boy look at the garlic boy let me just move these sharp things for you big guy

yeah that's cooked really well look at that here buddy good boy you're just gonna help yourself in good slow alright hey stop wait wait no no good wait leave it leave it down good boy

all right none of mine mine so I'm filming with my old Nikon today I think I like it better I think I do I think I might try and get an icon a new or Nikon anyways look at that gorilla condor buddy back off okay this is mine

maybe a fork hey next time fork oh alright this is my first bite Wow got garlic bro mm-hmm yeah you know you want some more okay you know what mm-hmm

I know people don't like to watch me chew as I've heard I've heard trying to try and improve you know improve so let's crack this beer and have a couple sips

I don't eat my steak oh yeah I told you guys about this one before I think I might have don't even think about it this is a Zodiac and it's from Toronto and Sweden somehow yeah brewed by the Omni Polo Stockholm Sweden it and Toronto Ontario Canada product of Canada yeah it's a really good beer or whatever the x-files music was not drastic work not try support let's sneak was very good hit the spot and that beer is really chilly - as it is out here let's go - looking looking the morsels off the ground you had enough quite enough well I guess it's time to tag two people you know what I gotta do you know I got a tag hold dougie poo right it's a Doug outside fellow Canadian youtuber real good buddy hit him up on Instagram Doug outside hit him up on YouTube and let him know he's been tagged I want to put his link in the description and who else let's take Sean James from my self-reliance as well keep it in Canada this time you guys know Sean from the cabin building series so hit him up on Instagram my self-reliance hit him up on YouTube my self-reliance let him know he's been tagged for the show your steak challenge let him know the parameters and I'll blink his video his channel in the description as well I'm getting pretty chilled and as you can tell it's getting a little dark so I'm just gonna clean up camp and head out hang out until my beer is done though I tried to film this a little differently a little more creatively a little more of my style like I used to and with the camera that I used to as well look again like I said this is my Nikon this is an old old old camera I'm using right now has a lot of trouble focusing it has a lot of trouble going into live view but my thoughts are in the future I might buy a new Canon icon and I just like the way it looks better I like the glass I like the way the feel is better with a Nikon so I really do want you guys to check out all of those channels I mentioned before that all the people who did this show your steak challenge it's really cool it's a good community type thing I was happy to be tagged in it a lot of the times I don't get invited or I don't know it feels like maybe I'm not part of the community sometimes which isn't something I want you know what I mean are I like it I like watching smaller channels I like being involved in the community that's why I started this whole YouTube thing in the first place because I was on bushcraft USA and that was a community that was that that was a forum like however long ago six eight seven years ago that's why this started guys community is a good thing like-minded people are a good thing and yeah I just want to clear the air with ta Oh doors right now I mentioned some some bad stuff and didn't mention his name but insinuated it was him and people about the picture that was like about a year ago and there is no need for it I was feeling a certain way and I do apologize so Mike if you do watch my stuff I apologize I went about that the wrong way so again all in the nature of men's mental health all in the nature of community and Alma nature of just being a good person and having a good time I yeah let's let's wait though sit clean if we can if not that's okay too but yeah thanks for hearing me out thanks for watching this video thank you for all the support I've been getting lately I'm gonna hit a million in like two months three months tops it's really cool so give me a subscribe give all those dudes to subscribe that I mentioned and yeah let's be let's be a good community we don't need to be we don't need to be jerks right there's no need for camping people to be upset and angry about nonsense is there so cheers to everyone have a good day and I'll see you very soon on a camping video I promise the promise good bye [Music]


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