Winter Camping in Michigan.


Myself and some friends attended a winter camping meet-up in Michigan this past week, lots of laughs, axes, knives, saws, and fire.

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Video Transcription

get in close you gotta get in close you gotta flip the LCD out oh you can see what's going on we got to go between hey guys Joe here I'm in Michigan today going to spend a few days here with some good friends

we drove four of us in the car and we're going to meet about 10 people here so do some winter camping I got my sled my big bruiser of a sled with my wood stove but canvas tent all that stuff so we got four three guys are going to stay in the campus tent

stay tuned for some winter camping I traded off the sled for a small backpack for you do got the old canvas tent setup see me dog and Mike bunking in here and Mike's just getting snow all over my stuff so that's good thanks bud this is my area here uh-huh you and Joe over here can I have that corner maybe sharing Oh a little hole in this stuff that you are super nice for a hiking in soft snow oh yeah my guys awesome always all right all right folks it's in it this is an exclusive you're never going to see this before and we're gonna see it again you got Doug outside mr. scrambled oof and Dustin and this guy look at that look at this all-star cast right here multiple dislikes for this one who's that guy - he's been around for some but good every good beers out tonight huh I'm gonna do it I'm gonna do it you guys ruff you go do it Julie doesn't know so oh look well you gonna teach me teach me teach me how to do it and I don't clothes you want you're on like this like here know the other corner all done right on the other you want to kind of just check out huh see what's going on yeah check shit later can check in and then you got to come back and kind of get your foot with we go good on there Co mm-hmm there's some girls fire yeah I just poured way too much water in the dough yeah that's how uncomfortable are you right now who me yeah let's go 110 yep seven like a point seven point seven he refuses to do it he's got to keep his own brand one per video straight but you never did it yet I did it you're trying to my video camera but I didn't you didn't do it on mine it's just thing top to top figures I'll the only one working like normal hey Carl here we go I say I say Kyle the only one worthy acts that's different the other camp out Oh somebody's got to be the good-looking guy in front of screen I'm in front of the screen right now oh nevermind then null and void Hey well you don't shine you and I with a honeydew LCD okay well we'll do it miss great reference so I've come to bed a little bit earlier than the other guys about 10:30 now and Doug and Mike are gonna sleep there Doug's with the camel Mike's with the blue and I'm with the orange those guys are still drinking having fun but I'm going to bed can I have seen them on well that was a good night's sleep slept from like 10:00 till 8:30 in the morning so how do you don't to do so as it is on hon group meets a lot of times people just kind of sit around the fire and talk and that's cool because that's that's what we're here for is the social thing but it's pretty damn cold and there's a lot of people sitting around a fire it's hard to get in so I think Michael and I we're going to get some firewood got my ax Mike's got a saw his axe and we're going to get some firewood for the tent with the woods so tiny so we can actually sit in it hang out and be warm caveman styles what is a river tracker is a you know canoe paddle when your anchor hit hey did I say this an accident nothing is gonna be yeah these heavies not the word I'd use but whatever you now we'll give her a fair shot more later is wildlife and the tracker and which ones have yeah I thought so yeah is it really heavier I don't think it was Oh considerable difference right yeah okuru

