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I'm doing an over nighter in a natural shelter soon, just wanted to know which kind of shelter to use.

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to get the hard woodsman's tab is to build enough for shelter and do it overnight in an overnighter in it for this time you're always thinking with debris shelter I've never really built one and slept in it before I've done a lean-to so this is my video of my proposed shelter I'm gonna tear it down when I'm done everything so I'm not spending the night in tonight but I want some of the experienced guys if they wouldn't mind giving me some tips or what they think on you

okay I didn't do much okay so that's after three I don't know small to medium-sized tarp full of leaves it's actually getting there the first after the first hurtful it was very disheartening because it didn't do anything but it's starting to look debris Hut ish I guess all right that's what she looks like I've been working for maybe an hour tops so I've got really a feel of how long it'll take and everything I'm probably going to stop here I haven't done the other side so or really put enough leaves on I understand that needs you a lot thicker and then there's some ribs down here that are exposed there's some pack there's some holes I need to patch up but I got a few of how long it's going to take so obviously this sides not done at all but you can see it's pretty dark in there on the other side good amount of leaves I would also put leaves on the bottom and put my emergency blanket down on the bottom as well so what I'm gonna do now is actually take this side of the ribs off and set it up like a lean-to and then and then see if I build a fire in front of it along with my wool blanket if that would be better than inside the whole debris Hut with just the leaf insulation for warmth okay so that's what I mean about taking the half off this side off of it and using it just as a lean-to now like I said before I've never slept in the debris Hut overnight and I have slept in a lean-to but it was man-made it wasn't it was this this format but it was at the advanced class we used a plastic instead so I have my emergency blanket underneath there and I would also have a signal pad and it will blanket with that and a fire in front so if someone could chime in who has done both or one or the let me know their thoughts on it might might help me make my decision as far as as now I'm thinking this is the way to go just because everything's wet and I think the leaves being wet would cause hindrance to be staying warm I don't know I could be wrong I could be totally wrong but somebody's input would uh would greatly be appreciated feel too bad the most player and cry what's this

it's an old beech tree i think there's raccoons living in it I know away what's in it what is it oh I know

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