Adventure Sworn and Battoning


Just talking a little about my Adventure Sworn knife, and battoning, while prepping a fire.

Video Transcription

all right this is a red oak real dense wood probably my favorite wood for a split wood fire because it splits so straight there's a nice straight piece the only knot here might split out a little bit but it'll split real nice for me I'm gonna use this adventures for bushcraft us a knife that's how big it is compared to the log there's a natural check all right or crack or whatever and right there that's a weak spot that's where I like to put my knife start off that way so that it has a good chance of going in this log underneath me is real spongy

that wasn't bad at all I like to go dead center it's not too big a piece of wood then I got it into two quarters and a half I take the 1/4 I'll put it right in the middle again make another little pie pie shape

then at this stage I like to take off the tip

split it down again so now we're getting real workable pieces at this stage I don't even use a baton normally so straight grain that stuff is just follows the grain real good again I was read oh it's like it's very common around here I don't know if I've seen it too many other places I know down south they've got a bit of it yeah this wood is uh really good I used some ash earlier which is a nice straight grain wood too and once I got it down the smaller pieces they just started chunking out on me was probably a little punky a little tiny bit but this ash I'm sorry this this oak is good to go had this adventure horn made for almost a year now maybe eight to ten months and I've used it as my sole knife they used Turley one time other than this but for eight eight to ten months I've been using this very often and I really like it it's a good night it Scandinavian grind I can get it real sharp a lot easier than I can with the convex I'm circling on the convex a little better but I don't I don't have any issues with this knife it the edge retention is very good edge strength is good comfortable handle it's a great knife lucky to have it to think Cody adventures foreign starting to put her a few more blades now that is weightlessness getting near the end he's uh bushcraft USA I know and and on his his store who's online store been putting them up for auction yeah add two Wayfarers on there the other day probably my favorite knife that he makes I don't have one but I really really like the looks of it I'd like to get one one day

so so far I split down all this this is about medium to big sized pieces for what I do you got all that and I still have a full half of this oak so I'll split that down a bit you

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Joe is a very talented bushcrafter. He has a "straight" approach to bushcraft life-style. His videos reach a very high quality, both for the shootings and for the content. He took part on the History Channel show "Alone"

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