Bowdrill Woes


Got my ass handed to me today in the woods, ma nature is a mean one lol

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okay just come upon this grapevine and it's everything soaking wet it's been raining for three days or whatever but this stuff looks nice and dry at least dry enough that I can dry it off in my pocket and use it for some tender ah not have enough yup


there you go it's nice and dry on the inside Oh 3 good too there we go I'm looking for a nice thin enough piece where I can use that for a bow drill it's gone almost punky on the outside but I think that'll work in my favor with this wood will be my drill the outside is woods a little bit wet so I'm just carving it down a bit this is maple I'm going to make a longer than normal spindle because I mean anticipating a little bit of trouble from the sassafras and if I did have a longer spindle can vary download the harder when using this more or 5 10 or a past couple hours I've been on there's a second one actually I really like my my buddy Roger gave it to me thanks a lot buddy I really appreciate it and it's an awesome life I never happened before i had more

like this my favorite one by far really like it I like the thin blade just sails through the wood used in the hand okay so there's my bow drill kit all set but getting a fire with a bow drill is different than just getting a coal and blowing into flames you've got to do a lot of prep I do personally the same preface that would do for a one stick fire so I'm going to get to do in that right now all right there's my prep done and that great find that I was roughing up earlier that I got it earlier but a nice little nest there there's some fine shredding xin the middle so that's where i'm going to put the whole if I get it hopefully I'll be able to produce a number with this set will see this is looking promising as long as the board doesn't break I think we should get it that's good


that one really looks good hope that she sees together



come on baby smoking like crazy come on

ah man

there we go that's a good one that's a girl whoa

come on

haha oh my god you have to be kidding me Wow

just is all wrong color come on baby come on go on come on

oh my god Claire arm is done yeah my arm doesn't want to work ah

I don't know I'm going to this way to set on my arm recuperate a bit and continue with the same Duff

my arm literally dug a matter of Donnie

hey stay we're lama tree just fell over I was pretty crazy Scott has gone to go get it yeah like I'm saying my arm just won't cooperate anymore I might have to stop I don't know

frustrating up I did have to stop after all this

where the hell is like ah

that's it

alright I'm extremely frustrated and tired and hungry i'm going to edit it all out like i just spent about two and a half hours trying to get a bow drill going I used sassafras with maple I used basswood with maple I used ash with basswood and fine with basswood and I got two poles but they wouldn't take in the so called great tinder ball that I got earlier that grapevine so that's it like literally I keep my arms done I can't go anymore i'm not one to just give up on something i'm trying to do but it's just not happening so just goes to show you I've done hundreds of bow drill holes in the woods with materials gathered from the woods and I just cannot get it they play for me so while you're still

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