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Deciding on Gear for a 4 Day Wilderness Camping Trip.


I will be leaving for a 4 day wilderness camping trip soon, and only have limited camping gear here at the house, I thought it would be kind of cool to go through what little camping gear I do have and decide what gear to bring for my 4 day wilderness camping trip.

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Video Transcription

hey guys how's it going we sold the house so I'm going camping this is all the stuff all my camping gear that I have at my house honestly my basement here is normally full of camping gear and as you can see it's pretty empty everything's at storage right now we actually got a storage I started we got a bin like a garbage bin I mean throw away like 1.6 tons of garbage or something like catch-all stuff from down here so from around the house we have a smaller three-bedroom house and we fed that much garbage in it put the rest of storage and yeah everything's good man we were in middle of next month we sold our house no conditions and yeah everything's awesome so it's time people camping baby's good she's over two and a half weeks old I hate some videos oh so like I'm saying this is all my camping gear I don't even know what's here because I packed everything away like so long ago I kept the essentials what I think was the essentials if not I'm gonna have to go by Sora's Locker and just dig because that stuff's at the very back so let's know what I thought I would do in this video I just show you what I kept what I thought might be the essentials for this type of this time of year for a camping trip for me I want to be going on like a three or four day canoe trip and catching trout stuff like that just having a good time in the fall in the autumn my favorite time of year to go on canoe trips and because I have my daughter autumn I've been home as you know okay so I got my yoke for my pack boat my ironic 13-6 Swift pack whoa that's an integral part of a coup sharp I'm not going without that I did that in the early summer when I went with Doug Shaun Scott and myself and we messed up I used a different boat yo-yo and sucked its up anyways the boats are light enough where I was able to still portage it but I don't want ever do that again so thank you okay there that's good yeah little acts a little console to lacks I've got a couple tripods cuz I never know what I wouldn't be using this all for camera stuff obviously got my boots which I probably won't wear I'll probably wear trail runners and then bring these Morel barefoot jobbies as camp shoes actually you know what if I'm bringing these as camp shoes I can bring boots I'm not sure what I'll do it's either boots and camp shoes or trail runners and camp shoes but for this time of year I will be using those camp shoes these are my trail runners these are like portaging shoes they have their morels as well and I've used these for the past few years you guys have seen you use these they're good for a good boot for sure how to make sure it was a focus and they're a good shoe not a good boot a good shoe I also have slippers our sandals open-toed sandals I might wear as a camps you instead of the water shoes all the pendants we'll see how it goes all right

there we go gear up all right sure it is first up I want to use myself this is my fantastic pad always handy always gonna brim sit pad when I go I'm just gonna use that to kneel on right now okay so this is my tarp this is my cuddle made 9 y9 still nylon tarp I'll most likely be bringing this because there is rain call for one of the days we're going to be there so it doesn't weigh much and it's worth having especially like like I'll have my tent I believe my tents in here somewhere right

you go to intent and your tents at night and stuff or even if it's raining when you're at camp but if you need to cook and get out of the rain just to cook and kind of hang out by the fire it's really worth having there's nothing worse than want to sit up by the fire just have a couple drinks chat whatever and really good downpour on so little tarp like got light later you can even bring five by seven or something like that but this nine by nine so my lungs pretty small packs down and it's very lightweight I've also got some cordage at the top some fitted cordage with toggles on it already this is my camp chair so I will bring that car I'm not sure what the camp chair yet one spoke off with Park where there is a lot of camp furniture if you will already made with logs and stuff near the fire so this will be a maybe pile over there will bring the first aid kit for sure this is a heavy-duty one very much well may cut this in half that's the for sure pile these are legally required this is a bail kit what are your canoeing you need like a whistle and someone put something to bail and a rope so this is a little pouch and you can bail with the the water

sorry barrel of water with the pouch in there and then in the back it has a rope a floating rope connected in there and it clips on and the whistle is in the clip so you got everything you need in there and I also have my flashlight in my camping

year but this goes clicked on the the boat doesn't come off its handy it's very tiny I got a little handkerchief thing these are all just extras we'll see with that this is my Kevlar bag a food bag for my forebears five percent bringing this so I don't have to tie it up into a tree right bears can't get through this because this Kevlar you tie it up super tight and the rodents can't get through the top of its Kevlar rope you just tie it to a tree you don't have to hide high hang it high up it makes can't play it's much easier this is my sleeping pad I will bring my therm-a-rest NeoAir lightweight it's a very good signet pad it has a good r-value to so but that for sure pile oh sweet I do pad I thought it might have packed away this little GoPro session and I have to go shut that off you guys don't know that I'll be right back it was the central air kicking on even though it's fall it's middle of September they talked and we came back into a hot streak so anyway exterior so this is for my GoPro I cut onto my my boat clip it onto to some trees anywhere really comes in handy when I'm on a canoe trip so bringing that 100% and this session I know a lot while back had some issues with the volume of the audio I was just gonna go this one I found out was using the new GoPro Hero 5 & 6 and [Music]

the microphone the volume whatever put output for it is in the front and the back as opposed to where the session is just in the front I believe or maybe on the top and with the hero 5 assists are getting every little vibration from the boat and the paddling and everything at the same time as I'm talking so it's switches but it's really really not a good setup for that so I've really switched it back to the session which is like a fraction of the price of the other two GoPros but it is what it is usable either trail runners I guess I did leave a lot of footwear here

