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Bushcraft Gear For a Winter Overnight Camp With my Dog


In this video my dog, Scout and I are in the forest, setting up camp to spend the day and night winter camping.

I go over the camping bushcraft gear that I brought for my dog and I.

The full trip video will be up on Friday.

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Video Transcription

hey guys Joe here thanks for clicking on the video I'm out in the woods a buddy scout it's starting to snow we're in a camp vote for tonight this first video I want to show you the gear that I brought on my back so this is gonna be a common accompaniment video to the actual trip video this will be my gear video like you've come to expect ok so this is my hidden woods Mandira 2.0 our new version not really hard percent sure on the name gear up 2.0 by the hidden woodsman watch out big guy move over there and on the top you can see right away I have my wool blanket let's get that off so I can lay it on the ground and show you all the gear I do have ok so the reason I brought the wool blanket what's up with guys the reason I brought the wool blanket was that it's gonna get down to negative seven Celsius tonight and I don't want my dog getting cold okay he's an old boy these are gonna help no this is a legit Italian wool blanket and I attached it to the top of my dear rock the hidden woodsman deer rock with Canadian shamrocks and you've heard me talk about Canadian gem Lots you've heard me see me use them lots one of the reasons I really like them is cuz how easy they are and how good they work so this is cinched on there right really good it's not gonna come off and I want to take it off now I'm just gonna grab my tail working a little bit and look at that bad boy comes right out super easy I have a video on the three most useful knots for bushcraft that I believe are the three most useful knots for bushcraft and I will link that video there or possibly there so like I said my Italian wool blanket is completely for my dog not for me at all gonna lay on top of it and he's gonna cover up with it as well I'm gonna make them a little bit of a bow bed from spruce boughs to the snow is coming down okay

so my Canadian Jam knots will just stay the cord the paracord will just stay on the top I'm just gonna cinch her down a little bit and then that's ready to go for tomorrow morning when I got a hike my buddy here I'll put it back on okay on the bottom I've got a 10 to negative 10 degrees Celsius sleeping bag from MEC or Mountain Equipment co-op it's a down sleeping bag like I said it's supposed to get down to negative 7 tonight so this negative 10 will keep me plenty warm I don't have to rely on a fire or anything so that's nice it'll be a different it'll be a change from my past couple trips pretty lightweight I've used it for maybe two years now and I attach that to the bottom of my day rock with these extra straps so if you look these actually come completely off these are not attached to it but the straps that the d-roc does come with you could also use for that it's just in my opinion I like the way it hangs better when it's just circle looped on the bottom as opposed to looping through and then coming back up to the top here but personal preference and maybe I'm even doing it wrong but these extra straps by themselves work good for me and that's what I like to use Malcolm was nice enough to sew my green patch my scope patch onto this backpack for me so right on the outside we're gonna go with my Sandvik 19 inch X I've already been using it a little bit to clear out camp put it back in here for on the outside I've got a new flashlight sent to me by heavy cover the titanium cookware guy I use so this is a knight core and it's got a bunch of different modes on it put a piece of shot cord through it and then I attach it to the moly on my outside of my backpack that way it's easily accessible I'm not gonna lose it and then I do have a secondary headlamp but it's more for filming okay on the outside I got these pouches from milk them the other day sent them the mail to me so thanks buddy this is a dump pouch in it I've got bottle smart water I got Woodhouse brewing IPA from Toronto oh this is pretty cool check this so I got sent this by subscriber ly little months ago called the hops a leader insulator insulated beer can in this case I'm using it so it doesn't get too cold but in the summertime you can use it so doesn't get too hot pretty pretty cool Scout seems to like it it's actually pretty cool a little hop thing on it I cannot remember the guys name off the top my head but thank you for getting me this months ago appreciate it okay probably leave the water oh so this dump pouch is pretty cool I'm saying dump pouch not dumb poach dump you can roller up and then for tinder or whatever you put on your belt even but I'm just trying it out I'm using it for beers so my other poach some food and my canteen so right off the hop I've got some steak dust sent to me from another subscriber and if you watch my last video my unboxing video you will have seen that thank you we're gonna try that out on a steak tonight I've got some oatmeal some pepperonis my canteen set is my heavy coverage titanium canteen set with the lid and a brand new spork spork and a Swiss Miss hot chocolate from Buddy Josh I believe so all that stuff's good now we'll dive right into the main part of the pack here so I like this pack man I'd probably show this once or twice but flipper open and it's so visible on the inside because of how orange it is he's got this strap across the two flaps and undo that bad boy and I got this thing is packed like I said Possible's pouch with a ton of stuff in it everything from safe air first aid to save feet of sunglasses and flashlights I got a dog bowl we're gonna be coming out with scout these gonna be scout dog bowls my logo on them soon they're collapsible look out for those oh just a heads up only by Joel robinette gear from Lynx I provide I'm being ripped off like crazy and if you're buying from places that I don't provide the link you're supporting the ripoff artist which sucks I know it's not your fault it's this is the first you're hearing of it people suck and I'm taking action right now to fix it but just a heads up only order from links I provide if you want to buy my stuff ok anyway so those are soon to come collapsible dog wool so I'll use that force coating is water and stuff this trip I've got a small 5x7 tarp I've got a rock yes i 100% brought a rock to the woods this is a Finn rock and I plan on cooking my bacon and my steak on it I know it's sad and pathetic I brought the rock to the hoods but it's wintertime and it's hard to find rock sometimes here you go there's a perfect rock I've used it before cook a tomahawk steak on I've got in here my food I've got some bacon

I've got some homemade jerky and I got a t-bone steak so bacon for lunch I got a pillow this is an inflatable pillow blows up very quickly and very easily I really like it it's from Mountain Equipment co-op or MEC soft and insulated as well this is my sleeping pad which is my thermal rest NeoAir XL works great this is like a clown car pulling all this stuff out of here I got a plate a little collapse on the plate got from Canadian Tire made a tire sell more in tires there let's go come over here buddy I got a buddy from Missouri and the tire storm to thinking that they only sold tires funny funny I could see how he would think that considering it's called Canadian Tire Hank a paracord Hank of smaller cord one pair of socks to change into tonight my brand-new tarp that I'm going to be using this is a completely white tarp and it's ripstop and it's from bushcraft Outfitters I believe it's a 10 by 10 looking forward to using that thing tonight oh also a chair from the hidden woodsman this is a material piece of material you can make a bush chair out of I'll probably end up doing that in the side pockets there's like two big side pockets that go down that go down the sides I've cut a pair of Stanfield's polar therm long johns that I've had for probably a better part of 15 years I've got a wool buff for my neck I'm gonna silky saw in the back part of the pack I have my sit pad which is a Fantomex well that's about it for my gear guys I've already been here for a couple hours I've been hiking around I found the suitable spot chopped down a bunch of limbs and just trying to make it ready to set up my tarp on I think pretty soon I'm gonna cook up some bacon on that rock and hang it with the dog some more but you guys should tune in for the actual trip video which will be up in a couple days don't miss out on the actual trip video just by watching the gear stuff that would be silly all right okay well I hope you hope you like this video I I'm happy to be out it's been a couple weeks since I actually had a trip and it's been a long time since I had the trip with the dog so good times it's uh it's a good day snows are coming down I'll see you guys soon on the next one thank you very much see you guys soon on the next one thank you very much for watching goodbye boys

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Joe is a very talented bushcrafter. He has a "straight" approach to bushcraft life-style. His videos reach a very high quality, both for the shootings and for the content. He took part on the History Channel show "Alone"

You can find all his videos on his YouTube channel.

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