Leatherwood Bowdrill


My friend lonetracker sent me some Leatherwood, I attempt a bowdrill with it.

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Video Transcription

hey i just got done finish eating lunch can't go outside to crappie just got finished on him clinton my basement and postman came and Loan tracker from bushra USA sent me some leather wood I've never been able to play with mother would at all but it's really light reminds him basswood and the bark he's used it I know for a bowstring for his boat row it's really really durable I believe I could be wrong but I'm just guessing that that's where the name comes from is the bar of the bark is almost like a leather you can work it traffic tips onus off it reminds you of bass but how late it is I'm going to try and pop off a coal with it so this is the leather wood and with a piece of bark hanging off and it is really tough very good chords characteristics it tends to sustain a strip when you pull it off that's a strip of it added some tough stuff man using my bones branch neck knife

alright no pajamas today scab just good ol blue jeans yeah that's gonna work this would after cutting the notch I'm realizing this would might even be softer than basswood which is crazy just gonna fix the top of my spindle so it spins a little is better all bill I couldn't gonna got this on a better dates crappy outside cleaning the basement it's a little boring too all right

yeah this stronghold i think i'm catching the wood my base words literally glowing that's crazy

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