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Get to Know Joe E4-The One About Scout


In this video, I tell the story of how Scout came to be my bushcraft buddy.

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Video Transcription

hey guys welcome to another get to know Joe this one's going to be all about skill so what is scope is he a Belgian Malinois

is he a German Shepherd is he a dear dog is he a coyote I don't know I met some people a few years ago and the woman Evelyn writes an article called The Barking Journal and so about dogs so I'm going to read to you what I submitted for her called Scouts story my wife and I moved from Windsor to su st. Marie six years ago we brought her standard poodle her she her she was used to living in a house with 8 people and had no training whatsoever we went from living in a large house in Windsor to a small apartment in the SU my wife and I were both starting college and had to leave her she alone in the new apartment her she is not used to this at all halfway through the first day of school I received a phone call from the landlord saying that her she had been crying and howling since we left that morning this went on for three days and they told us that we would have to get rid of him or move out we were luckily decided to make the 7 hour drive back home to Windsor after being in the SU for less than a week we left Hershey with my wife's parents with the promise that we'd come and get him as soon as we found a pet-friendly place to live in the suit less than a month later we were informed that my wife's parents gave Hershey away I was crushed Hershey was my wife's dog but had become my dog over the few years that we had had him I love the outdoors and living up north in the SU I knew I needed a companion for my trucks in the woods we started looking for a dog we did not know what Bree wanted but something kept drawing me to the Humane Society we waited a few weeks checking now and then we went to meet a few dogs but none of them felt like a perfect fit one day our neighbor who knew we were looking ran over to her apartment and told us that the Humane Society just put up some new puppies on the website she said there were some German shepherds we wanted a big dog and Shepherd most certainly fit the bill we checked them out online and that day after school we went to the Humane Society to see them when we arrived there was only one left a little furball that they had named Sherman it turns out that Sherman's mom was found at the side of the road with eight puppies the Humane Society split up the puppies into a few different shelters it also turned out that Sherman was not a German Shepherd he's a Belgian Malinois I knew at first glance that Sherman will be ours I also knew that Sherman was now named Scout I vowed to myself in the scope that I would not ever let anything happen to him or take him away from me like what had happened with Hershey I research dog foods dog training and dog care until it was a very knowledgeable dog owner we now live back in the soup scott is a very happy six-year-old dog he's helped me to train other dogs as well and his best friends with my two-year-old daughter Scott is the best dog anyone could ask for I am blessed to have him now that's a few years dated obviously Scouts turning nine this year my daughter's turning five she just turned four and I don't know if he's a Belgian Malinois or not some part of me thinks he's a mix Belgian Malinois and German Shepherd together but if you do your research if you look online there are some Malinois that looked just like him but 90% of them don't Belgian Malinois named after a city called Moline I'm if I'm not mistaken Moline in Belgium obviously they're herding dogs there they use them over in Europe for a cop dogs a lot and they're starting to use them over here more often it's actually the same kind of dog that they took him to get a sama bin Laden he's a little bit bigger he's about 85 90 pounds not a hint of fat on him but like I said he's getting older there I just went to the vet and dropped like $300 on him getting this met cam stuff from met cam I think it's called it's a liquid like give him glucose meaning chondroitin as well for his bones and joints in his hips but he's a good dog he he protected protecting my daughter actually I went to when I went away for the for the show alone I was gone and I had no contact with my family or anything like that when I got back my wife told me there was an American Bulldog that charged my wife my daughter and my dog and scaled I've seen Scout put dogs down before just for like smelling him he didn't like it and he put them right down and big dogs and I guess all he did this full-grown American Bulldog charged them and went right for emerald my daughter and Scout stepped in front of emerald and just stood there and took this vicious attack on his face I think in his head he knew he needed to create a barrier in between my daughter and the dog

and he got mauled he had to get all stitched up and glued up at all on the face which is crazy I'm so it was very surprised didn't did not fight back again I think he just thought he had to create a barrier which is awesome I never taught him that I wasn't even there if I was there that dog wouldn't be walking away that's for sure but he did it he he he protected my family he he's a good dog he knows the deal he's very aware of what's going on when I go away camping I leave him a lot of the times at home because he's a good watchdog he nobody's coming in my house and if they come in they're not leaving you know what I mean so yeah I love him I love him a lot gonna be 9 this year like I said so I had fed him holistic foods for the longest time I had him on a raw diet as well now I just I feed him a good balanced diet of not a holistic food its its high-end food it's not AIIMS or or pedigree earning that garbage it's it's a good food first three ingredients are like rice meat and another meat so not too bad but yeah he brought he sheds like a mat a mad man of the brush them out all the time just a good dog when he goes in a couple years I don't know what I'll get I've been tossing back and forth between a Bouvier Bouvier des Flandres and an Australian cattle cattle dog but I've seen a lot of different variations in those Australian cattle dogs and a lot of them I don't like there's only some that I do like so we'll see what happens but if I get a Bouvier she's gonna be a girl because I don't want a 120-pound dog and if I get a Australian Cattle Dog her probably boy but we're not gonna think about that until Scott's weight gone he's not the kind of dog who wants another puppy around the house or any of that down nonsense so yeah alright you asked for it there it was get to know Joe the one about scope thanks for watching guys I'll see you again soon take care

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Joe is a very talented bushcrafter. He has a "straight" approach to bushcraft life-style. His videos reach a very high quality, both for the shootings and for the content. He took part on the History Channel show "Alone"

You can find all his videos on his YouTube channel.

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