options these are some new Balance excuse me lightweight minimus not sure what

she was aware yet again my prim la puppy you guys to see me wear this since way before alone this is coming 100% this time of year packs down to almost nothing weighs almost nothing and it is worth its weight by far another necessity especially given back into that time of year is a good life jacket this one's a stole post fishermen I believe it's a good one depending on how hot it is I'll wear it if it's very hot I won't wear it it's chilly it will this is my sleeping bag this is the Phantom spark negative to Celsius or 28 Fahrenheit Sigma panic very very high quality so you can make packs down to like three quarters of that size really really good bag to my Arc'teryx rain jacket is a hybrid it's expensive but it is good very good we're bringing that to my little jewel robin and grill probably bring that there's my sponte freedom reflector oven which is really fun to cook fish in or maybe a bit baked like a cake or something while out there depending on the type of trip I'm doing I might bring so here's the business Doug and I are gonna go on a canoe trip together we don't know we know we're going to Algonquin Park you know we're going for three or four days we don't know where we're going in the park we don't know the type of trip we're doing or how far we're going or anything like that we're kind of leaving that up to the 94 when we get together we'll drive up with Santa hotel room get together and decide all that so I might even bring a little bit extra gear up there and then figure things out then in all honesty it probably won't be bringing the reflector

well my twig soap and my titanium pot in here we're totally going for sure I need to watch that oh my goodness this is my zebra pot it's heavier so I won't be bringing bug spray is no need sunscreen yep I'll be bringing the sunscreen so I got a little Fox Lake pouch here this is a mesh one this is really cool at Fox Lake coach Fox Lake on Instagram check them Oh Fox like gear sorry folks like Gary here boom oh thank you so this is a nice mesh pouch that they made for me and it's nice and lightweight you can see what's in it so I'll be putting stuff like my sunscreen compass things like that into there for this trip anyway sometimes it makes about these different coaches but here's my suit Oh compass that's coming for sure also why fire steel that's that easy

first up Kong fire steel Chapel first off almost goes to the jam I've got my through my headlamp very good one a spork that'll go with my okay so all those things have just shown you I'm going to stay up in my buff way which doesn't any more than that those are all in a state in my Possible's post as well as my polarized sunglasses and probably a few more things as I find them an extra battery for my headlamp that had the headlamp takes one double a battery and it's the through night teenage twenty I've had this for a couple years now some extra paracord I'm not sure I'll probably bring a little bit extra more pair or more paracord more pair or so then we've got some aqua quest dry bags and these will be good for things like your food if you didn't have one of those Kevlar bags you can put them in this and then hanging at night is that smell stays down as well as waterproof you can put your clothes in it double as a pillow

I use mine as a seat with my with my clothes in it for the longest time of my 10 day trip just lots of different options

oh no oh BTW I'll be bringing that baby tooth so I'll probably bring this smaller this is the 5 liter yeah 5 liter aqua quest bag probably bring that one with my clothes in it and stuff got a belt

oh my patch kit for my my boat that's always super useful bring that too that's for sure my ball cap I like this is vented in the back there's a door a research one I always need to wear a hat everyone should be wearing a hat going on a canoe trip at least this type what's more recommended is with the flap on the back but I look silly with those own and it's all about what you look like right I got a spot system which will probably bring even though is just algonquin hand sanitizer some q-tips go swimming the hand sanitizer is good for after you're done way from here but is numbering so proves charging cable for my phone or my GoPro no it doesn't make sense not for my GoPro just for my phone or my phone I got fleece pajama pants which I'll probably be bringing I don't even know if I'll bring my phone actually so who knows what that K will look please pajama pants poorly when in the cooler weather take my word for it so I don't see a tent which is a huge issue maybe I'll be using my tarp I must have packed my tent away so what are the necessities right you need a sleeping bag for sure you need shelter for sure you need a sleeping pack and have that here summer so you can pack I would normally like a pillow but I don't have one so I have something underneath me something to cover me up something over top of me like shelter and then I have pegs and lorrog pegs I just have rope in here to put it up with and you need food

alright you need a cooking kit being a way to get water which is upstairs I have my water filter upstairs I'm gonna go grab that right now so I'll forget it that's super important so my be free water filter so again we'll need some kind of wood processing tool a knife how did I not leave it like this that's crazy I don't I love tonight this is a more garber carbon so I can bring that little axe for wood processing got fire lighting the water food shelter maybe shelter I might go look for my time depending it's a lot easier when you after you paddled all day to just set up a tent rather than look for a spot to set up a tarp and it's just a little bit more like I've done it a hundred times hundred percent I've done it a lot of times it's just I prefer tent but we'll see there's no bugs either right now so maybe a truck will be fun we shall see but yeah other than that so again underneath nice suit pad suiting bag on top of me something to cover me up would be my tarp or tent I got a sit pad I got close the kit I got food I've got way to get water I've got all my stuff that I needed here I've got warmth for clothes I've got more clothes upstairs got shoes rain gear legal stuff fishing tackle all right bonus what I found so I've got fishing tackle

we'll be going after trope fishing stuff I got my adventure swarm scout which that's what I'll probably end up bringing I'll be perfect for this trip instead of an axe in a knife separately I'll be bringing this thing that I also get fine which is a huge help I thought I was gonna go buy more his batteries for my camera and a GPS and a little portable charging thing so look at that everything is going up in the oil better bring this Frost river tour pack over to Doug instead of give it to him use one so more I actually got a fox like a gear war bag but I packed it away so I don't mean next year - but nice glad I found that stuff well guys thanks for watching this video a little update video little what's to come video the actual trip video will be up I don't know soon should be a really fun time if we're really really looking forward to going to do it I haven't done the trip in a long time an actual real canoe trip probably this whole year so for maybe once in the middle of summer so excited hope you guys are too I'm excited to move lots of exciting things excitement saving times excite I'm very excited alright guys thanks for watching the video thanks for watching the video let's see you later bye

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