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dr note snow today in the back there i'm going to go to part of the trans-canada trail see how far we go up I been reading this book called baker mike and its really inspired me to reload or hiking we always usually go to the bush and just kind of bumming around how fire and stuff and I don't think that's enough exercise for the dog so with that in mind and with the new inspiration from this book i'm going to see how many kilometers i can use it finally other city this is what my County looks like very walk by hot chick lyrics video the other day said he was in Kansas as pretty much looks sick trees up that way but nice and flat I have been walking for a while now here's the second sign I've come across there's a little bit of the scenery let's go pump just flat flat farmland is where I live a lot of people think Canada's all northern boreal forest but for a good 45 hours drive on the highway north to hear this is what it's like yep my own piece of all right I'm pulling up on a huge patch of staghorn sumac that's the bud that you can make a tea out of scout come on get out of the farmer's field let's go you can you squeeze it like to bruise up the butt a bit and then just boil it in water a lot of people know that already actually say horn sumac is a it's doable for the bow drill too but it's defeated me on more than one occasion now for something a little bit different a bend in the trail if you see it up there but it bends slightly to the left I've been walking for a good four kilometres just straight like as the crow flies I'm hoping to come across some blush soon so I can stop and maybe have a fire and have a lunch or something but we shall see how I've never been on this trail before I've been back i started at calmer 5 i've only been up two kilometer five before so I drove to to where I left off last time you shall see i'll keep you updated ok I was mistaken I said it was at least 40 meters in turns out i'm only now three kilometres and take kilometer mark there why the good news is I found a little patch of Bush tiny tiny would so I'm going to try and get in there and get over the wind for a minute you don't know if as possible yeah see I want to cross on a log i think has only got my hangers on I'm soaked three kilometers owed and then that's six kilometers back for 12k we'll see get in the woods and show you I'm in the woods and once wish I hadn't come in there's a little kids probably hang out here or something it's all trashed beer bottles and old piece of plastic mold school desk the word crunk spray-painted on the tree somebody was getting crunk I guess Oh what's this nice old chair that's been burned and a random plastic barrel with the word crunk spray pay on it turncoat

well I think I want to try and find another patch of woods considering this is just mud and garbage that's disappointing

there's one big flying v can see it in there well I found another little bush in a minute oh it's really wet everywhere is a little sinkholes and it's pretty pretty scraggly bush but I'm gonna make the best of it and use it as a wind block cuz it's pretty windy on the trail I want to have a little snack and just stay dry i am standing on plywood but that's alright it's an adventure i haven't been here before and that's that's what i'm liking about it so i have a little snack and then continue on the trail this coats going to snack on some snow apparently there's a sign of come across it's about talking about the fox the red fox or Volquez vol PES in Latin talking about how it eats moles and mice how book goes about doing that and that's off you can read it part of the trans-canada trail sign so I'm figuring I don't know but I'm guessing that they had these signs all over it it's the first one I've seen so that's pretty cool

Scout is patiently waiting to get on with all for almost two hours now it's pretty cold I should have wore another layer a wind barrier only got my little wool I don't all took a wool blend jack or sweater on and the trains pretty much the same and just right now there's some looks like suma without the buds on either side and I just walk past the golf course if thats that's something new phragmites reads there here's the fields open there's gonna be some different scenery soon maybe some good-sized bush or something kind of looks like it up ahead I'll see when I get there I guess there's the ten feet mark so let's walk for machi so far because I actually found a nice patch of woods but I'm gonna have to give up on that idea because it's underwater and I imagine all the woods around here are gonna be considered I already got half a Soaker on one foot I don't want to push it I'm a venture in there I'm just going to keep on track and I think and make today be all about just the walk but it's nice to know that this is here in a dryer time of year I can come maybe maybe do this walk in camp here all right come on Scott let's get to go on back to the straight and narrow Billy messed up with howling cow burial ground there's the hook obviously now let's like a sheep's head oh my god that's a horse head or no I had antlers that's a freakin moose head we don't have moose around here what did the heck wait there oh my god this is disgusting how is there a moose head here but the Hitler has been sawn off obviously if it's not a words that have been how to antler we don't have moose here oh my goodness I don't think I should be here yeah I better get out of here Oh what is going on just like intestines and pick that's the skin Oh cow huge bones oh my god come scope this one you know to come wow this is not cool I'm actually kind of trip dose right that was the patch of woods I was in there when I found all that stuff no it's not that strange obviously to have like a dead cow a couple farm animals or something but literally where I live there's no moose for a good I don't know six hour seven hour drive from here going north and for just to be out in the woods like that moose head to go in the woods like that is it just I don't know I can't explain it obviously somebody killed it up north and brought down here but how did they just leave a head in the woods I'm just I don't know anyways I was weird I want to probably stick that trail now alright so this kilometer 12 I had only plan on doing up to 11 and then back so be 12 because I started at five so now i'm at 12 and if i turn on now that's 14 14 kilometers i think i will turn around but i just want to go up here to see what this intercrop intersecting road is so next time when i'm coming to do it oh it's a little shelter down there so next time when i'm going to do it i can just pull up to this road instead of doing the same part of the trail again oh the train has definitely changed this is more like a swampy area on a bridge right now intersecting road is right up there the car about to pass it to be able to see it or not there it goes but I'm pretty tired I walked and I walked for this amount of time in a long time it's only been two it with just over two hours but straight walking a bit then a little moose head fiasco bunch of birds chirpin which is pretty cool alright so the road county road 12 now turn around and walk back another seven kilometers there should be a sight for sore eyes so I did 14 kilometers it took me about four hours four and a half hours but I didn't stop for a boat I don't know maybe half an hour total thanks for coming along guys

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