Fall Camp 2011


Ken and I made a trip back to our favorite Crown Land in Eastern Ontario.

We camped for 3 nights, did some hiking, fishing and canoing.


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Video Transcription

I've got our canoe all packed up and we are heading that way to puzzle lake came from there

we've been here about two minutes Kanna shows me up on my own spot can show me up you got to I've got zero not even a bite this is good show count all right so Ken and I are decided to walk over to Bear Lake runn Norway Norway Lake right now we're going to leave the canoe and pack up our gear and pack up our fish and go over a couple contour lines that away and explore around and have a bush lunch you do a couple challenges alright we've made it to our little destination for for our lunch spot it's really nice it's all these pines here and the ground is full with the pine needles you've got a good view of the lake nice little island sunny it's warm it's perfect there you go commentary by kdd lipstick you got it you got it you got it you got it just don't let go of those bundles it's a go I'm just hungry hey hate fire damn it waiting for him to cook my fish damn I look for audit so I found a deer skull with some antlers attached in the same place same Lake that Ken found that good one last year all right we got it all set up and I do realize that that shouldn't be like that but I am right up against a rock there big rock so I tied another line off the second tap it should be alright feels like it might rain tonight and it's windy so I put it flying low but see I got my sleeping bag on my gear in there I play there get in there it's quite a bit of room so it should be nice and toasty night it's about 9:30 and Kenton's going to bed get dark about six o'clock today so I'm going to make myself a pot of tea and hit the hay afterwards it's a good day today it's a second morning I'm just this fire started

all right well Ken's finishing up his fire challenge I've decided to hike up this hill here because my feet are really cold and I need to warm them up so we just got finished eating our lunch of Pike and largemouth bass which is delicious is the first time I had caught a pike and uh actually tastes a lot better than the best so that's where we came from I came from climbing up there that's the lake we came in on there's the beaver pond and what looks to be McNeil Lake down there I don't know

ton of moss here he's sick all different types - it's a nice area I'm not really in the north or more Eastern Ontario it's got a lot of the features that the North has it's about a 8 hour drive from where me and Ken live tip this is the tip of the rock that I'm standing on so I think where me and Ken encamped is an island goes on three sides of so far I've seen our our water I haven't checked out the other side yet what made it all the way back now and looks like Ken is completing his first chain

we got to this new campsite and people who are here before obviously I made a little bit of a mess but which is pretty cool to see they made a tripod with a hook and what else I thought was cool they made a burned-out shovel this thing is very big more burning than I would want to do so here's a home for the night camp number three normally frame set up but I always go with Kenan I just won on a wood processing marathon got big old pile there pile their pile there and there's our prep over there can the machine isn't done yet he's get a baton that'd be Andrews this is our view voice lake this is the sunniest day we've had so far so what we have here boys and girls is a definition of a soft woodsman birch bark pine sap and pine twigs lit with amaura what's your knife and it's more sucks for this ok seriously can I see you a knife go ask your real knife take two soft woodsman fire oh that's what a real knife does I guess damn this is about 30 seconds into the fire just goes to show you the difference between half our Bloods environment and access to pine and whatnot yeah it makes a difference well that was going to be epic if I ate a fish I was recording

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