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The 10 Items I brought with me on ALONE...and why.


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Alone History Channel Survival Show Bushcraft

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Video Transcription

so a million dollar question what did we all bring on the show what were our 10 items I know a lot of guys have actually done the research and gone and looked on the site and even on the history site even posted a lot of the 10 items that we use one of the 10 items were very similar I think half of them were one percent five of us carried this the same or very close to it and the other five varied a little bit there was a list of 40 40 items that we could choose from I am not at liberty to say with those 40 items work I can tell you there's a reason that the 10 of us picked such similar items there was things that no person in the right mind would bring on that list but we'll leave that and history can come up with that later or maybe they won't maybe they'll leave it a mystery for the next season who knows but I can't talk about my 10 items that I brought and why I brought them I only have four items in front of me here some of them some of the stuff that I brought was borrowed from friends some of the stuff I just don't have anymore some of the stuff I've sold whatever but I can describe what they were explaining what they were you don't need to see them so first up what I have here I figured anybody anybody who's into survival anybody who's watched survival shows things like that done the research knows that you basically need three things you need a shelter you need a pot and you need a cutting implement well where we were that's fine on a desert island where we were you need to help up a lot more things you needed a way to make fire friction fire out there I'm telling you guys man is it it's not possible that maybe if you lived out there if you went out there in the spring and had all the dry seasons summer whatever to collect your materials for a friction fire maybe kept them in the Sun the whole time or something like that but we went out there in the peak at the beginning of the rainy season okay everything was drenched um friction fire I would be surprised if any of the guys got it don't poke me I have no idea some of the guys could have something that's their world I purely on it but in my mind

hell no there's no way that happen I know personally that getting a friction fire out there for me we've been impossible or an act of God if it did happen so freak it a three item kit doesn't work out there um anyways back to what I'm talking about my shelter my tarp was a 10 by 10 bushcraft outfitters nylon tarp this thing has been with me for probably for over four years I've taken all over the states all over Canada I've stayed completely drying this thing in torrential downpours I've never had a seen rip out on me I've ever had no problems with this I actually punched holes in it on accident I had it set up over a tent and the winds came big-time a crappy old tent and actually broke one of the poles on my tent and the fiberglass pole broke through the tarp I've since this is before alone before going on on I patched it up seems to lit up and sits watertight still this is an invaluable piece of kit in my mind for the for the show for camping in general ten by ten nylon tarp I like a square tart because you could do it in a lot of configurations this is the exact are vibra for cooking and boiling water so a water filter would have been an item I'm not saying that it was on a list that so it wasn't a water filter was not on our forty item list we were not allowed to bring a water filter I wouldn't have brought one anyways because that only serves one purpose right they were thinking long term here long-term survival point of the show we needed to stay with as long as we could so having a container as robust as a zebra building pot this is a 12 centimeter one I actually brought a 14 centimeter one I brought over from my friend Ken without the insert and we were not allowed to bring the

the metal insert that comes with it so for those who know no this is stainless steel

