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New Turley Gasconade and 1 stick fire


Testing out my new blade

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Video Transcription

hey I wanted to make a video because I finally got my Turley gasconade in the mail it's a sweet knife I would have had it on the 13th but my post office is screwy and we won't go into that oh yeah so some specs on the knife it is an OD camo OD green camo g10 scales with black fat black micardis liners it's got silver pins and i'll post the exact specs when I put this bit up but really nice knife fits great in my hand I got some small hands and it is made this perfect before me it's a solid knife like extremely solid yeah so and the best part about it is fits in my Iowa woodsman dangler so now I got a sheath from Iowa woodsman and the night for Miss which she can't go wrong for either those products that's for sure so yeah I wanted to show the knife some things that it can do so I'm going to probably do a one-step fire and if half time I might do a bow drill with it as well so yeah I am just in the woods today with scope is hotter than heck so he's dead his beat so I found a piece of Cottonwood an old cottonwood limb laying against a cottonwood tree and I carried it here so that's the piece of what I'm going to use for my one stick fire and possibly the same piece of wood for the bow drill if I get around to it there were a lot of been questions lately about what to use for a socket for a Boudreaux this is just a piece of Cottonwood bark it got burned a little bit there on the prescrip prescribed burns in the Prairie but that's just a piece of cotton well Burke take it off the tree and it's almost a frictionless bearing and like I said if we get around to it i'll show you guys i do that now i know most you guys have seen the one stick fire vids before basically for anybody who doesn't know i'm going to use my saw in my knife and it's one step so I saw this piece off I'm not going to use it because it's all mangly and I have a nice straight piece here which I'd rather use so I'm going to cut probably about there so maybe 15 inches I want to cut there and be right back ok so I cut that piece off and actually the piece that I said I wasn't going to use i'm going to use as a baton to split the wood with with my gasconade so went right through pretty easily as you can see some pretty seasoned season cottonwood it's quite hard on the inside out so that can really mark it too much with my fingernail so I beat on that in half now I'm going to continue to Baton smaller smaller pieces and then make some feather sticks this night make some beautiful fudge sticks or feather sticks who'da thought of convex could do that now I don't know if my technique is different than other people's seems to me a lot of people use the this half of the blade to the feather sticks with I could be wrong but I think that's what they do and I tend to use the base of the blade more more often than not could be wrong though so that's some nice curls I'd say all right so that stick was was horrible to split it kept breaking off little like halfway through or whatever but I managed to break up some some pieces that I think are suitable there's my scrapings on a leaf my a couple of other sticks and a bunch of just shavings little pile on see I believe that this will work i think i did enough preparation

ok so I've got all my kindling ready there you go the wind took her I don't think I have enough scrapings

there we go so yeah that's that's the one stick fire with my new gasconade did the job very well I especially like the ease that I Baton through the hardwood and in the making in making the the shavings it really performed well I'm not worried about dulling edge whereas ask andy i would be the scrapings i'm sorry that's the word I was looking for when i was using mice candy i was always worried about dulling edge making the scrapings but socially held up very well and strike the back of the fight or the back strikes the fire is still very well as well so i don't think i'm going to put the bow drill video on this one I'll probably do a separate video because this is running con along but yeah I just want to put the knife through its through its test you know what i mean so that so i can give is a hard time if it fails on me which isn't going to happen i know that alright guys thanks for watching

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