I'm not kidding that's ridiculous it could be as ridiculous spread different got it for sure it's certainly not like one's double the other I think we're gonna go for a hike we got about six or seven guys here and go on a couple hour hike and have some lunch down by the lake I won't pour it on your hand like some other jerk Kyle's got this really cool rig first camera oh you got to do it though it's like that okay when what you're talking about all right all right Kyle's got this sweet little D Leafers oh look at that oh and then there's Doug you guys ready to go let's do it everybody poops everybody peed everybody's ready to go Oh God walk on the trail to the daunt open fire looks like they're being led lambs to the slaughter I made it to the lake this is our destination walking for about an hour those guys are up up there way up there eating and drinking and stuff so I wanted to come down and show you the lake but I also I'm hungry and I need some food so that's someone do truck makes you trustworthy I found in the woods and I see I wish I have a pipe yeah you should know Joseph it doesn't hate you're not taking this part I can't bite this on film not animal Oh tooth oh did you forget your dentures at home with your hear it with your hearing aid boys it's a samsquanch frickin danger Doug over here those white pine branches are brittle I got you hey go so we're back as you can see or maybe here seems like a few more people showed up so I think we go say hi to the new guys hang out by the fire for a bit and then go split up my wood and stuff in my wood stove but as you can see we got another canvas tent behind me got a hammock there behind me and then just tons of shelters everywhere everything from tents to super shelters and long fires in front from last night pretty cool it's nice to see people enjoying themselves out here lots of people now holy then you threw it away well we've cut our firewood stacked it by the door got a nice little Canadian flag go on means he's not invited damn what half let's go in and check it out oh oh oh stinky bastard we don't have that much room in here we want to put about five or six guys in here sitting tonight to have a fire so we've packed all of our sleeping bags and stuff already got the back wall here only takes up a boat mount onto a half feet wide

we're gonna light up this one stove because these pansies are cold it's welcoming whatever use your idea to walk me afternoon boys and girls so we're gonna use some birch bark and pine twigs just start it and a lighter yep that's the best way Oh at least you said it before someone on YouTube said it this video would be better Scott with you are you Dustin from alone no let me guess lanes over here I can hear him ah is yeah right you freakin choked me out like six times but it bruises no sort of your feelings are bruised sacks loss action lawsuit against yeah cuz there's so many people you know nobody will believe that how you doing just trying not to cut my finger ah best kind put it in do what you're doing we always talk say what are we doing then are you doing Doug hey we're doing Doug teaching mister scrambled Oh how to carve a little bear look a little bear oh that's all talk that's all stare at Scrabble dog and make it very nervous it's Garvey Hackett no I didn't make just use some good fourth on it alright slider you don't want that right right but if you want but you can also take if you want to do the next step well we might take a little bit more of his mouth better be through you gotta get right up in the cameraman read enthusiasm

if you turn if you turn your light on water it's a life did ten minutes of video by your stupid lane all that Jesus Mike I'm less liking it less and less yeah we go could go full full out full of well full of folks in out ten Oh scrambled Oh checking in are you guys still with me that was a bit much so um scramble has been like oh that's helpful Doug thank you so much there you go okay I like ramble those been like let me do my checking anything on your camera like all weekend every day close with your hair what are you okay showed you this this look better or worse a lot better hey good landings gonna help you up oh just just real relaxed right now Mike doesn't have a channel but he's way cooler than all of us oh come on Dustin use that man muscles just hands are too small this so my first job my first love for the outdoors was honestly watching fred penner when he crawled through the log fred penner Penner's place you know I know goes on the point and Grizzly Adams and or a host on the Prairie this is the first thing that really got me doing the outdoor stuff was Friday after work I just lay around the couch just watch you know marathons a survivor man and I felt like I was doing it you know I was sitting there I was like barely like capable of getting off the couch to get food so he was struggling for food and so was I when he would get his first drink of water I would feel it you know right know hydrate of course so we're talking 24 36 hours great that was really my first survival stuff I did but yeah I would stuff came after that because I wasn't getting any credit or any uh respect for that right here yeah and now you're just respect all day everything Doug why did you like going to the woods to begin with that was more than once how do you survive little Mike Mike with your tiny hands and know of gloves that fit custom uh gloves oh I just my both my parents grew up in a small town so I spent a lot of time camping playing on the farm Dustin for many more things than alone I don't go outside I'm too afraid of the trees well I like you know getting out being with nature alone way from idiots and I'm stuck a hot to find morons that canvas tent man illuminates all right guys that's it had a good time we got a long way to drive we got to go home so we're just gonna pack up and get up out of here thanks for watching hope you enjoyed it I'll see you on the next one

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