I've had this specific one for probably six years Justin's bomb-proof you can cook in it you can collect water in it you can boil your water in it and you can drink from it this was my container for all of those things I didn't bring a cup or a canteen as it were this was everything for me but the bigger the bigger one for the 14 this is a 12 would have been just a little bit bigger than that 2 quart pot is what is what we were allowed you see what else ahead so paracord we were allowed 20 meters of paracord which roughly is 65 feet of paracord I was lucky enough to get my hands on some milspec paracord nine strand paracord so normal paracord has seven strands inside it plus the outer sheath my buddy Sweeney guy hooked me up with nine strand paracord and that was awesome of him so that stuff really came into use um what else a sleeping bag so I brought a sleeping bag the warmest sleeping bag that I had was a negative 20 degrees Celsius chinook synthetic bed I bought this bag when I lived up in Sioux sainte-marie or Huntsville and that was seven or eight years ago the bag is crap okay I'm not plugging this bag at all it's rated 220 negative 20 degrees negative 20 I don't know if I said it before Celsius but really the rating could have been more than negative 15 negative 13 like the true rating on it but it was the warmest bag I had that was it down okay down in that environment a down bag would have just soaked the water up you know what I mean it would have never dried and it would have never stayed warm my thinking going into the show was my synthetic bag is still going to get way but my fire will be able to dry it out somewhat and synthetic stains a little bit warm when it's dry or sorry when it's wet so that compared with my clothes and stuff was my method of sleeping at night I'm not going to show it it's just a of 20 degrees Celsius shit up bag british Chinook if you want to look it up I'm not recommending those bags though fire skill as I was saying before um rely on friction fire would have been impossible so I brought fire skill we weren't allowed to bring matches or lighter stuff like that so fires even if I was logged bring matches in a lighter I would not have brought it you saw on the first on the first episode everybody struggling with fire I don't care if you had a lighter it doesn't matter the fire still is the way to go um yeah I bought a big big black I think was like a bunker style fire scope from fire steel calm and I used that you don't need to see it it's a fire steel it's what it is 300 yards of single filament line with 25 sorted hooks I know a lot of guys brought heavy heavy-duty fishing line I didn't in my mind fishing line needs to be workable

I brought ten pound test okay I was not trying to set snares and stuff with my fishing line

I didn't bring snare wire the reality of the situation is that if there's not many small mammals to trap on the island I got a lot of research okay believe me I'm sure we all did this was a humongous opportunity for all of us a humongous wing to test ourselves beyond anything we've ever done before okay if you guys think that any of us took that lately you're sadly mistaken so we did our research I did my research and the rabbits on the island where are they not where we were rats there are brought over and during like the mainland area where there's like parks and whatnot we were in the wilderness there's no rabbits out there as far as squirrels and stuff go I can do figure for dead falls and stuff I relied on that my my knee personally my method of gathering food was was from the sea was collecting coastal foods and fishing so my my fishing line was more for actual fishing than using for other asks so I brought 10-pound one a test line fishing line and about 25 shorted hooks you know small medium and large so that's how I was gonna get to my food a small gauge Gill net so for work I got laid off in May but up for five years I was a research assistant for the biology department at the University of my City my job was to go and gill net fish and bring them back to the lab I ran the lab we would test them for Mercury's PCBs talks and stuff like that but I have a ton of experience using gill nets so as soon as I saw we were allowed to do that immediately in my head you set a gill net oh you wait 2 or 3 times for the tide to come oh you're going to get fish regardless so we were allowed how big was it

man I had 6 meters maybe long so what I did was I asked my boss at work if I could use one of the old gill nets and I cut it at a transition point from small gauge to normal sized gauge so it went from about an inch gauge thick um mesh to 2 inches that way I can I had more versatility and I could put the smaller mesh towards the shore and the thicker mesh towards the ocean and try and get different sized fish you know what I mean because some fish and small swim right through the the bigger size gill nets and I wasn't opposed to eating selfish that's for sure so the gill net in my mind was just a no-brainer um we were not allowed to bring firearms as you probably figured out because I I don't know what the other guys were done but in my mind 90% of us 100 percent of us would have brought up rifle would have brought a 22 if that's all we were allowed to Bren that's a piece that's a piece of mind and that's food ok um the thing that that some people brought in the ways of weapons was it was a bow and arrow you were all out of primitive bow I don't poke me I think it was a sixty pound test it might have been 40 it had at that minimal 40 but again couldn't 60 sorry anyways a recurve or a longbow then you were allowed six arrows I'm not a hunter I'll be the first person to tell you that I've never tilt anything in my life except for a squirrel and a million fish and for me to bring a blow and six arrows I would have had to know how to repair my arrows or how to make new ones because I would have lost or broken up and game their game that we could have hunted where was it

there was deer and there was bear I'm not shooting a deer or a bear for the simple fact that I don't have experience cleaning them I don't want to make a mess and bringing predators bear other bear cougar and I don't know how to to deal with that much meat you don't mean I'm one person out of eight my mind full for sure but that would be like it would tear you know I read about even and that the rest of it would have went to waste I could have smoked it sure but it's just it seemed like too daunting of a task for me personally I'm not saying the other guys are wrong in doing that if they did that I have no idea but for me personally bringing a bow and arrow if I woulda shot a bear I would have just pissed him off um it would have had to been a kill shot man and I've never killed anything with an arrow so it just again was a no brainer for me I'm not bringing a bow and arrow um coastal food was my method that was my thoughts anyway what else we got on here extra emergency rations hell yes I bring extra food the emergency rations I brought were legumes lentils stuff like that old mix in a five-pound bag I was loud so that to me was saving grace that to me was an extra week an extra two weeks you know I mean when I couldn't find food when I was weathering away to nothing

that was my method behind that so we have on there it says I brought a large knife well I brought a four and a half inch bladed knife I don't consider that a large knife but it is what it is I don't have that knife anymore sadly but this is a copy of that knife just with different handle material in a smaller blade so this is an adventurer sworn Mountaineer adventurer sworn calm is where I got it it's an o1 tool steel that yes rusts like crazy but I really don't care I got in money thickness the one I brought was one in thickness this one is as well had white handle with orange liners foreign half-inch blade 180 thick and a tapered 10 I beat the crap out of that knife and this one these things are bomb-proof I know a lot of guys on there might think one teeth is a little bit too thin not inventor storm this is a Scandinavian grind to it I can beat this through anything and have no worries about a this is a rock-solid knife so and I had a lot of experience with it that was my knife I've had it for over a year before I brought it there no I knew the knife I could sharpen it I didn't bring a sharpening stone but I brought a leather belt and I strop that on the belt hair shame sharp no problem no problem at all for my axe that's what I brought I didn't bring a saw I brought max I like to think of myself as very proficient with an axe I have a lot of experience using one and I'm not scared to use one this is a 26 inch hip house handle and this head is like an old it seems like a michigan pattern to me but i think it might be an old german head because how big the eye is it's a two point five pound head on a 26 inch handle and i have i found this the head in my grandma's basement and had a buddy sharpen it up and put it on this handle for me this is the best acts I've ever had I would not trade this for a graspers Brooke so water laying and aunt een anything you can think of this is my axe I love this axe and this app served me well who shave with it bust up my wood with it cut anything with it this was my saw this was my axe this was my digging in the dirt tool this thing is my favorite tool I had it's all beat up there's red on on the head still an old pain

it's a it's a classic and I love it so let me just make sure I got lunch room all I got my tarp I got my paracord my axe my sleeping bag my cooking pot my first heat my fire steel my fishing line with hooks my gill net my emergency rations on my belt knife seasoning so that was my 10 items I cannot tell you if I was happy with all my items if there was anything I would have changed because that might get Clues on to two things that I can't talk about I'm sure after the show is all done it said and done all the 10 episodes of air and stuff I can say more and I will if you guys want to hear it but it's for now we're gonna have to call that quits I really I appreciate all the support all the support all the guys are getting actually on the internet and I would just ask everybody to not even respond to the trolls or the haters you know what I mean because there's a lot of them already and I've read the comments and stuff and it's a little bit disheartening but it comes with the territory and I know myself and all the other nine guys who are on the show are not going to respond to them and I would just ask that even if you guys are if you if you if you're sticking up for us and I appreciate that you do just don't don't take it too much to heart you know I mean people are gonna say whatever there's no sense feeding the trolls you guys all know that this is 2015 you know how the internet works now so I hope you guys learn something I hope you got something from this if you have questions that I can't answer I will but please just realize that that there's not much else I can say other than what I've said in in the in this video a couple other things Chris tanner I think is prepared mine 101 didn't awesome sit down musings about the alone show but I really liked he really hit on a lot of good points and made a lot of common sense notes about the show so thanks for watching guys and tune in on Thursday for a loan see you next time bye you

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